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January 30th, 2009

Landing Page Tutorial Part 1

I recall many questions and comments were asked in relations to the landing page section of the PPC Case Study videos that I did late last year. So I have decided to begin a landing page tutorial series to help unmask any hidden elements and to better educate you. I just read a post from Chad at CDFNetworks about landing pages and the importance of them, I had already planned for this series and to go a little further in depth than most. There were actually two different workshops at affiliate summit west that spoke on the topic of landing page optimization and I was able to meet the author of the book “Landing Page Optimization” by Tim Ash.

More experienced internet marketers understand the importance of landing page testing and optimizing, however many newcomers fail to grasp how big of a factor landing pages play in determining how profitable or unprofitable a campaign will be. One of the biggest mistakes I tend to find amongst marketers, when they are talking to me about their unprofitable campaign, is they fail to test multiple designs on their landing pages. No matter how many blogs, websites, ebooks they read or experts they talk to, some people just never seem to listen. If you want to find a profitable campaign do two things. First, watch all of the ppc case study videos and follow it word for word, if you have any questions about it you can ask them in the forum. Secondly, follow this landing page tutorial. That’s pretty simple to do right? WRONG! Most of you will read this, you won’t interact with this tutorial by making a comment below, you’ll just read and not take action. However you’ll continue your daily lives working for some job that you are totally disgusted with, making rude comments about your boss and job all day. The other half who isn’t complaining about their job are at  home complaining because they have no job! (I’m sure this doesn’t apply to some of you but MOST of you it does.) Why don’t you just leave the perfectly polished and dust-free TV remote alone for a while and challenge yourself to improve your life and what you get out of it.

There are tons of things to take into consideration when you are developing a landing page. Firstly is the Thought Process and APPROACH that you will take. You need to create a road map for yourself. Read the items below to get a better understanding of what I mean.

Thought Process and Approach

What does this mean? Understand and do your research on your target audience. Find out who they are, what they like, how they like it and you will be better equipped when you start putting together your landing pages. The example offer we will use for this tutorial will be from Convert2Media, called Course Advisor (offer #702). To begin our research lets start off with using Quantcast, view the results for the offer’s main website: Results Click HERE!


Quancast Data Below

quantcastAlthough this data may not be entirely accurate, it will atleast give you an idea and you can compare it to other similar scholarship finding websites to get an avg result. According to this data, about 56% of all visitors are female, the age range with the highest vistor rate are ages 18-34 at about 27% of overall traffic, roughly 63% are causasion, 61% have no kids, 28% make between $30-60k/year and 44% have NO college background. That is alot of valuable insights into this niche. Can you see the two-fold purpose of this? Obviously not or you’d be making money, so drink a red bull if you are tired and reread this section again. But for those who still can’t understand what is hidden between the lines, here it is plain and simple. ATTENTION all FACEBOOK and MYSPACE Marketers – This info helps for not only landing page creation/design but also helps you better understand where and how to target your traffic. If you want to maximize your chances of success, don’t target 50 yr olds for scholarships, start out with the 18-35 ranges, so you are testing the age ranges with the highest chance of a possible conversion. If you really want to do specifics, check out this data, College Enrollment Statistics (Simply found by doing 3 minutes of research. Google is useful for somethings.). Find out exactly what age, race and gender are in college or are the most likely to be in college. That is what you want to focus on. The more qualified your traffic is, the higher your chances of conversions, the more probability of profiting (you also want to take qualifying your visitors through your Ads and LP presell content into consideration). Then test the smaller chance areas later as an expansion strategy, after your making money.

Ok now that you have an idea of how to identify your target markets and research the demographics. Start to think just like them, if you plan to use adwords to promote this campaign (btw.. the content network would be good for this, consider placement targeting. Maybe use the domain targeting idea Ruck talked about HERE ) start getting some ideas of what your competitors are using for landing pages and analyze the process behind their particular design. Whether this offer works from direct linking, which it probably could, we are merely using this offer as an example to demonstrate landing pages. I just randomly picked an offer, no thought process went into choosing this offer for the tutorial.

Some of the things we will be going indepth on next week are:

– Styles of Landing Pages

– Key Elements When Designing Landing Pages

– Importance of Presell content/copywriting

– Split Testing Designs to Improve CTR and CR

– Understanding How Visitors Interact on Your Landing Pages

– Advanced Optimization Strategies and Tips

Feel free to throw in some of your questions along the way, I am more than happy to answer them. I plan to go indepth as I can, so if there are things you would like me to cover, please list them in the comments below. And break out of your shell, I’m sure many of you reading this have never even made a comment on this blog or maybe any blog. Take a step towards improvement and say something! I don’t bite, most of the time.

Take this information given above and begin to get familiar with it. If you want to see what other great offers Convert2Media has, simply sign up here: Convert2Media. Stay Tuned for More!!!!!!