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December 11th, 2008

Christmas Came Early – Not 1 but 2 Free Affiliate Summit West Silver Passes – Hurry and Get Yours ($700 Value)

CashTactics is proud to hold a drawing on behalf of Direct Agents for not 1 but 2 FREE Affiliate Summit West Silver Passes to the conference event taking place on January 11-13, 2009. If I was to talk about one of the biggest turning points in my business, the first thing I would think of is the contacts I’ve made and the networking I’ve done. Making friends within the industry you are trying to build a business within is a very vital aspect in becoming successful and you should start immediately, it will put you way ahead of the learning curve! If you would like the exciting chance to win one of the FREE passes, please read ALL the details that are written below.

First, let me briefly talk about the company that is providing the 2 Free ASW passes. To be completely honest with you, I’ve never personally used them, at least yet. Their name is Direct Agents, they have been in operation for over 5 strong years and are continuing to grow rapidly. Just this year they doubled their office and client base, which says a lot! What I’ve noticed about Direct Agents, are the many exclusive offers they carry and each person I’ve talked to whether on the phone or through the internet has had an amazing attitude and focus heavily on one on one interaction with publishers, that’s a HUGE help especially for new affiliates. The biggest thing that has impressed me with them has been their selfless generosity, they didn’t ask me to write this, I actually offered because a company with characteristics like this is who you want to work with. Just an insider tip, some of their hottest offers right now is DirecTV, Fandango and USO. Each of these offers are goldmines!

So How Do You Win a Free Silver Pass to ASW in Las Vegas?

This is going to be the easiest drawing in the world, all you have to do is sign up for a new account with Direct Agents and your name will be automatically entered into the drawing. If you make a comment below this post or make a video comment telling me why you would like to go to ASW (drawing is open to those who have never been and those who have), your name will be entered in twice, giving you 2x the chances to win and that will greatly increase your odds of getting 1 of the 2 free tickets being given away. Time is short because the conference begins January 11-13, 2009, the winners of the 2 free passes will be selected on Tuesday December 16th (announced on Wed), to allow enough time (approximately 3 ½ weeks) to prepare for the trip to Las Vegas. Please do not enter the drawing if you know for sure you’re not able to go. If you still want to sign up with Direct Agents you can but please notify me that you want out of the drawing. To save on travel expenses, I recommend going to Priceline and buying your plane and hotel together in an area close to the conference hotel, which will save you money. You must sign up for Direct Agents through this post and we will confirm that the chosen winners have opened an account with Direct Agents. Like I said, this is the easiest drawing in the world, you can easily win and I’m guessing many people aren’t able to go or have already bought their ticket, that’s better for you, so sign up now!

To Win 1 of 2 Free Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas Silver Passes – Sign Up Below

Direct Agents

October 23rd, 2008

PR6 backlink from

Okay so after my post on my favorite WordPress plugins I have received several emails on developing an iPhone application for blogs and submitting the app to apple. So I am briefly going to explain how this works.

The first thing you have to do is sign up as an Apple Developer. That’s a pretty painless process. You don’t have to sign up for one of the expensive memberships. Just sign up as a free member and you will be good to go.

Okay now your an “Apple Developer”. Here’s the funny thing… YOUR REALLY NOT HAHAHAHAHA… okay enough of that… If you have a wordpress plugin you can grab the plugin that I mentioned in the original post.  The plugin is called WPtouch iPhone. This plugin is FREE and best of all you don’t have to do anything but install it and activate it. WOOT easy peasy.

Okay once thats installed you basically just have to go in to your apple developer account and submit a new iPhone webapp. Now if you don’t have a webapp you can get one developed for you from an oDesk person.  You won’t need anything but a Web Designer and a simple CSS-HTML or PHP coder. Nothing too extensive.  There are specifications for an iPhone friendly website.

