Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Make Killer Money With Lead Generation

I am writing this page for mostly people that are unfamiliar with CPA Networks and other Affiliate Networks. These aren’t in any specific order and it is by far not all of the networks I use. So chill out, read about them, sign up with them, and get out there and make some killer money.

1. Convert2Media

Definitely my favorite of all the CPA networks out there! A solid group of affiliate marketers owns this company. They love to go above and beyond. I don’t know of any drawbacks to this network. This is my preferred network. C2M is number 1! Even if you do just a little traffic, they will most likely boost your payouts. They promise to beat anyone and so far they haven’t disappointed me.

2. Advaliant

A leader in the performance marketing industry.  This is one of those networks that you want to sign up with not because they are well known but because of the help that your affiliate manager gives to you.  My AM is Kate Silvestry and she is definitely helpful to the growth of my business.  Another good thing about Advaliant is the simple fact that they have their own proprietary tracking system. That means that no other network will track with the same software that they use!

3. MarketLeverage

MarketLeverage has got to be one of the greatest networks to work with. Their staff is definitely top notch. I must say I have one of the best affiliate managers with them. His name is Kyle. So if you sign up make sure you request him. Kyle and the rest of the ML staff is dedicated to serving you and your best interests.

4. Hydra

This network sales about anything you can think of. I have personally had great success with their programs. Payment has always been prompt too. They are accessible 24/7 and always ready to answer any question you have. A large and recommended Affiliate Network with a great selection of merchants. You can join these merchants and promote their products via text links, datafeeds, banners, etc. and get paid for it.

5. Maxbounty

An excellent network to join. I have an awesome affiliate manager there as well as Azoogle. I cannot recommend them highly enough. With over 240+ offers available and a Net 15 payment, they are a hard network to turn down.

6. Copeac

Yet another awesome network to work with. They have a minimum payout of $100 but they also pay monthly. If your able to send considerable amounts of traffic, your able to get weekly payments there also. COPEAC offers programs that can be incentivized, and lots of other CPA programs.

7. Azoogleads

By far a top notch network. I do not go balls to the wall with them as I do with other (not so known) networks. At Azoogle, I have been an A+ student. I have consistently used them on one of my whitehat membership sites. AzoogleAds, founded in 2000, is a profitable and rapidly growing and great performance-based online advertising network comprised of a variety of effective large to medium vertical sites, portals and email publishers.

AzoogleAds has some of the highest paid CPA campaigns to offer where there are even some that can be incentivized. AzoogleAds also gives out rewards, so the more you earn with AzoogleAds, the more rewards you are likely to receive.