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August 23rd, 2009

$25,000 drawing – What would you buy if you won?

This contest has been canceled due to lack of interest. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey guys. This has been a long time in the works. I’m just going to jump right into it an explain whats going on. For about 6 months or so I have been trying to find a network that would allow me to do a contest for $25,000. This isn’t just any old contest though. This is the real deal where every affiliate has a chance to win. Not just those affiliates that make the big bucks. Let me explain.

Karaktr Media and I have teamed up to present a contest that awards a ballot to individuals for certain actions. Each ballot will allow the individual to enter in a drawing for $25,000 at the end of the contest. This is our way of “leveling the playing field”! Those affiliates who don’t promote in big numbers will easily be able to generate one ballot a day, while those who generate huge numbers can earn up to 5 ballots a day. Does this not make it fair for everyone? Now you have a chance to win even if you are just starting out in this industry!

So who exactly is Karaktr Media? How are they different from other “networks”?
Well to be honest with you … They aren’t a network. They are the advertiser. That means that they own the products. They create them. They distribute them. This is good for you because you can potentially generate a higher payout than the network can give you because there is no middle man. You can also take advantage of their REOCCURRING COMMISSIONS!!!…WTF… Yeah it’s weird… I’m not going to lie… Reoccurring commissions for pushing Berries or Pipe cleaner (colon cleanser). Can you imagine how much you can generate from this one little perk on a month to month basis? Crazy I know… Oh and… Payouts START at a whopping $42!

Now what do you have to do to join? Well… That’s the easy part. There are 4 ways to win. And in all honesty you can learn about them by going to the contest page.
Click on one of the “Four ways to win” to be taken to the proper section on the page.

Good luck and happy fishing!

July 9th, 2009’s Offer Search!

binocularsYou heard that one right. Thanks to the guys at Tracking202 has their very own Offer Search! You can check it out here: CPA Offer Search. OR you can use the nifty little search box in the side bar!

There are over 60 networks included and over 13,000 offers to search through.

Bare with us as we work on blending this nifty little tool into the site. We are in the process of getting the blog re-designed by Unique Blog Designs so for now the page is going to look plain. But the results are there and they are looking good!

There are many reasons why you would want to use a tool like this. Here are the top two reasons.

1. It’s quick and easy to find offers that are related to your niche. Instead of calling up your affiliate manager or searching through each of your networks individually you can just plug in a keyword hit submit and get instant results. This is a HUGE time saver.

2. It’s always important to see what networks are running the same offers. You’ll often see networks giving different payouts for the same offer. GREAT… But don’t go for the highest payout. You should always test the offer against all the networks that you can. Sometimes you will have an offer that converts better with one network over another. It’s weird how it works and I’m not going to get into it… But you get the point.

Two great reasons for you to check out our new little tool. Here’s the link again: CPA Offer Search OR remember… You can always use the sidebar for searching!!!

June 30th, 2009

40 min video on niche research

This video has been long over due. So I’ve been planning on making this vid for the last week or so and I really wanted to get it done yesterday before I went off to bed.  Well sure enough I was busy all day yesterday.  So… I ended up making this vid at 1am.  Now for most affiliate marketers thats no big deal.  But for me it is… I usually go to bed pretty early so I was pretty tired towards the end of the vid. Anyways… Enjoy!

May 31st, 2009

Finding your Direct Track CD Number

Sorry guys… Nothing special about this post. This is in response to the emails and instant messages. It’s just a video of how to find your CD number in the Direct Track networks.

May 12th, 2009

Did you hear about Google’s NEW rule?

That’s right… Effective June 4th Google will no longer be protecting trademark terms. That means you can now bid on your favorite music artists, celebrities, and brands. This is HUGE if you run polls or even competing company offers. Here are my three favorite picks from the list of over 150 countries that Google will no longer investigate.

  • United States (US)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada

BAM That’s money right there. Unfortunately my #1 country isn’t on the list.

Click here to see Googles official list!

Click here for the article in Search Engine Journal!