Anyways, you can see the CashTactics web app by visiting Scroll down to about 14 or something. Not bad for a PR 6 link and 700+ extra visitors the first day up.  Seems to bring in an extra 150 visitors everyday which isn’t too shabby at all for one link.

Here’s the link to the actual app page on apple.

Any questions please post them here or in the Discussion Forum.

Yeah Shoemoney and John Chow ain’t got nothin’ on me! I’m an Apple Developer… HAHAHA

July 6th, 2008

Ripping YouTube vids for CPA offers

You heard that right.

I’m going to tell you how I do it. You can do this any way you like. In fact, Ruck has posted some very helpful information in regards to YouTube video ripping in the past. He has even posted a video on YouTube in November of 2007 on this subject. Check it out.

After I find a niche to promote I build my landing page. For example sake I’m going to talk about a “Political Poll”. Some example question would be:

  • Is the US ready for a Female President?
  • Is Hillary worthy enough to be the first Female President?
  • Who would make a better President, Obama or Hillary?
  • Will Hillary officially give up the race?

Those are just some example for polls that we can use. The next step is to gather a domain name. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily gather a domain name in regards to a specific candidate. Instead I would buy up a general political related domain name.

Drop your poll onto the domain. If you want to get your split testing done quick create 4 versions of your poll with different colors. Poll Factory makes this a simple thing to do. You can also create versions of your poll will different patter (the words you have on the page), different images, different RSS feeds/content, etc. Rotate about 5 of those polls through the iFramer/Rotator so that you can get a good split testing in.

Now, goto YouTube, click on the video tab. This is essentially the hub of the website. Here you can access all videos that YouTube has. You can even get them sorted for you by

  • Featured
  • Rising Videos
  • Most Discussed
  • Most Recent
  • Most Responded
  • Most Viewed
  • Top Favorites
  • Top Rated

This is cool because we can select the category we want and then find the video that is most viewed… top favorite, most discussed… Whatever we want to find basically. For the example I’m using in this post I would navigate to the “News and Politics” category on the left side. Once you select your category you can then browse to the ranking that you want. In other words to the top rated news and politics video. Now these are the videos for Today. So these would be the top rated videos for Today. I like to select the “Rising Videos” category. These are videos that are climbing the YouTube ladder.

Select whatever video you want, then jump over to . Thats a nice little site that I found for taking YouTube videos from YouTube and putting them right to your desk top. Their server is sometimes busy… But if you wait 30 seconds it should be good to go. Now, because I have a Mac I select MP4 or MOV from the drop down menu. But because most of you have Windows, you will most likely want to select AVI. It should be automatically selected for you.

Now, Ruck mentioned in a post about YouTube a program called “Video Watermark Factory“. That’s the program Ruck suggests and uses for watermarking your videos. But because I have a Mac I just open up iMovie and add a watermark.

Don’t just add the watermark in the beginning or at the end. Your watermark should be throughout the video. Some of the videos that I have show my watermark 100% of the time, others show my watermark at key moments (close up shots, funny moments, etc.)

Your watermark can say “”, “” or whatever you want it to. I prefer the clean look so I just use “”. Don’t forget to add your domain name in the description of the video. This is key because people will be able to easily click your link and get taken right to your site. I have noticed that my CTR on video websites is far higher than with PPC. Just make sure you get an enticing video that engages the viewer. A “rising” video if you will!

Other sites were you can upload your video include:

Ahhh theres just a whole list of them. What video sites do you use?

July 2nd, 2008

Answering Questions for Moolah

Moolah, Scrill, Dinero, Bling Bling, Cash, Green Backs, Paper, Cabbage Dough, Bread… You get my point. MONEY… The easiest way I have ever made money in my life is by answering people’s questions. I’m not talking answering questions on forums like in the last post… I’m talking answering questions from … question asking websites.

