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August 21st, 2007

Video Marketing Gears For A Google Search Engine Takeover

Video Graph Cuz It Looks CoolIt was bound to happen sooner or later. I have been preaching that video marketing was going to take over, and it seems that time is upon us. Ever since the introduction of Universal Search in Google the SERP’s have been starting to flood with videos optimized with keyword dense title tags. I have done this myself first hand with my Yahoo Answers video climbing to #1 in Google Video and then with another 3-4 keyword phrases in the top 3 in Google with a forum postingand a blog posting. Talk about dominance ehh? This all occurred within 48 hours as well:).

The new wave of manipulating Search Results is upon us. In every way possible “Big Daddy” tries to optimize a better user experience for its beloved searchers. In every way, people (especially marketers and SEO monetizers) take everything Google throws at us, and turns it around on them. It is almost like it is becoming easier every time Google goes thru one of these changes.

Google introduced Universal Search to give everyone a more comprehensive way of how we search and view information throughout their Search Engine. What really gets me is that they do these things and it is almost like they do not bear SEO monetizers in mind. They are far behind in that aspect and here’s why:

  • They always aim to provide a better user experience, but in doing so they allow new ways for SE manipulation
  • By the time they catch on and start cleaning it up, we already figured out “how” they are going to do it, and this allows us to “adapt” to the change and live on
  • They are large no doubt, but the amount of people sharing information about how to manipulate their search engine is so high it’s almost like the movie “300” yet Google’s “spartans” are more like pedofiles when they are first introduced to general population

Social Media allows videos to be shared and passed around so many times that getting high authority backlinks at lightening speed takes hardly any effort. Oh, let us not forget the fact that places such as Youtube, Revver, and DailyMotion carry so much page-rank juice it is hard to turn down the evil notion that a properly optimized titled video is bound to destroy some hard working white-hatter in the free search result listings. As a matter of fact, after a little digging of all 3 sites in order, they each carry a respective Pagerank #8, #7 and #7. What is even more crazy is that according to Alexa (which sucks but usually close on large sites) Youtube is the #4th most visited site on the Internet. Oh yea, and it also accounts for 10% of all Internet traffic.

It is just to hard to turn your head away from the power of online video if your in the Search Engine Monetization business. Whether your just building traffic, a list, marketing affiliate products, or who knows what, it is so crazy to think that a $100 webcam can potentially turn you into a cash juggling superstar.

Aside from SEO results, your still going to pull some insane numbers that travel among these sites every day as well. One could probably make a good amount of money just relying on the video sharing sites alone. When you add in the mix that Google has opened the door to easily topping their Search Results, then it’s a no brainer not to at least try it out right? I can tell you from personal experience, just from Youtube alone, it has made a HUGE impact in how I relay information and market affiliate products and CPA offers online.

There is no telling on the amount of competition you can go against with video that I know of. I can assure you that as word spreads around the world, there will be a general idea of what you can compete against easily, coming soon. When this happens, I would expect all hell to break loose in multiple niches. The search results are going to be a video viewing frenzy.

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August 17th, 2007
Comments Off on Profitable Social Media Tactic – Be Personal

Profitable Social Media Tactic – Be Personal

Social MediaIt is becoming increasingly apparent not only to me, but around the web as well, that increasing your Social Media Appearance can do wonders for your business. Whether your a Marketer, Blogger, Business, or just a webmaster, the more Social Media Appearance you portray, the more likely you are going to receive more visitors.

I for one have turned directly towards the Social Media. I have provided 2 venues of Social Intervention on my blog. You can view both my MySpace and my Youtube pages. I have been getting a lot of emails lately that a lot of people thought I was an old man. Is this true? I have been accused of being in my 40’s just this morning. That was kind of funny I thought. The best one so far was a woman from the TechCrunch Forums this morning that downloaded my Yahoo Answers Report and said that I was actually a normal looking guy. I sent her to some of my videos to check out, and for some reason she really could not believe that was me. She said, “Oh my, you have a lot of tattoos”.  This was a good laugh. People are people, and the more you come out and show them who you are, the more they will respect you for being yourself.

