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December 18th, 2007

From Zero To Hero Series – How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site

I thought about this a little bit last night and decided I would try to do something different. I am opening my own forum later this week and it will cover a variety of topics but the main thing is that it will contain sub-sections for every Zero To Hero Series concept I roll out between the 60 Days To List Building and whenever I decide to finish. Currently their is a total of 4 concepts to be released. However, I think I will just write a PDF for the “How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site” and take all the questions in the sub-section.

This I think will prove to be more efficient. Of course, if you do not want to join the forum, I will be happy to answer any questions as well. With a dedicated sub-section to each concept, I will be able to help out more with questions and even a little hands on support to get you going. A few people asked how much this was going to cost, and that hurt my feelings. This is not some Internet Marketing Membership Site. It will be an open forum to anyone that wants to discuss Internet Marketing and Making Money Online with me. I have found myself getting stretched pretty thin lately, so this is my most efficient option.

When is it due?

I have decided to release the “How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site” on Christmas Day. I am doing my Christmas on Sunday so anytime after Christmas Day you can come download the PDF here and then hop over into the forum and ask any questions that you need. I have a lot going on right now and this will give you plenty of time to prepare for what we have already covered.

Hosting, a domain name and of course something you want to promote. I preferably have expressed that in order to utilize your time efficiently and to have a money making product that you need to test to make sure it’s profitable. However you can still this if you want, just to get that first site out there or run thru the entire process so that when you do get into a profitable niche with a good selling product, you will already know the steps you will need to take to properly optimize your site, get the initial power indexing for your many pages, and then of course the ultimate traffic plan.

December 7th, 2007

Zero To Hero Series – Video Followup And Walk Thru

Here are some promised resources that I stayed up thru the night putting together to get you started on the fast track. I apologize now if the video quality is not that great, but I have been in a rush all night. You will get the idea though as soon as you watch the vids and start your progress. First off, I would like to include some helpful links.

With my generic video and those two links you should be up and running in no time.

Aweber Autoresponder Setup Video

Ebay Classified Ads Setup Video

December 6th, 2007

From Zero To Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 3

From Zero To HeroBefore we get started with Part 3 of the 60 Days to List Building Domination I just received a comment in part 2 of a reader that incorporated an optin form into one of their existing Ebay ads and literally within a few minutes already got a subscriber! That is awesome news! The stuff works, but I would like to touch a few points here.

This method with all the sites involved, your optin form, your autoresponder, your squeeze page, these are all vital aspects of building a residual business. I am not giving you some fly by the night quick cash tactic here. Yes, you will probably recoup any expense within a day or two of using this method, but the whole point is to giveaway a great product that allows you to receive $40 in commission for anyone wanting to do the same which in all actuality will be quite a few considering your audience. The other point is that your building a high quality of opportunity seekers that are eager to make money online and this will establish what I like to refer to as “one touch profits”. The whole idea behind one touch profits is that when you have a large list or multiple lists you have that option of waking up in the morning, logging into your autoresponder and quickly broadcasting an offer to your list. After that, you just sit back and watch the profits come in.

Now when I say this isn’t some quick tactic, I am actually contradicting myself. It is very quick, you make money and gain subscribers VERY quickly at little to no cost. By selling just one copy of the rebranding rights you will be in profit from your ebay ad, and after two copies you will have paid for your Ebay ad, autoresponder, hosting and domain. From there on out is just a matter of consistency and aggressiveness, and that is what we are going to cover in part 3.

I am going to assume that you either are reinvesting your profits or have some money to invest already with Part 3 here. If you do not, then you will need to utilize the free methods I provided in Part 2 until your in the clear with no out of pocket expenses.

Within a week you going to be at a point of at least 4-5 sales. I am going to keep this very conservative when if your are in aggressive mode (covered later on) you will actually probably make a dozen or more sales a week. Let’s say that you have your Ebay ad up and you have your ad up at all the other classified ads sites and you have posted in once or twice in the Backpage forum then you are already well on your way to having a couple of sales. So let’s break down the expenses of starting off.

