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April 26th, 2008

Affiliates Aim, Dont Misfire!

The age old question of being new to Affiliate Marketing, what should I set my goal at? The answer is usually around the $50-$100 a day range. That is conservative and generally speaking though. Affiliate Marketing is no different than anything else you may encounter in life. If you still working a job then just consider it a new one. There are going to be things that you have to learn and experience before you become a top dog around the work place. The same applies to sitting in your cozy little office with the coffee pot brewing, it is going to take some adapting and adjusting before you get comfortable.

Aside from the fact that there are a lot of things you will have to go thru and learn from, you also have to deal with learning pace. Everyone is different. Some people will go out and earn $500 in their first month. I’ve personally helped and seen it done. Others may take at least 6 months before making their first dollar. Uhh umm, Hello? That would be me. Some may even take more than a year.

In my opinion you need to start with something you know. I love gaming. More importantly I love gaming on the Xbox 360. Some of the first offers I ever ran were for Xbox 360’s and Xbox 360 games. On top of running CPA offers, I also sold xbox 360’s and equipment thru Amazon. Hell, I did not sell a lot but at least I was selling something. I knew enough about the niche that I could write about it without it being a strain. As a matter of fact, I knew the niche so well and being a member of the Halo Forums, General Gaming Forums and MLG PRO, I could relate and interpret the lingo used among gamers. Knowing this I could adjust my writing style to something that was actually INTERESTING to read for gamers. Knowing what you’re doing is a crucial component in Affiliate Marketing. Without knowing the ins and outs of your market, do you think shooting from the hip is going to be enough in that market to make a comfortable living? Maybe after a year or so when you have printed so much shit that you have so many rankings or ads running that people cant help but to come to your site. Now you have to deal with will they return or not?

Dont shoot from the hip folks. It’s just not worth it. It takes a long time to start seeing results and by then 99% of future entrepreneurs have already given up or are suffering a burnout that discourages productivity. Start out small and slow if necessary but for pete’s sake, start with something you know.

Motivation and work ethic goes a long way. I apologize if this offends anyone but I got to tell you that unless you ABSOLUTELY hated it, then a previous job flipping burgers is not going to prepare you mentally for Internet Marketing. I’m sorry but as someone who got paid to pretty much lift weights and build houses during his “off” days, their just a whole other connection between fast food and pinching sciatic nerves or dealing with tendinitis every other month. Do you see what I am getting at here? If you’re failing in your marketing efforts and your previous job was wearing a headset and flipping a 4 ounce pound of meat shit then it’s pretty damn easy to say, at least I had an easy job to go back to. Put yourself in the mindset of bad that former job really was. Knowing and realizing what you may have to go back to is a great motivator to push yourself every day.

If you cannot motivate yourself to make $100 a day, then dont bother trying to go out and make $1000 or more a day.

April 22nd, 2008

Do Not Fear Risk Taking

There’s a large misconception online that only very few people are making money online. This cannot be further from the truth. There are a TON of people making money online but you may only know about a handful of them. Two of the largest net profit producing affiliate marketers that I know are virtually undetectable online. They just assume to keep it that way so we wont go into details but the first with CJ and the other with Linkshare are doing incredible numbers as affiliates. It amazes me that so many people procrastinate and verbally cut down others who are making money online. I really dont know why this is. Jealousy perhaps? Maybe the ebook selling and ripping off? Who knows and who cares. The ones that procrastinate are the ones likely to reach the pot of gold later than most.

With that said there is an important piece of the marketing online puzzle that I feel is very important to marketers. It’s called risk taking. Now if you have ever got scammed in the past then your mind presets itself to calculate risks. In my opinion this is a good and bad thing. While it’s a good thing to calculate risks, it’s a bad thing to over analyze them to a point that you talk yourself out of taking one.

One of the hardest questions I get is “how do I make money without any money to invest”? This question is so hard to answer because while you CAN make money without investing any it takes a tremendous amount of willpower and work ethic. It takes so much, that I normally ignore this question altogether because I will tell you right now that I normally will not waste my time replying to a stranger of whom I know nothing about. If I had an idea of what you have accomplished so far and what your plans are going forward then I might be inclined to reply.

