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May 1st, 2008

Convert2Media Officially Launches


A word first to readers, forum members and future publishers that Convert2Media CPA Network has officially launched. The Press Release is soon to come where you will be able to read the entire Official Release Package. For now, the network is live and the C2M team is thrilled. It has been quite a trip for us over the last couple of months. The thing about Convert2Media is that it’s ran by a succesful group of like-minded marketers who are experienced in Retail Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Email And Pay Per Click. On top of that we bring a team of dedicated Managers who’s main focus is to build long-term, prosperous relationships between advertisers and affiliates.

A few things that Convert2Media is striving for is Advertiser and Affiliate transparency as well as dedicated managers devoted to tracking and payouts. As marketers we realize one of the most common problems is the lack of communication and straight answers coming from Affiliate Managers about offers, terms and payouts. With our dedicated team, we hope to set a new standard on advertising transparency on both sides of the “fence”.

There will be more to come in the following days, but if you are interested in becoming a publisher for Convert2Media you may feel free to signup and a manager will be in contact with you.

April 29th, 2008

Successful Affiliate Network Application Tips

Money Rules!This is important. This is vital. Not taking this seriously is the exact same reason why people may gripe about the time it takes getting accepted to programs or not getting accepted at all. Time is money in this business. Treat network applications as if you were applying for another job. Does half-assing your resume increase your chances of banging out that new office with a view? No it dont. The same applies online. Take your business seriously so others will as well.

Personally being a Co-Network owner and not even launching live to public publishers I have deleted over 400 fraudulent applications in the last 24 hours. That’s just one day on a network that is nothing yet. I wonder how people like Market Leverage and Hydra feel? I can only imagine.

The theory that networks only glance at your applications is partly correct. How would you feel looking over 410 applications only to find out that 400 of them were not legitimate? That cuts your production time down and does not allow you to focus more time, energy and dedication to the people who are legitimate.

Here are some tips on getting accepted to Affiliate Networks:

  1. Dont have a website, build one. It’s an instant red flag. Another red flag is if you dont have a website then using something like Google or Yahoo will get you denied pretty quick. Fact of the matter is that silly things like that are seen hundreds of times daily. Your best bet is to ALWAYS utilize the comment box located in applications. You better be telling why you dont have a site and what your intentions are.
  2. Get on the phone – Immediately after filing an application go try to locate a contact number. You take the innitiative not the network. While it’s always nice for the networks to do that, I think I covered an important point of all the bullshit networks deal with.
  3. Dont use the same website 5 times – Automatic deletion in my book. This looks like you used form filling software. I use form filling software but I examine every application I ever submitted so to not allow a silly mistake that looks unprofessional like this. If you dont have 5 websites then dont put anything there.
  4. State your strengths and intentions – Comment boxes are on applications for a reason. Skipping them shows laziness. Filling them out shows professionalism. How serious would you like your online businesses and account to be taken?
  5. Use a reliable email client – If I see or or, I automatically delete it. Use your head because aside from all the bullshit spam some networks send you, the really good ones with good Affiliate Managers are going to send you tips that you dont want to miss.

Short and sweet folks. Nothing complicated here, just a general outline for successful Affiliate Network applications.

March 5th, 2008

Advaliant CPA Network Overview

AdvaliantAdvaliant is one of the “diamonds in the rough” (so to speak) of the CPA Network world. They have one of the simplest interfaces you could ever want from a CPA Network inside. Honestly sometimes I get a bit lost. A lot of CPA Networks try to develop and integrate their sites around the Direct Track network (which serves as their tracking servers). I dont have anything against that at all. The big perk about about their network though is the “Val-Track Technology”.  They are definitely one of those networks established for the long haul and you can tell as they have their own proprietary tracking system.

On top of a lot of unique campaigns, damn high payouts, and a detailed track record for being a top notch CPA Network, they also have some perks on the side as well. They have a referral program which pays out 5% and right now they have a very cool $2,500 Vegas Style Incentive Program.

If you are new to Advaliant or have not run a program with us in the past 12 months, then you qualify for our $2,500 Affiliate Summit bonus program.

Simply drive $2,000 to any offer and we will pay you an extra $500. This is valid for up to 5 offers. That’s $2,500 in extra commission just for doing what you already do as an affiliate. This particular offer expires on March 31st, although we will have a new promotion set for Ad:Tech in San Francisco.

