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October 18th, 2010

T3Leads updated their look and platform.

T3Leads LogoAbout 2 years ago I gave a review of You can see it here: Check out this Financial PPL site!

So… T3Leads has asked me to give them another review… So here I am… Just so we’re clean, I did get paid for this review.

What’s changed?

For starters, the T3Leads website has a brand new look. Unfortunately, the website now looks like a low end gentlemen’s club… Black and Gold. But that’s okay because their member’s area is a nice crisp white. T3 is currently on the 3rd generation of their backend tracking platform. Dirty on the outside, clean on the inside. A little deceptive if you ask me… but that’s not the point of the network.

The real change has come from how T3Leads now supplies their payout to affiliate. Previously your leads were valued based on a bid method sort of like an “auction” for your data. Now T3 does a straight sale depending on the data that is given as well as the exact niche the lead is for.

Payouts range from $1.50 on the low end and go all the way up to $100 for a payday loan offer

Reporting for T3 hasn’t changed much. Just the look really. They’ve upgraded to better looking graphs and a cleaner navigation through the reports. You can also see a report for leads that errored on conversion. And of course there are the standard filters for on date ranges, product, channel type, etc. I happen to like the fact that I can see my stats for Today, Yesterday, last Week, previous Week, Last month, and Current Balance all in the header from any page in their system. This saves me time when I just want a quick look at how my conversions went.

January 24th, 2010

ASW 2010 Is Over And I’m Ready To Rock

Well… Affiliate Summit West 2010 is finally over and I’m ready to get back into the grind.  Before I do though I want to tell you about the event.  I’m sure you have seen everyone else posting about it, and while I’m sure they have a lot of great things to say about the conference… I unfortunately do not.

The Affiliate Summit conferences in general are very good.  I enjoy them and I will continue to attend them.  BUT… I honestly do not like going to the main event.  The summit is way too crowded.  It’s hard to walk around the meet market. I walked in… Tried to get to the back of the room… Got half way and turned around.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the tables were just a little bit farther apart.  The problem arises when you have 10 affiliates (for example) trying to stand in front of one table. You can imagine the congestion that arises. I think the problem with the meet market could have been alleviated if there were multiple entrances to the event.  I think affiliates need to also realize that the meet market is where you go to meet new contacts that you can go back to during the actual event. It’s called a MEET MARKET.  Not a STOP AND DO BUSINESS RIGHT THEN AND THERE MARKET.  Okay… So I might be blowing this out of proportion.  But seriously the meet market is way crowded and way hot on the inside.

The actual exhibit itself is awesome.  It’s not as crowded as everything is spaced apart pretty well.  The point of the actual exhibit is where you can go to meet those new advertisers or new networks that you found during the meet market.  It is a place of business where million dollar deals are being made.  Some booths do it better than others by creating an environment that affiliates want to be at.  Convert2Media has this down to the “T”.  They know what affiliates want. Other networks… Unfortunately don’t know what they are doing.

May 18th, 2009 – Multiple RSS feeds in one easy location

affbuzzI don’t know about you… But in my spare time I like to see what other people are talking about.  I like to read blogs and forums and find out what the “buzz” is in the Internet/Affiliate Marketing community. was created by Justin Barr of San Francisco, CA. A few days ago I asked Justin why he created the site and this was his reply: “CAUSE I’M GOOD LIKE THAT!”… No I’m just kidding I never asked him that.  But I must say… I wish I was the one who thought it up.

Affbuzz is where I can go in the morning for 15 minutes to see what everyone else in the IM/AM blogosphere is talking about.  I can immediately see which posts are new so that definitely saves me some time. I can also see what the buzz is in certain forums.  The best thing is… I can do it all without opening up 100 different windows.

If you have a blog that you would like to see on don’t be afraid to let Justin know.  Infact… I’ll help you out. Click Here and make a suggestion to Justin.

Here is my own little suggestion for Justin (Lets see if he takes this and runs with it or runs the other direction).  Set up CATEGORIES!.  Tabs at the top of the page that people can click to see just forums, PPC blogs, SEO blogs, Justings “Fav” blogs, Corporate blogs (CPA Networks and Search Networks).  Just a suggestion.  Might make my morning go a little quicker.

Justin you out did yourself on this one.  Excellent job and keep up the good work!


March 16th, 2009

Affiliate From UBD!

If you have been one to make the rounds to the different marketing blogs then you will have no doubt seen that Unique Blog Designs has been hard at work for other bloggers. Today (March 17th) UBD has launched an affiliate marketing product for WordPress that will blow your mind!

This product is for Affiliate Marketers and more specifically for those affiliate marketers that like to use wordpress for LPs and Review style LPs. Take a look at their promo video:

Is that not the koolest WordPress tool you have ever seen! Now don’t get me wrong… This isn’t for those affiliates that can make their own pages and designs. If you can do it on your own then I suggest you do it on your own. But everyday I get asked from affiliates who they can out source design and coding too. A lot of the readers here are new to affiliate marketing and don’t know how to layout div tags or even basic HTML. This tool will solve that problem.

Here is a screen shot of my favorite part of this tool:

affiliatethemes Do you see that? You have complete control over the layout! Complete control over how your review site will look!

