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April 2nd, 2010

Ian Fernando’s $1.2 Million Dollar Mistake…

Optin CommentsOkay not really $1.2 MM… But it was a BIG mistake if you ask me.  About 2 weeks ago Ian made a blog post, in that post he briefly mentioned that he was putting some of his sites up on Flippa.  So, naturally I jumped on there to see what he was listing.  Fortunately for me he put for sale. So…  I contacted him and worked out a deal.  So… To make a long story short…


Yeah you heard that right.  You can now own optincomments for Zero down and Zero monthly.

Let me explain to you a little about this plugin… When someone comes to the blog and leaves you a comment you can essentially send them directly onto your autoresponder.  Imagine with me for a second that we have a blog in the “Internet Marketing” space.  Now, when someone leaves a comment on the blog they can be subscribed to my mailing list as well.  This is a great way to continue a relationship with your readers.  Send them a thank you email and maybe a link to a survey.

The possibilities are really limitless here.

I sunk in about $4k more after I purchased this product to make it really top notch and seamless. So… Without wasting anymore of your time… You can grab FREE by clicking this banner:

January 29th, 2010

(Series) Building Out Our Site – The Squeeze Page

Before I begin this post I want you all to know that I am now taking two individuals through this case study/series.  I will no longer be touching a thing but I will be training these two guys hands on.  I flew out to their location in order to give them a basic lesson in HTML. Believe me when I say these guys have absolutely NO experience online!

If you go to the main page you first hit will be full of links that you can use to navigate your way around the site as it’s being built.  We will be rotating between two different squeeze pages to find out which converts the best.  After they hit the squeeze they will be taken to a page with the answer (something short yet powerful) and then off to the actual sales letter.

The key to the first page is to entice an individual to sign up to your mailing list.  I’m not going to claim to you that I am some squeeze page guru…  Trust me I’m not.  I like to stick with what works and fortunately for us Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss have tested plenty of squeeze pages for us.  During this case study I will be using one of their squeeze page as my base for a split test. You can check it out by clicking here.

There are several basic elements that have been tried and tested to help boost your squeeze page conversion rates.  Here are a list that I know for a fact work… These have been proven time and time again by marketers and have proven to help your conversion rates.

  • Make sure your content is readable.  This includes font styles, size, and color.  This data has already been gathered for you by many different sources and marketers.  Don’t try and re-invent the wheel here by creating fancy fonts at different sizes.  Stick with black size 12 Arial as your default font.  Arial is an easy to read especially when you set the color to contrast the background.
  • Make your headline stick out.  A few years back John Reese told the world that they should use red Tahoma font in their headers.  Michel Fortin of reiterated the use of red Tahoma back in 2006. Read that article to get some more insight on headlines and their ability to help convert readers.  Keep the header font size between 22-28 (That’s my opinion). It works and it converts.
  • Choose a color that is going to relax the reader.  Light colors tend to work best.  When I create my pages I choose a light blue or light grey color for the background.  Check out what what says about colors. When you have a sales letter or really anything you want people to read your best bet it so give them colors that will keep them relaxed.  If people are relaxed while they are reading your content they will take action. After you read that article take a look at what main colors trusted companies use. You’ll see lots of blue. Figure out how you can get trusted colors onto your pages.
  • Use arrows.  Lots of arrows.  Okay… Don’t go overboard or anything but place arrows in places where you want people to look.  The eye follows the arrow.  Even arrows that are integrated into the design.  99% of the time your eye will follow the direction that an arrow is taking you.  When you load up the squeeze page on where does your eye look? Chances are your eyes will hit the headline and then jump right over to the arrows.  Don’t be afraid to guide people where you want them with arrows.
  • Speaking of guiding people.  Make sure you strip your site of useless links. Don’t include navigation or links to other websites.  If people leave they might never come back. If you must include navigation on your sales letter place it at the bottom.  This of course is very different for actual online stores where you want people to look around.  With this method of advertising we want people to only go where we tell them to go. Keep your useless unproductive links out of sight.
  • Use images to help convey the message of what they will be receiving.  Images are powerful. They say an image is worth 1000 word. You can absolutely use images on your squeeze page to help fill the gaps.  Remember, this is a squeeze page we are creating.  We don’t want to overwhelm them with words.  We want to get our point across as quickly as possible so that they join our list.  Images should convey a message.
  • Use bullet points to address what is going to be taught or given to the individual. What are they getting by joining your list? 5 bullets are plenty to get your point across.  You  don’t want to overwhelm them right now with reading… Once again, the point of the squeeze page is to grab their email.