  • Resell Rights — $40. Not required but my best product to promote and get off to a fast start
  • Ebay Classified Ad –$30 for a feature classified (recommended) or $9.95 for 30 days
  • Usfreeads Premium–$9.99 monthly
  • Autoresponder –As low as $19.95 a month
  • Hosting –Less than $10 a month with Hostgator
  • Domain — $9.29 a year with Namecheap

Now if you can make plenty of money and signups just utilizing Ebay so total cost without the hosting and domain is –>$89.95 and you don’t even have to promote the book I recommended so really you could start at less than $50. Now considering most people already have an autoresponder then your really only looking at the initial advertising of $30. Pretty cool huh.

So let’s start with what to do after those first few sales. Assuming you make 3 sales, you will now have at least enough money to pay expenses and repost another featured Classified ad on Ebay giving you even more exposure for only another $30 a month. Do you see the snowball effect here? It works in your favor. You will want to post as many featured classifieds on Ebay as you can possibly handle. I should also tell you that this works in any niche, but not as well as it does for me in this one, or at least in my own experience. We need to get good here first.

So the consistency will pay off if you can post somewhat like this.

  • 1 Featured Classified Ad for 8 weeks until the 60 days to domination are over
  • 2-3 ads daily to Usfreeads. You could even go all out here and post more. Change up your titles on each ad, and definitely a good idea to change up your ad text every 3-5 ads
  • Gumtree is a good one but will require your own squeeze unless you cloak or redirect a domain and then send that back to them thru your autoresponse thru your Gmail account
  • Adpost and Backpage and Kijiji will follow the same route as Gumtree. Just save your ad templates from one classified ad site and copy/paste them into each site making for less time spent working.
  • Yahoo Answers — You will need to find questions like “work from home” or “make money online” and answer the question. Only then do you link to the source (your domain redirect or squeeze). Do not put the rebranded link in Yahoo Answers. It looks like an affiliate link and you will be canned by users quickly. Provide relevant answers and link to the source. Easy as that.

There’s really nothing more to it than that. The only thing is that you build as fast as you can and whatever budget you can. The quicker you get started, the faster you will have money to burn. Since everything is paid thru your Paypal account and instant, this is what allows us to literally at the drop of a dime to put up more feature ads at Ebay (our honeyhole) because we will have constant flows of $40 payments coming in.

When and What to mail our prospects

Everybody has their differences here but I prefer to mail CPA offers in HTML creative format to my list members. I generally mail out in 250 list member increments. This means everytime I hit 250 list members, 500 members, 750 members I will mail them a CPA offer. I normally mail out offers such as the Casey Soft Lead, Project Payday, and The Beach Bum System. These offers are free to the users and they only have to optin to these lists for you to get paid. It’s very simple, and with a large subscriber base, you can literally make a few hundred a day. You cna promote whatever you like, but I normally keep this mindset.

If I acquired this lead because I was offering something free, normally I can repeat this success by offering them more free offers to them that will in turn pay me. The user gets their info at no cost to them and we get paid. It’s that simple.

Now with your Ebay offer running for 30 days on end, the only work required here is that you renew the ad or add more. The only work involved revolves around the consistency of posting up new ads and answers each morning. You will be able to easily accomplish this with about 1 hours work granted you have copied your templates and can quickly login to the sites and paste them up. Keep rotating your headlines to avoid any spam problems and you will be fine. Also, make sure to have your Gmail autoresponder working with vacation status on and automatically sending your messages whenever someone emails you. You can even go as far as making an MSN messenger account and providing your contact details there. You can then set the messenger to away status and have an automatic message sending the same message as your Gmail autoresponder.

The only work involved here is answering questions on Yahoo which if you feel like you can provide your contact details there as well adding even more credibility. Have it set to your autoresponder and then it works on auto. The other work involved is as simple as posting your ad templates to the other sites. For about an hours work each day you can build a residual income while adding subscribers and front end payments of $40 paid instantly to you.

*Note* I will be holding the Skype conference tonight  Thursday December 6th 7:00 PM Central Standard Time US this evening to walk anyone thru how to correctly setup their autoresponder with this method. I will probably have a little Q & A there as well for any general questions. I guarantee you at the end of 60 days your going to be in a whole position with your business, will have made a hefty chunk of change, and now have at least one large email list you can email offers to for residual income.

