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November 30th, 2009

Landing Pages with 74% Click-Thru-Rates. Believe it!!…

I’m not going to sit here and give you a long pitch as to why you should check this out… instead I am just going to give you a link so that you can purchase this product for almost half the price.

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If you’re any kind of marketer then you will undoubtably know that your landing pages can make a big difference in whether or not you are profitable in a campaign.

Andrew has set up an amazing opportunity for affiliate marketers. He dug into his own pockets and purchased about 150+ landing pages that he has made available to purchase online. Now, normally this program is set at $47 a month. But I worked out a deal for everyone here to purchase the product at $27 a month. The only way that we were able to work this out was if I cut out my commissions all together. So… Have at it. Pick up Andrew’s new product Landing Page Classroom with over 150+ landing pages and the landing page tutorial videos!

Inside you will receive WordPress, HTML, and PSD files for the themes he has available. This is more than any other Landing Page membership site offers!

PLUS… He has provided several videos for you to watch inside of the members area that will show you how to increase your CTR for your landing pages. The videos include:

1. Split Testing
2. Landing Page headlines
3. Call to Actions
4. Using Images in Your Landing Page
5. Copywriting and Sales Copy
6. Testing Different Colors

There are 7 other tutorial videos, but I’ll let you find out what those are once you log in to the members area.

So… Stop waiting and pick up Landing Page Classroom NOW before we take away this exclusive deal!

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You’re more than welcome to go read the sales letter… just click the link above…

November 14th, 2009

They did it again (this time for free)

bullyHey Guys and Gals,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I do apologize for that. I’ve had a lot of things going on with several product launches and just life in general.

Anyways I want to tell you about a pretty AWESOME and FREE tool that the guys over at PPC Bully are giving away.


A tool bar… Thats it really… But this toolbar has some pretty good functionality in it for PPC marketers!

Now, if you are like any other affiliate in the industry then you know very well how quickly you can have ” Information Overload”, especially when it comes to research and just keeping all of your most visited “PPC related websites” in line.

Luckily for us someone wised up and put together a great list of resources into one easy to install toolbar.

How many of us have a TON of bookmarks but no order to the list? I literally have HUNDREDS of bookmarks… And the worst part is I know that many of my bookmarks are duplicates because they get lost in the list… So I type in the URL manually and hit the “Bookmark” button all over again. Yeah I could organize them… But that takes too much of my time, especially with how many I have…

err… Anyways… PPC Bully’s new tool bar gives you all of the PPC links that you need in one location. They have resources for offer research, keyword research, niche research, website research, articles, and a bunch more.

There is even some build in functionality that works with the PPC Bully databases. You can essentially grab PPC Bully results for keywords. I paid $1400+ for the PPC Bully tool when it first came out… And now you can have it basically for free…

It all comes down to this… The PPC Bully Tool Bar is your one stop for anything PPC related. The only thing it doesn’t do is teach you how to market online… But I’m hoping that you know the basics already.

Seriously… There’s NOTHING to buy… No upsells, no “pro” version. Nothing.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself:
Click Here To Go To The PPC Bully Tool Bar

Go to their site and download their new tool for free NOW.


Stop reading right now and do it before they start charging for it.

Here’s the link again:


July 21st, 2009

Urgent Update: Did Google Just Bomb Review Landing Sites?

This is going to be a very short and brief post. I am subscribed to Perry Marhsall’s newsletter (I recommend if you are a PPC marketer to do so) and he just sent out an urgent update about affiliate review sites. Although none of my assests have been affected at this time, I’ve talked to numerous affiliates and personal mentor students who’ve been having issues with Google slapping them from a 10 to a 1 on their review sites. Repeatedly!

Perry Marshall – Product Review Google Slap

For those of you who have not been affected by it yet, you may want to take a precaution and keep a closer eye on your campaigns.

Best of Wishes,
– Andrew

July 7th, 2009

Don’t Stand Still – Check out Revolution202 Right Now!

202-picThey did it again! I constantly remain impressed and in awe of the wonderful products that the Tracking202 team develop. From the very first day I found out about the Tracking202 product, I have not only been a hardcore user but have gotten to know Wes and Steven from 202 very well, and I’m glad to count them both as friends. I want to introduce to you their latest weapon in the 202 Empire but before I do, I want to remind you of what make some products and services great and others not. Simply, it’s the team of people behind the product or service. I guarantee you won’t find a better team than the 202Team, they take every possible effort to assist you in succeeding in your online affiliate marketing business and they have demonstrated that from their opening day. It would be hard to track the number of online marketers that would have to owe a huge part of their success online to the 202 Team and/or their products. That being said let me now introduce to you the Revolution202 Partner Network.

