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June 28th, 2011

California Affiliate Nexus Tax

The State of California is moving foward on passing the Affiliate Nexus Tax.

Please pass this along to all those Californian affiliates that you know:

Quoted from the PMA:

“Governor Brown of California has announced he has secured enough votes to pass his budget, including the Affiliate Nexus Tax and 2 related nexus bills: AB 153, AB 155 and SB 234. The law will go into effect immediately upon signing, and he must sign before July 1st, 2011. We are doing everything we can to block this from moving forward but we believe passage is imminent.

If you are a California-based publisher, or an out-of-state advertiser, please seek immediate advise from a tax or legal professional.”

Thank you Hasoffers for passing this information along to me.

March 16th, 2011

Congratulations India… You’ve just been banned

From the forum that is.

Hostname: *

Go spam digitalpoint or warriorforum instead.

November 14th, 2010

A Lesson Learned in Mobile Marketing

—This post was originally removed as we worked on some things with an advertiser. It is now being re-posted for your learning pleasure. —
Over the past couple week I have had some opportunity to work closely with ECM provided me with a Pay-Per-Call offer that paid out $10 per phone call no matter the length. So… naturally I jumped on the opportunity to run traffic to the offer.

In the past I have marketed on mobile networks such as Admob, Inmobi, and Mojiva.  I knew for a fact that Admob offered a “click-to-call” function for their mobile advertisers (so does Inmobi, don’t know about Mojiva) so I chose to try out their traffic.  Basically what happens is when someone clicks on your advertisement they are shown a message that states “Are you sure you want to call XXXXXXXXXX” Then the person clicks call or cancel.  Now, the theory behind this is that if someone clicks the call button then they genuinely want to call your company.  At least that was my thought on this process.

Here was the first banner creative

This was the first creative that was used.  This was a text version of an Admob ad.  Originally the ad just said “Free Debt Elimination Kit – Call Now!”.  However, we noticed a terrible CTR for the offer.  Because we were sending traffic after business hours we assumed that people just weren’t clicking.  Most people know that if you call after business hours you will have to deal with an automated system instead of an actual phone operator. So to combat the issue we put on Call 24/7 to the ad to help ease people’s minds. 21k impressions, 130 clicks, 6 confirmed calls, $48.xx spend, average $0.30 a click. Not the best… so we moved to a banner ad approach so we could add more info to the creative.

Here was the second/final creative

This was an actual image instead of using the Admob default background and custom text.  Image ads on mobile networks allow you to add more content to the actual creative.  You can also see that we were pre-qualifying people by letting them know that if they click they will need to continue with a phone call to us. The creative also let the surfer know what they would be receiving for calling in.   1,316,753 impressions, 9,871 clicks, $1,353.50 spend (about $0.14 a click)… you ready for this?… 410 calls.  That’s $4,100.  AWESOME RIGHT?  Well… yes and no… The advertiser wasn’t too thrilled about the quality of traffic… Don’t worry… they’re going to pay up… but…

Here is what I learned

Mid day we received a report of the traffic quality.  Unfortunately it was quite low. And here’s why…

Any good marketer knows that they should always track their stats with a third party company. For this project I chose to go with (a phone number tracking service). Dynamicic also offers the option to record the phone call so that you can hear what exactly is going on. Out of my own curiousness for how the calls went I made sure to turn on the recording function from the beginning.  After we received the report from the advertiser I went back and listened to about 50 phone calls.  While some of them were indeed real people the majority were remnant noises of little kids… WHAT?  Yeah… little tykes making their little googoo gaga sounds.

So… While I did make a HUGE return for the investment, the quality of the actual phone call was utter $#!^ to say the least.  This venture in mobile marketing taught me that 85%+ clicks on the advertisement come from kids that are playing with their parents phone.  Now… Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but when you have an advertiser that is paying you for a phone call of ANY length then this is a critical matter that needs to be resolved.

That traffic was ran on Friday.  Right now the campaign is paused until I can get a full report as to the quality of the leads. If it’s extremely bad I’ll just ask for a pay decrease and hope that I can keep pushing traffic.  Even at a couple dollars a lead I’ll still be making oodles of dinero from this campaign.

Here’s some screen shots for you

October 18th, 2010

T3Leads updated their look and platform.

T3Leads LogoAbout 2 years ago I gave a review of You can see it here: Check out this Financial PPL site!

So… T3Leads has asked me to give them another review… So here I am… Just so we’re clean, I did get paid for this review.

What’s changed?

For starters, the T3Leads website has a brand new look. Unfortunately, the website now looks like a low end gentlemen’s club… Black and Gold. But that’s okay because their member’s area is a nice crisp white. T3 is currently on the 3rd generation of their backend tracking platform. Dirty on the outside, clean on the inside. A little deceptive if you ask me… but that’s not the point of the network.

The real change has come from how T3Leads now supplies their payout to affiliate. Previously your leads were valued based on a bid method sort of like an “auction” for your data. Now T3 does a straight sale depending on the data that is given as well as the exact niche the lead is for.