The truth is, in my opinion that you really should not start out online UNLESS you have money saved up to begin with. That’s not to say I wont work with you or do my best to answer any questions but if you have willpower to save some money before you even get started then I see motivation. With having money saved up, you should also be planning on the idea that you are more than likely going to lose it. Yes, you are going to spend that money in some way or another so planning and saving is essential.

You can read all the blogs and forums and talk to everyone you know over Instant Messaging and none of that is going to REALLY help you. Sure you will pick up some advice and suggestions to run with but I am telling you right now that the best education for marketing is EXPERIENCE.

Do not fear taking risks. You probably should fear any information that costs you money but do not fear to invest some Paid Advertising, Directory Submissions, Link building packages and anything else that is going to increase your web presence and monetization methods. If your afraid to take risks then quite simply this is not for you. Everyone takes risks everyday online and off. The only difference is that online everything seems more expensive and that if you are just starting out you will probably be recouping online expenses by working offline. It’s the way of the land people, so dont get to worked up about it. Save your money, design your plan, implement and learn.

April 16th, 2008

Staying Focused And Following Thru

A lot has been covered with the 3 major search engines as of late with the CPA Marketing Series so like you, I feel as if even I may need to take a break even if it is just for a few days. We will resume the Series soon with other great places to advertise and even get into the web placement and email marketing side of things with CPA offers. For now I would like to talk about a question that was asked in the forum just awhile ago.

Whoopie: I have a shedload of ideas and things to try. Maybe it’s the AS and ADHD, but I’m having a *really* hard time pushing things through. I have … far too many ideas on the go at once, and I’m not covering all the bases I need to and therefore not seeing the results that I should. It’s not that things aren’t working, it’s that I can’t focus to push them to work even better – if that makes any sense.Anyone else have this? How have you dealt with it?

I and every other Entrepreneur/Marketer have and will experience this. This is just the nature of working online. I remember when I first started out it seemed like the only way to make money online was to write and ebook or promote one. Being online for 3+ years now, things could not be any farther from that. As a matter of fact, I’ve made my living by not even following that business model. It’s a good way (obviously for some) but not the “be all, end all”.

Even today with all my organization one could come into my home office and conclude a hypothesis just from looking around or observing how I work one day that I am on a collision course for a business breakdown. That’s not saying I am disorganized but to someone who would have the opportunity to view me work, I would imagine that would be their assumption.

It does not matter how detailed my schedule gets. I have things that pop in out of the blue everyday. I get sidetracked. Shit happens and it’s a fact of business, especially when you are the business. I dont discourage organization and schedules, as a matter of fact, I highly encourage but it’s only going to be as good as you treat it. If you have 10 money making ideas flowing thru your head here’s what I would do.

  1. First off I look at all 10 ideas and write them down on a piece of paper. I put in projections and goals, and I do my best to determine a time-frame to hit these.
  2. Now I have an idea of what my goals are for each idea and how long it SHOULD take me to achieve them, I can now decide which idea I want to take on. For organization purposes, I only take one idea. Which idea is entirely up to you and how you want your business to run. If your in need or just want quick money, then obviously you want to take on the idea that has a goal that is going to be reached in the shortest amount of time possible. If your looking for more stability and long term business benefits because your already making money (or for whatever reason) then obviously you would shoot for the idea that has a goal with a longer extended time frame to reach.

It’s really tough to try and do 10 things at once especially when we see the dollar signs in our head. Typically for people who are new to having an online business it seems better to generate 10 sources of income from varying directions. I really dont believe this, not at that point anyway. Focus on that one thing and get it down before you try moving on.