Get those campaigns ready. It’s going to be a dirty fight to take over some of those trademarked terms!

You will need to remember to look at the original TOS for the offers that you are running.  Some offers make their own rules and you will still need to follow their rules on bidding on trademarked terms.

March 16th, 2009

Affiliate From UBD!

If you have been one to make the rounds to the different marketing blogs then you will have no doubt seen that Unique Blog Designs has been hard at work for other bloggers. Today (March 17th) UBD has launched an affiliate marketing product for WordPress that will blow your mind!

This product is for Affiliate Marketers and more specifically for those affiliate marketers that like to use wordpress for LPs and Review style LPs. Take a look at their promo video:

Is that not the koolest WordPress tool you have ever seen! Now don’t get me wrong… This isn’t for those affiliates that can make their own pages and designs. If you can do it on your own then I suggest you do it on your own. But everyday I get asked from affiliates who they can out source design and coding too. A lot of the readers here are new to affiliate marketing and don’t know how to layout div tags or even basic HTML. This tool will solve that problem.

Here is a screen shot of my favorite part of this tool:

affiliatethemes Do you see that? You have complete control over the layout! Complete control over how your review site will look!

Now if you ask me I would suggest getting the middle package. That way you have a license to use this on multiple domains. If however, you aren’t comfortable messing with html and designs then go with the largest package. There are over 30+ designs filled with a whole slew of layouts for review style landing pages. The only thing you have to do is configure the look by selecting drop down boxes and then add your content!

This product just amazes me. I have this running on several campaigns I have running right now. I set it up initially to see how quickly it would take to implement a design. I normally use Dreamweaver, but this has eliminated the NEED to use Dreamweaver for most of my LPs.

Inside of the members area you will find 20+ vids on how to work this system. You will also find some podcasts from other Internet/Affiliate marketers such as Jonathan Volk, Jim Kukral, Yaro Starks, and even Spiderman. This tool is revolutionizing the way that we as affiliate marketers use WordPress to manage our PPC campaigns!

Enough of my blabbing about the product. You really need to jump over to their website and check it out! If you are truely serious about creating a PPC business then this is hands down a product you need in your arsenal! I am only promoting this because it really is a gem to have for those that want a quick and easy way to create LPs. You really need to jump over to their website and read about all of the features this product provides! They even have several examples set up for you to view. If anything, look at the examples so you can get a better idea of what truly great review site should look like!

Click Here to be taken to the Affiliate Themes website!

January 4th, 2009

Hardcore Demographic Targeting FTW

Targeting a specific demographic for your advertising can really help you improve your ROI. Facebook and Myspace have demographic targeting already set up. But how did we target those demographics before those two social networks came out with their advertising platform?

So, before I begin I am going to select an offer that we should all be familiar with.  The offer comes to us from Convert2Media and is the “Acai Berry Detox (Top Converter) (596)” Go ahead and take a good look at that offer.  When I see that offer and try and think of the person that would want that product I immediately think of a middle aged, over weight, white female. Lets take a look at what the demographics actually are for this offer.

For this we will once again refer to Quantcast. In quant cast I will type in the actual URL of the offer. Not my affiliate link but the actual root URL for the site.  Unfortunately not all sites will show up in Quantcast.  But more the most part the majority of top converting offers will.


According to QC the website serves mainly African American women between the ages of 12-34.  Really all ages will fit but the majority come from 12-17 and 18-34 (Young Adults).

Okay now that we know who the website serves we can feel safe in assuming that female African American young adults buy this specific brand of Acai Berry.

Did you know that in Adwords you can target specific demographics?  This serves on the content network only and does not work for the search network. This is how I did my advertising in the past for Facebook and Myspace.

Okay the first step to get to demographic bidding in Adwords is to click on a specific campaign that you already have set up. Once you are in there you should see something like this:


Click on the “Edit campaign settings” link. This will take you into the settings for the specific campaign.  From here you can edit the name, daily spend, and a few other things. Scroll down until you see the “Networks and bidding” section.  Now on the right side of this section you should see the “Demographics: View and edit options” button.

