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June 30th, 2009

40 min video on niche research

This video has been long over due. So I’ve been planning on making this vid for the last week or so and I really wanted to get it done yesterday before I went off to bed.  Well sure enough I was busy all day yesterday.  So… I ended up making this vid at 1am.  Now for most affiliate marketers thats no big deal.  But for me it is… I usually go to bed pretty early so I was pretty tired towards the end of the vid. Anyways… Enjoy!

January 4th, 2009

Hardcore Demographic Targeting FTW

Targeting a specific demographic for your advertising can really help you improve your ROI. Facebook and Myspace have demographic targeting already set up. But how did we target those demographics before those two social networks came out with their advertising platform?

So, before I begin I am going to select an offer that we should all be familiar with.  The offer comes to us from Convert2Media and is the “Acai Berry Detox (Top Converter) (596)” Go ahead and take a good look at that offer.  When I see that offer and try and think of the person that would want that product I immediately think of a middle aged, over weight, white female. Lets take a look at what the demographics actually are for this offer.

For this we will once again refer to Quantcast. In quant cast I will type in the actual URL of the offer. Not my affiliate link but the actual root URL for the site.  Unfortunately not all sites will show up in Quantcast.  But more the most part the majority of top converting offers will.


According to QC the website serves mainly African American women between the ages of 12-34.  Really all ages will fit but the majority come from 12-17 and 18-34 (Young Adults).

Okay now that we know who the website serves we can feel safe in assuming that female African American young adults buy this specific brand of Acai Berry.

Did you know that in Adwords you can target specific demographics?  This serves on the content network only and does not work for the search network. This is how I did my advertising in the past for Facebook and Myspace.

Okay the first step to get to demographic bidding in Adwords is to click on a specific campaign that you already have set up. Once you are in there you should see something like this:


Click on the “Edit campaign settings” link. This will take you into the settings for the specific campaign.  From here you can edit the name, daily spend, and a few other things. Scroll down until you see the “Networks and bidding” section.  Now on the right side of this section you should see the “Demographics: View and edit options” button.

Your first time in here you will get an introduction screen. This will explain a little bit of what demographic targeting is. Read it over then scroll down to the bottom and click “Get Started”. From there you should be able to figure out how to set it up properly so that you are targeting the specific demographic that caters to the offer you are trying to promote.

Here is a little exerpt for you directly from Googles demographic page:

  • Increase bids for groups that provide good value. If your conversion rate for men is four times higher than it is for women, you may want to bid more for those male viewers. Increasing your bid should make your ad appear more often to that audience. Additionally, if reaching a particular segment is very important for your campaign, raise your bids to increase the frequency with which that segment is seeing your message. To raise your bids this way, click the ‘Edit’ button in the ‘Make Adjustments’ column of the appropriate age or gender row. You can bid up to “bid + 500%” for any one demographic group.
  • Hide ads from groups with significant traffic and poor value. If your conversion rate is very low for the 18-24 age range, and they account for 50% or more of your traffic, you might use the ‘Make Adjustments’ feature to restrict your ads from appearing to that group.

So that’s how I like to take advantage of demographic targeting within Adwords. Other PPC networks allow for this as well. You might need to consult their help page or call them directly to get the down low on demographic targeting from them directly, but if you ask, they will tell.

If you have questions feel free to ask in the members forum here at CashTactics.

February 17th, 2008

Information Production At Warp Speed

 {Edit – This post is merely meant as educational. This post does not encourage copyright theft.}

Widely known but heavily underutilized and nobody has brought it up on the blog or forum so I will go ahead and cover this easy method of producing information products. I would like to say right now that I do not produce nor intend on producing information products. I tried it once and totally got burned by a buyer. However I feel outside the Internet Marketing realm there are a ton of actually good ebooks out there. There is also a lot of money to be made. If I decided to sit back and withhold something I know is valuable just because I do not use it for my own financial gain then that kind of makes me a hypocrite. Besides, if I am not doing it and you like to produce ebooks than I rather see someone make money with it instead of it just floating about and you not knowing about it.

