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November 14th, 2010

A Lesson Learned in Mobile Marketing

—This post was originally removed as we worked on some things with an advertiser. It is now being re-posted for your learning pleasure. —
Over the past couple week I have had some opportunity to work closely with ECM provided me with a Pay-Per-Call offer that paid out $10 per phone call no matter the length. So… naturally I jumped on the opportunity to run traffic to the offer.

In the past I have marketed on mobile networks such as Admob, Inmobi, and Mojiva.  I knew for a fact that Admob offered a “click-to-call” function for their mobile advertisers (so does Inmobi, don’t know about Mojiva) so I chose to try out their traffic.  Basically what happens is when someone clicks on your advertisement they are shown a message that states “Are you sure you want to call XXXXXXXXXX” Then the person clicks call or cancel.  Now, the theory behind this is that if someone clicks the call button then they genuinely want to call your company.  At least that was my thought on this process.

Here was the first banner creative

This was the first creative that was used.  This was a text version of an Admob ad.  Originally the ad just said “Free Debt Elimination Kit – Call Now!”.  However, we noticed a terrible CTR for the offer.  Because we were sending traffic after business hours we assumed that people just weren’t clicking.  Most people know that if you call after business hours you will have to deal with an automated system instead of an actual phone operator. So to combat the issue we put on Call 24/7 to the ad to help ease people’s minds. 21k impressions, 130 clicks, 6 confirmed calls, $48.xx spend, average $0.30 a click. Not the best… so we moved to a banner ad approach so we could add more info to the creative.

Here was the second/final creative

This was an actual image instead of using the Admob default background and custom text.  Image ads on mobile networks allow you to add more content to the actual creative.  You can also see that we were pre-qualifying people by letting them know that if they click they will need to continue with a phone call to us. The creative also let the surfer know what they would be receiving for calling in.   1,316,753 impressions, 9,871 clicks, $1,353.50 spend (about $0.14 a click)… you ready for this?… 410 calls.  That’s $4,100.  AWESOME RIGHT?  Well… yes and no… The advertiser wasn’t too thrilled about the quality of traffic… Don’t worry… they’re going to pay up… but…

Here is what I learned

Mid day we received a report of the traffic quality.  Unfortunately it was quite low. And here’s why…

Any good marketer knows that they should always track their stats with a third party company. For this project I chose to go with (a phone number tracking service). Dynamicic also offers the option to record the phone call so that you can hear what exactly is going on. Out of my own curiousness for how the calls went I made sure to turn on the recording function from the beginning.  After we received the report from the advertiser I went back and listened to about 50 phone calls.  While some of them were indeed real people the majority were remnant noises of little kids… WHAT?  Yeah… little tykes making their little googoo gaga sounds.

So… While I did make a HUGE return for the investment, the quality of the actual phone call was utter $#!^ to say the least.  This venture in mobile marketing taught me that 85%+ clicks on the advertisement come from kids that are playing with their parents phone.  Now… Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but when you have an advertiser that is paying you for a phone call of ANY length then this is a critical matter that needs to be resolved.

That traffic was ran on Friday.  Right now the campaign is paused until I can get a full report as to the quality of the leads. If it’s extremely bad I’ll just ask for a pay decrease and hope that I can keep pushing traffic.  Even at a couple dollars a lead I’ll still be making oodles of dinero from this campaign.

Here’s some screen shots for you

October 18th, 2010

T3Leads updated their look and platform.

T3Leads LogoAbout 2 years ago I gave a review of You can see it here: Check out this Financial PPL site!

So… T3Leads has asked me to give them another review… So here I am… Just so we’re clean, I did get paid for this review.

What’s changed?

For starters, the T3Leads website has a brand new look. Unfortunately, the website now looks like a low end gentlemen’s club… Black and Gold. But that’s okay because their member’s area is a nice crisp white. T3 is currently on the 3rd generation of their backend tracking platform. Dirty on the outside, clean on the inside. A little deceptive if you ask me… but that’s not the point of the network.

The real change has come from how T3Leads now supplies their payout to affiliate. Previously your leads were valued based on a bid method sort of like an “auction” for your data. Now T3 does a straight sale depending on the data that is given as well as the exact niche the lead is for.

