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May 2nd, 2008

Entrepreneur Notes And Success – Poll Factory Affiliate Program Launches

With the recent release of The Poll Factory I have seen nothing but good things said about it on other marketing blogs and in the discussion forum. For the record, I did not receive any monetary compensation for leaking the launch, nor do I receive any compensation for the advertisement being displayed this month. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money online but it seems the lack of execution in helping others achieve the same status WITHOUT wanting anything in return is at a low.

With that said, I would like to cover what someone else has done and chronicled in becoming a Marketer and making money online. Sometimes it probably gets old listening to me ramble, and to be honest with you, a lot of what I do business wise is not discussed publicly on this blog. This blog is geared towards people wanting to get started online or have started and would like some direction rather than information and processes on successful affiliate program/product takeovers, forming corporations and establishing web development projects. That stuff is a bit more technical and a lot of the aspects of it are not to be shared publically.

So anyway, Eric Mitz starts following the CPA Marketing Series and Category here. Very quickly the guy puts the information into action and starts thinking outside the box. Just like that he bangs out a poll that generates what he says “was probably the easiest $650 I’ve ever made online.” I believe with CPA Polling the number is around $1500-$2000 in total. (If you could clarify this Eric, that would be great). It doesn’t stop here though. Let’s get into a little deeper on the psyche of a successful Entrepreneur. When I say successful, ask Eric where he was a few months ago then ask him where he’s at now. More importantly, (if he will indulge us) ask him where he’s heading. I already know.

This will be a good read for many just starting out or those that are already started and need a little direction. Eric may not even see this way because at the point and time of where he is at right now and the fact he probably works his ass off too much to even notice, let me explain why I view him as a success.

Man reads information. Man acts on information. Man tests the information. Man has a few failures. Man starts to put his own spin on it. Man has small success and sees potential. Man digs deep and researches a hot topic on the Internet. Man realizes hot topic is not sen by many (if any) marketers. Man acts on tuition. Man achieves a higher level of success. Man realizes I was not full of shit and also realizes he CAN do this too. Man thinks how about he can scale this. Man uses his knowledge and experience as a coder to create a tool that speeds the slowest processes of scaling these ideas. Man creates tool that allows him to test failures and successes in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Man realizes he created a tool to save him time and allow for increased reproduction of more things to test at the fastest speed possible. This gives man an advantage over EVERYONE in being able to literally test offers, markets and topics in record speed. Man realizes his tool is badass. Man also realizes that the Internet is never ending and uses his Entrepreneur spirit to make the tool available to others. Man realizes he once read information that caused him to take action. Man now realizes that taking action instead of getting all hot and bothered by good information leads to many things such as:

  • Eric took an idea and tested it
  • Eric tested thru failures and didnt stop until he found success
  • Eric used his state of thinking and experience with coding to create something to save time
  • Eric realizes his tool can benefit others
  • Eric as a smart marketer but more importantly a good-willed human being, creates a price ridiculously low. Low enough that just one successful poll from his tool can pay back the cost in literally an hour.
  • Eric takes in more information and gets his brain bumbling again
  • Eric realizes that having a great product that actually does MORE than it says, priced at an insanely low price, and the thought of knowing that he can leverage affiliates to sell for him is the ultimate marketing tool to allow you to spend the least amount of time possible on his product and to focus more on reproduction and more efforts elsewhere.

Eric is a fairly new Entrepreneur. You can follow Eric at the $1000 Affiliate Experiement (Ha, Eric change the title, you’ve crushed that). Anyone new to making money online needs to read this. The guy was in the same seat as you once and now he’s passed success.


  • Poll Factory launched independently on CashTactics last Friday
  • 25 copies have been sold as of April 30th
  • On top of Eric’s CPA Success WITH his tool, he’s managed to bank $1400 as of April 30th FROM selling his tool

Poll Factory has now launched its affiliate program. For more details you can visit here. You get 50% of each sale (which obviously if one post sold $1400 worth in a week, should be a real easy product to sell). The affiliate program is thru Paydotcom which you can sign up for here.

Congratulations Eric! I personally appreciate the product as well as everyone else who is raving about it.

April 25th, 2008

Poll Factory – Create Dozens Of CPA Polls In Just Minutes

Poll FactoryWell the wait is over. Today I get the opportunity to introduce Eric’s (from The $1000 Affiliate Experiment) groovy new tool Poll Factory. Poll Factory is the newly created system that allows you to construct CPA voting polls at lightening speed. As a matter of fact it takes an average of 5-6 minutes per poll! If anyone has followed the CPA Marketing Series then they already know that polls covering celebrities, movies and sports can be some quick profit earners.