Without further rambling, I want to first remind you of a great niche research tool that is completely free and only requires that you have eyesight and a little bit of your *out of box thinking* cap turned on. In addition to this niche tool I will also refer back to the niche we focused on, which was *Diabetic Recipes*. (It’s imperative you read that last linked article) for you to completely understand where I am going with this.

I showed you killer ways to find a niche that has active discussions but I also provided you the means to get all the information necessary to solve this niche’s problems. In this case diabetics were looking for foods and recipes to eat healthier. While I pointed out that you could basically take diabetic recipe ideas from files and samples easily, here’s another great way to just grab more ideas from information that has already been published.

Go to Google:

On the right of the search box click on:  Advanced Search

Follow the illustration:

Diabetic Recipes Search

Type in: diabetic recipes into the top search box, locate file format and your presented with a drop-down box. Just choose Adobe Acrobat PDF as your format and hit the search button. VOILA — You now have all the PDF information you could ever want for the keywords diabetic recipes. You could even try searching Microsoft Word Docs. Find 5 chapters from 5 reports, rewrite them in your own words and you got yourself a diabetic recipes report. Get yourself more and the sky is the limit on how many information products you could turn out just for this one niche.

Results: It’s as easy as this folks.

Diabetic Recipe PDF Results

February 11th, 2008

Product Research And Features On Kaboodle


 {Edit} All graphics for this post were lost.

In my last post we talked about utilizing Yahoo Groups to conduct some initial market research. While there are tons of options available to assess markets and look for hungry people wanting solutions to problems, let’s shift our focus a bit and utilize a source I love personally to conduct some PRODUCT research.

Kaboodle is one of those sources that are one in a rare few. When I first started scanning their site and assessing products and reviews it kind of reminded me a little bit like Amazon and Ebay in one. However, the social interaction aspect of Kaboodle is a heck of a lot cooler than either of those two in my opinion. It’s because Kaboodle was built on the foundation that it was initially a social networking site. However it has evolved into a system that allows users to create lists of products, articles, websites/webpages and share them among the Kaboodle community. A hidden gem among this is optimizing each product you list within your targeted theme lists with proper on-page SEO and you can snag some great Search Rankings as well.

I am going to cover Kaboodle in depth this week (maybe like a series) but for now let’s look at it on how we can go there right now and get ideas on what type of products we as affiliate marketers may want to promote.

The first thing you need to do is sign up to become a user. I am not telling you to do this for the hell of it. I am going to show you an image of my account right now and hopefully you will see why the inside of your profile is truly a gem for product research. There are hundreds of features to utilize on Kaboodle, but let’s look at the goodies that are presented to us right off the bat after joining.

Inside my profile:

Inside Kaboodle

Right off the bat we can see a section of what’s hot (hot picks) on Kaboodle as well as what’s being searched heavily (Popular searches). Now this is just general information for a beginner on Kaboodle and that’s why I am pointing it out. You may ask “What kind of store or lists should I create”? As you can see there is a Popular Stores section right there in your homepage profile that you can use to see what others are doing to give you a general idea on what you might/could do.

 So you can see the benefit of joining already. Now let’s look at some of the really cool features of Kaboodle. One of the neat things I found is the gifts tab. Watching thru Christmas and now on to Valentine’s Day there are so many things here to give you an idea on what to promote. This one feature alone within Kaboodle could potentially make your job of finding a product to promote as easy as it possibly gets:


Kaboodle’s sole premise is to stay a social networking shopping site. It’s unique twist on being able to add polls, leave comments and personally review products is why this place is an Affiliate Marketer’s dream. Let’s take a look at 2 critical components on why this site is going to explode in exponential growth this year and why as an Affiliate Marketer you should take notice:

1. You have the ability to add product polls: This allows social interaction to rate your products :)


2. Deals And Discounts – This Is Huge!


Are you seeing the endless possibilities here? I know I probably rambled on a bit about all the cool features of Kaboodle and honestly, we have not even covered them all. There’s too many for just one post. This is a HUGE resource to check out thousands of products that are being sold everyday. Not only can you check them out but you also get an unbiased rating and review system by thousands of users from within the community. Seriously folks, this is just another goldmine. It’s not a secret but it’s a resource I have kept tucked away for quite awhile now.

