Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Video Marketing Is Taking Over


There is no question, without a doubt that video marketing is taking over the Internet. The presence of video on sales-pages and squeeze-pages alone can jack up conversions by hundreds of percents. I actually have Google Adwords ads with nothing but a video on them. Granted the Quality Score is sometimes poor, I am not there for some kick ass CTR. I like profit and Return On Investment more than I do anything else. Plain and simple, I am there to build my lists and make some money.

 When I first started using video on the web, I was really kind of lost at first. How to record and how to compress videos were my main obstacles. Enter Easy Web Video Software.    Easy Web Video    If your completely new at it, or very experienced, this thing is such a lifesaver. Now do not get turned off by the guy on the video, yea I know, he freaks me out too. Not only does the software allow you to compress any video file but it also does not bring down the quality after doing so. You can also customize the player controls as well. You can read all about it at the site.

 Seriously though, over the last few months the video craze has been taking enormous leaps and bounds. People figured out that Youtubewas a silent cash machine using video promotion and it went from there. You don’t have to use Youtube as a source of traffic generation to go to just your sites either. You can do hundreds of videos promoting other people’s sites which can turn yourself into a traffic building business all on its own. You can also do quick little slideshows to promote CPA offers as well. Heck, just the other day I bought a site and script that accesses the Youtube API and auto-generates sites and keeps them updated all on their own. The site is rigged for Adsense, which is not my kind of thing, but look how easy it is to get going.

Ok, I am going to stray on the path here, because I just have to rave about a killer product I use on my Adwords Landing pages. This works so awesome with USFreeads as well. Matter of fact, it works anywhere! The site is Video Pop-In Genius.

Video Pop In Genius Even if your not ready for something like that, you had better visit the page. You will know immediately why it rules. I love having these videos pop in there like that. What is even more fun is incorporating these on an exit pop-up. Right as people leave your site, BOOM they get hit with your personal video and audio message before they leave. Talk about a headturner!

Whether you know it or not, or whether you choose to accept it, video marketing is blowing up. The next Youtube or is just around the corner. Whether your going to have your own video site or use it as a email capture or sales process, the presence of videos on your pages are surefire ways to jack up your conversions. People love to get personal. They are more inclined to see your face, and get the words from your mouth than sitting there reading text. You could have the best salesletter in the world and it will still get outdone by a personal video from you. Get your videos going and you will know exactly what I am talking about.