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January 30th, 2009

Landing Page Tutorial Part 1

I recall many questions and comments were asked in relations to the landing page section of the PPC Case Study videos that I did late last year. So I have decided to begin a landing page tutorial series to help unmask any hidden elements and to better educate you. I just read a post from Chad at CDFNetworks about landing pages and the importance of them, I had already planned for this series and to go a little further in depth than most. There were actually two different workshops at affiliate summit west that spoke on the topic of landing page optimization and I was able to meet the author of the book “Landing Page Optimization” by Tim Ash.

More experienced internet marketers understand the importance of landing page testing and optimizing, however many newcomers fail to grasp how big of a factor landing pages play in determining how profitable or unprofitable a campaign will be. One of the biggest mistakes I tend to find amongst marketers, when they are talking to me about their unprofitable campaign, is they fail to test multiple designs on their landing pages. No matter how many blogs, websites, ebooks they read or experts they talk to, some people just never seem to listen. If you want to find a profitable campaign do two things. First, watch all of the ppc case study videos and follow it word for word, if you have any questions about it you can ask them in the forum. Secondly, follow this landing page tutorial. That’s pretty simple to do right? WRONG! Most of you will read this, you won’t interact with this tutorial by making a comment below, you’ll just read and not take action. However you’ll continue your daily lives working for some job that you are totally disgusted with, making rude comments about your boss and job all day. The other half who isn’t complaining about their job are at  home complaining because they have no job! (I’m sure this doesn’t apply to some of you but MOST of you it does.) Why don’t you just leave the perfectly polished and dust-free TV remote alone for a while and challenge yourself to improve your life and what you get out of it.

There are tons of things to take into consideration when you are developing a landing page. Firstly is the Thought Process and APPROACH that you will take. You need to create a road map for yourself. Read the items below to get a better understanding of what I mean.

Thought Process and Approach

What does this mean? Understand and do your research on your target audience. Find out who they are, what they like, how they like it and you will be better equipped when you start putting together your landing pages. The example offer we will use for this tutorial will be from Convert2Media, called Course Advisor (offer #702). To begin our research lets start off with using Quantcast, view the results for the offer’s main website: Results Click HERE!


Quancast Data Below

quantcastAlthough this data may not be entirely accurate, it will atleast give you an idea and you can compare it to other similar scholarship finding websites to get an avg result. According to this data, about 56% of all visitors are female, the age range with the highest vistor rate are ages 18-34 at about 27% of overall traffic, roughly 63% are causasion, 61% have no kids, 28% make between $30-60k/year and 44% have NO college background. That is alot of valuable insights into this niche. Can you see the two-fold purpose of this? Obviously not or you’d be making money, so drink a red bull if you are tired and reread this section again. But for those who still can’t understand what is hidden between the lines, here it is plain and simple. ATTENTION all FACEBOOK and MYSPACE Marketers – This info helps for not only landing page creation/design but also helps you better understand where and how to target your traffic. If you want to maximize your chances of success, don’t target 50 yr olds for scholarships, start out with the 18-35 ranges, so you are testing the age ranges with the highest chance of a possible conversion. If you really want to do specifics, check out this data, College Enrollment Statistics (Simply found by doing 3 minutes of research. Google is useful for somethings.). Find out exactly what age, race and gender are in college or are the most likely to be in college. That is what you want to focus on. The more qualified your traffic is, the higher your chances of conversions, the more probability of profiting (you also want to take qualifying your visitors through your Ads and LP presell content into consideration). Then test the smaller chance areas later as an expansion strategy, after your making money.

Ok now that you have an idea of how to identify your target markets and research the demographics. Start to think just like them, if you plan to use adwords to promote this campaign (btw.. the content network would be good for this, consider placement targeting. Maybe use the domain targeting idea Ruck talked about HERE ) start getting some ideas of what your competitors are using for landing pages and analyze the process behind their particular design. Whether this offer works from direct linking, which it probably could, we are merely using this offer as an example to demonstrate landing pages. I just randomly picked an offer, no thought process went into choosing this offer for the tutorial.