So a little math here shows that working hard for two hours a day would yield at least 15 polls a day. Seriously, with all the information that has been covered and the release of this tool, if you cannot make money with this simple tactic, you’re in real bad shape. Eric is an active PPC Marketer so he didnt spend his time and resources creating a tool that he himself would never use. He built it for himself! As a matter of fact you can check out his case study of the easiest $650 he’s ever made online. If that wasn’t enough, he gives you his topic for the poll! You can see the poll that generated the income here.

Here’s where I tell you the price and all that jazz. Luckily it’s not an ebook..Hooray! (Like you would see one here anyway). This is a real tool created by a PPC to CPA Marketer that I am using myself. As a matter of fact, I really dont know if I would still be doing polls if it wasn’t for the ease of use Poll Factory provides. On average my polls will make $30-$50 profit a day with my good ones in the $100 a day range. So with that mindset how much you think Poll Factory is worth? You will have to cruise on over and check it out for yourself at how ridiculously Eric has priced it during his launch. As for support, Eric has setup a forum specifically for Poll Factory.

Eric is also a member of the CashTactics Discussion Forum as well. Thanks Eric for the opportunity to own a copy!

February 6th, 2008

Template Blowout – Get Them While They Last

One of coolest thing about having a lot of friends online is usually they all differ in their skills. We will take my friend Pat for example. While being an excellent marketer he is also skilled in making templates. I have used his templates for over a year now. He must have got a whiff that I have fallen head over heels for WordPress and he’s gone and done something really cool. He not only has a boatload of HTML and CSS ready templates but he recently has gone and made some WordPress templates as well. This is going to be a huge time saver on my part.

Now remember the part where I told you he was an excellent marketer and did templates for fun? For a limited time he is giving it all away for less than $20. Something even better. I dont get a single thing for this post except giving you the chance of saving a lot of money and picking up 7 templates with different headers and styles.

If that’s not enough there are also 250+ images and buy buttons. On top of that you have fullrights to do whatever you want with 4 of the templates. Go sell them on Ebay and make back your investment back in a day. Like I said it’s extremely expensive to get templates made for you and also images are outrageous. Here’s the best part of all. Most of who know me from the RJ forum know that I have used these templates in both Squeeze and landing pages. You can check them out at Oh and he’s a forum member as well so if you have any questions he’ll probably pop over in the design section and give you a hand.

January 21st, 2008

Market Leverage Affiliate Network Review

I thought I would fire up a review since it seems the section has not been getting much attention lately. I thought I would go ahead and review the Affiliate Network Market Leverage. Now I am bringing this review to you completely unbiased. There’s not an affiliate link at all within this post (cuz I could not find one in the network). Even if I could have come up with one, it would not have made any difference. This is the part where I try to coax you thinking that the network is not that great and then I turn around and tell you how I cannot live with out them. Have you ever seen those types of review pages? Frankly, they make me sick and anyone who falls for that shit is stupid…yes, it does make you stupid…look it up.

I’ll come right out and say it. I am only a 10 day old affiliate with Market Leverage. Yup, I started on January 10th and frankly, I have not even begun to look over their offers. I would like to blame laziness (it’s so easy to fall back on) but the truth of the matter is I am uber swamped as of late and hopefully around February 1st, you will find out why. :)

Back to Market Leverage though.

Your probably asking why am I doing a review if I have been with them only 10 days and not had much time to look thru their network?

And I reply:

Market Leverage Earnings

See the stud in the picture? That’s Kyle my Affiliate Manager. Request him or die.

On a more serious note when I spoke with Kyle upon joining I made it a point to make him very aware I have been and will be super busy for at least another month. The guy came thru in an awesome way keeping me updated on his top offer picks and sending me emails and AIMS with what he thought might work for me. I have seriously put in less than 2 hours of work the last 10 days with Market Leverage. That includes landing pages, research and implementation.

Oh for all the freaks who preach about “ok what was your return on investment”, it was asskicking:


Now that we got the money and the fact that I am not trying to coax anyone in this review, let’s talk about Market Leverage and what they are all about. First thing I noticed when I logged in is that they have the pages optimized to show you the daily updates on campaigns and offers and a featured offers section for the weekend. If your like me then Saturday and Sunday is actually some of your better days. Not always, but I tend to get more *work* done these two days than in the week. Here’s a look at the daily and weekend hot offers:


Market Leverage has almost every offer you can think of. Dating, Ringtones, Biz Opps, Payday Loans, Cash Advance. You name and they got it. The site is very professional inside and the help has so far has been…phenomenal. They also have a ton of Cost per Sale offers as well. Just Friday Kyle left me a message on AIM asking if I was going to hit 2K this month. It looks like currently I probably will but with a couple more hours of looking their offers over and testing a few of them out, I probably will. :)

Affiliate Interaction?

