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April 12th, 2009

PPC Suicide – Part 2

ppc-suicide-part-2This post is going to be a short one and straight to the point. I kind of like this little series on mistakes that lead to PPC suicide. By the way, I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter! So let us jump straight into what I have to say.
Last time I pointed out that probably one of the biggest issues is not getting your landing page click through rate up high enough to properly test your traffic and ultimately become profitable. This time I want to hit on the topic, for those of you lazy wanna-be marketers, about learning atleast the basics of HTML coding yourself.

Internet marketing is a great business, it has plenty of Pro’s and plenty of Con’s. You are basically a one person marketing team. Meaning, what would normally take a team of five to do, you have to do all yourself. You have to learn how to build a website, how Adwords and the other search engines work, how to write content and ads, how to track data properly, how to negotiate deals, how to work out technical problems and a bunch more. That atleast applies to you if you are trying to do this business on a very small budget in the beginning. Thus, my main point I want to focus on is, YOU HAVE TO LEARN HTML CODING!

Why? Because, even though you may have a landing page designer/coder that you outsource your work to, if you don’t understand how the HTML coding and sometimes php coding works, you are not going to even be able to make a small adjustment to your own page, thus having to submit it to your outsourcer, taking a couple days to get back to you and setting you way back. You are never going to be able to understand exactly how things should be done unless you know how to do them to a certain degree yourself. Your landing page designer may not even be an ‘affiliate landing page’ designer. He might be use to corporate landing pages or just designing website layouts in general, each of which have a completely different approach than the landing page you need. You must not rely upon someone to do any job, unless you fully know how the job should be done and have relayed that information to your outsourcer or whoever.

After all is said and done, those that make the money are those that have worked for it. Those that complain about not knowing how to do this or that, and saying that is the reason you are not able to move forward. You just need to keep your day job. You will never make sizable money online. But I encourage you to move forward, learn new things, push yourself with challenges and it will pay off many times over. Be consistent in your efforts and you will see progress.
Until next time!

April 3rd, 2009

Market Leverage Contest time!


Hey guys. So I kind of forgot to announce a contest that “officially” started on April 1st. Yeah I know… I’m a couple days late. I do apologies for that but I have been out of town.

Anyways. Here are the contest details.

This is held with MarketLeverage. That means that you have to be signed up with MarketLeverage through this blog. There are certain stipulations on this contest. First though, let me tell you about the prizes!

Grand Prize across all the blogs that are hosting this contest that will be a MacBook Pro.

Pretty nice prizes if you ask me.  Now… here is the deal on winning a prize. Participants must make a minimum of $1,000 in order to qualify for a prize. Now I know that some of you will have an issue with this. Especially since many people signed up right now under this blog are new in the industry.  So I am going to throw in an additional $100 to two random people ($50 each) that tried, but didn’t quite make it to the $1,000 minimum.

The three main prizes will g0 to the top three publishers signed up under this blog (Remember… $1,000 min to qualify)!

The contest officially started 2 days ago (April 1st) and will end on the 31st of May.  That gives you 2 months to make your $1,000 to enter in.  Break that down to $500/month or about $16-$17 a day.  Come on now… That’s not too bad.  So… Go out and make some moolah and win yourself some nice prizes!