Some of the things we will be going indepth on next week are:

– Styles of Landing Pages

– Key Elements When Designing Landing Pages

– Importance of Presell content/copywriting

– Split Testing Designs to Improve CTR and CR

– Understanding How Visitors Interact on Your Landing Pages

– Advanced Optimization Strategies and Tips

Feel free to throw in some of your questions along the way, I am more than happy to answer them. I plan to go indepth as I can, so if there are things you would like me to cover, please list them in the comments below. And break out of your shell, I’m sure many of you reading this have never even made a comment on this blog or maybe any blog. Take a step towards improvement and say something! I don’t bite, most of the time.

Take this information given above and begin to get familiar with it. If you want to see what other great offers Convert2Media has, simply sign up here: Convert2Media. Stay Tuned for More!!!!!!

January 27th, 2009

Why You’re Poor – PPC Income Tracker

Don’t know why you are poor and your pay per click or internet marketing business is not doing well? Have you even thought about properly tracking your spend/revenue/profit/losses? Check out the video and start using our Free CashTactics PPC Income Tracker right now!

Download Here and don’t forget to View Other Free Tools.

January 26th, 2009

Do you want to see what makes me sad?

I have to give credit to Saczilla for this. Tonight I was chatting with him about some marketing techniques. Saczilla showed me this article from ABC. Now normally I wouldn’t be showing this sort of thing but I don’t think a lot of affiliates take the time to find pages that they shouldn’t advertise on.

You need to make sure that you put negative keywords and block out specific URLs that are not conducive of your website or your niche. If you are trying to sell someone on “acai berry” don’t let your ad appear on a site that is against acai berries.

I was running an ad for one of those wedding giveaways. It was strictly for the content network. I let the offer run for a couple weeks before Ruck yelled at me and told me to find out the sites I was appearing on. Did you know that your advertisement can be in english yet you will show up on non English websites? It’s ridiculous how Google can tell you that you are going to target a related site yet your advertisements pops up on a niche site in the opposite direction. I was showing my “Wedding” advertisement on a “Super Cars” website! And the worst part about it was I was receiving clicks. How targeted do you think that was?

Remember to always add negative keywords and to block out URLs. You can literally take a non profitable campaign to profit just by doing this one little thing that can take less than 30 mins.

Now… Get back to work.

January 23rd, 2009

Getting down to business

I wanted to take some time tonight (and possibly over a few days) to talk about setting up your business. Now you may think that this isn’t necessary… And to be honest, for most it isn’t. For most people reading this right now they will never go anywhere with their “Make Money Online” venture. I encourage you to read this post only if you are serious about working for yourself and not for “the man”. Also as a side note… This is geared towards US affiliates/marketers. And when in doubt please seek professional legal advice. This is meant to be a guide not the bible on this subject.

So with every great venture we do that involves money, we invoke laws upon ourselves. Unfortunately are also need to protect ourselves FROM these laws and protect ourselves WITH these laws. Here’s what I mean. There are laws that are set into place that can harm you financially if you do not follow them. At the same time there are laws set in place that will protect you financially if you do follow them.

The key to setting up a legal business entity is to avoid costly mistakes and legal problems. Now this doesn’t mean that if you make $10 a month from Adsense that you have to follow these guidelines. For most affiliates starting out in this business you are fine not setting up a legal entity. However, I strongly suggest affiliates making enough income to support themselves to form a legal entity.

Their are several different types of business entities that an affiliate can form. The main 3 are these: Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation.