One of the other things that caught my eye was up next to the account info button their was a *videos* button. Not knowing what it was, but predominantly curious over such things, I though I would go check it out. Market Leverage News Updates was a refreshing change of boring ass affiliate networks.

The Affiliate Managers get together and have their own little Market Leverage show. Ruck thought this might be corny at first but he’s come to actually love it now. They give their top picks on new and old offers running and they also throw out some statistics to give you a better idea of how the offers are converting. This is MUCH more than I can say for a lot of networks I work with. I am betting that in the coming month of February that I start to shift some serious affiliate focus towards Market Leverage. As a matter of fact I am, they just dont know it yet.

If you have not joined up with Market Leverage then you really need to try them out. Hit Kyle up and he’ll hook you up.

December 7th, 2007

Article Marketer Review – Mass Article Distribution

Bum MarketingWhat’s the best Article Marketing Distribution Service online? In my opinion for the last 2 years, it has been Article Marketer. I recently got an email from a reader wanting to know the details of Article Marketer so I thought I would put together a little review.

When I first started using Article Marketer about 2 years ago it was in it’s infancy. I distinctly remember going to the Warrior Forum and people griping about the lack of service and horrible support from Article Marketer’s staff. It was not a few threads posted about it, there were threads being posted every week burning Article Marketer for their lack of support. However, I must have been the luckiest guy on the planet or was just distributing my articles on the right days because in 2 years I have NEVER had an issue with them.

So How Does It Work?

I won’t preach to you the importance of article marketing. If your online and you have a website, you already know that you need traffic and backlinks, and writing articles and submitting them to directories is one of the fastest and whitehat ways to do that. With backlinks and increased traffic you could also establish brand awareness and make yourself a noticeable and authoritative figure in your niche. You could do it in multiple niches if you wanted to. With increased exposure from articles syndicating your content around the web and links to your site, you can also develop word of mouth or “type in traffic” from people sharing with other people about your articles and sites. What is even better, is that some Ezine owners can potentially bring you floods of traffic literally overnight by syndicating an article to thru their Ezines.

When you arrive at Article Marketer you will find that the site is a little unprofessional looking. I find this intriguing actually because I do not think most people realize what type of superb service is located inside. It’s a very basic signup for to get start with them, and they even allow you to test drive them for free. You could write and article today and they will distribute it freely to a set amount of sites and groups.

Article Pricing

When I first started with them they had a monthly reoccuring fee. That has changed since to include the free test drive with limited distribution and then of course the 3 months reoccuring, the one year price (with a 2nd year free), which I just currently upgraded to as I was paying quarterly and the Lifetime price.

With the 3 month, yearly or unlimited each article you publish and submit is submitted to over 67,955 people on 956 article announcement forums/groups and published by over 1,522 web sites. Talk about a powerhouse huh?

Submission GuidelinesFirst off I would like to say that their distribution process is second to none.  According to Article Marketer:


Every article you submit goes through the comprehensive Diamond AssuranceTM review process, so you get the online exposure you wantand spammers don’t.

How does this stop spam? Simply put, a real, live human reads each article submitted. We know what spam looks like, and we stop it in its tracks. Eventually the spammers quit trying and move on to something else, which makes all our lives much more enjoyable.

It’s very easy actually. You submit the article and they are reviewed within 48 hours. There will be an automated bot that checks the article first and will suggest any mistakes right there on the spot to let you know if the article requires editing. After fixing any mistakes their the article goes into the 48 hours queue (most of the time it’s like 24 hours) and a live human editor will look it over. Once reviewed it will be syndicated to all the sites and groups.

One thing you should know is that you will want a separate email address when signing up for this service. When you submit your first article it will set up accounts at all the sites for the first time automatically and then you may have to go to your email account and confirm yourself to be setup to submit articles with your sites.

Article Marketer also has a unique writing service that will have articles written for you. I have never taken advantage of this service but for the more heavy hitters out there this is a goldmine to get unique articles written for them. I really do not care for editing of PLR articles and currently have people employed to do most of my article writing for me but I have been seriously thinking about test driving this service.

All in all Article Marketer is the ONLY service I use for mass distribution of my articles. While there are programs and software out there, I much rather schedule a monthly series of articles to be submitted and checked by a human editor than worry about loading them up into a program and waiting on the submissions. I have often times found these programs to not be as reliable as they led me to believe they were. with Article Marketer you get a human edited service and a huge window of possibilities for syndication, backlinks and ultimately traffic with your articles. You can test drive Article Marketer for free here.