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December 29th, 2008

It’s the end of the World as we know it.

I mean Year. It’s the end of the Year!

This year has definitely been a productive one. I hope that everyone had the opportunity to start at least one project (hopefully more!). While everyone gives their end of the year best or worst list, recaps their progress on goals, or tells you to have a good New Years… I instead will tell you this…

Get a good CPA. If you made decent money this year and have an LLC or Inc I hope you have your duckies in a row.  My CPA set me up this year to pay myself minimum wage while giving myself bonuses throughout the year.  This cuts taxes WAY down.  Now I am not a CPA and so I say don’t take my advice until you speak with your CPA about this.

Here is the little trick.  (This is for Texas, you’ll have to check your local tax laws on this.) The IRS needs to see your business grow.  They also need to see that you are paying yourself.  So you pay yourself the least amount possible.  Either minimum wage or a small salary.  While the Government takes out their federal, state, and selfemployment taxes on that money, they cannot take the self employment tax out on bonuses.  Now… I don’t know how this works but my CPA said that I can be saving 50% of my taxes by doing this.

Don’t forget to write off your home, car, phone, electric bill, water bill, Internet bill, any time you go out to eat and mention work… The list goes on.  As an LLC I have some 300 write-offs I can use.  The key is to get as many write-offs as possible, while not going broke doing it.  Just be practical and again… Talk with your CPA.

Now, I don’t know how this completely works.  Again my CPA took care of this for me.  Most people don’t want to form their buisness as an LLC because of the taxes.  What isn’t well know is the fact that you can file to change your tax status as an LLC to file taxes as an S-Corp.  This will lower your taxes considerably from the beginning.  You do have an election period so if you are an LLC and filing as an LLC then let your CPA know that you want to file as an S-Corp for next year.  The form you need is F8832 and can be found on the IRS website.  Again… Talk with your CPA to see if this really is the best option.

Here are 4 little tips for the coming year.

  1. Keeps records of money in and money out.  I’m buying Quick Books for Mac.  Tracking all of your income and expenses is very important so that you can see where you are wasting money and where you can allocate more money to.
  2. is the best resource besides your CPA for tax information.  If you have a business or want to form one soon take some time to learn the IRS website.
  3. Remember the essential write-offs.  Home, car, phone, bills, etc, etc. can all be used as a write-off.  This saves on purchasing actual office space and in the end it just helps your taxes.
  4. Separate your Business funds from your personal funds.  I have two bank accounts.  One business checking account and one joint checking account. If your starting out you don’t need a business account.  Just have two regular checking accounts to separate your funds.  This helps track what your doing and when you do convert to an actual business entity you’ll be ahead of the game.

The most important thing is to remember to have fun.  Don’t take life so seriously.  And go out and push out those ads.

Lets start 2009 off right! Have a good New Years.  It’s my anniversary on the 31st so I’ll see you all next year!

December 23rd, 2008

A Super Affiliate or a Guru

This week I receive an email from some random guy asking me what made a super affiliate “super” or a guru a “guru”. And to be honest with you… I had no reply for the guy. Instead I have spent the last two days delving into the depths of the Internet to find out what made a guru a guru and a super affiliate super.

Unfortunately everone online has their own opinion on this subject. So I’m going to try my best to give my interpretation of these two terms we hear so often online.

First lets start off with a Guru. This one is easy. The definition of a “Guru” from is this:

1. A trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor.
2. A recognized leader in a field.
3. An acknowledged and influential advocate, as of a movement or idea.

Okay… I took out most of the definitions it gave. The term “guru”, when it was originally created, referred to an intellectual or spiritual guide/leader.

So when it comes to Internet Marketing who can we call a guru? ummm That’s a good question. These days there are so many “guru’s” that its hard to set apart those that are real leaders or guides against those that are looking to resell you information. Mike Filsaime… He isn’t a guru in my eyes. He’s a business man. An entrepreneur. But a guru… no… sorry. John Chow… He isn’t a guru either… He’s an entrepreneur. Shoemoney…entrepreneur. Will from PPC-Coach…Guru and entrepreneur. Ralph Ruckman over at Convert2Media… He’s a guru (although he’ll argue differently) and entrepreneur.