December 6th, 2007

From Zero 2 Hero Series – Special Skype Conference Tomorrow Evening

SuperheroI am really going to go out on a limb here and do something kind of crazy. Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time, US I am going to host a Skype conference that you may feel free to attend. For some of the more advanced marketers you will probably want to sit this one out. You may attend to listen if you like but if your already familiar with how to implement this method, then I can’t promise you will walk away with anything useful. If you are however, interested in how sexy my voice is, feel free to attend :)

Here’s what I will be covering tomorrow evening.

I am going to basically walk you thru the entire Autoresponder series of how to setup your autoresponder on Aweber and get this plan into action. I will not be covering how to implement your web forms on Classified Ads sites or developing squeeze pages, I will be however, sharing my newly constructed squeeze page that I am rolling out now. I am not a graphics wizard and my copywriting skills go as far as writing Google Adwords so I am by all means NOT a good a copywriter. However I can obviously be the poster boy that you can succeed online WITHOUT these skills :)

So here’s what you will most likely need to attend the conference and learn something from it.

  1. Branding rights to the Income4Beginners Ebook so that you have the ability to give this book away and resell the branding rights inside to it. If you don’t want to use this ebook that is fine, I see that 7 people have already took the plunge and bought rebranding rights this evening so I can tell from the purchases and emails received this evening, that people are ready to go.
  2. Your own autoresponder. I only use Aweber, so that will be the extent that I can help you. If you have Aweber and branding rights to the ebook then your at least ready to place your optin forms on built in traffic sites such as Ebay and Usfreeads.
  3. Your own hosting account and a domain. I personally use Hostgator for 3 dedicated servers and could not be any happier and I use Namecheap for all my domains.

You most certainly do not need to get hosting or a domain right now. With Ebay you will easily pull enough sales to fund everything within a couple of days. But you will need a book to promote and Aweber for me to walk you thru everything to setup. Remember you do not necessarily need to buy rebranding rights to the book as you can use any book you have the giveaway rights to. I only give that recommendation because it’s my most effective weapon to draw list signups and make a decent commission $40 on the frontend of the method. 2 sales and you in profit after the rights, autoresponder monthly fee, ebay listing, monthly hosting fee and domain. Pretty gnarly huh?

*Note* remember, this is mainly for people that are unfamiliar with Aweber. I will walk you thru the process of creating your list name, and all the information you need to get your first list up and running. So if your wanting to be in on the conference call you can add my skype name –> theruck26    to your contacts and I will accept it thru tonight and all the way up to conference time tomorrow night. Don’t worry about bandwidth or my computer not being able to handle the conference load, I run a multi circuit T1 connection so we won’t have any lag.

December 5th, 2007

From Zero 2 Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 2

From Zero 2 HeroIt’s now time to shift our focus on the elements surrounding where and how to start building our list at a rapid pace. Fortunately for you I have broken this down into the simplest tasks imaginable. As a matter of fact, some of the techniques are so simple that your probably going to look at me and think I am crazy. I assure you it won’t be the first time I have been accused of it. I always get a kick out of seeing what people say when I tell them I still utilize traffic exchanges. What? Yea, most people think and assume they are a waste of time and usually they are if you don’t know what your doing. When your in a traffic exchange your marketing to the newest of the new and you have to know their needs inside and out AND have one hell of a squeeze page to get signups. Nonetheless, I know two people personally that have made their livings online using traffic exchanges. So the next time you rag on traffic exchanges, just think about the people who do make their livings online using them. Nothing is impossible, but you have to know EXACTLY what to do or you will fail miserably.

Ok, enough about traffic exchanges, I am going to teach you about that later but right now the focus is on rapid movement and to do that, we need to start off in places that are free or very low cost and have huge amounts of traffic volume. Traffic volume is significant but what’s even more important is we have to be in places where we know people are likely to spend money.