Sole Proprietor – This is a company that is owned by you and you alone. A Sole Proprietorship reports their earnings for tax purposes under their personal taxes. There really aren’t any requirements to owning a Sole Proprietorship. You don’t even have to be making any money to own a Sole Proprietorship. The down side to an SP is the simple fact that you have no asset protection. This means that if someone wants to legally go after your business then they are going after you. Your money and your business aren’t separated. This is what I formed when I first came into Internet Marketing.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – An LLC is great because it begins to offer protection for yourself. LLCs receive the same personal liability protection as Corporations. However, with an LLC you don’t have as many formalities as you would with a Corp. Once you begin to move into larger business entities you have special requirements that need to be met. With an LLC you have to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). It’s extremely easy to obtain an EIN. Some affiliate networks require that you have an EIN in order to receive your checks, so who knows… you may already have one. One of the down sides to owning an LLC is the “Self Employment” tax. Your tax adviser can help you with this one.

S-Corporation – S-Corp is another way of saying “Small Business Corporation”. S-Corps are nice to own because you don’t have to worry about the self employment tax. Like an LLC, S-Corps allow for personal liability protection. Unfortunately, forming this type of entity requires a little bit more work on your part. There is much more paperwork to fill out, and much more requirements. Technically with an S-Corp you have to legally hold Corporate Meetings and take “minutes” on the meetings.
In the next few posts that I make I’m going to go into setting everything up right (very short post), forming a business plan, setting up your work space so you can be productive, and a few other nifty topics on the subject. So keep an eye out if your serious about being serious.


January 20th, 2009

Tuesday Tips – Improving Landing Page CTR

In PPC you really gain a huge advantage when using landing pages versus direct linking, it puts the control of preselling the visitors in your hands and can result in MUCH higher conversion rates. Of course you have to presell them properly. I’m about to begin a series covering all aspects of landing pages so stay tuned. For now I wanted to give you two tips that you can implement immediately. You may have read these before but have you actually used these tips?

Tip #1 – In some cases, adding a video, audio or a video simulator can dramatically increase your CTR to the offer. Here is an example of what I mean. There are many other images like this that can be used as well. This tip isn’t new but maybe you have a campaign you can try this out on. I KNOW it works, so report back with your own results.


Tip #2 – This one is very important to your landing pages and most of  you who are struggling with getting decent conversions from your landing pages don’t test this enough. Always test your headline! Think of it like this, if you only had one sentence or phrase that would determine if someone gives you a FREE $1,000,000 check or not, I bet you would put more thought into how you used that one sentence versus just saying, “I Want $1,000,000” “Don’t Be Scammed” or “Find Out the Only True Source for Green Tea Products”. Those are merely examples of titles with little thought put into them but also remember to make the heading stand out in very large lettering and even colors.

Tired of Having No Money? Keep Reading CashTactics and You Will Soon Forget Your Financial Headaches!

There’s my cheesy example that took a whole 5 seconds to think up. My motto is always: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Creative, Be Smart and TEST, TEST, TEST! I’m serious about reading CashTactics. Kris and I have some BIG things in store for each of our readers, so sign up to the forum and RSS. You wouldn’t want to miss out. Cheers to you making $$$$$.

January 18th, 2009

ASW 09 – My Point-of-View

Would I be where I am today if I had not attended the Affiliate Summit in Boston back in August of 2007? Probably not and there is no way of describing the growth I’ve seen in my own business since that time. What were my expectations of attending ASW 09 in Vegas, other than it being in Vegas? Honestly, I didn’t really have any expectations, my main purpose of attending was to refresh and continue to build the business relationships/friendships that I had begun in Boston. I get energized and always come back with new ideas with all conferences I go to, even those not related to affiliate or internet marketing. The point is, in business you can only go so far without having business contacts. How did I find a mentor/person to ask my questions to? I definitely wasn’t able to afford one in the beginning, so I made as many friends as I possibly could. Friends help friends. Maybe I’ll write a post sometime in the future on how to go about making friends with other affiliate marketers while not seeming to be a blood thirsty, question asking Newb.