As a network, we have been around for 4 years. The network has roughly 150 live campaigns covering all verticals and offers affiliates weekly payments. As an affiliate on the network you will have a dedicated AM ready to help you out 24 hours a day.

Now if your like me and just really want to know how to “get in”, then simply sign up to Advaliant and request Luke. Let them know you came from here and they will get you all set up. They will  will also be a featured Network in the upcoming Affiliate Directory as Jeff and I plan to shift a lot of our business their way and basically because they rock!

February 22nd, 2008

Make Money With CPA Empire

CPA EmpireI been getting quite a few emails asking about which CPA Networks have a lot of email and zip submits. While I love every network I work with, I had to put CPA Empireon the hotseat. If you like CPA Marketing then your going to have a field day with CPA Empire. They got more offers and campaigns than you can shake a stick at and this does not even include all the private offers and exclusives they have.

Currently their are over 540 offers and campaigns you can work with. One notable thing about them is the sheer size of their email and zip submit offers. Another cool thing is that their International campaigns are no slouch either. This is good for Ruckles because he does not really care to promote in the US in respect to email/zip campaigns. As a matter of fact his International volume VS. US volume for these types of offers sits at around 80% to 20%. While you cant really get a zip code Internationally, those Brits, Canadians and Australians tend to dish out their email like they could care less.

I will not reveal any of the offers within CPA Empire nor will I disclose any payouts. While some people do this and think they are doing good by revealing information…your really not. That’s one perk about CPA Networks is generally they dont care to have a bunch of public information on their offers. This brings other networks *coat-tailing* and creating competition. So I will not be soliciting information on specific offers, payouts or information about them.

Here’s one thing I find interesting about them as well. They write a blog. While this may seem minuscule to a lot of people, I find it refreshing. Even if they are just jerking around about nonchalant stuff it lets me know their are humans and not robots behind the system (so to speak). This gives you more of an opportunity to get personable with them.

CPA networks can be a real pain in the ass to join sometimes. Seriously, if your a new affiliate who wants to get started with Affiliate Marketing what are you supposed to do when it asks you to list a website and you dont have one? What if they call you to confirm your identity and speak with you and you dont know what to say? These things seem very small to some of us but I know and remember the feeling when I signed up for my first network. So that’s where I am going to help you.

{Insert Self Promotion Here}

If you would like to join CPA Empire and look over what they got then getting approved is as simple as doing the following:

Sign up thru this link. In the comments box at the bottom of the signup form request LAURA as your AM. Also in the comments box tell them that Ruck from CashTactics sent you. It’s as easy as that.

Anyway this was just a short post about them. I will be featuring them along with other networks in the upcoming Affiliate Directory that I am putting together but wanted to cover the topic of who has a bunch of email and zip submits as well as a few perks about CPA Empire.


CPA Empire Shirt

Thanks for the UnderArmor shirt & card Laura!

January 24th, 2008

Tips On Picking Out An Email Or Zip Submit CPL Offer

After 30+ comments and now dozen of emails over CPA Offers, Keyword Research and Landing Page Setup I thought I would take a crack and try to trim down the amount of incoming questions here in one shot. Let’s jump into looking exclusively at an email or zip submit offer from a CPA Network. We are not even going to worry about keywords right now but instead let’s focus entirely at looking at the offer before we even switch tabs or windows and start our market research. Chances are that if it does not somewhat appeal to you, you may not have success with it. This can spell D O O M from the get go.

After going thru TONS of offers you will come to find out that quite simply, some are a lot easier to profit from than others. This is really my main area of focus. While I COULD work on the offer and TRY to make it MORE profitable, I usually dont. I really dont have the time. So there are some things we can apply to ourselves and towards the offer before we ever start researching it.

Go to your account and choose and offer. Run your link in the browser and look at the landing page and what the offer is giving away. Now what I am about to say may seem downright cold-hearted. Chances are that if your not just the least bit *dirty* in your thinking then you will probably just earn peanuts in this type of business (if anything at all).

Lesson #1 – Who is this offer going to appeal to?

After identifying who the offer may appeal to you will definitely want to put yourself in this type of person’s mindset. We are looking for both strengths and weaknesses here. Not only that but we are looking for an impulsive behavior too. Impulsive behaviors are good, they trigger emotions that can lead to conversions. What are some good words that will tie OUR prospects to such an offer?