The easiest way to start off and at the fastest speed possible is Classified Advertising. What? That doesn’t work does it? No, if your having doubts that it doesn’t work then there is no reason why you should read the rest of this post. You may go on and keep looking for that next miracle. For the ones interested I will outline the services I utilize to make the least amount of work possible to obtain a self growing email list interested in making money online.

First Principle

You will have to brand yourself somewhat. I know for some they like their identities hidden somewhat on the web and that’s cool. I can tell you right now that I didn’t get to where I am at today by hiding my identity. I am very upfront of who I am, that I engage in some aggressive money making tactics online and even some of the darkest tactics out there. It’s the fact that I really don’t give a shit what other people think of me. I didn’t get here because everyone thinks I am a good guy, I got here because I am me, and I work my tail off at what I do. Maybe it could be better if I wasn’t so upfront, but then again I live comfortably so what is the point of greed?

So you will have to make a choice in whether you want to brand yourself or site. I would say for the people wanting to remain a little hidden to use a pseudo name or site name. You think it up, I’ll tell you what to do.

Second Principle

Your going to have to know how to write classified ads. What like Usfreeads? Yea sort of, that will be one of the services we utilize but to get us off to a fast start you will need to get real familiar with Ebay Classifieds. Why?

For $9.95 a 30 day Ebay classified ad is very cheap. The site is packed with people wanting to spend money and by providing them a free ebook on how to get started making money online is as easy as it gets. Now, let’s add in the fact that Ebay has a built in HTML editor we could very easily (and I do) build email lists rapidly just from an optin form for free ebooks within the ad itself. I told you there would be a little cost involved but don’t worry because I have it all worked out to your benefit. Now, let’s think about this for a second. For only $30 you can actually feature this classifed ad for 30 days. That is only $1 a day to have a built optin form on a featured ad being rotated in one of the busiest sites in the world where people are spending money. Powerful right? It get’s even better.

The tactic is so easy and can be stretched so many ways but I actually promote ebooks I have resell rights to. I like to use general ebooks like Income4Beginners. Now to promote Income4Beginners it is a free ebook and only comes with giveaway rights. You have to purchase the rebranding rights for $40. This book is by far my best converter so I am sharing it here, but you should know that you have to go download the ebook and then purchase the rebranding rights at the end for $40. You can use whatever you want here, I am just sharing my best tactic and the book I use to lure people in.

The cool thing about this book is that each time you give it away thru your autoresponder and someone wants the rebranding rights as well, you get paid $40 automatically to your Paypal. There are no strings, if they ever have questions they don’t contact you, they contact the author. Just one sale and your whole 30 days featured classified ad is taken care of. Pretty simple, but by far my best tactic and often at times I only use this tactic. It works great in the weight loss niche which I just gave you another niche, so don’t screw me over to hard ok?

Third Principle

Alright I just gave you the fastest and best method first. Unfortunately it costs money and I realize that some people won’t want to try it. To coax you into how powerful it is, I want to give you a free tactic here that will of course pull in leads at fairly decent rates for free. It’s the powerful site Yahoo Answers. The unfortunate part of this is that it requires a little more work than the Ebay method. Once you set the Ebay method up it runs on its own for a month. The only maintenance it requires is to renew the ad each month. But while it’s running on autopilot I have managed to save you even more time to utilize Yahoo. All you really need to do is answer questions related to your niche. A simple way to do this is to type your keywords such as “make money online” and answer as many questions as you can. Do not spam, but kindly let people know about the free ebook you got for beginners online.

Redirect, Cloak, or Squeeze Page

Fortunately for us the copy on Income4Beginners converts. I have test both sending them straight to the site here, but the bad thing is that we cannot build our own list that way. If you bought the rights then you can obviously answer some questions fast with a domain redirect or cloak and get people to download the book. Inside the book they will have the same options as you and either way you will make $40 per sale. I personally use a squeeze page so that I can direct them to optin and get the information delivered immediately. When they do that I send them to this link instead of this one. That way after they optin to me, they get a direct ebook link to download instead of having to optin a second time which would and has killed my conversions. You can do it either way but I would highly suggest setting up your own squeeze.