Once you get something working for you though, the trip does not stop there unless you want it to. I can relate to my jobs I used to work. I was competitive and always worked hard to be the best at what I did. Much like a money making idea, these thoughts should carry over. The harder you work, the more effort you put towards it, the better chance you may get a raise (online this means scaling more income). Dont ever stop working on something that is making you money. Always try to improve it until you come to a point where either:

  1. Your comfortable with the income it’s bringing
  2. The niche dies in terms of demand

When working online we tend to take things way too far into perspective. This is not necessarily a bad thing because if you really take your businesses seriously then this is a crucial part of the fundamentals to building a long-term and stable model. Overlooking, over-thinking and even over analyzing though can be real time wasters. Personally for me, it comes down to the two things stated above. Either I get comfortable with the income and move on to something else to add, or I completely kill the model. If I dont come to either of those two points then I dont stop working.

Information overload is a huge factor in wasted time. Now that so many Entrepreneurs and Marketers are blogging you have to face an information crisis each day that you go to check your feed reader. What do I do this in situation? Personally, I’ve cut the amount of feeds I read daily. I used to consume anywhere from 75-100 by scanning headlines but nowadays I am reading anywhere from 20-25. As I evolved into a Paid Search Advertiser a lot of the blogs I was reading became absolute shit in my eyes. Even so, a lot of the Pay Per Click Information that I was reading was shit as well. Cut the fat from your daily reading habit. If you chose that one model to follow, then cut all the other stuff out and only focus on the information sources that help you in relation to the model your chasing.

What are your thoughts? How do you approach so many ideas online these days? What do you do that keeps you on track?

February 20th, 2008

What’s My Single Most Important Tip About Working Online?

That’s easy.  4 words.

Love what you do.

The following is sparked by the dozens of emails, IM’s and Pm’s I receive weekly. What is the single most important thing I would tell someone that wanted to get started making money online?

You have probably heard this a time or to. Matter of fact, you may be tired of hearing it. If that’s the case then I really fell sorry for you. I cannot imagine someone trying to make money online and NOT liking it. I am not speaking just about success here either. I am speaking in terms in failure. What?

If you cannot sit back and get a chuckle from your screw ups then your probably the uptight serious kind. (remind me to not hang out with you at events). Seriously though, it is in my experience and damn near every success story that I ever read that someone has faced failures before they met success. Why is that?

It’s because working online is probably new to 99% of the people trying it. When you got hired at your job were you an instant badass on your first day? No, most likely not. You probably struggled a bit on focusing on everything that was being taught to you by a manager or trainer. You were probably excited at first about your new job but once you learned it, you became bored. Even after working years at your job, you probably had those *bad days* where nothing went as planned or you could not complete a task before re-doing it two or three times.

Do you see a pattern emerging here folks?

This same pattern is going to apply online as well. Your going to have bumps and bruises, your going to lose focus, and your going to have failures that cause you to re-do something or quit it altogether and move on to something new.

When you really think about it there are a lot of things that are related to your own business and working as an employee. I always like that little part I have seen so many times online about “work whenever you want to”. I must be missing something here. Of course this is bendable and I could take off months or even a couple of years but let’s face it. When your on natural progression your not going to want to stop. Or at least, I dont.

Love what you do. Enjoy the opportunity that you even got a computer. Enjoy that you even have the opportunity to come online and try your hand at being an Entrepreneur or Marketer. A lot of people dont have this. Change your way of thinking and dont copy someone word for word.

If you dont enjoy what your doing then how can you ever go against someone who does? Unless your just a completely talented marketer or web entrepreneur you’re going to have one hell of a time having a successful go at it.


  • Rome was not built in day
  • Failure is common, persistence is not
  • Few get rich by being lucky
January 1st, 2008

Best Of 2007 On CashTactics

I went thru my archives and hand picked some posts I thought were pretty good before we head into the New Year. Enjoy!

Back In August I gave some general tips over making money with P2P Networks and Torrents. Torrents are still alive and kicking and I have not really spoken of them since this last post. I really should but the fact of the matter is that this method is very petty and so very easy to do. However, I bet 99% of the people who read this post probably didn’t even try it or quickly gave up on it. Let’s take a look at just one program I promoted with these petty torrent methods.