I’m not going to sell you on the reason why you should sign up for the new Revolution202 network, the quality of their products are far more of a testimonial and statement to be made than anything I could ever come up with. Behind the Revolution202 team, you have a strong affiliate marketing background combined with a great insight on how to make products that simplify the process of achieving profitability; you are sure to benefit from the integration of Revolution202. You can check out their top notch team by visiting HERE! And as an affiliate marketer, you most definitely need to check out their latest update on their Global Affiliate Program, it’s very appealing.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and review the Revolution202 Partner Network. And while you’re at it, sign up and check out some of the free tools you get access to. As always, stay focus and determined, you shall succeed!

June 11th, 2009

Apply this Free PPC Tip Immediately

web-red-dotHello ladies and gents. It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, so here I am again. This will be a rather short post, however, do not over look this lightly. I love to network with people, learning from other marketers (or business minded individuals) and by networking is how you discover potential mentors that help you succeed in your given field. Today I want to talk to you about a nifty little script that you can modify your Prosper202 software with that will allow you to see what your landing page click-through-rate is for both individual keywords and individual ad texts that you’ve got in 202.

My friend Jasper, from had this put together and it’s something I had put on my to do list, but he beat me to it. He has pushed it on his blog at this post: 202 KW CTR Script , you can go there and read more details about it and I highly suggest implementing it immediately if you are using prosper202 for your PPC campaigns. What is the benefit of this you say?

Being able to identify which individual keywords have a poor LP CTR, will enable you to take a much faster action in improving your campaigns performance and ROI. Let me simply illustrate a way that you can see improvements by implementing this script ASAP. Keyword #1 may be getting a 43% LP CTR to the merchant offer but Keyword #5 may be getting only a 23% LP CTR to the merchant offer. Yet, you are sending the traffic from both keywords to the same exact landing page. So let’s take keyword #5 and direct it to its own LP that you’ve customized the text copy and images to directly influence that exact keyword, you will be able to test and improve upon its CTR in a whole new way. Just imagine if that keyword is breaking even or already profitable before you implement this, you can greatly increase your ROI with just a few small efforts.

These are the types of tips, explanations and clarifications you will find by having a mentor or experienced marketing friend.

Have you joined the CashTactics Free PPC Mentoring forum yet? Sign-up Now!

Serious about becoming profitable? Inquire about private mentoring:

I know the red dot image has nothing to do with anything. But it stands out :)

May 14th, 2009

PPC Suicide – Part 3 – Must Read

jump_off_cliffOk, so I decided to scratch the idea I had for this post and write about a new idea that literally EVERYONE struggles with, even those so called Super Duper Affiliates. As I write this I am presently on a plane flying to visit my family for a few days and if I’ve never told you so, I completely enjoy the ability to work from almost anywhere. I am a bit frustrated at the moment as my flight was not only delayed for almost an hour but once we did board we had to turn around and de-board 20 minutes later and wait on a totally new plane altogether. No worries, by now I am calm and collected and don’t mind sacrificing time for safety. Moving on…

The issue of today’s discussion is something everyone has heard before (repeated tips doesn’t mean it’s outdated or bad) but not everyone understands the life or death effects that can result from the decisions encountered, at least relating to PPC marketing. I bet you’re asking, “Well, what the heck is it…” and I say, “PATIENCE!”. No, I’m serious, PATIENCE is the tip. Why? How come? What for? I’m not a patient person, I can’t have patience, and what should I do? I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not the most patient person in the world and in some cases I have no patience at all but being an entrepreneur that is a characteristic you MUST develop in order to succeed. Quick decisions usually result to be your biggest mistake, that is, until you’ve developed enough experience and skills to know how to follow through with a good decision even if it’s made quickly.

Many of you know about the Free PPC Mentoring Forum we have here at and even my private mentorship. Every time I look at a scenario presented by a student there are two things that typically pop in my mind. One, I can tell that they need to be more patient or two, they need to better understand the metrics and data that needs to be collected to make appropriate decisions. Let me outline a simple scenario for you and the reasons I suggest looking over your own performance and decision making.

Scenario #1:

Lets say Marketer 1 has setup a campaign with a daily budget of $100/day on Google Adwords. Great, he’s excited, he has a mentor or part of the free mentoring forum and he’s confident he can get this profitable and fly around the world helping others through his blogs posts. He’s starts the campaign by split testing two ads per adgroup and two landing pages, per instructions and as common sense lays out.