You cannot just portray a Social Media image though. It takes much more work than that. You have to be an active participant as well. Lately, I have found myself hanging out more in blogging communities getting to know some of the people that hang around there. Although, this is a different side of Marketing and Online Business that I am used to, so far it has been an enjoyable time. I had a reader from MyBlogLog that I spoke with for over two hours last night. He was from China, and I will tell you, that was one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had online. Just for speaking to him though, I have been offered a JV with him to offer 10 members of his list a 1 hour Coaching Session. If it works out and those ten members enjoy it, he will be sending the rest of his 600+ members my way as well. Now, I do not know if you realize what this means, but lets say that I could make more money in just 1 month than I most people with a job could in a here, just by providing my Coaching Sessions. I have been trying to move away from that lately, as I have been developing my own products, but the money is alluring, and the material is so easy too teach. Just another great example of what could happen if you stopped for a minute to talk to someone.

I encourage you to go out this week and try joining a community where you can just socialize. There are a lot of forums and communities around the net that offer things differently than an Internet Marketing Forum. I think you will find some much added peace to this chaotic life.

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August 17th, 2007

Free Ruck Reports

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February 3rd, 2009

Landing Page Tutorial Part 2

In Part 1 of this tutorial we went over a few things on market research and understanding your demographics, that not only applies to landing pages but to your entire marketing efforts. A very important step. Glad to see there were some questions asked and many comments made. You can find the Questions & Answers from Part 1 at the end of todays post. Let us jump right in to today’s topics.

Styles of Landing Pages

1. Review Style – Shows and reviews mutliple products in the same niche.

2. Comparison Style – Similar to review style except you go more into detail on the pros and cons of each product and do a cross product comparison.

3. Single Offer Style – Focused on promoting a single offer or product.

4. Multi-Offer Style – Pitching mutliple offers such as a main offer and a complimentary offer, in an attempt to increase EPCs.

5. Testimonial Style – Usually involves a personal testimony (most of the time its a fictional story) but be careful with fake testimonials, the BBB can come and bite you on the butt.

6. Email Opt-in Style – The main purpose is to develop a list of emails that are related to a certain niche or theme for later email distributions that you will send offers to.

Key Elements of Landing Pages

There are a few very important elements to consider when designing a landing page.

1. Color Scheme – Be sure to use coloring that best fits your demographics of people. For example, if you are targeting elderly people, ages 50+ don’t use a lot of colors that blend really easy together. Instead choose more bold colors with better contrast. We all know that with age comes the deterioration of eyesight.  Make your landing page easy to read and easy on the eyes for your demographics.

2. Above the Fold – For those of you who may not know what ‘above the fold’ means, it refers to the portion of your landing page that shows when a visitor first visits your landing page, without scrolling down. Be sure to consider the various screen resolutions that will be used, 800 x 600 will show differently than 1280 x 800, etc. Design with that in mind. Review the two screenshots below. These are the portions of the landing pages that show up on my 14″ Dell laptop with a 1280 x 800 resolution.

Acai Berry Detox – Convert2Media

acaidetoxAcaiPure – Convert2Media


Want to know the 2 big factors as to why these two offers are the absolute best Acai offers to run and the reason they out perform all other similar offers? Reason 1: They both list easy to read benefits with a strong call-to-action arrow pointing (this is important) to the free trial sign-up box. Reason 2: They don’t list how much shipping and handling charges are on the front page, so more people sign up and don’t completely realize they have to pay a couple bucks for shipping until page #2 or #3. That’s a little tricker method to achieve leads but those two reasons are huge factors as to why those offers are HOT! Check out the MONSTER payouts on Convert2Media.

3. Qualifying / Attention Grabbing Statement – If you noticed, both of the offers above are using the statement, “Flush pounds from your system with the power of Acai!” That is a pretty solid attention grabber. You want to qualify the visitor and at the same time keep their attention. Here is why, the purpose of qualifying the visitor is to ensure that they indeed are taken to a page that relates to what your Ad copy suggested. That way they find what they are looking for and don’t just click the back button immediately or close out. Why you want to keep their attention is pretty obvious, you want them to read the rest of your ‘sales pitch’. And yes, your landing page is a sales pitch of sorts in whatever fashion you are using it in. You want to encourage them to continue reading and take action with a belief of trust and confidence with your offer.