Here are payments for the last 6 months. For a method so easy I sure seen a lot of bitching from people who said “it’s too much work”.  Here’s what happens when you dedicate yourself to a project for a couple of hours a week no matter how petty, simple and boring it is.

6 months

Also in August, I wrote a free report detailing how I go about getting high rankings for articles. I normally do not write my own articles but I do however use the methods described because it seems nobody can get it right even with a guide. I guess that just goes to show that what works for someone, may not necessarily work for another. However, the guide is free and it’s a great read….(IMO). :)

In September I also introduced a way to advertise your blog cheaply utilizing Stumbleupon. I have tested this out a few times and it seems to work well. When I say that, what I really mean is that as cheap as it is, you get back about the same return. However, it’s a great traffic building method and I am sure the right type of blog will make the difference.

Also in September I touched a bit on using Google Groups. Both Google and Yahoo Groups are goldmines, and I bet since I haven’t talked about them recently that most people don’t utilize these services. This is a huge mistake. Did you know that if you have a Yahoo Group you can sign up for Article Marketer and have yourself to be put in their distribution queue? Or how about having your own article directory and being in their submission queue? Who cares if it’s duplicate content, your going to have so much of it, your not going to be able to avoid NOT getting traffic. Spamming the groups is always fun for quick cash too. Who does that though? The power is in having your own group.

In October I finally revealed what led me to believe I could work fulltime online. It seems the post touched a few nerves. That was really the point. If a dumb redneck from Kansas can make half a million dollars online in his first full year exclusively online, so can you.

I also did my 5 day case study with Copeac. If you haven’t signed up with Copeac, then you really need to. They are a great network and I haven’t had any problems with them so far. However, I am only running two of their offers on their network and these offers are on one of my lower trafficked websites. However, I have squeezed a little over $1,400.00 just by placing a couple of banners on a site.


It was during this same month that I also revealed some stats on one of my “baby” sites. Say what you will about such sites, but someone has to sell the dream. I revealed a net profit of over $159,000.00 that this site has pulled. This site is ran between a partner and I. We launched the site in late January of 2007. We haven’t added it up yet but between membership sales and CPA from within the site, the newsletter and monthly broadcasts, I would bet that it’s at least over the $200,00 net profit mark.

I am kind of hoping to see if it’s a quarter million. How cool would that be? One night of work with a partner yields a website that does a quarter million dollars in less than a year. For all the doubters out there, this stat alone is enough to keep you twiddling your thumbs at your day job. For everyone else it should serve as inspiration. It can be done, but it could NOT be done without the support of our affiliates.

We have held the #1 best selling product in the PayDotCom Marketplace with this site since February and NOBODY has even come close to touching us. Between fees and affiliate payouts, I would say we done damn near $600,000.00 total. Not too shabby.

We also have a replica membership site on Clickbank as well. This is called affiliate dominance. I don’t really care for half-assing it. I prefer pure market dominance.

In November I introduced my 4 step video marketing method. This is truly some of the easiest money I have ever made and there are many variations to monetize this with. Domain parking, affiliate marketing, and Pay Per Lead are just a few. I have actually built a few mini sites that are completely ran using these methods. I get a little bit of search traffic, but I can just easily take videos, watermark them and upload to over 25 sites with just a few clicks. There’s a little more to it than that, but not much. A really simple method.

I also tested out a new PPC advertising platform called Clickriver. If memory serves me right, I made about $1,000.00 before Clickriver changed up their system. You were allowed to place advertisements within Amazon’s marketplace. However, Amazon must have felt that they were sending too many people out and Clickriver quickly changed their TOS and how to advertise. A sad day really, because I was truly rocking out pretty good with them.

 I also gave out my exact method to utilizing Yahoo Buzz to gauge market trends. Along with Yahoo Buzz their is also Google Trends and both of them have proved to be real money makers for me. Hell, I would go as far to say that about 25% of my PPC campaigns were based off these after the later part of August.