  • Desperate?
  • Emotional?
  • Egotistical?
  • Witty?

Those are all things we want to ask ourselves about the type of people our offer will appeal to. These types of emotions are weaknesses we can exploit. Sounds horrible right? Well quite honestly I am being brutally honest here and keeping this VERY whitehat for now. If you can exploit weaknesses in people’s emotions you can trigger responses that are likely to skyrocket your conversions. Simple as that.

After picking our your prospect’s emotions you now have become a lion in the grass waiting on its prey. We dont jump in and attack just yet though. We have only singled out a certain aspect of our prey and there are more options to consider if this is going to be our best choice.

Great, now we have identified the emotions of prospect, and we have identified their weaknesses so we can setup with an offer that will do the job of triggering a response which in the end could/would be the best chance of us getting a conversion. Now, we have to look at the group in a whole. Survey in your mind the entire market now. Ask yourself this:

Lesson #2 – Identifying the market as a whole.

  • Are these people internet smart?
  • Do they pay really close attention?
  • Have they already been hammered with offers?
  • Are the gullable?
  • Can they see deception clearly?
  • Are they a freebie seeker?

Now I am not telling you to be deceptive. I am merely telling you to ask yourself if they are likely to spot an offer and NOT fill it out based on them KNOWING it is an offer from someone who is going to get paid if they input their information. If your just starting out then I would suggest not getting into tech and Internet savvy markets until you get the art of CPL acquisition down. Targeting people who dont know that much about the Net and are really looking for a freebie.

Lesson #3 – Pick an honest offer.

This just goes without saying. You can test this yourself but I have found that the more believable the offer appears, the higher my conversions are. Quite simply, here’s an example:

A zip submit offering a $1,000 cash or an Email submit offering $100

An email offer giving away a cruise or a zip submit giving away $500 frequent flyer miles

Like I said, you can test this yourself. A lot of marketers think that a zip submit is GOING to convert better than an email submit everytime. These are normally the marketers I turn away from and put on my shitlist to never listen to again. Right then and there, I know from personal testing that this person has zero f#cking clue of what they are talking about. While they may be successful, the way they got it was from working WAY harder and following bad advice. I much prefer working less for more, and listening to good advice. Agreed?

Lesson #4 – Good leads or bad leads.

This does not necessarily tie into the offer itself but it is something that needs to be looked at from the start. You see in the world of CPA there is a shitload of scumbag advertisers. While every network I work with has sorted out every issue I have ever had, it goes without saying that some advertisers are just plain greedy shitbags. Everyone likes working over Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz and structuring campaigns over news events. Most generally they do this with little voting pages offering the offers incentive. I can tell you right now that this works EXTREMELY well. As a matter of fact, I have made over $1,000 within an hour over just one event recently.

The thing is that some Advertisers dont want their stuff promoted this way. Most of the time this is horrible lead quality. I like to think of it as a *double-back*. These are offers are ALL shit from the beginning anyway. Seriously, you put your zip code in and then have to complete two more offers before getting your chance at the prize anyway. It’s all spam, and it’s all shit. This advertiser has your email, so expect this crap in your inbox from here on out. That’s the law of the land. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar a year business on the Internet and it is not letting up anytime soon. Which leads me to my next point.

If an Advertiser ever does try holding out on you for lead quality, you better go to your Affiliate Manager and let them know that this advertiser has acquired the lead as stated. While they call this *bad* lead quality, it’s still a lead. If they like it then f#ck em. I have a ZERO tolerance policy over a-hole advertisers and networks. They get their lead, you get paid…simple as that.

Trying to find offers that will keep you AWAY from such problems though, is really the ultimate way to keep out of hot water like this.

January 22nd, 2008

Making Money With Ringtones – Scale It Up

There’s been a lot of talk over the last week or so that gaming sites such as Youtube with watermarked urls for ringtone offers can make you money. Of course it can! You must be living under a rock if you have not done this before. There are many variations to the method but most of what I am seeing is that people are saying to watermark a video with something like:

Get The RingTone @

That’s all I do. Some morons are putting the word free in there so it’s only a matter of time before they are swiftly brought back down to earth. However the key here is LOTS of videos and destroy all the amateurs out there doing it. So how do you do that? Easy. I will tell you how here in a minute. First off you should know that in order to beat everyone else, you can’t think like everyone else. Start thinking about how people are doing things and how you can do it better. In regards to this simple stupid but VERY profitable method here’s exactly what I do.