4. Call-to-Action – Don’t overlook this, one thing I learned when working for Dell computers, always ask for the ‘sale’ (lead or sale in this case). Provide quality and accurate information and then don’t be afraid to ask for the sale, ask them to sign up, ask them to try it out, tell them how much they will benefit from it. The point is you basically want to TELL THEM WHAT TO DO! Customers/visitors are usually influenced by the recommendations you make based upon the ‘trust’ factor you’ve built with them and what YOUR opinion is. So if you have a review style page listing 3 different offers and you title offer #1 as “Voted #1” or “Top Ratings”, etc. Chances are, more people will choose that offer just because you recommended it. And have a call to action more than just once. You might have a main call to action like the Acai offers above use the arrows and point to the sign up box. You want to hyperlink text within your pre-sell content, ALL of your images should link to the offer and then you still want 2-3 main call-to-action places (depending upon the type of offer).

5. Professional or Realistic Design – Without a doubt you want a professional or realistic design. It can’t look like my grandmother built the landing page. And believe me, my grandmother probably has more landing page design abilities than alot of you. Some of these landing pages floating around are just horrible. Doesn’t have to be professional as in Gucci catalog website. But make it believable. Simple. Clean. No clutter. Only the information you want the visitor to know about. Good LP Design and Bad LP Design . Notice the difference? See the simpleness of both but the difference of functionality and the less confusion the Good LP has over the Bad LP? There is a clear decision to be made and you are pointed to what needs to be done in the Good LP, were as the Bad LP, its just their main website and tons of other links that you can click on. So without a doubt they get less leads for their business.

6. Content and Pre-Selling – I kinda hit some tips when it comes to pre-selling but copywriting and LP content is a whole tutorial on its own. It boils down to this: list the most important benefits or advantages, have accurate information, show facts, studies, reports, statistics, true testimonials, videos, pictures and call to actions. Thats a brief overview of what you need. I can’t write the content for you word for word. Once you find a LP design that works, you want to continually test your LP copy, starting with the attention grabbing statement. Just look at each of the items above and consider them when doing your copywriting.

I can’t hold your hand and guide you through step-by-step when designing your landing pages. Basically it comes down to you either, learning how to use Photoshop CS and Dreamweaver (or Fireworks, Frontpage, Expressions Web, etc) so you can design your own landing pages to gain experience or secondly, you search for a LP designer until you find a good one. The best place I know of to learn how and to get familiar with Photoshop and the rest is at Its not free but its by far the fastest route to learning those programs. Also, there are a ton of photoshop tutorials online that are completely free. That show you step by step what to do and how to create specific things, just Google them. Don’t complain about having to challenge yourself. Affiliate marketing is nothing compared to going to school to be a doctor or lawyer, and it even has equal to or better compensation opportunities. To hire an LP designer, just look on places like Elance, GetAFreelancer, ODesk, 99Designs, etc. Its costly though. Best to get an understanding of how to use those programs yourself and as you grow, start outsourcing or hire a full time designer.

Questions & Answers


a) So say you were trying to target this demographic and offer in Facebook… how would you focus in on race such as African-American? The female part would be easy but I’m very curious to know if it’s possible to do so for race.

b) In the landing page series, can you tackle the issue of fake blog-style landers… if/where do you think affiliates should draw the lines in terms of deceptive testimonial/results, comments, etc.

A. As I’m not too experienced on facebook marketing, I asked my friend Neil from this question. He said there isn’t a way to specifically target groups by race but you can target groups of people according to their interests. For example, if you are using keyword targeting on facebook, targeting keywords that you know the african american population would have a strong interest in would be a way to capture a portion of that type of traffic. Using words like “Lil Wayne”, etc.

B. To tackle the the fake blog style landing pages is something more of a personal moral conviction. To say I’ve never done it would be lying. However, I do not support or promote that method of landing pages publicly and there can be severe consequences to those who in the past/present/future use those style of landing pages. I think each affiliate should try their best to provide truthful, adequate testimonials, comments and statistics.