In December I introduced how to rock out with an affiliate mashup. It was a basic principle aimed at more advanced marketers. The concept is still pretty new to me however both of the mashup sites I own have generated me a nice amount over the last couple of months:

Mashup Earnings

Like I said the concept is still very fresh in my mind and am still working harder than ever on refining it. With just a couple of mashups and the traffic methods of PPC and SEO this is not a bad return so far.

I feel that I could definitely get a few more and turn these sites into an easy $100,000 a year business. That’s the plan anyhow.

It was in December that I also introduced some ideas for how I handle my Parasite SEO. Most people will try to tell you that this is worthless or for a small return. However, they were obviously doing it wrong or made it very hard on themselves. One of the first things I did with my mashup sites was link them with authoritative links from high traffic and good pagerank sites. It works, don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. It may be a bit time consuming at first, but it can be easily outsourced.

Of course there was also the Zero 2 Hero – 60 Days To List Building course that I wrote as well. This is by far one of the easiest methods to build email lists. However, it seemed most of the people that tried this didn’t have a clue as to what email list building was all about. Unfortunately, the course was not about how to email market but rather how to build email lists. It was sad that the #1 ebook I used in the method went off the shelf, but hey, that’s tough love. I was able to quickly pick up another book, before I decided to put my own together.

Well, that is just a few posts and a little bit of the money I made over my first full year working exclusively online. Anyone that tells you that this is hard is only half true. Most of the people that tell you that making money online is hard, usually aren’t making this type of money. Yea, I work a lot of hours, probably more than most, but that is what happens when you love your job. So keep plugging away and I hope to write up some more great ideas and methods as we progress into 2008.

December 31st, 2007

What Does The Future Hold?

Thinking about 2008 has been a thought on my mind since getting home yesterday. Many things have changed over the past year. Google SEO and PPC has changed quite a bit, video marketing has skyrocketed and even Email Marketing has changed. (Speaking in respect to Aweber, my autoresponder service that is a required double optin service now).

So what does the future hold?

I don’t know for sure. Although I have a photographic memory, I still haven’t developed any senses to see in the future. Which really sucks, because if I could, work would sure be a lot easier. However, I have some huge thoughts on what we MIGHT see.

1. Blogs will continue to kick the shit out of static sites. However, regular bloggers will probably turn more into user interactive communities. Take a look at CashTactics. I have already begun to do this. I have incorporated a forum where we can all get together on a more personal and regular bases to talk about every aspect of making money and marketing online.

It won’t stop with community sites though. Bloggers will also be podcasting and vlogging (video blogging) a lot more. As a matter of fact, your going to see something I hope that will interest you greatly in a few weeks. I will have a live streaming video feed so you can communicate with me at certain times and watch, read and listen as I respond to questions. Websites are still great in my opinion but will not stand a chance against someone that will regularly communicate with readers. While website owners will rely on their content to do all their preselling, they most likely rely on SEO, PPC and every other traffic method out there. That’s great but that is traditional also. The more social interaction you see with a website, the more likely you will return. Returning visitors are key and without them, your site sucks. Period.

2.  Landing pages are truly on the decline. I am not saying that landing pages are not effective but my trip down to Florida was a real eye opener for the group of masterminds I associated with. I took them to a site that completely blew them away. It’s a site that is basically a landing page for every blog post that is made. Traditional landing pages now require About pages, contact us, terms of service, disclaimers and privacy policies. On top of all of that, you need to have outgoing links to authoritative sites and consistent inbound links as well. Add to the mix that Search Engines love a good internal linking structure and you got yourself a winner. However, building such a site for an offer just to get past a Quality Score for Pay Per Click traffic, and making a site the search engines will index and rank because it provides a great user experience is quite an overwhelming task considering there are thousands of offers and affiliate programs out there.

Building large sites like I spoke about recently are going to have huge advantages over traditional affiliates who build quick little landing pages to advertise with. Building them one at a time is a hell of a waste when you can simply have hundreds if not thousands of them in minutes. Figuring out what your time is worth is vital to your ongoing success. Taking the plunge to build a large site quickly will continue to give *Super Affiliates* the advantages over *small timers* as it always has.