1. To take care of the video sites I have 4 programs.

  • Ultraget
  • Total Video Converter
  • Video Watermark Factory
  • Video Post Robot

Google them. You can use anything you want in regards to these tools, these are just what I use.

With Ultraget I quickly take 5 Youtube videos and download them and they come out as FLV’s. I then mass import all 5 videos into Total Video Converter and convert them into MPEG’s. I then take these converted videos and mass import them into Video Watermark Factory and watermark each video with what I said above. I simply have my domain forwarded to a ringtone Affiliate link. I take my newly watermarked video and setup 5 quick projects in Video Post Robot. This tool uploads to 27 video sharing sites at once. Setup the videos to upload every hour for however many you have. Personally, I like to do 15-20 videos a week to the video sharing sites per account.


You should have save all these watermarked videos into a folder. Open up Limewire and every other P2P application you have and set the folder to be shared. Make sure to ALWAYS have the artist and song name in the title. This is how people find things on Limewire. The video should be laid with keywords pertaining to the artist and song.


Upload all the videos to torrent sites. Personally I have my own trackers and storage service. On my T1 line when I did this I was transfering anywhere from 350-400 Gigs a month. Now I can transfer over 2000 gigs a month and it does not even use my connection.

Scale it out, there are more ways to do this, this is just how I do it. 5 videos takes me about 30 minutes a day to completely setup and run.

Start thinking outside the box on this too. You can upload movie pieces and trailers and promote a Blockbuster or Netflix offer. You can even promote something like Columbia House Cd’s. For gaming there is Gamefly if you were uploading gaming vids. Tons of opportunity here but to grab it you have to be one step ahead of everyone else AND be producing on a large and VERY fast level. You can still make $100 a day but that’s peanuts.

As far as the quality of traffic is concerned since your watermarking they have to type your domain in so they are somewhat interested.

This article is intended for people already experienced in these types of methods. If you got a problem with it simply move on.

January 16th, 2008

Gaining Momentum For Your CPA Offers

 If you take the shotgun approach with CPA then chances are that your throwing more crap at the wall than I am when it comes to finding profitable offers. However, since taking this approach I have found that I am getting lifetime valued prospects. For this to exercise I am going to assume that you already have a profitable offer. If you dont then then thats ok, I’ll help you out. Remember to think outside the box and remember what not to look for in an offer. I am also going to assume that since you have this wildly popular and PROFITABLE offer then you have gone ahead and set up your landing site/pages. If not, then again remember to read tips on how to optimize your page for a better quality score and cpa offers, keyword research and landing page setup. By then you will be rocking and rolling.

So we want to structure ourselves a thematic site based around the offer. Let’s use the ecards example from previous shall we? We can take a look at what we want to rank for. For this example I want my home page to rank for Ecards. However I may want to target other keywords as well. Now I setup my landing sites and pages on WordPress because I have found that I can often get indexed and ranked for many obscure keywords. Knowing undisclosed details of over 50% of Google’s searches are unique, I never take the fact that since a keyword is NOT showing up in a search tool, does not mean it does not get searched or will get searched. Keep that little piece of advice on the backburner…it’s important.

There’s a truly vital plugin for WordPress that has made TONS of difference for me in regards to Search Rankings. This is also an important plugin in regards to Pay Per Click as well. It’s lowered my costs and boosted my quality scores around the board in ways that would have taken me forever had I been doing static HTML sites. So get the plugin here. The All In One SEO Pack Plugin is a crazy little plugin that will allow us to optimize each post or page (which should be our landings!) very easily. Here’s a quick look at how easy and fast it is to use the plugin to optimize a birthday ecards landing page (a wordpress post).

All In One Seo Pack Plugin

 So we’ve properly optimized the landing page with some good onpage seo techniques. This alone can get some longtail phrases ranked in the search engine as you move thru your list of keywords and keep on posting. The next part is actually getting links to these pages because that’s going to make the difference on how long you actually stay ranked. For this I will want to use some sort of quick social bookmarking tool. I am no longer a big fan of automated social bookmarking tools. More often than not, when your submitting your own posts your sort of looked at as a spammer. However, many people have different views and being the money grubber I am, I could give two shits. I’ve seen worse posted on the bookmarking sites and for this example *ecards* are a lot fun for everyone. In my eyes, no harm no foul. Keep on, keeping on with the social bookmarking. I also like the Sociable plugin for WordPress. It fits quite nicely below my posts (landing pages) and gives everyone else the chance to share among others as well. You definitely want an *Email This* link as well.