I haven’t got a clue on how to create one. I’m decent at graphic design so I tried creating one in Photoshop, slicing it, and then coding it in Dreamweaver. But I realized I had no clue what I was doing (especially when trying to add text with divs and css). I could outsource this task, but I don’t have the money, and would like to be able to create my campaign from the ground up (demographic-keywords-landing page). Once I know what I am doing I can always outsource it later.

Not to mention the fact that I’m not sure how to do DKI (dynamic keyword insertion), split testing, or PHP. Do you have any recommendations as to where I could learn how to design these myself?

Refer to my suggestions about, that is going to be one of the best ways to learn how to better design landing pages. You just need to better understand how DIVs, CSS and the other coding aspects work. Join a few design/graphic forums and you will learn alot. Also, don’t forget to Google the questions you have and you will be amazed to find how many different tutorial there are out there. Then over a little bit of time you have gained all of the skills necessary.

As far as DKI, split testing and PHP. Those are things that you will learn more about in the future, once you completely understand the basics. In the near future I will cover DKI and Split Testing.

I is Celebrities

Hey Andrew, love your case study series. A quick question, do you test the offer first before building a landing page, or do you already know for sure that it’s a good offer without first testing it? Thanks

Most of the time the offers that I chose to run, I start with landing pages. I rarely do direct linking because its not a solid business model. I don’t build out the website until I see that it converts well enough to make profitable. But I almost always use a landing page.


That’s a great article. Even though Facebook has great targeting options I always had a really low CTR. I guess you almost have to have multiple offers/ads going on the network to make it really worthwhile.

I had a question though. When creating landing pages/sites for offers how much time do you initially spend on any one offer? With more content I know you have a better QS but if it takes you 2-3 days it’s hard to test multiple offers at the same time. Any ideas? Thanks Tom

With facebook, if you are running one offer, you want to test a bunch of ads and really narrow groups of demographics. Find the best version of your ad and focus exclusively on the best demographic with the best ad. For a better reference, again refer to this video interview of my friend Neil, Video Interview.

Not sure if I totally understand your question, however, to answer it to the best of my interpretation. It typically takes me 1 day to prep an offer for lauching and I launch it on day 2. That is for a test. If you are new, I would focus on testing one offer at a time. And if you want a shortcut start with Yahoo as their quality score requirements are much much easier than Google.

Joe Schleswig-Holstein

Very good post, I ll come back to your blog. Thank you also, i just discovered quantcast, whichis a very good tool!
I wish you showed a concrete example how you reach your audience, after having done such a research on that target audience.

I do not understand what your question is about the audience? If you can explain in more detail I will try to answer it.

That will be all for tonight. I will continue this series later this week.

March 7th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Keyword Research Questions Answered Rd 1

Yesterday we talked about intial keyword research using the Google Content network to promote an Email Submit offer. Now from the abundance of questions and comments, I thought I would answer them in one spot.

First off I am not teaching Adwords or HOW to do PPC here. If you want to learn Adwords then you really need to go to the Adwords Learning Center. There are just way too many variables in using PPC Advertising to go over and even then, they change almost daily. So if you dont know PPC I would probably suggest leaving this alone until you get some basic knowledge. Dont worry though, this will all be here when you get done and any question will not go unanswered. We are mainly focusing on CPA Marketing using PPC at this moment.

I can tell that the domain bidding was new to some people. I understand that so let me clear a few things up. Your BIDDING on domain variations in a KEYWORD targeted campaign. This means that www.whatever.comand every variation of it is a keyword that belongs in its own adgroup. Now every domain you do should go into its OWN adgroup for a tightly themed group.

 You said by targeting domain keywords like abc com, etc that you will get low cpc clicks. Why are we able to buy these clicks for so low?

Because there are just less advertisers USUALLY. It’s that simple.

To begin with, why are you using domain targeted keywords on the content network?

Read above. I know how people use search engines. I know that a good chunk of them dont type addresses into their address bar. They use the search engines. I also know their tends to be less competition which means I am most likely to pay less CPC.

So are people actually making websites that contain domain targeted words like “ww scholarships com”?

That’s simple. Why not copy and paste that into Google and see if 0 sites show up in the results? It’s not really about people making sites that are optimized for the domain keywords. It’s about your level of understanding on how Google scans pages and matches them to content sites.