Now if your all pumped up about the possibilities of Kaboodle, then I think you will enjoy tomorrow’s post when I explain all the necessary elements to utilize Kaboodle while being an Affiliate Marketer.

February 8th, 2008

A Valuable Niche Research Tool

Yahoo GroupsWidely known but heavily under-utilized. Yahoo Groups are one of the best ways to conduct market research online. This resource is nothing new, in fact it’s been used for a long time now. However not a lot people really talk about it. Well, let’s dare to be different.

Yahoo Groups is vast. It is worldwide. As a matter of fact here are the countries they cover along with the US:

Yahoo! Groups Worldwide: Asia • Argentina • Australia & NZ • Brazil • Canada • France • French Canada • Germany • Hong Kong • India • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Spain • Yahoo! Telemundo Groups • Taiwan • UK & Ireland

There are thousands of established groups already covering nearly every topic on the planet. For all the digital information sellers this is a potential goldmine for you. This is like the biggest forum ever covering everything from questions, discussions, problems, and answers in one easy to manage place. There are niches I have never even thought about in there. Let’s look inside some of the health groups:

To effectively utilize Yahoo Groups you really need to look at groups with a large member base (obviously) as well as the amount of recent activity going on within the group. As an example I have picked out Healthy Recipes For Diabetic Friends. Now before we jump right into market analysis I want you to think about why I chose this group.

  1. First I chose it because the headline “Healthy Recipes For Diabetic Friends” told me right off the bat that a potential niche for diabetics could be formed here. Not only are there going to be a large number of diabetics involved in the discussion here, but there are also a large number of diabetics that already have TONS of problems identified for us, and will give us the easiest of easy answers of what they are eating.
  2. As a marketer we are looking at problems that has garnered a large niche audience (the member count tells us this) and that a lot of people are here discussing and sharing information among themselves. (This tells us that the problem is actually one worth seriously looking at).
  3. Quite simply from the headline I knew that an information product could be developed rather quickly and this will appeal to the general reading audience of this blog. For new and advanced marketers, digital products are about the easiest products to create and get your income going.

Moving into the group I want to read the description of it inside and out. This is going to tell me what kind of people the group will attract and also a ton of other market research gems that will allow me to know whether I want to continue or not.  I take a look at the message history:

Awesome, people are talking and they have been since 2005. This is a dedicated group right here! Everything is in place for me to know that this group is established and people have been openly communicating for a long time. This group has stability and I feel it (as a marketer) that I am about to have my next info product on “Food Recipes For Diabetics” already completely spawned out in front of me. I know there is an active group of people looking for this information on the Internet. They are obviously dedicated so I am thinking that the market is probably pretty good for this. If it’s not guess what? It did not cost you a dime to find out.

I am going to end this post abruptly folks. I am going to end it with just three images that I picked up from when I joined this group. It’s seriously this easy to find a niche and have everything you need to write that next book (if that’s your thing) or to hop in these groups and have something you want to promote as an affiliate. We wont go into marketing to these groups directly. That is a completely different subject and quite frankly it’s an art. If/when you get caught, you can take some pretty serious heat from the members. I know that for a fact. However with the three images below could you possibly tell me why you could NOT write the world’s most bad ass ebook over recipes and healthy food for diabetics? Apply this post as an example and know there are endless niches located there.

 Loads Of Recipe Posts:

Recipe Posts

List Of Files Containing Recipes:   It does not get any easier than this.

Recipe Files

A sample of one of the Recipe Files:

Sample Recipe

BOOYAA…Market And Product Research Complete. All at once.