Your first time in here you will get an introduction screen. This will explain a little bit of what demographic targeting is. Read it over then scroll down to the bottom and click “Get Started”. From there you should be able to figure out how to set it up properly so that you are targeting the specific demographic that caters to the offer you are trying to promote.

Here is a little exerpt for you directly from Googles demographic page:

  • Increase bids for groups that provide good value. If your conversion rate for men is four times higher than it is for women, you may want to bid more for those male viewers. Increasing your bid should make your ad appear more often to that audience. Additionally, if reaching a particular segment is very important for your campaign, raise your bids to increase the frequency with which that segment is seeing your message. To raise your bids this way, click the ‘Edit’ button in the ‘Make Adjustments’ column of the appropriate age or gender row. You can bid up to “bid + 500%” for any one demographic group.
  • Hide ads from groups with significant traffic and poor value. If your conversion rate is very low for the 18-24 age range, and they account for 50% or more of your traffic, you might use the ‘Make Adjustments’ feature to restrict your ads from appearing to that group.

So that’s how I like to take advantage of demographic targeting within Adwords. Other PPC networks allow for this as well. You might need to consult their help page or call them directly to get the down low on demographic targeting from them directly, but if you ask, they will tell.

If you have questions feel free to ask in the members forum here at CashTactics.

July 23rd, 2008

Some Do’s and Don’ts

dos and dontsStarting out in this business can be a scary thought Here are some quick tips for you to remember as your start out. And for you experienced marketers… Here are some things you want to make sure you are doing… or not doing…


Invest in a domain name and hosting. You can’t run your offers if you have no place to host them! If this is your first domain name get a general name. Don’t get too specific. Pick something like…,, Don’t pick something like…, You get my point. Invest in something that you can expand on.


Don’t waste your money on get rich quick ebooks. That is not to say that every ebook out there is bad. Some are very good and unique. I wrote an ebook a while back and I know for a fact that it’s one of a kind. However, these ebooks that you can find online about “HOW TO GET RICH ONLINE” are all the same… Don’t waste your money.


Learn all you can about this business. Join forums like the CashTactics Forum. Many online communities can be full of information. Read up and learn all you can. But remember… Don’t get caught up in the information. In other words… Don’t read forums and blogs for hours on end. You will only end up …. in the same spot… That is not making any money. Set a time limit and stick too it.


Don’t be afraid… People message me everyday and ask me questions about this business. 99% of the time they struggle because they are afraid to invest the money. Yes this does take money. You are starting a business and unfortunately that does take money. There are certain things that don’t have to take money to start. In fact I made my first $700 online with ZERO investment… But you cannot be afraid to make the jump in putting your money into a campaign.


Take the time to make your page look professional. If you don’t know how to go about that there are many templates that you can purchase online. I happen to be fond of the templates at “Clean Templates”. A professional look builds confidence in the eyes of your sites visitors. Now, that being said… I have seen some pretty ugly pages convert. Just look as professional as you can.


Don’t forget to utilize free stuff… Whether its traffic sources or adwords vouchers… USE THEM! Infact… If you don’t have a hosting account. Join the hosting companies affiliate program before you buy their service… I know I will take some guff for saying that… But do it… It will save you money as you start out and money when your starting… is important…


Optimize your page from the beginning for SEO! You never know… Your site can get some freakishly crazy traffic for a keyword or phrase that is on your page. And you would never have known it if you didn’t at least try to perform some sort of on page optimization. Don’t leave this step out. Don’t overlook the power of SEO.


Don’t start something that is will either cost you too much money or be too competitive. That will only discourage you. Want to go for Ringtones right off the bat? DON’T… Go for a niche that isn’t saturated with marketers. And don’t forget to go for other countries. A niche that is saturated in the US might be great to run with in Australia.


Work hard… and never give up. This is hard work. This isn’t a get rich quick type of business. Not when you start out at least. Until you get your portfolio built up… you should be working ALL the time!