Okay that’s the basics on a decent squeeze page.  Again, take a look at what I have put together at We are going to continue knocking out these designs in the next few days.  I’m hoping we can have this done in a few days.

January 14th, 2010

(Series) The Flow of Our New Site

As we go through this series I want you to realize the importance of having a mailing list. There is a huge amount of money in owning your own leads so that you can email to them over and over again. Our goal is to have two lists by the end of this series. The first list is going to be for free loaders. The second list will be our buyers list. The buyers list will be our money maker. Not only will we have sold them our own product, but chances are we will be able to sell them a product that someone else owns to make an affiliate commission.

Below is an image of our overall site flow.

Here are the steps to our site.

  1. Receive an opt-in for a free ebook or a free course.
  2. Upsell to a paid course or package – After they optin in they will be redirected to the offer AND the free auto responder series will direct them to the offer.
  3. Move them over to a buyers list.  Once the person has completed their purchase through us we can move them over to a buyers list.  This will be a more active list and will be more profitable for us.  Our end goal is to move people over to our buyers.

The free auto responder series will have several emails that cover basic advice for our niche of choice.  At the end of about 7 emails we’ll give one last hard push to buy the product and if they don’t… we’ll then chances are they aren’t going to pick anything up from us.  But they are still good to have on a mailing list so that we can try and market other products to them.

Once they opt-in they will be directed to the actual product page.  Then there is a series of upsells and downsells until we finally reach the download page.  However, before they can download we need them to opt-in to another list.  This will remove them from the freebie list and over to a buyers list.  These are our golden boys.  They have purchased once from us and chances are we can get them to purchase something again.

That’s the overall flow of the site. Next week I’ll be in Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2010.  I’ll try my hardest to get a post out on Tuesday but if it doesn’t get out I’ll get one to you on Thursday for sure. In the mean time, I am going to start to upload the site.  As I begin uploading pages I’ll post the links here so that you can see what exactly I have been working on.  Here is the domain:

I already have the PLR product thanks to And I already have an Aweber account. And hosting is going on my dedicated server.

Until next time… If you haven’t joined the series already you can sign up by clicking here!

December 14th, 2008

Irresistable offers to BOOST response rate!

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
-The Godfather

This is mainly for those of us that have our own products out there. If you don’t have your own product I suggest getting one. There isn’t anything better than making 100% profit on a product your selling AND having hundreds, even thousands of affiliates promoting a product for you!

So lets jump right in and begin talking about boosting up your response rate for email marketing or your own little lander.

The best thing that you can do is to offer free samples.  So what are some things that you can do? Giving a 3 day trial run or even a demo version of your product is the best way to accomplish this.  Now I know most of you probably don’t have your own product.  This demo version is often given on CPA offers as well.  Have you see the $2.95 sample pack of acai berry!? These guys know what they are doing.  They are getting people to buy into their product with a sample pack.

They can’t necessarily give away free samples of acai berry.  That would be suicide for them.  So what they do is they get a credit card number for a sample pack of acai berry and then in 7 days they hit them with the actual cost.  The sample pack is what drew them into the offer to begin with (that and Oprah).

Now, what are some other things that you can give away to help make your offer more irresistible?  A series of training videos, user manual, members forum or chat, unlimited support, unlimited updates for the life of the product.  There are all kinds of things you can add to make your product look outstanding to people.