Payouts range from $1.50 on the low end and go all the way up to $100 for a payday loan offer

Reporting for T3 hasn’t changed much. Just the look really. They’ve upgraded to better looking graphs and a cleaner navigation through the reports. You can also see a report for leads that errored on conversion. And of course there are the standard filters for on date ranges, product, channel type, etc. I happen to like the fact that I can see my stats for Today, Yesterday, last Week, previous Week, Last month, and Current Balance all in the header from any page in their system. This saves me time when I just want a quick look at how my conversions went.

Ahh I can also see when my next check is going to be sent from any page. This helps me with budgeting out my campaigns. And as always, T3leads pays out twice a month with a minimum payment of $100. Of course if you generate more than $1000 in a week, you can always receive faster payment terms.

What makes them different from the rest?

Easy answer really. Because T3 is not your average affiliate network, they provide you with two… umm… creative options. The first is called a “Public Website” this is their generic webpage that everyone has access to. This allows you to promote to something that already has branding. Your Affilite ID is carried through the URL and you will be credited accordingly for your lead.

The second method of promotion that they offer is called a “Private Website”. This is by far the coolest function of T3Leads because they are essentially allowing you to white label their form onto your website. That means that you have 100% control over the look and feel of the landing page. You can create a whole site based around funneling people into the form or you can do a one page lander to get people to sign up. The integration is super easy and their customization functions to get the form to blend in with your site is absolutely a life saver.

Just a little more information has gone a long way to set themselves up as a special niche specific network. By focusing on financial leads they can gather the best financial advertisers and hook them up with the best financial affiliate.

If your an affiliate in the financial services space then I highly suggest I’ve been using them for the last couple of years and I am definitely satisfied with what they have to offer.

Click Here to Check out!

July 7th, 2009

Don’t Stand Still – Check out Revolution202 Right Now!

202-picThey did it again! I constantly remain impressed and in awe of the wonderful products that the Tracking202 team develop. From the very first day I found out about the Tracking202 product, I have not only been a hardcore user but have gotten to know Wes and Steven from 202 very well, and I’m glad to count them both as friends. I want to introduce to you their latest weapon in the 202 Empire but before I do, I want to remind you of what make some products and services great and others not. Simply, it’s the team of people behind the product or service. I guarantee you won’t find a better team than the 202Team, they take every possible effort to assist you in succeeding in your online affiliate marketing business and they have demonstrated that from their opening day. It would be hard to track the number of online marketers that would have to owe a huge part of their success online to the 202 Team and/or their products. That being said let me now introduce to you the Revolution202 Partner Network.

I’m not going to sell you on the reason why you should sign up for the new Revolution202 network, the quality of their products are far more of a testimonial and statement to be made than anything I could ever come up with. Behind the Revolution202 team, you have a strong affiliate marketing background combined with a great insight on how to make products that simplify the process of achieving profitability; you are sure to benefit from the integration of Revolution202. You can check out their top notch team by visiting HERE! And as an affiliate marketer, you most definitely need to check out their latest update on their Global Affiliate Program, it’s very appealing.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and review the Revolution202 Partner Network. And while you’re at it, sign up and check out some of the free tools you get access to. As always, stay focus and determined, you shall succeed!

May 12th, 2009

Did you hear about Google’s NEW rule?

That’s right… Effective June 4th Google will no longer be protecting trademark terms. That means you can now bid on your favorite music artists, celebrities, and brands. This is HUGE if you run polls or even competing company offers. Here are my three favorite picks from the list of over 150 countries that Google will no longer investigate.

  • United States (US)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada

BAM That’s money right there. Unfortunately my #1 country isn’t on the list.

Click here to see Googles official list!

Click here for the article in Search Engine Journal!

Get those campaigns ready. It’s going to be a dirty fight to take over some of those trademarked terms!

You will need to remember to look at the original TOS for the offers that you are running.  Some offers make their own rules and you will still need to follow their rules on bidding on trademarked terms.