3. Misinformation seems to be going down quite a bit. Thank god I actually got readers that will listen. The amount of bullshit being packaged and sold on the Internet is phenomenally large but at least some people are starting to realize that you don’t have to pay for this shit. You can simply find someone already doing it and sharing their methods and success for a mere 5-10 minutes of reading time. Reading, writing and watching are 3 things you need to develop. The more information you can consume, the more success your going to have. However, too much reading can cause severe ADD ( I know from experience) so you need to develop a 4th sense along with the previous 3 that tells you “enough is enough” and start to implement some of what you have already read.

 These are just a few things I see coming into play this coming year. I could be wrong however, if I am, then I am in for a severe kick in the ass as I am already preparing and start to change up some of my strategies online to incorporate these ideas.

What do you think? What’s the future hold?

October 31st, 2007

What Led Me To Believe I Could Work Online Fulltime

November 2006 is a month I will never forget. That month signified a tremendous change in my life. That change was quiting my jobs and working solely online. I had been working part time for almost two priors to that, but it wasn’t until then that I decided that working online was going to be my next career.

What factors played roles in this?

Quite simply, I developed a skill that I could write at astonishing rates. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone from the RJ Forum or BHW when I get on a roll. Simply put, most people piss and moan when it’s time to do a little article writing for promotion or whatever. In the very few minutes that they whine, I can complete an article. I was lucky to develop this skill from companies such as Associated Content, MPAM, SSWUG, and Freelance sites. At first I was horrible. After about a month though, it was not uncommon to pump out at least a dozen articles in a couple of hours. Some sites paid me more, but the most I made in one month was about $2500 writing articles and I never once worked more than a couple of hours every night. I couldn’t, I was holding down two jobs at any one time, and I was also into auto content generation. I developed the skill fast, and I never once grumbled while writing.

Writing can be quite a hard thing. If your always getting stuck on the next cool blackhat tactic or you feel you need to check your stats every hour, check your emails, then yes it can be quite boring and irritating. That’s the discipline though, if you can’t sit your ass down and make yourself do it, (at incredible rates) then I don’t see how it could ever pay off for you. What do I mean by incredible rates? You need to get in a mind set of rewriting from previous content. Article writing is not hard, matter of fact, it’s one of the simplest things you can do. Whether you want to or not is up to you, but I am here to tell you that it was the number 1 reason I knew I could work online.

I knew that with what income I was pulling from the sites I had online, and the fact that I was destroying MySpace :), I knew everything would be fine. Another reason is that I was getting paid for writing, what my fulltime job paid as a salary. So yes, in a sense that made things easier.

Shortly after coming online fulltime I was able to hook up a few people. I start participating in forums and networking with a few people who had varying skills. I cannot stress how important it is to develop relationships online. More importantly, on a business level, develop relationships with people who have different skills than you.


This is one where you may find me a little repulsive, or my style of writing on what comes next may offend you a little bit and maybe even make you like me less. But I am going to say it, and after I do, I want you to take and apply it to yourself.


Plain and Simple. You don’t take shit from nobody. You don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done. You do listen to people who have done it. You stop wasting your time on worthless forum threads and start reading from people you know and respect and talk like they might have a f#cking clue. You must develop a sense of judgement. I don’t care what anyone has ever told you. You stop listening to people who ain’t doing it, and you start paying attention to people who are. It doesn’t matter that Johnny posts nicely, is a super nice guy. The dude still works a 9-5, and only contributes when someone else is sharing quality information. Now, Johnny just made $50 last night and he’s posting his success thread. You had better go read it before anyone else so that you can copy his success. Woops, sounds like a great idea and you been working on it for 5 days now non stop. You look in your account and see you made a smooth $15. Wow, congratulations to you, you just been duped and look like a total f#ckin idiot.

Sound harsh? Absolutely, but has this happened to you? Or does this sort of thing happen to you a lot? I bet if you would have looked close, that tactic was explained about a year ago, and Super Smooth Johnny, being the braniac he is dug up, cuz he’s like you, and he lives in the past. I bet Johnny worked for a month for that $50. Awesome.

