Friday, August 3rd, 2007

About Kris

About is about various aspects, strategies and tips involving Internet Marketing. More specifically I talk mostly about Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation and Email. This is my personal blog where I relay tips, ideas and strategies for aspiring Entrepreneurs and Marketers. I can also be found and reached via my personal marketing forum. If your a skeptic then this would be the part where I would try to convince you to stay and read my blog. Fortunately I don’t have to. You can visit the forum anytime and simply ask “Who’s made money online by reading this blog?” Speculation dismissed.

My name is Kris Trujillo. Also known as itskris or jerkjr in the Internet Marketing Forums. I first started online in 2007. I am a PPC and CPA Marketer but I also deal in retail affiliate marketing and I’m a product owner with my own affiliate program. I own a PPC search engine, several smaller search engines, a couple drop shipping stores, and a few other random sites.

In a sense you can say I’ve been almost everywhere online. I started out with my own directory. Learning the ropes a bit I started building my own search engines and eventually an ebook on the topic. From there I ventured into SEO and Marketing on Social Networks. late last year I started turning away from that and got into Pay Per Click Marketing on Search Engines.

My goals in life are simple. Support my family and teach others how to do this thing we call Marketing!

To Your Success,