I always thought you were bidding on placement, but then again I always specified the URL’s of the sites that I wanted to show my ads on.

This has nothing to do with placement targeting. That is an entire beast altogether. This is a keyword targeted campaign.

you mentioned that Geo-Targeting to a specific country on Google can’t be trusted but how come Geo-Targeting to specific states can?

Good point and I dont think ANY of it can be 100% trusted. Although selected states manually has cut my shitty clicks down by at least 80-90% each time. Sometimes I dont get any foreign clicks at all. But I have had campaigns where I swore I was advertising in more countries than just the selected US.

So, am I understanding correctly that all ‘domain variation keywords’ belong in their own AdGroup? And what about misspellings? Do you bother with those? Do they belong in their own AdGroup?

Each domain would have variations making an adgroup for each domain having about a dozen to two dozen keywords. No I dont bother with mispellings YET. This is just the testing phase. I am only looking at some clicks from keyword and url targets. Should I go further on then yes I will probably get deeper in the keywords.

You say it’s a good idea to check out Yahoo Groups or Answers. Can you explain what to look for and what to do with an example of the information that you find?

Any market research is better than none. An example of the information you would find would be what important questions are grant searchers look for? How much do college students typically want in a scholarship? Anything that you can learn about your target market is better than not knowing anything about them at all. Your going to know why by the end of the series.

Also if you make a title tag is that above the frame code you gave? Finally, for destination/display url do you have to put in the merchant url in distinction from your own domain?

Yep. Title and any meta and anything else you want can be above or below the frame. No, you just put destination and display url as your own. The iframe is basically you hosting/mirroring the merchant page on your own domain.

Are you choosing the offer first and then going to Yahoo Groups? Or are you going to groups first and check the volume of people in certain groups and then finding the ad to go with it?

If you are choosing an offer first, how do you know which offer will convert?

Honestly I dont even go check out a target market USUALLY. I usually launch 3-5 offers on a given day. The fact that a lot of people have no idea on how to properly evaluate whether there will be a market or not for the offer is why I advised finding out for yourself. I been doing CPA for two years now. It’s pretty much secondhand. You dont know which one will convert, that’s the point of launching it as cheap as you can on PPC.

February 8th, 2008

A Valuable Niche Research Tool

Yahoo GroupsWidely known but heavily under-utilized. Yahoo Groups are one of the best ways to conduct market research online. This resource is nothing new, in fact it’s been used for a long time now. However not a lot people really talk about it. Well, let’s dare to be different.

Yahoo Groups is vast. It is worldwide. As a matter of fact here are the countries they cover along with the US:

Yahoo! Groups Worldwide: Asia • Argentina • Australia & NZ • Brazil • Canada • France • French Canada • Germany • Hong Kong • India • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Spain • Yahoo! Telemundo Groups • Taiwan • UK & Ireland

There are thousands of established groups already covering nearly every topic on the planet. For all the digital information sellers this is a potential goldmine for you. This is like the biggest forum ever covering everything from questions, discussions, problems, and answers in one easy to manage place. There are niches I have never even thought about in there. Let’s look inside some of the health groups:

To effectively utilize Yahoo Groups you really need to look at groups with a large member base (obviously) as well as the amount of recent activity going on within the group. As an example I have picked out Healthy Recipes For Diabetic Friends. Now before we jump right into market analysis I want you to think about why I chose this group.

  1. First I chose it because the headline “Healthy Recipes For Diabetic Friends” told me right off the bat that a potential niche for diabetics could be formed here. Not only are there going to be a large number of diabetics involved in the discussion here, but there are also a large number of diabetics that already have TONS of problems identified for us, and will give us the easiest of easy answers of what they are eating.
  2. As a marketer we are looking at problems that has garnered a large niche audience (the member count tells us this) and that a lot of people are here discussing and sharing information among themselves. (This tells us that the problem is actually one worth seriously looking at).
  3. Quite simply from the headline I knew that an information product could be developed rather quickly and this will appeal to the general reading audience of this blog. For new and advanced marketers, digital products are about the easiest products to create and get your income going.