Day 1 Results:
Spent: $104.00 (his max budget is $500 for this ‘test’ campaign.)
Revenue: $0.00
Avg. CPC: $2
Total Clicks Purchased: 52
Landing Page 1: 20% CTR – (a total of 5.2 clicks came to this page.)
Landing Page 2: 23% CTR – (a total of 5.98 clicks came to this page.)
Offer payouts range from $30-38 per lead but with 0 conversions, he has $0 revenue. So he loses $100 and a total of about 11 clicks even made it to the offer. * Side Note – And some of you wonder how come you don’t get a conversion after spending $104+ on a campaign. It’s because you don’t focus enough attention and patience on your landing pages to get them improved enough, so you waste 80% of your budget by just throwing it into the Google Trash can. * He then makes drastic changes such as, changing his daily budget to $50/day, adds new keywords thinking the ones he does have don’t convert, pausing keywords before they reach a certain cost/conv stat and many more. Marketer 1 repeats the above results all the way through Day 5, discarding attempts to improve his landing page or ad copy and lowering CPC costs.

Scenario #2:

Marketer 2 actively reads CashTactics, joins the Free PPC Mentoring forum or gets some form of good mentoring, follows the advice given coupled with their own desire to succeed. Take all of that, dip it in PATIENCE and you will be profitable before you know it.

The most terrifying thing to people is the fact that they log on every day and see that they are losing money, perhaps your optimization strategy is flawed or do you even have one? But rest assured that every PPC marketer has had to deal with that same issue of patience, and some still have to keep their self in check. That is why I suggest you set aside a budget of at least $1500, do your research, set up tracking, setup the campaign, and launch it with a fixed daily budget of say $50/day. Then you can compare one day’s data and results to the previous day’s data and results. Slowly making improvements on your landing page, ad copy, filtering out bad keywords that get 2x payout and 0 conversion, adding in new keywords in small batches, and slowly you will develop a group of converting and profitable keywords. So what if you spend $5,000 in two months and lose $3,500 of it, if by the end of 60 days you are profitable doing $100+/day in profits. Isn’t it worth the wait? The agony? The horror? But of course!

A very reasonable goal of $100/day net profits is achievable within a 3-6 week period. You just have to dig in and be mindful of the decisions you made. Another tip I want to leave you with, if you launch a campaign, only to rebuild and relaunch the same campaign a week later, it’s basically like starting over from scratch and you will end up losing more overall.

Get to it! Join our Free PPC Mentoring Forum and take the pain!

*I shall not be held liable for any of your successes or failures. I am simply a contributor of information gained from my personal experience, which most have done very well with.*


May 12th, 2009

Did you hear about Google’s NEW rule?

That’s right… Effective June 4th Google will no longer be protecting trademark terms. That means you can now bid on your favorite music artists, celebrities, and brands. This is HUGE if you run polls or even competing company offers. Here are my three favorite picks from the list of over 150 countries that Google will no longer investigate.

  • United States (US)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada

BAM That’s money right there. Unfortunately my #1 country isn’t on the list.

Click here to see Googles official list!

Click here for the article in Search Engine Journal!

Get those campaigns ready. It’s going to be a dirty fight to take over some of those trademarked terms!

You will need to remember to look at the original TOS for the offers that you are running.  Some offers make their own rules and you will still need to follow their rules on bidding on trademarked terms.

April 12th, 2009

PPC Suicide – Part 2

ppc-suicide-part-2This post is going to be a short one and straight to the point. I kind of like this little series on mistakes that lead to PPC suicide. By the way, I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter! So let us jump straight into what I have to say.
Last time I pointed out that probably one of the biggest issues is not getting your landing page click through rate up high enough to properly test your traffic and ultimately become profitable. This time I want to hit on the topic, for those of you lazy wanna-be marketers, about learning atleast the basics of HTML coding yourself.

Internet marketing is a great business, it has plenty of Pro’s and plenty of Con’s. You are basically a one person marketing team. Meaning, what would normally take a team of five to do, you have to do all yourself. You have to learn how to build a website, how Adwords and the other search engines work, how to write content and ads, how to track data properly, how to negotiate deals, how to work out technical problems and a bunch more. That atleast applies to you if you are trying to do this business on a very small budget in the beginning. Thus, my main point I want to focus on is, YOU HAVE TO LEARN HTML CODING!

Why? Because, even though you may have a landing page designer/coder that you outsource your work to, if you don’t understand how the HTML coding and sometimes php coding works, you are not going to even be able to make a small adjustment to your own page, thus having to submit it to your outsourcer, taking a couple days to get back to you and setting you way back. You are never going to be able to understand exactly how things should be done unless you know how to do them to a certain degree yourself. Your landing page designer may not even be an ‘affiliate landing page’ designer. He might be use to corporate landing pages or just designing website layouts in general, each of which have a completely different approach than the landing page you need. You must not rely upon someone to do any job, unless you fully know how the job should be done and have relayed that information to your outsourcer or whoever.

After all is said and done, those that make the money are those that have worked for it. Those that complain about not knowing how to do this or that, and saying that is the reason you are not able to move forward. You just need to keep your day job. You will never make sizable money online. But I encourage you to move forward, learn new things, push yourself with challenges and it will pay off many times over. Be consistent in your efforts and you will see progress.
Until next time!