July 17th, 2010

ASE Passes

Sorry guys.  After I posted that message I’ve been dealing with PayPal accounts that were shut down.

Jump over to twitter : @cashtactics and I’ll post one at 8pm!

Then one at 8:30

Then the last one at 9pm.

All CST.

Again, sorry about this guys.

July 16th, 2010

Free ASE Silver Passes

I have a couple to give away.  Just keep an eye out for my twitter @cashtactics.  I’ll be giving one away tonight at 7pm CST.  The other two will be given away tomorrow. One at noon CST and the other at 5pm CST.  No real reason for those times.  I’ll just post the code on twitter and not say anything else.  :)

Here’s the twitter again:  http://twitter.com/cashtactics

Best of luck!

June 20th, 2010

The best IM List you will EVER See! and… An Update!

Gauher Chaudhry just posted one of the most EPIC lists of all time online!  This is 350 websites that will help you make the monies online!  So … Here’s a link for you: Gauher’s Epic List.

Now.  Many of you have sent me emails asking me what I have been doing for the last 2 months… And I’ve been getting alot of questions about the case study… Well… We’ve had 15 conversions… That means we’ve generated a total of $15×27 = $405.  On average we have generated just about 30 visitors a day from free online marketing methods.

So… What has caused me to stop blogging about it?  Well the main reason is that the site has been copied several times.  The copying has been soooooo bad that even the analytics have been transferred over to the doppelgangers. Unfortunately I can’t give an accurate representation of traffic statistics.  But… 15 sales off of 100% free traffic is better than nothing right?

So, where do we go from here?  Unfortunately I will not be continuing the case study. That should be apparent from my 2 months absence.  If I was to move into PPC on the case study then someone will copy the campaign.  Of I was to move into PPV then someone would copy the campaign… Some people have just ruined it for the rest of us…

Anyways, these last couple months I’ve been pretty busy with my coder while all of this has been going down.  We’ve been hard work tweaking a piece of software that we use on a daily basis.  I won’t go into too much detail about it. So… I hope now that I have a little bit of time I can start blogging with you about some extreme tactics that I have been using online.

Anyways, I won’t take up too much more of your fathers day.  To those of you that ARE fathers…I hope you have a great day today! Remember… All that we do online is not for US but is for our FAMILIES.

To Your Success!
Kris Trujillo

May 3rd, 2010

ASE 2010 Session Votes and 3 FREE silver passes!

UPDATE: Affiliate Summit has taken down the voting page.  Unfortunately you will not be able to  vote anymore. The Winners have been selected from the votes.

Hey guys and gals,
I have a couple Affiliate Summit East 2010 passes to give away. Here is what we are going to do…

I am on a possible speaker panel: >>Click Here<<
And we need votes to be able to secure our spot at the event!

Here are the other candidates:
Ian Fernando, IANternet Media, LLC
David Ford, PPV Playbook
Corey Bornnman, Affportal.com

So… if you would like one of the 3 tickets to the event then please follow these steps

1. Click this link: http://affiliatesummit.slinkset.com/items/Pay_Per_View_Traffic_and_Techniques

2. Click the up arrow to vote

3. Register your account

4. Leave a comment on the voting page stating how one of us four has helped you online and/or why you would like to attend this event.

That’s it… it really is that simple.

I’ll come back through with the input from Ian, Corey, and David and we will pick our winners!

Thank you all for voting and participating!


April 29th, 2010

Article Directory Submission (Free Traffic)

Most of us do not enjoy writing Articles.

But understanding that although it is not the “best” source of traffic, it is a “Free” source that with a little time and effort can generate traffic, and ultimately revenue.

When writing your articles the common misconception is that they must be very informative and based solely on your specific niche. While the majority of articles you submit should follow protocol, don’t be afraid to throw in some fun and interesting articles that will grab the readers attention.

Also, if you have dipped your hand in this type of traffic generation method before, you know that MANY of the articles out there are low-quality dime-a-dozen type articles.

It may seem like the more the better, but that does not mean you can not write rich, interesting, and exciting articles. If you want people to read them and come to your site.

Take some time and write well.

Now, there are several places where you can post your articles, but I personally recommend article directories above all else. Article directories are places where you can get your articles published quickly and easily for free.