Moving into the group I want to read the description of it inside and out. This is going to tell me what kind of people the group will attract and also a ton of other market research gems that will allow me to know whether I want to continue or not.  I take a look at the message history:

Awesome, people are talking and they have been since 2005. This is a dedicated group right here! Everything is in place for me to know that this group is established and people have been openly communicating for a long time. This group has stability and I feel it (as a marketer) that I am about to have my next info product on “Food Recipes For Diabetics” already completely spawned out in front of me. I know there is an active group of people looking for this information on the Internet. They are obviously dedicated so I am thinking that the market is probably pretty good for this. If it’s not guess what? It did not cost you a dime to find out.

I am going to end this post abruptly folks. I am going to end it with just three images that I picked up from when I joined this group. It’s seriously this easy to find a niche and have everything you need to write that next book (if that’s your thing) or to hop in these groups and have something you want to promote as an affiliate. We wont go into marketing to these groups directly. That is a completely different subject and quite frankly it’s an art. If/when you get caught, you can take some pretty serious heat from the members. I know that for a fact. However with the three images below could you possibly tell me why you could NOT write the world’s most bad ass ebook over recipes and healthy food for diabetics? Apply this post as an example and know there are endless niches located there.

 Loads Of Recipe Posts:

Recipe Posts

List Of Files Containing Recipes:   It does not get any easier than this.

Recipe Files

A sample of one of the Recipe Files:

Sample Recipe

BOOYAA…Market And Product Research Complete. All at once.

January 27th, 2008

Email Marketing – The Art Of List Bribery

This can apply to almost any niche. It’s not some spectacular secret but since I dont see many people talking about it, let me introduce this concept and follow up with it on some ideas of how and where to implement it. See one of the biggest things about marketing is that most typically if you want to make serious money in a relatively short time you have to surpass all the known efforts that you have already heard and come up with something not so typical but bound to work better, faster and more efficiently. Most of the content I right on tutorials, ideas and tactics pertaining to making money are almost ALL tests. I’m testing you as the reader, opportunist, marketer to surprise me, entice me, hell DEFY me.

However almost every topic I write about I get QUESTIONS instead of SUGGESTIONS. That’s not at all bad, I just try to throw some things out there to see what other people will come up with. With that said let’s try and shift that focus towards BRAINSTORMING instead of THINKING. When you think, you tend to rely on your brain for answers thus if you cannot come up with one, you go and ask for it. However when your brainstorming you tend to find answers first then coming up with the questions pertaining to them. If you dont get that quite yet, no worries because it will come to you.

The Art Of The Bribe

Unethical? Preposterous? Aggressive? Some may consider that, yes.

Profitable? Fast? Easy? You bet your ass.

Let’s put this in perspective and pick out a niche. I feel if we do just one  in particular you will be equipped better to shift that focus into other niches. Besides, we dont want to be vague here, we want to provide the exact answers on how to entice people to optin to our email lists. A step by step tutorial if you will.

First identify a product. I’ll choose the Hoodia (diet pills) program. We’ll say it’s from CPA Empire but you can probably pick it up on other networks. This one pays out $32 per lead and only requires the user to pay $5.99 shipping for a free bottle. This is a good payout and relatively simple for this type of industry. Besides, you have 60 minutes, NBC and Oprah pimping it so it makes it all the sweeter.

Great we have a product so let’s design a webpage. You can use whatever you want here really as we have covered this alot already. You should have a simply graphic of the bottle on it and text. Since we are dealing in the weight loss industry there are bunches of other products to promote so consider that when you get a domain and hosting. Get a generic domain catering to the entire industry as you will probably be catering to each product individually on a new webpage each time. However, you will be funneling everyone into a giant list. This again is up to you. I find it easier to write a year’s worth of newsletter content over an industry than for a product.

Basically you will want to know where the weight loss industry hangs out at. This is dead simple:

  • Weight Loss forums
  • General Health Forums
  • Yahoo/Google Groups
  • Social Networks with Groups

Those are just a few to get you started.  Knowing where they hang out is the most important part of this to keep your cost down. If you were to go into PPC in this industry chances are that if your not a hotshot or really know your stuff, you’ll probably get burned. Besides, with what we are going to offer we expect a viral campaign to take place here. I will show you how to do it.

