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July 9th, 2009’s Offer Search!

binocularsYou heard that one right. Thanks to the guys at Tracking202 has their very own Offer Search! You can check it out here: CPA Offer Search. OR you can use the nifty little search box in the side bar!

There are over 60 networks included and over 13,000 offers to search through.

Bare with us as we work on blending this nifty little tool into the site. We are in the process of getting the blog re-designed by Unique Blog Designs so for now the page is going to look plain. But the results are there and they are looking good!

There are many reasons why you would want to use a tool like this. Here are the top two reasons.

1. It’s quick and easy to find offers that are related to your niche. Instead of calling up your affiliate manager or searching through each of your networks individually you can just plug in a keyword hit submit and get instant results. This is a HUGE time saver.

2. It’s always important to see what networks are running the same offers. You’ll often see networks giving different payouts for the same offer. GREAT… But don’t go for the highest payout. You should always test the offer against all the networks that you can. Sometimes you will have an offer that converts better with one network over another. It’s weird how it works and I’m not going to get into it… But you get the point.

Two great reasons for you to check out our new little tool. Here’s the link again: CPA Offer Search OR remember… You can always use the sidebar for searching!!!

February 25th, 2008

AffSpy And OfferVault – Finding CPA Offers Made Easy

Just a real quick post this evening as I wanted to touch base on a couple of resources to use for CPA Marketing. I have been using one source for awhile. (Once as a paid member and now as a free member) and another source that looks really interesting as it nears to becoming live.

First though I need to do the linking thing as a good blogger and thank Paul from Uberaffiliate for his lengthy and informative write up on Affspy. Second to Linda from the 5 Star Affiliate Programs Blog for her write up on both resources. Thanks for the write ups Paul and Linda! You can read both their write-ups for more in-depth information.

The sites are AffSpy and OfferVault.

Affspy is still not open to public yet and is supposed to launch during the Affiliate Summit going on currently. Initially I think there are to be 100 beta testers. I signed up moments after I saw the headline from UberAffiliate’s post so hopefully I will be invited to check it out and relay what it is all about in the coming days.

OfferVault on the other hand was a service within Affiliate Radar (monthly fee). It’s now open to the public and offered as a free tool to quickly scan a bunch of the top CPA Networks to retrieve offers related to whatever you type in the search bar. I cannot stress to you enough how awesome and fast the tool is. Check them both out and let me know what you think of them.

January 3rd, 2008

Top Offers – What’s Hot Right Now

I thought I would start making a post here and there about some of the hot new offers rolling thru affiliate and CPA networks. Feel free to incorporate these in your marketing campaigns and remember…early bird gets the worm!

Dani Johnson Home Business – Nice sweet offer that just hopped into the Hydra Network today. This is an easy 4 field, 1st page completion payout. The offer is aimed at new people wanting to make money online. I have ran this offer before on another network, but I distinctly remember getting only $2.00 for it. Hydra is paying out $2.25 on first page completions. She has a scratchy voice, but I find that her picture in the header is kind of hot. What you think? Anyway, this offer is great for web, search and email campaigns designed for people looking to make and work a home based business. Video Toolbar – A great offer aimed at everyone who would like to find 1000’s of videos online fast and watch them. The video toolbar is a free and simple install with many features including video search, video vault and the ability to edit your own videos online. The Video Toolbar is TrustE Certified so you can be assured that their is no harmful bullshit when you refer users to the toolbar. This offer would be great to run with social networking and video site traffic. Right now the offer is on NeverBlueAds.

HotGiftZone $500 Best Buy Gift Card– A great offer that could easily be used on right now on some Adwords campaigns. This is zip submit offer making it really easy to get conversions. Aim it at some electronic enthusiasts for some great conversions. With the holidays being over a lot of people like to go and shop right now because they can get things a little bit cheaper now that the rush is over. Let them know they have a chance at a $500 Best Buy Gift Card and watch your conversions go up. I have ran this same offer before on another network but right now Copeac has it.

Rocket Rewards Group 500 Songs– I just found this offer today and it looks killer. It’s another zip submit that allows people to participate for an iTunes Music Gift Card of 500 songs. This is an excellent offer yet again that would likely see great conversions with  some social networking traffic or even in some music forums. Rocket Rewards Group has had some offers in the past that I have promoted and they are pretty damn good. Right now the iTunes Gift Card and 500 Songs offer is on RocketProfit.

Well there you have it. 4 great offers that you can start promoting right away. All are superb offers and great payouts considering how easy the offer is to complete for people that you are promoting too.