Anyhow, moving on. Some of the key highlights of the show for me actually took place just before and after the show. Kris and I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman on the plane as we were getting off in Vegas who was from our local area and a very bright guy. And on the way back from Vegas, we met another local guy who was heavily into domaining, which was very coinincidental because I was talking to Kris about a situation I’m dealing with and that guy was like an expert in the field, so we talking immediately. I love meeting local people, those that I can reach out to or see on occassion. Helps ease the hair pulling frustration of working in your apartment all day. Some other highlights of my trip were a few of the workshop/panel sessions at ASW. Although I didn’t learn anything new, I did receive a few ideas and had a few points refreshed in my mind. I plan to discuss and share some of the thoughts in upcoming posts. I would also have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the keynot speaker, Gary Vaynerchuck from Wine Library TV. Not only is an an really awesome dude but he also runs a $50 million wine business! He had lots of great things to say.

If you’d like to gain access to the Affiliate Summit videos and session information, just visit: Affiliate Summit. It was truly fun in Vegas. Lots of parties, fun, no sleep and anything else that would capture your interests. I met alot of people that I’d talk to online and hadn’t met in person yet and met alot of awesome people randomly. Some interesting people that I met while in Vegas:

Bob Buskirk @ – Very down to earth guy with a great personality. He wasn’t actually there for ASW but rather the CES expo but I met him one night at a dinner. He makes a living from conducting reviews on his website of various computer related products.

Daniel Wiafe @ – I’ve known Daniel for quiet a few months, although we have never talked too much online, it was great meeting Daniel in person at ASW. He is a straight up PPC’er and very smart. A man of God like myself :)

There are so many other I could mention as well. A call out to John Hasson for hooking me up with his awesome KWGrouper Tool! A freaking amazing tool for all PPC guys/girls. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Kris in Limo

CashTactics Style – Limo to Hotel from Airport

Andrew in Limo

Me in Limo

Crazy Pic - Andrew Wee and Kris

Crazy – Andrew Wee and Kris


Me, Kris, Joel Comm & Benny

Kris 1

Kris – Bling Bling from C2M

Kris and I have some big plans that will be coming out sometime soon, so be sure to stay tuned. Also, I will be sharing with you some more indepth things in the coming posts. Doing sorta a tutorial style guide for various pieces of a PPC campaign and more! So strap in and get ready to ride!


January 15th, 2009

CashTactics vs. theDotNetFool – RSS Show down!


Jim over at contacted me recently.  He had a nice little proposal for me that I was down to try.

Over the next 15 days Jim and I will try and see who can get the most RSS subscribers to their blog.  I really agreed to do this little contest so that I can be motivated to post more.  There is nothing like victory to move you along.

Basically the looser of the contest will have to clean out his toe jam on live camera and eat it by the spoon full… Yeah that was sick sorry… No the looser just has to make a post about the winner. A “review” of sorts for the winners blog. It’s not too bad, but its enough to get me to give it a shot.

Here are the screen shots from the 15th of January verse the current results!

Starting Results Current Results
CashTactics ct tnf Join the Club

**I’ll get the screen shot of those numbers up asap.**

January 14th, 2009

ASW 09′ networking FTW

In any business, networking is a key to success. When I went to Affiliate Summit West, I didn’t really go to speak with the merchants or networks. I didn’t even go to see the different speakers. Instead, I went for networking. I went to meet the blog owners of the blogs that I visit and to also meet the readers of the CashTactics(tm) blog.

Here is a list of the other blog owners that I met.

