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September 29th, 2009

My Interview with Clickbooth!

Nuff said.

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September 23rd, 2009

This should be in a popup window over all forums!


September 9th, 2009

9 marketing methods

9In homage to the date today (9/9/09) I am going to post 9 of my favorite marketing methods. This list is in no particular order. I even threw in a little about offline marketing for your CPA offers. Who knows… Maybe I’ll even take some time over the next week to explain some of these methods for marketing.

  • Pay Per Click- This is the most widely known method for Internet marketing. It is super easy to jump onto Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and create an advertisment. There are other networks that you can use as well. Don’t just stick with the big three. One of my most profitable campaigns ever came from a second tier search engine.
  • Media Buying- You may or may not have heard of Media Buying before. It’s where you advertise banners on other websites, blogs, or forums. This can be one of the most profitable forms of advertising that I have ever seen. It can also kill your bank account if you don’t do it right. They key (as with any advertising) is to match a sites demographic with the banner you want to place.
  • Social Networking- I’m sure we all have a facebook or myspace account. What about a twitter account? Anytime you can use your “friends” to make a quick buck you should give it a shot. Leveraging the power of the social networks can be very beneficial to your long term success. It’s all about the power of the “word”… word of mouth that is. What are other people saying about you?
  • Mass Mailing- Not the spammy type of messages. I’m talking about building your own list. Or even renting a list from someone who has done the leg work for you. Of course it will be more profitable if you build the list yourself, however, you can always make money from someone elses list. Building a relationship with the reader is the #1 way to get them to buy what your selling!
  • Advertise with Online Classifieds- There are tons of classified ad sites online. It is very easy to jump in and create an advertisement for an offer you want to promote. However, you have to watch out. On some of the advertising networks you can get your ads taken down pretty fast. They key here is to be creative and post your ad in multiple cities. Take it one step further… hire someone to post for you!
  • Promote with Blogs and Forums- One of the easiest ways to gain traffic is by showing people how much you know. I don’t mean to create your own blog or forum. What you should do is find a related blog/forum in the niche you want to promote, then take some time to answer peoples questions. Don’t forget to include your website in the signature. Whatever you do… Don’t blatantly promote your product.
  • Article Directories- Here is a tactic that can cost you either money or time. Create articles and post them in article directories. Just give out general information on your niche. These articles don’t have to be long. They just have to prove that you know what your talking about. Remember to site your sources with a reference to your own site. This is sure to help your SEO and generate some easy traffic.
  • Web 2.0- Squidoo, Blogger, Xanga, Tumblr, and HubPages all have one thing in common. They all cater to thousands of people on a daily basis. All creating little information portals. These sites can receive quick and easy rankings in the search engines. Using many of these tied together with links can create a huge web of success in terms of traffic and traffic rankings.
  • Offline Advertising- Billboard for 30 days =$500. Visitors to my website =2423. Leads created=171. Commission generated =$897.75. And that was just for a dating offer. Imagine if you purchased billboard space for Google Bizopp. Or have you ever tried purchasing space in a newspaper? Think about college scholarship offers in college newspapers… The possibilities for offline advertising are endless!
September 1st, 2009

Top 5 August Posts

Hey guys and gals. I totally forgot to share up the top posts for June and July so I’m going to jump in and do the August ones right now. The last set of tops posts was shared in June for the top 5 May posts. So with out further adieu… Here are the tops posts in August.

  • 40 Minute Video on Niche Research– I get more comments via email about this one video. It suprised me how many people didn’t know about Google Insight. I’m also amazed at the lack of using Google Sponsored Search. It’s a great video that covers some very basic techniques in researching your niche before you jump in to it. Watch it… and please leave a comment!
  • The Famous Question– In all honesty I didn’t remember this post… Until I read it. I still get asked the question posed in this post. Now that I remember this exists… I’m going to begin referring people to read it when they ask the question. The main point of this post can really help you grow your business 10 fold.
  • $25,000 drawing – What would you buy if you won?– This is the only post actually written in august that made this top 5 posts list. Here I was giving some information on a contest we are running with Karaktr Media for $25,000. Everyone can win. This isn’t one of those contests that is slanted towards the “biggest fish” in the industry. The great thing about this contest is that the sign-up forum is now even shorter!
  • The Landing Page Example!– This post is always in the top somewhere. This is a very basic example of a landing page. I’ve provided a link to download the actual landing page from within the “Free Reports” section of the blog.
  • Sneaky Links – Meta Refresh Vs. PhP Redirect– This post is a Ruck original. During the end of 2007 beginning of 2008 many people were asking the questions on using a meta refresh. So Ruck went ahead and created a pretty useful post on using Meta Refresh or PHP redirects. Maybe I should create a post on different methods for blanking the referrer…

That’s it guys and gals. Those are your top 5 posts in August. What did you think?