By now, as an Internet Marketer, you should know about Yahoo Answers. If you don’t know about them… It’s a website where people ask you for your affiliate link so that they can make you rich. HAHA Just kidding. But it might as well be. Websites, where people ask a questions on advice or where to find something, are asking to be spammed.

I’m not saying that blatantly spamming is good. But I am saying that you can go into questions and answer type of websites, appear as a guru, and give people your website to visit.

When I first started marketing online I was looking for some quick and easy cash. I stumbled onto Yahoo Answers not really knowing what it was about. I started to browse through questions and I found the section called … “Careers & Employment”. Reading through the questions I got the bright idea to send people through my affiliate link. After trying this all day I quickly realized that I was getting banned after only 3 posts. In the first 2 days I must have created 30+ accounts. All banned within minutes of being on the site.

I couldn’t figure it out… then I realized I needed to send people to a site that didn’t look like spam. So I logged into my Gmail account at the time and created one of their free pages. I added about 10 links to ClickBank products and headed back into Yahoo. This time I was able to go for about 10 posts before I was banned.

While I was still pretty excited about this I wasn’t satisfied. So, I began to become a “real” person. I took on the persona of a girl named Katy. A 27 year old college student that takes surveys from her dorm room for extra spending money. People in Yahoo Answers will literally ask the question “Where can I go for a job to help me work from home?” HAHAHA EASY MONEY BABY!

“Oh Hi, I’m Katy. I had this same problem when I started college. First of all… my boyfriend didn’t like me gone all the time working, and second of all I had to have a flexible schedule for my school work. Anyways… To make a long story short I was searching around online and found this website _____________________. Its basically a list of survey sites that you can use to make a little extra spending money. I’m making about $550 every two weeks. It isn’t the best money. But it works for what I need.

Best of Luck… I hope you find something that works for you. keep us updated!


BWAHAHAHAHA Now you may think that taking on a persona like this is bad… However, this is marketing. The Rich Jerk really isn’t a Rich Jerk… “He” in fact is a group of marketers. They have created a persona that people either love or hate. This is what you essentially have to do. Become someone else to market to another crowd.

My first two weeks of marketing online I made $700. All from answering questions on Yahoo Answers. Ruck has a few post about it in this blog. They can be found by clicking here. He also has a nice little report in the Free Ruck Reports section of the blog. Check it out.

Here is also a list of other websites that can be used for answering people’s questions for… MOOLAH

What other Question and Answer websites do you know of?

February 20th, 2008

Kaboodle Issues Round 1

KaboodleI have gotten a few messages and even held a Skype conversation with linking issues and Kaboodle. Previously I talked about how to utilize the Kaboodle Toolbar to quickly add links and products to your Kaboodle lists. I would first like to remind everyone that I merely use Kaboodle as a sort of Parasite SEO method to get inbound links to internal product pages on two mashup sites, a few datafeed sites and a couple of E-Commerce sites. I am not using Kaboodle as the *lazy affiliate way*. The only products I have added directly with Affiliate links were used as only examples.

Programs, links, merchants and networks are all going to differ in linking structure. For instance I was able to add a link from Wrapables (CJ Merchant) with the Kaboodl toolbar and everything parsed just fine. However yesterday I was on Skype with a person who was doing the same thing but the url and affilaite cookie were not working properly. I am unable to answer every specific example, so be sure to test that everything is working properly. Worse case scenario you will have to add them manually. I actually prefer this anyway. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to your Kaboodle page
  • Click on the list you want to add a product for
  • Click Add New Item (Top right of your profile pic)

That will bring us to adding our own link. (Be sure to cut the http:// off after entering it)

Add New 

From there it’s super simple to create your Titles, Descriptions, Tags and changing any images. I test over a dozen links from a dozen different networks and had zero problems last night. Yes, boo-hoo for the manual adding but that’s life. I still can add certain from the Kaboodle toolbar easily because it’s like bookmarking webpages.