Payouts range from $1.50 on the low end and go all the way up to $100 for a payday loan offer

Reporting for T3 hasn’t changed much. Just the look really. They’ve upgraded to better looking graphs and a cleaner navigation through the reports. You can also see a report for leads that errored on conversion. And of course there are the standard filters for on date ranges, product, channel type, etc. I happen to like the fact that I can see my stats for Today, Yesterday, last Week, previous Week, Last month, and Current Balance all in the header from any page in their system. This saves me time when I just want a quick look at how my conversions went.

Ahh I can also see when my next check is going to be sent from any page. This helps me with budgeting out my campaigns. And as always, T3leads pays out twice a month with a minimum payment of $100. Of course if you generate more than $1000 in a week, you can always receive faster payment terms.

What makes them different from the rest?

Easy answer really. Because T3 is not your average affiliate network, they provide you with two… umm… creative options. The first is called a “Public Website” this is their generic webpage that everyone has access to. This allows you to promote to something that already has branding. Your Affilite ID is carried through the URL and you will be credited accordingly for your lead.

The second method of promotion that they offer is called a “Private Website”. This is by far the coolest function of T3Leads because they are essentially allowing you to white label their form onto your website. That means that you have 100% control over the look and feel of the landing page. You can create a whole site based around funneling people into the form or you can do a one page lander to get people to sign up. The integration is super easy and their customization functions to get the form to blend in with your site is absolutely a life saver.

Just a little more information has gone a long way to set themselves up as a special niche specific network. By focusing on financial leads they can gather the best financial advertisers and hook them up with the best financial affiliate.

If your an affiliate in the financial services space then I highly suggest I’ve been using them for the last couple of years and I am definitely satisfied with what they have to offer.

Click Here to Check out!

July 17th, 2010

ASE Passes

Sorry guys.  After I posted that message I’ve been dealing with PayPal accounts that were shut down.

Jump over to twitter : @cashtactics and I’ll post one at 8pm!

Then one at 8:30

Then the last one at 9pm.

All CST.

Again, sorry about this guys.

July 16th, 2010

Free ASE Silver Passes

I have a couple to give away.  Just keep an eye out for my twitter @cashtactics.  I’ll be giving one away tonight at 7pm CST.  The other two will be given away tomorrow. One at noon CST and the other at 5pm CST.  No real reason for those times.  I’ll just post the code on twitter and not say anything else.  :)

Here’s the twitter again:

Best of luck!

April 12th, 2010 – Free (Coming down tonight)

The free version of the plugin is coming down tonight.  The plugin will be sold on clickbank for $57 by the end of the week.

So… If you want it you should go grab it now!

March 1st, 2010

(Series) – Just an Update on Everything

Hey readers! I just wanted to give you an update as to what is going on with the series. I know I haven’t written anything in a while but that’s because there really isn’t anything to write about at this point in time.  But I do apologize for not keeping you in the loop sooner.  I’ve been in the process for the last week or so moving into a new office building as well as moving in one of my employees and a business partner.

So here is your update to the series.

First thing I did a couple of weeks ago is I put the site together. Not just a bunch of random pages like it was before, but now the site is hooked up and working. The first page you hit is the squeeze page.  We used aweber for the autoresponder.  After they sign up for aweber they get pushed off to a secret tip.  This secret tip should be good enough to keep them coming back for more. At the bottom of the secret tip they are presented with a link to the sales letter.

For this product we used paypal as the payment gateway.  If you don’t know how to set that up you can ask in the members forum.  I’ll be more than happy to jump in there and help you out. Anyways, after they purchase the product paypal will push them off to a thank you page.  This thank you page should only have a little thank you message and another autoresponder form.  This form will be for a different mailing list.  Not the original list we had people sign up to before.  This is how we separate our buyers from the rest of the group. Once they sign up they get pushed on to a page so that they can download their product.

The URL for the thank you page and the download page should be some weird combination of numbers and letters.  For example your thank you page could be . This will keep people from guessing the link.

Then you can use a robot.txt file to block the thank you page and the download page from being indexed into the search engines.  Here is the code for blocking pages from the search engines.

# robots.txt for your site

User-agent: *
Disallow: /thankyoupage.html
Disallow: /downloadpage.html
Disallow: /orthewholefolder/

Ok if you didn’t understand that User-agent: * means every search engine spider/bot. Then you are telling them to not have access to specific pages or folders… It’s really easy. Just upload that into a regular .txt file, name it robot.txt and then upload it into the root of your website.

Okay once the site was all set up I sat down for a couple of hours and I showed the two guys how to do some basic FREE marketing.  We went over yahoo answers, blog marketing, forum marketing, and youtube video ripping.

You can see we have begun to gather visitors to the site. Here are our results for optins from aweber.

So, we’ve begun to get some results.  I’m sure some of those optins come from readers here.  I promise… there isn’t any reason for you to sign up so please don’t if you don’t have to we would like to try and keep these numbers as close to accurate as possible.

We have yet to make a sale, but we are in there working hard to drive traffic to the site. Once we get some more data I will begin to tweak the site to make it convert better.  I’ll also be installing a click map over the site.  This will help me determine what actions I need to take.

That’s it for an update.  I’ll get with these guys tonight and tomorrow.  I’ll make sure to have something for you on Thursday!