December 11th, 2008

Christmas Came Early – Not 1 but 2 Free Affiliate Summit West Silver Passes – Hurry and Get Yours ($700 Value)

CashTactics is proud to hold a drawing on behalf of Direct Agents for not 1 but 2 FREE Affiliate Summit West Silver Passes to the conference event taking place on January 11-13, 2009. If I was to talk about one of the biggest turning points in my business, the first thing I would think of is the contacts I’ve made and the networking I’ve done. Making friends within the industry you are trying to build a business within is a very vital aspect in becoming successful and you should start immediately, it will put you way ahead of the learning curve! If you would like the exciting chance to win one of the FREE passes, please read ALL the details that are written below.

First, let me briefly talk about the company that is providing the 2 Free ASW passes. To be completely honest with you, I’ve never personally used them, at least yet. Their name is Direct Agents, they have been in operation for over 5 strong years and are continuing to grow rapidly. Just this year they doubled their office and client base, which says a lot! What I’ve noticed about Direct Agents, are the many exclusive offers they carry and each person I’ve talked to whether on the phone or through the internet has had an amazing attitude and focus heavily on one on one interaction with publishers, that’s a HUGE help especially for new affiliates. The biggest thing that has impressed me with them has been their selfless generosity, they didn’t ask me to write this, I actually offered because a company with characteristics like this is who you want to work with. Just an insider tip, some of their hottest offers right now is DirecTV, Fandango and USO. Each of these offers are goldmines!

So How Do You Win a Free Silver Pass to ASW in Las Vegas?

This is going to be the easiest drawing in the world, all you have to do is sign up for a new account with Direct Agents and your name will be automatically entered into the drawing. If you make a comment below this post or make a video comment telling me why you would like to go to ASW (drawing is open to those who have never been and those who have), your name will be entered in twice, giving you 2x the chances to win and that will greatly increase your odds of getting 1 of the 2 free tickets being given away. Time is short because the conference begins January 11-13, 2009, the winners of the 2 free passes will be selected on Tuesday December 16th (announced on Wed), to allow enough time (approximately 3 ½ weeks) to prepare for the trip to Las Vegas. Please do not enter the drawing if you know for sure you’re not able to go. If you still want to sign up with Direct Agents you can but please notify me that you want out of the drawing. To save on travel expenses, I recommend going to Priceline and buying your plane and hotel together in an area close to the conference hotel, which will save you money. You must sign up for Direct Agents through this post and we will confirm that the chosen winners have opened an account with Direct Agents. Like I said, this is the easiest drawing in the world, you can easily win and I’m guessing many people aren’t able to go or have already bought their ticket, that’s better for you, so sign up now!

To Win 1 of 2 Free Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas Silver Passes – Sign Up Below

Direct Agents

October 20th, 2008

CS1.1 – Pay Per Click Case Study Part 1

1. Affiliate Networks:


Market Leverage


2 & 3. Competition Research and Offer Selection:

Google Trends

Google Keywords Tool

Associated Content


If you have more questions about this video and the topics covered, please sign up to the forum and post a question in the ‘Case Studies’ area in the appropriate section – Visit Forum Here

Our sole purpose is to help each of you understand how to build a profitable PPC or other method of an internet business. It takes alot of our time and efforts to publish any content on this blog. I read a comment in one of my earlier posts, where someone suggested that I start a blog of my own. To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to. It’s not an easy thing to keep up and there is very little monetary return. It is proven that my business will grow faster and better by not blogging at all. Then why am I blogging on CashTactics? Because, blogs where my main source of information at one point in time. So I want to give back and do what I can to help. If you plan to join any networks or products that we recommend, we would greatly appreciate it if you joined through us. It helps us cover the expenses of the blog and forum, which isn’t cheap.

We do plan to produce more case studies and perhaps on a regular basis. By the way, if you want to kick start your marketing budget, sign up for the CashTactics RSS feed, you’ll be in for a big suprise! Don’t wait too late.

So I obviously didn’t say the word ‘Acai’ just right. So I Googled it and provided a link so that we can all learn to say it properly :) Hear the word pronounced. Read the pronunciation.

If you’d like a full screen high quality version, visit the link just below the video.

October 11th, 2008

Motive Network’s kick ace interface!

