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June 28th, 2011

California Affiliate Nexus Tax

The State of California is moving foward on passing the Affiliate Nexus Tax.

Please pass this along to all those Californian affiliates that you know:

Quoted from the PMA:

“Governor Brown of California has announced he has secured enough votes to pass his budget, including the Affiliate Nexus Tax and 2 related nexus bills: AB 153, AB 155 and SB 234. The law will go into effect immediately upon signing, and he must sign before July 1st, 2011. We are doing everything we can to block this from moving forward but we believe passage is imminent.

If you are a California-based publisher, or an out-of-state advertiser, please seek immediate advise from a tax or legal professional.”

Thank you Hasoffers for passing this information along to me.