However, I had ZERO questions about that. Every question was regarding inputting products specifically into Kaboodle. I dont do that but I knew the majority would so that’s how to do it properly without facing any problems with urls or cookie sets.

February 16th, 2008

Response: Adding CJ Products To Kaboodle

Quick Vid. It is probably a little hazy. Any probs after viewing and still cannot get it, just message me. I never used CJ before with Kaboodle until this question was asked but took some time this afternoon and got it down.

February 15th, 2008

Creating Affiliate Lists Within Kaboodle

Here’s where you have to decide if you want to be the lazy affiliate or actually use Kaboodle to your full advantage being an Affiliate Marketer. There is nothing wrong with being the lazy affiliate here, I actually encourage it. However if you have your own storefronts, mashups, and/or datafeed sites than you will appreciate the fact that after constructing your site, you know the biggest part is getting traffic, links and ultimately sales. By adding each product from your own webpages you really get the benefits of built in Kaboodle traffic seeing your products, clicking over to your webpages and maybe purchasing something. You also get the benefit of getting deep links to each of your product pages. It’s like Parasite SEO on steriods.

The fast way of adding products:

The Kaboodle toolbar makes it very fast. When I say fast, I nearly dropped a load when I realized how fast you can make lists. If I were to set at my computer all day just grabbing affiliate links and adding them thru the toolbar, I have no doubt in my mind I could list at least 500 products. I think my ass would be really sore and I know I would probably suffer a boredom seizure (Do these exist?). The only argument I have with the toolbar is the lack of editing you can do. Adding with the toolbar creates a thumbnail of the product you are promoting. Just download the toolbar and read the little documentation. It’s self-explanatory.

 So what do you need to do?

Someone asked a comment about Commission Junction. Since both of my datafeed sites are thru Shareasale I will tell you what I did and think. First off, I dont think you can link to individual product pages from CJ can you? If not then that is the exact reason for datafeeds. Datafeeds allow you to display a program’s products in product catalog format on/within your site. Then it is as easy as surfing to each product page on your site and clicking the Kaboodle Icon in the toolbar.

Click to a webpage, add to Kaboodle, edit your listing details. Rinse and Repeat. Easy as that.

Got a list of Clickbank products for Dog Training? Add a dog training list and grab 7-8 products from Clickbank. Load your affiliate links into your browser and add to kaboodle, new link, add to kaboodle, new link, add to kaboodle. Easy as that.

The key point here is SEO. Make damn sure you make your list names, your descriptions and any images you may add with the keywords you are shooting for. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some keyword research before ever creating a list.

If your wondering why when you add an affiliate link to Kaboodle and it goes to the homepage of the Affiliate Program, it’s because that is EXACTLY where that affiliate link was going in the first place. That’s why datafeeds are imperative for this type of affiliate marketing. Not just shitty datafeed sites, but real ones. The prettier and more professional you can make your site, the more likely someone will take you serious and actually make a purchase.

February 13th, 2008

Advertising Within Kaboodle

When assessing a site such as Kaboodle, you really have to buckle down and get to know the site inside and out to take advantage of every money making opportunity available to you. Now we covered how to use Kaboodle to find products and give you ideas on how to create your own listings and we even covered some of my own ideason how to incorporate products using datafeed sites or coupon sites. These are just great ideas to utilize the Kaboodle user base the way your supposed to without breaking any terms of service. Key point to remember here is that Kaboodlers ARE spending money. That’s why the site is there.

Well, let’s look at another awesome thing about Kaboodle and what it can do for us. Forgive me now, I am making this post very brief so that you can look at it and try to tap into my mind and see what I see when I start assessing sites and how to get the most money out of them.

These are located on EVERY product page individually and throughout the site :)

 Best of both worlds here everyone. Not only can we list products as affiliates and use the site like it’s supposed to be used, but now we can even advertise blatantly inside it.

BOOYAH! Anyone familiar with Google Placement Targeting? … Nuff Said.