Newsletter – Quite simply, if you do not have one of these on EVERY site or page you do then your an idiot, moron, know-nothing marketer. If your in it to half ass it, have fun. I prefer lifetime value over the quick buck anytime I can get it. It doesn’t matter if I am promoting Ipods, gift cards or insurance. I have an optin box on every site/page I promote. No ifs, ands or butts. By the time the site/page is ready to be promoted I have an optin box. Normally I have gone with Aweber but I much prefer Feedburners automatic email update service. Just with displaying a feed count on one of my blogs that is used entirely for the methods outlined above, I have put up a private ad on one and turned down another. The private ad was an exclusive to one of my CPA Networks. Not bad heh? Getting a set amount each month AND promoting their offers. You know what happened after the exclusive ad? I got my payouts raised on EVERY offer I ran.

Feedburner is a godsend in my book. While you can configure Awebers Autoresponder service to deliver updates, I much prefer Feedburner for its simplicity. To burn a  feed and setup a newsletter code takes me all of about 3 minutes. Which is exactly what you need when your moving at the speed of light in testing offers. Just ask my designer Jeff if he is sick of designing neat little graphics for my little offer blogs newsletters. He did 3 in the last week alone. With Feedburner your blog posts are automatically emailed each time you post. So let’s do an example of how powerful this really can be.

Say we have an ecards blog. Tomorrow your going to blog 3 posts (landing pages). One post over birthday ecards, one post over animated ecards and the last post of Valentines Day ecards. Do you see what’s taking place here? After each post it will be delivered via email to your subscribers. They dont even have to visit your site at all. Just checking their email (which is the #1 thing people do online) they have 3 new posts to check out. We already know they are into ecards because they have opted in to your newsletter. Now we have 3 easy chances to find out the interest they have in which type of ecard they are into. Now the next day you may post about funny ecards, sexy ecards, naughty ecards. So on and so forth. The cool thing about this whole idea is that people dont have to visit your site at all. They can easily read the post in their email client and do the offer right there. Can we say power?

Let’s take this a step further because this is exactly what is happening to me ever since I started to promote my offers this way. When people get an email they like, what do they usually do? They forward the email to their friends. With using Feedburner I can have exact replicas of my posts going to people and having it shared among their friends who have zero clue about my site. Now they will

Forums – we can take this yet another step forward. Now that we are gaining subscribers and our subscribers are sharing us among their friends with our simple newsletter updates (which are our landing pages mind you), we may want to consider the idea that all these people will want a place to congregate and talk about ecards. What better way than to set up a forum and start posting about to your blog. Now our subscribers see that they have a place to go everyday and talk about ecards. I can tell you right now that they are going to invite their friends right off the bat. People like entering forums when they know they have someone in there they know.  Now as a marketer this works great in our favor. It builds our site brand, newsletter subscriber count, and viral marketing for our community. Structuring offers like this on this magnitude can bring ALOT of money in. Add the fact that people may want to advertise on your blog, thru your newsletter or on your forum and you have reoccurring commissions from outside your self-promotional efforts

Incentives – What is one thing that most people want more of? — Money!

Now by this point we would have Pay Per Click driving people to our landing pages (posts), properly SEO optimized posts/pages driving search traffic, an auto-sending email updater on every new piece of content we do, a forum where people can congregate and discuss ecards, what else is there to do?

Set yourself up a freebie site. If you can find incentivized offers on networks (which you can) then you can offer people things to sign up to your offers. Be sure to check the terms on the offers but you can send them gifts or cash for completion of the offers. You can run your own arbitrage freebie offer site. Now all your subscribers and forum members will see that they have a chance at some cool gifts (or even cash) just by signing up to these offers. If you were not going viral before (which you should be) you will now. Yet again we post on how people can sign up to the offers for the gifts/cash and they will make this work for us. Just by doing what you have been doing already, you will set up yet another viral campaign to bring in even more people to the site/blog, newsletter and forum.