Fourth Principle

This is so simple. You will need a Usfreeads Premium Account. I believe it runs $9.99 a month or something like that. You will need the ability of using HTML in your ads so that is why you need the Usfreeads account. This is another built in classified ads system with a large user base, ready to buy, and you can put your optin form into your ads directly. This works just like Ebay except that you can set all your ads to auto renew and it don’t cost for each one. You can simply pay $9.95 a month and post as many ads as you can possibly type. This is great because there are literally hundreds of categories to post in. What I do is write one good ad with optin form in it and then I copy this ad into Notepad. Then when you are ready to go all out and post 30-40 ads is as simple as copy/paste the body text and only changing the headline each time. See how powerful this? You could literally have the same optin form across hundreds of ads and would only take you a few hours and these ads will auto renew themselves month in and month out. I don’t know how it could get any easier. If you do some basic keyword research, your ad will rank in the search engines as well, pulling even more free traffic. So live and die by the title.

Fifth Principle

There are literally millions of people in other countries that want to make money online as well. So let’s go get them!

First we will travel to Kijiji in Canada. This is a very nice classifieds ads site and sports a ton of people as well. I would personally suggest posting in places such as Calgary, Montreal or Toronto. Just look at a globe and you will know the large cities of Canada. Now Kijiji has a built in HTML editor but I have been unable to post an optin form here. However you can use images, colored text, anything in the ad. This is great for us because we could anchor text our links to our squeeze page and have people optin from there to receive their free ebook. Just read the guidelines at Kijiji, it’s a powerful weapon to have on our side because I have not even encountered competition there AT ALL. I undoubtedly will now, but hey sharing is cool right?

An Even Better Trick is to have them email you. You could anchor text the email address right there in the ad and it won’t even require to advertise your site at Kijiji. Now, I have never had problems posting in the services or jobs category but I know what I am doing so if you encounter problems just tell people to email you at a Gmail account. Now in your Gmail account, set your autoresponder to away or vacation status and have your autoresponse say something like this:

Thanks for emailing me about the free ebook and information on how to get started making money online. For simple purposes I have posted it on a webpage. All you need to do is go here (link to squeeze) and tell me where to send it. Once you tell me, the information will be immediately emailed to you. Thanks and have a great day, Ruck

Something nice and sincere and you will lure them in by the hundreds. Have a look at Kijiji Canada and get familiar with it. There is also for the US so it’s just another resource to utilize.

Sixth Principle

Hello UK, here we come! Taking the UK by storm with this technique is as simple as it is in Canada. For this we want to travel over to the ever popular Gumtree. The same principles apply here as they did at Kijiji. Now there is no HTML editor here so utilizing your autoresponder on Gmail is of the utmost importance. There are some other things there as well like providing a Skype username or Youtube Url. I haven’t tested it yet but if Skype allows it like most instant messengers I would set my status away on a skype account with an autoresponse. I haven’t tested it yet but I will. However I have used MSN Messenger with this inside the body of my ad and it adds credibility. Give them your Gmail account and they will get the autoresponse to your squeeze page to optin and give them your MSN addy (bogus of course for this) and set your MSN status as away and have it auto deliver the same message as your Gmail autoresponder. Awesome huh!

I would post my ad in the London, Stuff For Sale, freebies section. I know it’s a little untargeted but the make money online niche is very broad and for the product your giving away it’s surefire way to funnel tons of prospects onto your list for future education and of course offers from you to make more money on the lifetime value of your list members.

Seventh Principle

A few more sites with reputations for high volume are Craigslist, Backpage, and Adpost. I personally do not utilize the Craigslist services anymore as I have found that its user base is quick to delete almost any ad I put up. You can try them out but for what we are doing I bet you’ll get a better return elsewhere.

First thing about Backpage is that they are fairly lenient which will allow to post lots of ads. However utilizing their service has led me to a resource on there almost as good as their ads services. They have forums as well! Backpage has a large set of subforums that can be utilized. I have seen tons of work from home stuff flow thru their employment sections flawlessly. So while your putting your ad up on their classifieds service, don’t forget to mention that your offering your service (ebook) free. A nice post here and there providing value and a good signature line will go along ways as you build consistency over the period of list building domination.

