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December 18th, 2007

From Zero To Hero Series – How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site

I thought about this a little bit last night and decided I would try to do something different. I am opening my own forum later this week and it will cover a variety of topics but the main thing is that it will contain sub-sections for every Zero To Hero Series concept I roll out between the 60 Days To List Building and whenever I decide to finish. Currently their is a total of 4 concepts to be released. However, I think I will just write a PDF for the “How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site” and take all the questions in the sub-section.

This I think will prove to be more efficient. Of course, if you do not want to join the forum, I will be happy to answer any questions as well. With a dedicated sub-section to each concept, I will be able to help out more with questions and even a little hands on support to get you going. A few people asked how much this was going to cost, and that hurt my feelings. This is not some Internet Marketing Membership Site. It will be an open forum to anyone that wants to discuss Internet Marketing and Making Money Online with me. I have found myself getting stretched pretty thin lately, so this is my most efficient option.

When is it due?

I have decided to release the “How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site” on Christmas Day. I am doing my Christmas on Sunday so anytime after Christmas Day you can come download the PDF here and then hop over into the forum and ask any questions that you need. I have a lot going on right now and this will give you plenty of time to prepare for what we have already covered.

December 7th, 2007

Zero To Hero Series – Video Followup And Walk Thru

Here are some promised resources that I stayed up thru the night putting together to get you started on the fast track. I apologize now if the video quality is not that great, but I have been in a rush all night. You will get the idea though as soon as you watch the vids and start your progress. First off, I would like to include some helpful links.

With my generic video and those two links you should be up and running in no time.

Aweber Autoresponder Setup Video

Ebay Classified Ads Setup Video

December 6th, 2007

From Zero To Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 3

From Zero To HeroBefore we get started with Part 3 of the 60 Days to List Building Domination I just received a comment in part 2 of a reader that incorporated an optin form into one of their existing Ebay ads and literally within a few minutes already got a subscriber! That is awesome news! The stuff works, but I would like to touch a few points here.

This method with all the sites involved, your optin form, your autoresponder, your squeeze page, these are all vital aspects of building a residual business. I am not giving you some fly by the night quick cash tactic here. Yes, you will probably recoup any expense within a day or two of using this method, but the whole point is to giveaway a great product that allows you to receive $40 in commission for anyone wanting to do the same which in all actuality will be quite a few considering your audience. The other point is that your building a high quality of opportunity seekers that are eager to make money online and this will establish what I like to refer to as “one touch profits”. The whole idea behind one touch profits is that when you have a large list or multiple lists you have that option of waking up in the morning, logging into your autoresponder and quickly broadcasting an offer to your list. After that, you just sit back and watch the profits come in.

Now when I say this isn’t some quick tactic, I am actually contradicting myself. It is very quick, you make money and gain subscribers VERY quickly at little to no cost. By selling just one copy of the rebranding rights you will be in profit from your ebay ad, and after two copies you will have paid for your Ebay ad, autoresponder, hosting and domain. From there on out is just a matter of consistency and aggressiveness, and that is what we are going to cover in part 3.

December 6th, 2007

From Zero 2 Hero Series – Special Skype Conference Tomorrow Evening

SuperheroI am really going to go out on a limb here and do something kind of crazy. Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time, US I am going to host a Skype conference that you may feel free to attend. For some of the more advanced marketers you will probably want to sit this one out. You may attend to listen if you like but if your already familiar with how to implement this method, then I can’t promise you will walk away with anything useful. If you are however, interested in how sexy my voice is, feel free to attend :)

Here’s what I will be covering tomorrow evening.

I am going to basically walk you thru the entire Autoresponder series of how to setup your autoresponder on Aweber and get this plan into action. I will not be covering how to implement your web forms on Classified Ads sites or developing squeeze pages, I will be however, sharing my newly constructed squeeze page that I am rolling out now. I am not a graphics wizard and my copywriting skills go as far as writing Google Adwords so I am by all means NOT a good a copywriter. However I can obviously be the poster boy that you can succeed online WITHOUT these skills :)

So here’s what you will most likely need to attend the conference and learn something from it.

  1. Branding rights to the Income4Beginners Ebook so that you have the ability to give this book away and resell the branding rights inside to it. If you don’t want to use this ebook that is fine, I see that 7 people have already took the plunge and bought rebranding rights this evening so I can tell from the purchases and emails received this evening, that people are ready to go.
December 5th, 2007

From Zero 2 Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 2

From Zero 2 HeroIt’s now time to shift our focus on the elements surrounding where and how to start building our list at a rapid pace. Fortunately for you I have broken this down into the simplest tasks imaginable. As a matter of fact, some of the techniques are so simple that your probably going to look at me and think I am crazy. I assure you it won’t be the first time I have been accused of it. I always get a kick out of seeing what people say when I tell them I still utilize traffic exchanges. What? Yea, most people think and assume they are a waste of time and usually they are if you don’t know what your doing. When your in a traffic exchange your marketing to the newest of the new and you have to know their needs inside and out AND have one hell of a squeeze page to get signups. Nonetheless, I know two people personally that have made their livings online using traffic exchanges. So the next time you rag on traffic exchanges, just think about the people who do make their livings online using them. Nothing is impossible, but you have to know EXACTLY what to do or you will fail miserably.

Ok, enough about traffic exchanges, I am going to teach you about that later but right now the focus is on rapid movement and to do that, we need to start off in places that are free or very low cost and have huge amounts of traffic volume. Traffic volume is significant but what’s even more important is we have to be in places where we know people are likely to spend money.

December 5th, 2007

Zero To Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 1

Zero To HeroThis is the first installment and general primer for the “Zero To Hero” tactics and methods that I will be releasing over the course of December. Everyone is a true gem and if I had not incorporated them and still use them to this day, who knows where I would be. Damn sure not living on the moolah like I am now! So this will be Part 1 of the “60 Days To List Building Domination” method. The method is going to be drawn and extensive on paper (stack up on ink!) but I assure you after I walk you thru this, you will be cruising.


Many of the sites you will see me utilize have been around for awhile. As a matter of fact you have probably used them in some shape or form, but I don’t think you have been using them to your full advantage. You see the idea behind this in the beginning for me was that I did not have time to make tons of sites. Normally, I still do not have that time, but I don’t need to now after developing the right formula. The sole principle of this method is to build 1 page. That’s right, we want to just build one page. Why? Because I can show you how to build multiple email lists in the thousands and juggle them all in a very timely fashion so that you have plenty of time to replicate the methods in broad form, and still concentrate on other tasks at hand. The methods have been honed to the simplest and easiest ways to handle thousands of email prospects, potential friends, and undoubtedly–>CUSTOMERS!

There is however initial work upfront. It can’t all be served on a silver platter, but if you munch on the appetizer tray for just a few hours, I promise that the main course will light up your eyes.