Just stop doing that for god’s sake. Now, I wasn’t ever that sharp, but I can tell you one thing is for sure. I watch the forums that I frequent like a hawk, and there is probably 85% of those people that either do this shit, or they are searching for it. It’s pathetic and ridiculous and it’s a moral shooter when you finally get off your can and try it out.

Work ethic:

I can’t wait to get the feedback on this one. If your not familiar with my history, let me enlighten you on some of the cool jobs I have done in my life. From age 13-18 I hauled hay (for a living). No I didn’t haul hay so I could have the coolest pair of nike’s in school, or the hippest car. I hauled hay so I had a f#cking pair of shoes, and transportation for me and my sisters to go back and forth to school. Oh, does this sound a little different than your life? Did your parents buy your school clothes in junior high and high school? If they did, then you and I are in two totally different worlds.

When I turned 16 I got a night job after school. I hauled hay in the summers and every night after school, I drove 25 miles in my car that hay hauling bought and I work in a grocery store called “Country Mart” located in Iola, Kansas. I worked from 4:15 pm to 12:00 am Mon-Fri. On Saturday and Sunday, I woke up at 6:00 am and got to work at 7:00 am. Work was long and boring, not really physically demanding but I had no life. I might have had 3-4 weekends in 2 years that I didn’t work 12 hours a day. Not your typical high schooler.

Moving along after I graduated I work at a place called Gates Rubber Company which sucked. I worked 8 hours an evening and this was after JUCO classes everyday. Fast forward to a year later and I am an electrical installer on telecommunications shelters for Andrew Corporation. If your not familiar with them, no worries, they did about 14 billion in sales with over 60% of it coming from our facility in Burlington Kansas. As a gift for 14 billion in company sales, we got a coffee mug. I will be damned, but mine got stolen before I clocked out of work. Shitty.

I then went on to working in a Wal Mart Distribution Center. Ever shop at Wal Mart? It’s nice isn’t it, especially now since they only build SuperCenters. You walk in and a cool breeze hits your face. You walk around and everyone is so friendly, and they just have some of the cheapest and most affordable products on the planet. You can buy everything there, including your groceries.

Ok, let me f#ckin break up this nice thought for one minute if I may. Do you know where all that freight comes from? It comes from a GIGORMOUS warehouse. The average temperature in the winter hovers around 90 degrees in the orderfilling modules. The modules are 3 stories high, and you add 10 degrees per story. When you get on the third level and your carrying freight to the conveyor, it’s 110 degrees and there is f#ckin snow on the ground in January. It’s one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet, and to this day I still get bouts of tendinitis in my elbows and my knees ache when it drops below 50 degrees outside.

While in my stay there I suffered a broken hand, 2 broken fingers, numerous cuts, I knocked myself out twice hitting my head on the overhead racks, I pinched a nerve in my left arm, right calf and I suffered a sciatic nerve tear. Like, I said, it’s a shithole of a job and I did it for 5 years. Not only did I do it, but you can walk into the Distribution Center in Ottawa Kansas and look at the freight records. Look at the orderfilling case count, and receiving case unloaded in days, weeks, month and years. My name covers all of them. I wasn’t good at my job, I was the best, and still am almost after a year of not working there.

So that my little rant is over, let me tie why I wrote that. I wrote it, because we work on a f#cking computer. Plain and simple, how hard is this job. If you can think of ways to NOT write that next article, or setup and track that next landing page, then my friend, your seriously in the wrong place.

This is also in part with the I don’t take shit attitude. You got to train yourself that your going to make this happen. There are going to be costs and consequences. Especially if working from home is a dream of yours, then when you were writing that little dream down in your notepad that one late night, you must have contemplating the consequences right? While some may not ever suffer any, I did. I wanted to get to where I am at on the fastest route possible. Figure your route, remember what you have already done, and factor the consequences of what it’s going to take to get to where you want, and your going to have a damn good idea of what it’s going to take from within yourself to get there.