Adpost on the other hand is a true gem. I will share one of many secrets here. For all the people who were trying to get Usfreeads ranked highly in the search engines, what happened with the last pagerank update? Usfreeads went down ALOT. A little secret I have been holding in for a long time is Adpost is to Yahoo what Usfreeads was to Google. I still to this day, trackback a lot of Adpost ads to get ranked highly in the Yahoo Search Engine. Now you may hate me for not sharing that sooner, but that would have caused an infiltration of marketers and I could not have that could I? Well, you have the information now, so use it. Adpost will allow to post to multiple countries as well, and I would highly suggest you take advantage of this. Posting outside of the US and being one of the first and few to do it, will yield the highest returns in very short amount of times.

In Closing…

I hope you get the idea here on how easy this really is. Some places allow us to use optin forms with their HTML editors like Usfreeads and Ebay and this should be used to its fullest extent first. I recommend Ebay as the quickest way to get signups and sales if you can afford to run the ads. I have given out one great product, my best one as a matter of fact to use. The only thing I suggest is that you do not market to other marketers. I cannot tell you how important this is if your not making very much money already. If you are and can provide credibility then you can succeed at this, but the money is with people who are brand new to the whole idea of making money online.

Always try to use some images when necessary. Some simple money images, nice cars, PROOF, or even a picture of someone happy will greatly increase conversions throughout all your advertising. Always be nice and sincere. Also, you should really only write on ad to post in multiple places so that you can simply copy/paste everywhere you go. Then when you get to Usfreeads and start making multiple ads, save all of them in a text file inside a folder so that you can rotate thru your ads throughout all the sites. This is where the speed and simplicity come into play. If you don’t do these things right then you are likely to come back and bitch later that it doesn’t work. It does work, and it allows you to jump into some of the most competitive niches out there with very little cost and hardly any work after initial setup.

So just think about the possibilites of a mortgage review page or even a weight loss review page. Getting a free ebook or quickly grabbing some articles and making one yourself would be a great primer to start acquiring leads at rapid speed utilizing these free and low cost methods. I hope you see the possibilities here and I hope you start implementing them because tomorrow I am going to reveal the final part of this large method on how to reinvest your profits to have your ads, optin forms, and squeeze pages work on autopilot for very little cost each month.

Stay tuned, Part 3 will follow tomorrow and it will be more aggressive.

December 5th, 2007

Zero To Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 1

Zero To HeroThis is the first installment and general primer for the “Zero To Hero” tactics and methods that I will be releasing over the course of December. Everyone is a true gem and if I had not incorporated them and still use them to this day, who knows where I would be. Damn sure not living on the moolah like I am now! So this will be Part 1 of the “60 Days To List Building Domination” method. The method is going to be drawn and extensive on paper (stack up on ink!) but I assure you after I walk you thru this, you will be cruising.


Many of the sites you will see me utilize have been around for awhile. As a matter of fact you have probably used them in some shape or form, but I don’t think you have been using them to your full advantage. You see the idea behind this in the beginning for me was that I did not have time to make tons of sites. Normally, I still do not have that time, but I don’t need to now after developing the right formula. The sole principle of this method is to build 1 page. That’s right, we want to just build one page. Why? Because I can show you how to build multiple email lists in the thousands and juggle them all in a very timely fashion so that you have plenty of time to replicate the methods in broad form, and still concentrate on other tasks at hand. The methods have been honed to the simplest and easiest ways to handle thousands of email prospects, potential friends, and undoubtedly–>CUSTOMERS!

There is however initial work upfront. It can’t all be served on a silver platter, but if you munch on the appetizer tray for just a few hours, I promise that the main course will light up your eyes.

Initial Setup

Without a shadow of a doubt, you need a good autoresponder. Without one, your dead in the water and you can’t even begin here. The premise of this method is to handle thousands upon thousands of email prospects and customers. You cannot expect to do this without an autoresponder. You will be making all your money from your autoresponder and links from the books, plus you will want to retain your customers for a lifetime value. If you need a recommendation then check this autoresponder out. There are manuals, snapshots, text and video demonstrations if you don’t know how to use one. You give it an hour and I bet your ready to go.

