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February 9th, 2009

FREE PPC Mentoring Apply Now!



The Landing Page Tutorial will continue later this week.

Ok, so we told you we had some good things in store for you. Well, here is one. We have decided to help our readers and anyone else who is interested in learning how to build a profitable online PPC business (or to help you expand your current one) and we will do it for FREE! You will not pay us a penny! Of course there are requirements and let me explain the only way we are capable of doing this. There has to be a way for us, Kris and I, to be rewarded for the huge amount of time involved from answering questions one on one. So here is how it works.


1. You must  create an account with MarketLeverage through this link –>MarketLeverage <– or have already created an account through this blog in the past. If you already have an account with MarketLeverage that isn’t underneath us and you still want to join the Free PPC Mentoring, you must contact me via the contact form. Basically, we are able to make the mentoring completely FREE for you, only if we are able to receive referral commissions from you being underneath us. We are not trying to hide this, nor are we trying to “Bank” off of you. But there has to be some return on our time that we will have to put into this. Also, if you have been too cheap to sign up for PPC Classroom, The Black Ink Project or PPC-Coach, then this is an alternative for you. But don’t think we are going to let you sign up, help you and you never make a dollar with MarketLeverage. So read the next requirement.

2. To maintain your free access into the PRIVATE PPC MENTORING section of the forum, you must generate atleast $20/month in gross revenue on MarketLeverage. That is simply one sale or a few small sales a month. That is totally easy for even a new person and will help us to eliminate people who will just waste our time and never benefit from our help. Also, it will show us who is serious and really wants to succeed.

That is all the requirements that you must accept to apply for the mentoring help. Kris and I enjoy helping people and as long as we can help and still be compensated for the time we take away from our own business, we are more than happy to help you build a business and succeed online.

BONUS for PPC Mentoring Students

You will also have full access to an SEO mentoring section and for those students who learn to master PPC and build up to 10K or more a month, will gain EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE access to a PPV Mentoring Section, where you will be able to explode your profits many times over!

If your CD number is listed below, send a message to with the subject line saying “PPC Mentoring” and Kris will add you so that you will have access to the Private Section of the forum. Currently there is no information in this section of the forum. But there will be very soon. The main idea of this is for you to be able to ask specific questions of any kind and we will directly answer them or point you to the right location to find the answer. Your success = Our Success = We All Happy! We will also release some exclusive tips and strategies that you won’t find floating around the internet. All information shared in the private section of the forum will be exclusively for the students who join it and no others!

ATTENTION – Please Include Your Forum Name and the MarketLeverage CD# When Emailing KRIS So That We Can Add You. Thanks!

We hope this will help to motivate you and bring you to where you want to be in your online ventures. So Apply Now —–> MarketLeverage <—–!

November 20th, 2008

CS1 – Questions and Answers Video

Here are the answers to the questions that have been asked concerning specifics of the case study and other various questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

If you would like to get the Free PPC Bully report, simply sign up by clicking here: > PPC Bully <. Then email Kris so he has your name and email address to verify that you signed up, then he will email you the special report. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Congrats to all those who are having success and good luck in the contest!

January 30th, 2008

Questions Answered – Q & A Round 1

Deb asks: 1) For the ringtones redirect you discussed jammin do you use a meta refresh redirect or a different one?

Ruck: I have and do use a domain that is setup to redirect from within my hosting cPanel. I go to Addon Domains within hostgator and simply redirect there.

Deb asks:2) For the zip/email cpa offers if you use craigslist would you use an autoresponder vs using a redirect url?

Ruck: First off I dont use Craigslist. I cannot provide an answer but if I was going to I would try everything I could to get the people to email me and have them hit with an autoresponse. Only because I have used similar tactics elsewhere. Craigslist is funky and I dont have the time to try and keep up with finding out whats working and whats not.

Deb asks: 3)Why would people signup for the free weight loss cpa offer if they think you may send them one for free? Is it because they know they have a poor chance of winning?