After getting your webpage up (which is a dead simple squeeze page) it’s time to put it together to entice people to optin. With a nice graphic on it displaying the bottle of Hoodia we would simple say:

5 Free Bottles Of Hoodia Up For Grabs

After filling out your name and email here please click the verify link we sent you in your email and your all set to receive the free bottle of Hoodia. On top of that we are sending you our 5 weight loss tips ebook that you can download instantly and read right now.


Privacy Policy

Dead simple right? Here’s the kicker though. You will definitely want close contact with your list members. This is the most important part of list building. I would simply go to the Hoodia website myself and actually purchase the 5 bottles. My whole intent is to ACTUALLY give away 5 free bottles. I could do this later on and state it on a blog or website later on to get people interactive. I could also set this up many times over for each weight loss product I pushed and here’s how.

In my newsletters people will be getting you will want to mention to your list members that they should forward this to their friends so they can get in on the free bottles as well. You can even get sneaky and say something like this:

Hey even if your not interested in the free bottles your friends might be. If they are not interested they could at least signup and you will have even more of a chance of receiving a free bottle.

There’s a whole ton of things you can do here. The whole idea is that once you get one signup to optin, you want this list and the members who signup for it to do a lot of the work themselves. They just dont know it. :)

So in a nutshell let’s recap.

  • Optin page – Explains the contest and calls to action the user wanting the free bottles YOU will reward
  • After opting in and confirmation we can simply redirect them to the actual affiliate link as well. This is sneaky and kind of underhanded since your already going to give away 5 bottles someone might get two. It doesn’t matter though because this is how to pull profits from the front end and to fund other things later on. (Umm, like buying the rewards maybe?)
  • After redirection they’ll automatically be receiving that free weight loss 5 tips ebook. If your smart you will have affiliate links in it right?
  • Followup Newsletter of content – Calls to action to forward this to their friends and get them to signup to the free 5 bottles, ebook and newsletter your putting out. This is what we refer to as *making your list work for you*
  • Rinse and repeat to every product in the industry but keeping your newsletter generic and not specific so it looks like it’s going to each niche product individually and catering to them.

Simple as that. It takes a little cash yes to fund the products. However at $32 per lead and you redirecting after the optin, buying 5 bottles at $5.99 a piece sets you at $29.95. 1 lead and its profit from there on out. Using all the free traffic methods out there and tons of them written on this blog you should have no problem implementing a simple marketing method such as this one.

August 29th, 2007

Hundreds Of Niches Delivered To Your Inbox Everyday

SpammolaAre you having trouble finding a niche? Can’t seem to quite find out what is selling? Well, today the answers are spelled out in front of you, that even a 5 year old can spell. S.P.A.M.

That’s right, all your niche needs are delivered to your inbox everyday. Whether your the type of person who simply deletes these type of messages or do not even give them the slightest glance, I can assure you that you are missing out on some valuable niche research.

You can get automatic niches sent to you everyday without ever doing an ounce of research or even wanting to receive the information in the first place. Better make good use of it, because Spammers are telling you bluntly what is profitable.

Here are a few things you can use to get this automated bullshit delivered to your inbox or admin panels.

  • Create a wordpress blog and leave every commenting option open so that anyone can comment and trackback, and do not upload any of the spam plugins. Just leave it be.
  • Make sure your able to receive trackbacks. There are gems that lie beneath the spam piles
  • Get a yahoo email account and leave all your preferences on default except the one that tells you to have spam sent to the bulk folder. Get as much of it as you can sent to the bulk folder so that you have a folderized set of niches.

Most of the trackback spammers are focusing on longtail keywords so only a few backlinks is enough to get them listed in Search Engines. As well, “piggybackers” as I like to call them, spammers who use “middle man” sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages will also drop you links and anchor text as to what they are going for.


See you do not even need any niche research tools. I do not know if they even have them (never used them mself), but I imagine someone who sucks at niche research probably invented a niche research tool. That is usually how it works. But seriously, look into the pile of (what you thought) was crap being sent to you, and you will find a mountain of treasures.

 Now if we could get some spammers with morals.

I really do not feel like competing in the Viagra, Penis Enlargement and Porn markets :)