The Motive Network is yet another affiliate network on the line.  Now I know you have all see a bunch of affiliate networks out there.  So what is so different about Motive? It’s the interface!

As I’ve mentioned before I have signed up with a lot of CPA networks.  They are like a drug to me.  But Motive has definitely stood out to me as a cut above.  The reason for this?  Their killer interface.  I must say, this is some serious interactive stuff.  I’m going to attach a YouTube vid at the end of this post of their new Advent 2.0 interface so you can see how nice the interaction is once inside.

Motive Interactive was started up in 2003 by Brendan Smith.  Currently they are located in San Diego, CA. Brendan started out working for NetCreations which is an opt-in email marketing company.  They work with large corporations such as MSNBC and CNET. Brendan is also a founding member of The Online Lead Generation Association (OLGA).

Advent 2.0 is pretty advanced for an affiliate platform.  My favorite feature would have to be the simple fact that I can log in and look at a huge graph right in my face that tells me how well I am doing.  The graph they got is from Maani, but it definitely integrates well with the site. Also, once inside you have the option of adding several offers to a quick view.  That means that once your in right under the graph is a list of offers that you are currently promoting and their live stats.  If all affiliate networks integrated this quick view I would be much happier.

Their user interface after the front page is also clean and streamlined.  It is very easy in the Advent 2.0 platform to navigate your way to the offers that you want to run.  Not only that but they have a tab for hot offer, exclusive offers, new offers, and of course all offers.  Koolest part is the ease for viewing the description, offer preview, and the available creatives.

The Advent 2.0 uses a lot of AJAX.  This allows for several parts of the page to load while still allowing you to go about your business on the website.  For example, if you want to view an offer you just click the offer and the section that the offer is in will open up allowing you to view more information.  There is no new page to load, and no window that pops up.  This definitely saves time and we all know that in business… Time is Money!

Oh and REPORTING!  This beats the cake.  Reporting on the Advent platform is definitely above par! With the click of a button I can have my reports downloaded in PDF, EXCEL or CSV formats… Or all 3 if I wanted. Like other networks they allow you to select the time period to view reports for.  And of course you can create those excel spread sheets with the click of a button.  Man it’s easy.

Anyways view the video below to see how the inside looks! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

I can’t say I have ever seen anything like it.  It definitely makes CPA marketing fun HAHA.

Now go join them!

May 22nd, 2008

2 ways to choose your offer

There has already been a post in regards to choosing your CPA offers. However, I have had several requests to start from the beginning and break everything down a little further.

The most common types off offers you will see are as follows:

  • Zip/email submits (One field)
  • Short forms (3-4 fields)
  • Long forms (More than 4 fields)
  • 2 page (2 pages of fields)
  • Sales based (Surf the site, make a purchase)
  • etc, etc

If you’re starting out and your trying to run a sales based offer, I promise you will be discouraged with PPC-CPA. We often hear about Polls and creating polls for CPA offers. Great! Do it! But don’t run a sales based offer on your backend. A beginner’s key to converting an offer is to allow for the least amount of clicks possible. That means we want to start with zip submits or email submits.

Method 1

Well great… Out of the hundreds of possible offers which should I choose? That depends on you. When your starting out pick an offer that appeals to you. Don’t try and pick an offer that would appeal to a crowd that you don’t know and understand yet.

If you pick something that you know and understand then you have knocked your research down quite a bit. If you’re a fan of fishing choose a fishing offer. If you like video games choose a gaming offer. I promise you, if you start with something you are familiar with you’re way ahead of the game.

Method 2

Watch TV, Listen to the Radio, and read a Magazine. Chances are if its being advertised on the Tube, the Radio, or in a Magazine then someone is buying. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. I saw an ad for Wal-Mart “Rolling Back Prices Everyday!” First thing I did was surfed the CPA networks for available Wal-Mart related offers. There’s a gift card out there. Go find it, advertise it. I often sit in front of the TV with my laptop for this specific reason.

When I’m in my car and I hear the radio playing I make sure to jot down specific advertisements that I hear so I know what is selling.

Make it as simple as possible for yourself. Someone has already done the work and knows what converts. Your goal is to then find the converting audience (we’ll discuss that soon).