I have often seen people give away other private label right (PLR) products.  It is my opinion that these are retarded… The problem with PLR products is that you should be grouping them up in their respective niches or function.  If you are selling a product on how to do SEO better WHY would you give away a PLR product for making money with adsense? If however, you gave away 5 other SEO PLR products with each purchase people will look at that in a better light. People will begin to say to themselves “Oh great… I’m not getting 1 SEO product.  I’m actually getting 6 SEO products PLUS training!”

My favorite booster is to offer a DEEP discount for a 3 day trial.  I’ve seen several sites out there that cost $97+ and offer a $1 trial.  Once the trial is up BOOM they get hit for $97.  Most people will forget about this.  They just think “Okay great $1 and I get this product for 3 days” then 3 days later when they forget about it they get hit with a paypal receipt saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE. hmmm kinda slimy and sneaky… But look at the acai berry offers.  This is exactly what they are doing.  Any time you have to pay $x for a trial offer you can bet that you will be billed in 3-7 days for the full amount.

January 27th, 2008

Email Marketing – The Art Of List Bribery

This can apply to almost any niche. It’s not some spectacular secret but since I dont see many people talking about it, let me introduce this concept and follow up with it on some ideas of how and where to implement it. See one of the biggest things about marketing is that most typically if you want to make serious money in a relatively short time you have to surpass all the known efforts that you have already heard and come up with something not so typical but bound to work better, faster and more efficiently. Most of the content I right on tutorials, ideas and tactics pertaining to making money are almost ALL tests. I’m testing you as the reader, opportunist, marketer to surprise me, entice me, hell DEFY me.

However almost every topic I write about I get QUESTIONS instead of SUGGESTIONS. That’s not at all bad, I just try to throw some things out there to see what other people will come up with. With that said let’s try and shift that focus towards BRAINSTORMING instead of THINKING. When you think, you tend to rely on your brain for answers thus if you cannot come up with one, you go and ask for it. However when your brainstorming you tend to find answers first then coming up with the questions pertaining to them. If you dont get that quite yet, no worries because it will come to you.

The Art Of The Bribe

Unethical? Preposterous? Aggressive? Some may consider that, yes.

Profitable? Fast? Easy? You bet your ass.

Let’s put this in perspective and pick out a niche. I feel if we do just one  in particular you will be equipped better to shift that focus into other niches. Besides, we dont want to be vague here, we want to provide the exact answers on how to entice people to optin to our email lists. A step by step tutorial if you will.

First identify a product. I’ll choose the Hoodia (diet pills) program. We’ll say it’s from CPA Empire but you can probably pick it up on other networks. This one pays out $32 per lead and only requires the user to pay $5.99 shipping for a free bottle. This is a good payout and relatively simple for this type of industry. Besides, you have 60 minutes, NBC and Oprah pimping it so it makes it all the sweeter.

Great we have a product so let’s design a webpage. You can use whatever you want here really as we have covered this alot already. You should have a simply graphic of the bottle on it and text. Since we are dealing in the weight loss industry there are bunches of other products to promote so consider that when you get a domain and hosting. Get a generic domain catering to the entire industry as you will probably be catering to each product individually on a new webpage each time. However, you will be funneling everyone into a giant list. This again is up to you. I find it easier to write a year’s worth of newsletter content over an industry than for a product.

Basically you will want to know where the weight loss industry hangs out at. This is dead simple:

  • Weight Loss forums
  • General Health Forums
  • Yahoo/Google Groups
  • Social Networks with Groups

Those are just a few to get you started.  Knowing where they hang out is the most important part of this to keep your cost down. If you were to go into PPC in this industry chances are that if your not a hotshot or really know your stuff, you’ll probably get burned. Besides, with what we are going to offer we expect a viral campaign to take place here. I will show you how to do it.

After getting your webpage up (which is a dead simple squeeze page) it’s time to put it together to entice people to optin. With a nice graphic on it displaying the bottle of Hoodia we would simple say:

5 Free Bottles Of Hoodia Up For Grabs

After filling out your name and email here please click the verify link we sent you in your email and your all set to receive the free bottle of Hoodia. On top of that we are sending you our 5 weight loss tips ebook that you can download instantly and read right now.