Ruck:  Well, honestly I am kind of glad someone actually caught on to this because I left this out of the post on purpose. One of the biggest factors in successful marketing is playing on impulses and emotions. Sounds a little creepy right? That’s Marketing. In all honesty the reason why I do this is because that niche I used as an example plays on people hardcore. They already know they are signed up for a 60 day/ 6 month (whatever) contest to get a free bottle but being hit smack in the face with the offer and only paying $5.95 shipping RIGHT NOW can play a big part in targeted prospects emotions. Add the fact that the landing page is designed to do this very thing, emotions and the idea of getting something INSTANTLY for only shipping costs instead of waiting till the contest ends is a very effective weapon to put this method into profit very quickly.

Eric asks:  1. Nobody wants to give our their niches for obvious reasons, but what “high” level niches have you had a lot of success with, or recommend for someone just starting? For example, “online dating” or “Health/Fitness products”.

Ruck: “high level” I assume is competitive. I am involved in the Debt and Life Insurance niches but neither of these niche are used with PPC. I do 75%+ of it offline actually. Of course the service is online I use but it’s ran in offline classifieds, penny savers and hopefully within a couple of months I will have my first informercial put together. For someone just starting out I really dont recommend a competitive niche. That’s not to say you cannot become a success with it, just know that it will take time. Health has always been hit or miss with me. When it’s on though, it’s good. I go for health problems that people are likely to be embarrassed or dont want to be known they are experiencing it. These people tend to look online in their privacy for options, information and solutions.

Eric asks: 2. If there was something big you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would it be? 

Ruck: That 99% of marketers writing ebooks to sell to other marketers are nothing but forum slime who copy other people’s ideas and steal the glory to make a penny. Had I known that when I started I would not have wasted a shitload of money

Carlos asks: About your ppc approach, do you use wordpress sites as landing sites in adwords?

Ruck: Good Question. I try to build everything out of WordPress. Since moving into the email and zip submits though and finding out about tools online I have found that I can actually move a little faster with just HTML mini sites. It really depends on the offer. WordPress can definitely be used as landing sites but if your iFraming many offers I prefer just to do an HTML site right quick.

Yebot asks:  Is it hard to be such a pimp?

 Ruck: I spit water out my nose on that Tongue out….Yes, it’s hard GD work (white men cant jump}


Mike asks: Last week you posted about your Azoogle earnings. You mentioned they were from sites that you do no work for since you designed them and did link building? Can you give me an example of such a site or describe what the site promotes?


Ruck: These are only Azoogle earnings from a website a partner and I own not total earnings. We didnt really do any link building on this site other than having articles written for us. The site promotes survey type offers and can be found on Paydotcom. Search the Money and Employment category and you will see it’s the #1 selling product in Paydotcom. A cheesy site in my opinion and as I have said before I dont really care to promote something like this but it benefited a lot of people at one time for us to do this so Greg and I took it upon ourselves to do the site. Still today after one year it makes over $500 a day on autopilot. Tallying the figures and posting a video last October it had done about $159,000 total. It did a little over $180,000 total profit last year.

Ron asks: 1.) If I want to market my sites using SEO on search engines to different countries, is it advisable to use the country’s domain names? (.ca, .fr, .uk)

Ruck: You know I always went with just straight .com’s if I could. I never had registered a .ca .fr or anything like that. I most generally try to do my promotions by direct linking outside of the US or just landing pages on a .com (Have no idea)

Ron asks: 2.) Besides changing a template, what is typically changed to remove the footprints from a script that has been overused?

Ruck: Getting whatever you got to a programmer and having them come up with something a little different and unique and NEVER sell it. I dont waste time trying to delete footprints off others’ scripts. I go and get my own.

Some great questions tonight. A majority of the questions were “what do you think of this” type questions that were specific in niches. I didnt want to reveal them publicly so I responded by email, so hopefully in some way or another everyone got answered.