Now if you ask me I would suggest getting the middle package. That way you have a license to use this on multiple domains. If however, you aren’t comfortable messing with html and designs then go with the largest package. There are over 30+ designs filled with a whole slew of layouts for review style landing pages. The only thing you have to do is configure the look by selecting drop down boxes and then add your content!

October 11th, 2008

Motive Network’s kick ace interface!

The Motive Network is yet another affiliate network on the line.  Now I know you have all see a bunch of affiliate networks out there.  So what is so different about Motive? It’s the interface!

As I’ve mentioned before I have signed up with a lot of CPA networks.  They are like a drug to me.  But Motive has definitely stood out to me as a cut above.  The reason for this?  Their killer interface.  I must say, this is some serious interactive stuff.  I’m going to attach a YouTube vid at the end of this post of their new Advent 2.0 interface so you can see how nice the interaction is once inside.

Motive Interactive was started up in 2003 by Brendan Smith.  Currently they are located in San Diego, CA. Brendan started out working for NetCreations which is an opt-in email marketing company.  They work with large corporations such as MSNBC and CNET. Brendan is also a founding member of The Online Lead Generation Association (OLGA).

Advent 2.0 is pretty advanced for an affiliate platform.  My favorite feature would have to be the simple fact that I can log in and look at a huge graph right in my face that tells me how well I am doing.  The graph they got is from Maani, but it definitely integrates well with the site. Also, once inside you have the option of adding several offers to a quick view.  That means that once your in right under the graph is a list of offers that you are currently promoting and their live stats.  If all affiliate networks integrated this quick view I would be much happier.

September 14th, 2008

Crazy way to check out your LP visitors.

Crazyegg.comEver want to know what people are doing on your landing pages? I was recently introduced to by a friend of mine here in the DFW area. After only using it for a day I quickly realized the potential of the program. Basically what happens is you get a nice little piece of javascript to place on your website. After you attach the javascript you can then log into your Crazyegg account and begin to check out the statistics.

So what does Crazyegg track? Visits basically. Infact it tracks the clicks on your page that the visitors make. You get a nice visual look at whats going on. There are two main views that you can see the first is called “heatmap”.  Heatmap places heatspots on your page where visitors have clicked.  So in other words places where no visitors click are left a transparent gray and those where visitors click start from blue (meaning not alot of action) to bright white (lots of click!).

The other view for seeing your visitors is called “confetti”.  I like this method because I can see the EXACT spot that someone clicked and I can see who referred the person to my website.  I like this view a lot better than heatmap because it makes the page all colorful. HAHA.

Anyways, check out these screen shots.  This was after a couple of hours on the CashTatics homepage:

crazyegg heatmap Crazyegg confetti

There you have both the heatmap and the confetti views of the side banners.  Remember that was only after a couple of hours.  The data seems to be real time which is definitely a plus in my book.

August 17th, 2008

Check out this Financial PPL site!





So the other day I had request an advertising spot on the blog. Of course I’m all down for allowing people to take a spot when they are available. So since they decided to join up with CT, I decided to check out their site.

This, just so you know, is a review of This is not a solicitated review. I am doing this of my own free will. focuses on financial offers. They are a PPL program. That means that they pay per lead. Now, they do work a little bit differently from most CPA networks that we find online. While most CPA networks pay you a flat fee for the leads that you generate, t3leads pays on a different scale. From what I can tell, you generate a lead for them, and then they turn around a sell the lead to companies who bid for the information. This means that there is no set pay for the different offers. However, you can definitely make some GOOD money generating financial leads for this network!

We all know that the financial industry is huge and very lucrative. t3leads obviously knows this as well. You’ll never find an offer for dating, or health on their network. Its all about insurance, loans, and debt relief.

t3leads is populated with several websites that they refer to as “public”. This means that you can send traffic to them via your referral link. However, you also have the opportunity to design your own landing page for sending them traffic. This is a pretty neat feature. Sometimes I don’t like something about a specific landing page. t3leads gives me the opportunity to create a landing page that I can be satisfied with 100%.

May 29th, 2008

AMS – Your online store in Minutes!

Often times we talk about creating our own online store. I’ll be honest. I have two drop shipping stores. Now we all know what BANS is I hope. If not, thats okay. BANS stands for Build A Niche Store. The basic concept behind BANS is that you get a full “online store” that pulls its product from eBay.

Now, what if I told you there’s a product out there that allows you to build an online store while pulling product from Commission Junction (… The Affiliate Mashup Store does just that. Its a full online store that allows you to have virtually any product from Commission Junction.

Paul Hedger is the UK based programmer that came up with this script. It’s a full on mashup pulling not only from CJ, but you get a feed of eBay products and a page for YouTube videos, all dynamically generated from your keywords or user-submitted search terms.

My favorite part of this script is the “automatic” specials listing. Basically when a Commission Junction vendor has a special running your product will show that there is a special as well. In other words, this really looks like your very own online store.

Check out the FAQ page before you decide to buy Paul’s product. Don’t forget to sign up with his newsletter. He’ll send you a “baby” version of the script that you can install on your server to make sure that everything will work for you.

Now you may be wondering why I’m mentioning a Mashup Script in the middle of all this CPA stuff. Not only am I giving you Mashup people a heads up on a great product that co-insides with Ruck’s Free Affiliate Mashup report, but I’m also giving you a great way to put your new found PPC skills to the test. Build a Mashup store and DRIVE TRAFFIC TO IT WITH PPC.