What To Utilize

Now I might have caught your attention earlier when I said we did not need to build multiple sites. You could have a general domain with subdomains to host each squeeze page. You can even do it in folders if you like. The tactic I will be explaining will be geared towards general web newbies that are looking to make money online. What you are going to be offering them is a simple solution. We are going to offer them a free book to get them to optin. The book we are going to offer them is written by someone else but allows us to give it away (NOT SELL IT) to build our optin list. There are many books out there that you can use for this method, I am going to give you my surefire book I use to do this with though. More on that later in Part 2.

The Premise

The idea behind getting optins quickly is to “piggyback” onto sites that already have a large user base. However, you cannot just go to favorite social network and do this. As a matter of fact, as someone who was banking hardcore on sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Tagworld, Hi5, and Blackplanet, I can tell you I learned a very valuable lesson there. While I was spamming, (I mean providing useful comments) I did so with a product that is geared to people brand new to making money online. There is a lot to learn inside your market and I learned the most valuable lesson of all. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THAT WANT TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

And the number is growing at an incredible rate…

Why is it growing at an incredible rate? I look at the world today and man do I see one f#cked up pile of a mess. The gas prices are either soaring or they lower to something everyone excepts. However when these gas prices lower it makes people feel “better” right? Yes, in a sense it does make feel them, at least while their pumping the fuel into their cars. Do you know what they feel like at the end of the month when they are writing out their bills and budgets? If you have ever been in the lower income or middle class income level like I have been then you probably budget very wisely. Add a few kids on that and your budgeting like your going to go broke in a month.

That’s just one example…

Let me give you another food for thought moment. You might think I am rambling on here, but I assure you that everything I am speaking translates into people flocking the web more heavily over the next few years at rates that blow the current ones out of the water, which are freaking outrageous as it is.

Third World Conflict – There are so many countries fighting these days that it’s too sad to even watch on the news. With fighting, government changes, social and economic developments spinning into unfamiliar waters it’s no wonder that so many people flock to the net to try and get answers or solutions to their problems. Why? Because, somewhere across the world someone else is experiencing some type of problem in correlation with theirs and they feel they can relate. How important is relating? Take a look over the past year at the rapid growth of social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Youtube. Now those are biggies, so take a deeper look and have a glance at sites such as Hi5, Yuwie, Veoh, Dailymotion. These are sites with different views and user bases that allow people more choices to use and interact. The times is now and it’s only going to get bigger.

Ok, just one more…

This next one is MAJOR reason why the Internet is going to see an influx of people over the next few months. Have you heard of the Writers Strike? People left and right on missing out on their favorite shows and movies are being put on hold because of this ridiculous stuff. People are flocking to video sharing sites, they are spending less time on watching tv and spending more time on the computer. This stuff happens, but if your not equipped to see things such as this then your lacking in you ability to know when things are “prime for the taking”. Now, I have been doing this for quite awhile now, and knowing the ramifications of events such as these has made me a very wealthy man. I have come to realize that almost everyone is looking for a better quality of life and that usually starts with money.

What You Need To Do

You need to get prepared. I am going to reveal an extensive but very simple way of building money making prospects on your list. There is going to be cost involved but I am going to show you how to stay away from out of pocket expenses. If your the time of marketer that is digging into your pockets to pay for something then your doing something horribly wrong. Expenses are not even expenses when your making money. At least not until tax time.

Built In Traffic

We are not building sites and then going to build traffic. That’s too much work and I much rather keep making a ton of money by doing very little. We are going to piggyback sites that already have tons of people on them but we are going to do so in a way that our traffic is in extremely high numbers and TARGETTED! That’s really the whole idea in a nutshell except for you have no idea how to do it, nor do you know the sites to do it with to get maximum results. You will have to stay tuned tomorrow as I hand out part 2 of the “60 Days To List Building Domination”.

Tomorrow is when you get to start. It’s not going to cost you anything but visiting here and reading what to do. The “How To” part is VERY simple, but it’s the “know where” and “what to do” that I will be sharing with you. See ya tomorrow!