  • AdHustler – This guy is way kool.  I first met him at IanFernando’s IANteract Dinner. His blog has some gems in it I definitely suggest you check it out if your interested in learning how to “hustle ads”.  AdHustler is someone you should get to know, especially if your lost in the desert.  This boyscout knows his stuff.  :P
  • IanFernando – Ian’s all right… he’s really just a 5 ft. wanna-be ethug… Na I’m just playin’.  Ian’s pretty awesome!  On Sunday Ian hosted his IANteract Dinner sponsored by Paradigm Media.  I hung out with him a couple of times.  He is really knowledgable in different strategies for PPC marketing.  On tuesday Ian spoke about keyword blasting.  I didn’t have the opportunity to see him speak because I was heading off to the airport.  But if you get a chance to see the video’s from the summit I would recommend checking it out!
  • BennyTejeda – Benny is secretly a geek. The funniest thing is that he really isn’t an affiliate marketer.  Instead Benny trades forex. It’s funny when you see Benny tell people what he does.  They always ended up looking at him like he is crazy.  Benny knows a lot of the Jersey marketers so he basically goes to the conferences with them. Check out his blog for some tips on Forex.  I know I’m going to be hitting that resource.
  • JohnHasson – John is probably hands down one of the best programmers for PPC automation that I know.  I’ve spoken with him several times over AIM in the past.  Meeting him in person was great.  He definitely knows what he is doing when it comes Internet Marketing. Check out his blogs for some excellent tips and bits of code that you can use (if your a programer) to help automate your PPC campaigns.  John also spoke at ASW.  I sat in his presentation for a few minutes but then he got into programing with visual basics and that was way over my head.  I’m not a programer so I left with a few others.  Check out his Keyword Grouper tool.  I’m currently testing it out.  From what I can tell it does a really great job of tightly grouping your keywords.
  • ShoeMoney – Shoemoney I met at the Copeac party.  To be honest with you he is a really nice guy.  Down to earth and open to talk to anyone that says hi.
  • Convert2Media – Those guys over at Convert2Media know their stuff!  They are all great people and more than happy to help you at when you need it! Check out the C2M Blog for some of the best marketing information on the Internet.  I have about 25 c2m shirts that I am going to be sending out as soon as I get my CashTactics(tm) shirts re-printed. They will also be sending me over another box load in the next couple of days.
  • Prosper202 – Andrew and I had the opportunity to meet up and be interviewed by the Prosper202 team. Wes is a really great guy and an excellent programmer.  If you aren’t tracking your PPC campaigns you want to grab Prosper202 asap. Tracking is the only way that you are going to become really profitable. P202 is no joke and the guys behind the software are outstanding!
  • Yebot – I have known Yebot for about a year or so.  We have been in a mastermind group with Ruck from Convert2Media.  His blog is definitely an interesting one… Yebot is an excellent coder.  He is also the guy that made the CT-Rotator that is in the Reports section of the blog. Thank you Yebot for letting Andrew and I room with you!
  • Barman – Have you ever read
  • WhoIsAndrewWee – If you ever want to hear an interview of some random marketer, chances are Andrew has done the interview for you. Every Friday Andrew publishes a podcast featuring an Interview from someone in the Industry. Check out his blog its definitely worth listening to!
  • NeilsWeb – Neils blog is full of facebook marketing tips.  If I remember right, Neil has only been into IM for around a year. Even though he hasn’t been in marketing for too long he definitely knows where its at when it comes to Facebook.
  • Bryn – Bryn is really down to earth.  This guy also knows his stuff very well.  He is the epitome of young and successful.  I definitely look forward to hanging out with him at other marketing events.
  • WayneDog – Wayne is a great guy as well.  I met him at the IANteract Dinner.  We spoke a bit about joint ventures, more specifically how Andrew and I handle working a business together.  There is nothing on his blog right now… But when he begins to write, I’m sure it will be good!

I met a lot of other people in the Internet Marketing and Affiliate world.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you.  Networking is definitely a big plus.  I recommend you goto an affiliate summit or any other type of conference in this line of business.  Check out your local meetup groups to get a head start in your networking adventures.

Andrew is going to be posting in the next couple of days his point of view on the conference.  I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures posted… I didn’t take any… But check out those blogs that I mentioned above and I’m sure you will see some pics!

If I missed your blog or a shout out please forgive me.  Just post a comment and I’ll add you!