There are many ways to retain traffic but I am using this as an example of how you can totally structure a high trafficked site/blog around using some of the easiest techniques on the planet. Starting a site or blog is a good start but it’s just not enough this days. Putting a forum and freebie site up is easy. There are tons of free forum software out there and there are freebie scripts as well. I hope this starts to open your eyes on what can be accomplished when you structure around something that people like and their is a way for you to monetize and build around. I have not even talked about offline promotion yet but I will in my next post.


January 15th, 2008

What Not To Pick When Choosing Offers

Initially I was going to write about how to *retain* our traffic and get every bit of juice from it with our landing pages but from the emails I received yesterday I though we would go a little bit more in depth on what NOT to choose as an offer when your first starting out. Even though I take a shotgun approaching offers (meaning I’ll try anything to see how it works), I dont suspect your the type of person that wants to lose money off the bat. This unfortunately IS GOING TO HAPPEN. The difference between not wanting to lose money and going in full force knowing you will probably lose money at the beginning is the separation between us. If you want to make serious money, you have to spend serious money. That is of course unless your a *crawler* in which case it may take you longer to accomplish this than most.

Here’s a few ideas on what not to choose as an offer if your new to the game.

#1 – Ringtones or SMS Message offers. The industry is by far from over however over the last year it has got increasingly competitive. Not only are there thousands of marketers in ALL the search engines fighting over the same keywords but a lot of ringtone merchants have now changed up their terms of service which points out the fact that users will pay somewhere around $9.99 a month for the service. In the good ole days people would join up and not find out about the offers details until you had already generated a commission. Deceptive marketing at its best.

#2 – Avoid any type of offer that requires the user for payment. Unless you got an incredible payout then maybe you could test it out. However there are hundreds/thousands of offers out there that are completely free to the user. I would suggest getting yourself an offer that pays at least $2. When promoting zip or email submit offers, most generally your looking at payouts from $0.75-$2.00. Yea you might think this is easy but I can assure you that if your not familiar with optimizing landing pages and paying attention to what Google wants, your going to burn your budget rather quickly. Stay away from offers that require someone whipping out their credit card.

#3. Choose the offers that require the least amount of information. I am not talking about email and zip submits only. This goes for every offer you will ever run. The less amount of data a user has to type in the more likely you will get a conversion. One of the best offers in recent months for me was the Debt Wizard offer. It was a debt offer that only required an email address (Can we say rape?) that paid me $3.50 with an increase from my AM to $4.25. I bought a domain to redirect to this offer for $9.29 and spent another $400 putting it in offline classified ads. I grossed a little over $1,000 and netted around $570 that month. All I did was redirect a domain and put in my order which took all of about 10 minutes one morning. The result was $570 flowing automatically throughout the month. Now you might not think $570 is alot, (I sure dont) but this was 10 minutes of work. It’s the little things that compound over time. This is was only a single offer too

#4. Highest payout for maximum profitability. Yes I know we all have networks that we love. Hell, I am friends with a lot of AM’s in the industry but the fact remains that we are in it for the money people. Sure I have taken a hit here and there just to keep running the offer on a lower margin. Sometimes we have some dedication issues or (a soft heart) and decide to stick with that network but right now at the beginning of your affiliate marketing career, I am suggesting that you seek the highest payout. Not only seek the best payout but also message your Affiliate Manager and ask them if this is the best payout they can offer. It never hurts to try and you will be surprised a lot of times that they will indeed raise it. Then its up to you to push the volume.

#5. Offers requiring extensive keyword lists are a no-no. If your starting out then chances are you probably do not have refined keyword research skills. Look the offer over at the start and come up with keywords/phrases off the top of your head to plug into your keyword tool. Try to steer clear away from offers centering around videos, music and/or video games. There is so much that can go wrong here. The best idea is to promote a video, song or one game at a time. When you get into the market and keyword research of these 3 niches your bound to come up with an exhaustive list of generic keywords. You will get tons of freebie seekers, young people and just the occasional browsers. This has *give it to me deep* written all over it. It’s a HUGE no-no so steer clear.

Ok now this should open you up a little more into hunting for a more reliable offer. However in the world of CPA most of us like the term *throw shit at the wall and see what sticks*. This requires capital, patience and most of all perseverance. If your not willing to go into this with your eyes wide open, your confidence breaming and your credit card ready for hits, then chances are you should probably keep learning. However there comes a point when you have to *shit or get off the pot* and each day you put it off is another day wasted.