You can submit your articles to dozens of different directories,  but here is a list of directories I think you should start at:


These directories will allow you to publish your articles and post a one-way link back to your website. Before creating your link, think about what page you want to send traffic to. For example, do you want to send your readers directly to your sales page? Or do you want to send them to a page with more information to warm them up a bit. This all depends on your product, and should be split tested to see what converts the best.

So there you have it. Just a simple breakdown of Article submissions. With some intellect and moderate writing skills this can and will generate free traffic to your website.

Kris – One of the great things about article submissions is that people will often scrap your article to fill in content on their website. This will place a link on their site back to yours… 1 article submitted to an article directory can turn into a handful of inbound links to your site!

April 26th, 2010

MySpace and Facebook Blog Commenting (Free Traffic)

Hey guys, I will be sharing with you some free traffic sources that are simple and effective over the next few weeks.

Today we will be focusing on Blog-Commenting.

The simplest way of doing this is using Facebook and Myspace.

MySpace is a great medium because it is full of younger adults who are eager to become an adult; whereas, Facebook is full of adults who are employed and generally have a college education.

You should know your demographic and choose accordingly.

The first step of joining either of these communities is to create an account. The process is simple and takes less than 2 minutes.

Once you have created your account, you can access the creation page, where you can begin to promote yourself and your business on your profile.

For now, let’s skip right to searching for other people’s blogs and commenting on those blogs. I will give you a breakdown on how to do this.

The first step is to search for the different blogs about your business. We will use “surfing” as our example topic.

  1. Start by going to http://blog.myspace.com. You should see the following page:MySpace’s blog search page. From here, you can locate all MySpace blogs through searches.
  2. Search for your niche topic. In the case of my example, I have entered the word “surfing” and then searched for it. MySpace’s engine returned 13,400 results:A sample of some of the profiles that contain surfing blogs.
  3. Move from blog-to-blog until you find one that both receives traffic and is relevant to your particular niche, as well as your goals. In my case, I found a surfing blog that may be worth commenting on occasionally:
  4. Select a blog to comment on.(Some bloggers require you to be there friend before you can comment). If necessary, become the blogger’s friend by sending a friend request.Once they have accepted your friend request, you can begin to comment on their blog.
  5. Be sure and compose a constructive comment that is useful to the blogger and its readers. Under your comment be sure and include a link to your site. (This step is VERY important, as it would be a waste of time if you do not drive traffic back to you).

This is a great method for pointing one way links towards your site and can drive a large number of visitors to your site. Additionally, it has the potential to increase your site’s SERP. This process should be done regularly as it keeps you involved in your niches community. It may be faster and simpler to have the comments written elsewhere, like on Word, and then simply copy and paste them onto the blog page.

In addition to MySpace and Facebook blogs, you can find places to leave comments in Technorati and Yahoo! Blog Directory, you should also consider checking out the various blogs on http://www.squidoo.com and http://hubpages.com/.

April 26th, 2010

Series update

Hey everyone. Here is an update on the series.  I know it has been a while.  I’ve had a lot going on.  The two guys that were supposed to be driving for this haven’t really done too much so I am going to be stepping in a little more.

There has been very little traffic to the site other than what has come in from Cashtactics.net.  This is because nothing has been done by these guys that I was trying to help.  So… I’m going to put my personal assistant Randy on the free traffic patrol for this project.  Everyday he is going to spend about 2 hours working on free traffic for the site.

I am also going to put him on blogging duty for a bit.  He will be jumping on here and giving some free traffic secrets for those that want to learn.

Here is an image of the traffic stats from Google Analytics.

NOW… I know it is showing decent traffic… 50% is coming from cashtactics.net and about 45% is coming from some douche that copied the site.  They never switched out the google analytics code…

Anyways, Randy will have a post to you tomorrow morning or tonight.  He will also be loading up several posts in there ahead of time and I’m going to make sure you get at least two new free traffic sources a week until he is done.

April 12th, 2010

OptinComments.com – Free (Coming down tonight)

The free version of the optincomments.com plugin is coming down tonight.  The plugin will be sold on clickbank for $57 by the end of the week.

So… If you want it you should go grab it now!