Privacy Policy

Dead simple right? Here’s the kicker though. You will definitely want close contact with your list members. This is the most important part of list building. I would simply go to the Hoodia website myself and actually purchase the 5 bottles. My whole intent is to ACTUALLY give away 5 free bottles. I could do this later on and state it on a blog or website later on to get people interactive. I could also set this up many times over for each weight loss product I pushed and here’s how.

In my newsletters people will be getting you will want to mention to your list members that they should forward this to their friends so they can get in on the free bottles as well. You can even get sneaky and say something like this:

Hey even if your not interested in the free bottles your friends might be. If they are not interested they could at least signup and you will have even more of a chance of receiving a free bottle.

There’s a whole ton of things you can do here. The whole idea is that once you get one signup to optin, you want this list and the members who signup for it to do a lot of the work themselves. They just dont know it. :)

So in a nutshell let’s recap.

  • Optin page – Explains the contest and calls to action the user wanting the free bottles YOU will reward
  • After opting in and confirmation we can simply redirect them to the actual affiliate link as well. This is sneaky and kind of underhanded since your already going to give away 5 bottles someone might get two. It doesn’t matter though because this is how to pull profits from the front end and to fund other things later on. (Umm, like buying the rewards maybe?)
  • After redirection they’ll automatically be receiving that free weight loss 5 tips ebook. If your smart you will have affiliate links in it right?
  • Followup Newsletter of content – Calls to action to forward this to their friends and get them to signup to the free 5 bottles, ebook and newsletter your putting out. This is what we refer to as *making your list work for you*
  • Rinse and repeat to every product in the industry but keeping your newsletter generic and not specific so it looks like it’s going to each niche product individually and catering to them.

Simple as that. It takes a little cash yes to fund the products. However at $32 per lead and you redirecting after the optin, buying 5 bottles at $5.99 a piece sets you at $29.95. 1 lead and its profit from there on out. Using all the free traffic methods out there and tons of them written on this blog you should have no problem implementing a simple marketing method such as this one.

January 26th, 2008

Writing Email Broadcasts And Follow-Ups For Higher Delivery Rates

AweberIf there’s one thing I hate it would have to be Yahoo’s and AOL’s aggressive spam filters not letting my autoresponder broadcasts and follow-ups thru to my list members. With Aweber though there are some certain tweaks we can adjust (most importantly how we craft our emails) our messages to help ensure stronger and better email deliverable rates. Higher rates help ensure that our list members are at least getting our emails to view for themselves whether they will click thru and open them or not. That part is all about your Headline but let’s shift our focus to getting these emails to their inboxes first.

My autoresponder of choice is of course Aweber so if you dont have it then this may be slightly different for you. If however, you do and do not already know this, then I hope this helps.

After creating your broadcast and/or follow-up message to be sent out, there’s an option to check your Spam Assassin score. The higher the score the more likely your email is considered spam and this does pose quite a hindrance on how your email is or is not accepted by email clients. Yahoo and AOL are the worst of the worst in my opinion. It does not matter if your prospects are double optin, they are just bad.

I’ve created a sample here with headlines such as “work from home” and “make money online”. This will apply to almost any niche though. It is important in a niche such as this one or weightloss, debt, and/or insurance that you craft the emails to lower the score as much as possible.

Email Deliverability

At least Aweber is kind enough to give us some tips on how we can make our messages better to help get thru the filters:

Spam Assassin

Your Spam Assassin score is and can be influenced by:

  • The HTML in the body of your messages
  • Message Only – Text and HTML parts
  • How much of the message is HTML
  • HTML message only – Without any HTML Tag

This is one of the reasons why text based emails work so well for me. I can rewrite and craft my messages. Let’s face it, in the products you promote some of the messages available from Advertisers are not that well formed. As a matter of fact the best way to determine that is to create the message and just save it and checking over the score before queueing the message to be delivered. You may not know what parts are triggering the high spam score but you will get used to this. After a couple of times of editing your emails you will have a good indication of every niche your in on how to edit the messages so they have the best chance of being delivered to your list members’ inboxes.