So whats the difference between those 2 that I feel are guru’s verse the 3 that I feel aren’t? The 2 are more than willing to help you out. You can ask them anything and they will give you the answers you need. The 3 just want you to be a follower. Buy their stuff… Use their programs… read their blogs… Shoemoney I do see answering questions… But he isn’t a guru… He’s a business man. And from what I can tell he’s pretty good at it. John Chow… He’s hardly a guru of Internet Marketing… Of “pho” food… maybe. Mike Filsaime, that guy just sells stuff. He is an excellent entrepreneur and marketer but not a guru.

Now for the super affiliates.

So I couldn’t really find a definition for this. So I’m going to just give my thoughts on the subject. First let me just say that by my own definition I am in no way a “super” affiliate… I’m not even a “guru”. I’m just a normal affiliate trying to help everyone else out.

A super affiliate in my book is an affiliate that can play in any niche. A super affiliate is a list builder, adverting junkie, and a niche researcher. If you make $600,000/yr from one niche with a handful keywords are you a super affiliate? No… Your just a lucky person. If you have to proclaim yourself as a super affiliate… Are you really a super affiliate… it’s possible, but I doubt it. So who decides your a super affiliate? Really it should be your affiliate manager or your affiliate network. They are really the only people besides yourself and your accountant that know how much money you actually make online. Plus know what niches you play in and your method of promotion.

Now… if you play in a lot of niches, run your campaigns through many different advertising platforms, and do a lot of “super” affiliate stuff, but at the end of the day you make $100 profit are you a super affiliate? No. You still have to make money to gain that status. A super affiliate is just another way of saying an excellent marketer of many products.

I hope this has helped you sort out the difference between super…guru… and everyone else. Me… I’m an entrepreneur. I love the chase of building a business. I love watching it grow and becoming successful. In no way am I a guru at what I do or am I even going to consider myself as a super affiliate.

My advice to you is to not waste your time reading “super” affiliate blogs or “guru” ebooks. Some of the best information that is out there can be found in smaller “start up” blogs. Why are those packed with information? Cause they have to give you something worth coming back for. People don’t read John Chow for information. People read John Chow because a lot of people know about him… All that being said, there are other blogs out there that are big and give good information.

Just be careful what you “buy” into. And don’t waste your time online.

December 17th, 2008

ASW 09 Free Pass Winners Are

Thanks to all who participated in the contest event and to Direct Agents for providing the free passes. The 2 winners have been selected and contacted to receive the free Affiliate Summit West passes. If you didn’t win this time, be on the look out for free pass giveaways in the future.

Best of luck to each of you in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Winners Are:

1. Ryan B.

2. Matt L.

December 15th, 2008

PPC Coach – Lifetime Membership Giveaway!

Yeah you heard that right. Coach has given me the opportunity to give away 1 lifetime membership to the webs best PPC program. That means you get unlimited access to the Tools, Vids, and Forum, for the next billion years (if you live that long).

PPC Coach is hands down a leader in PPC training. They aren’t specific to CPA offers which is nice. Not everyone makes money via CPA offers. There are several people in the site that are using PPC Coach to just better their own personal online store success.

In my opinion the point of PPC Coach is to become successful using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN  Adcenter. The tools inside include a poll generator, a tracking script, a campaign creator that will export to the three main PPC engines, daily budget calculator, max bid calucator, and more!  Thats a lot.  Now the one tool you don’t get is a keyword tool.  But if your inside PPC Coach already you will know that they stress a free method  (Google External Tool) for learning purposes.

So now you know a little bit of the benefits of PPC Coach.  Here is what you have to do for a chance to win.

Make sure you are signed up with Convert2Media.

For every $10 dollars you make from the time this post becomes live (6:50PM CST 12/15/08) to January 1st when I wake up (normally around 8-9AM CST), you will have one chance to win the lifetime membership.  That means that if you earn $100 you get ten chances to win.  Now… If you get $11 I will round up so you get 2 chances to win.  That means that even if you make $0.30 in the next 15 days you will get one chance to win. Just remember… Every $10 rounded up will get you a chance to win.

So fire up your campaigns, get your YouTube vids rolling, and warm up your Yahoo Answer fingers.  Do whatever you have to do to get at least a penny so you have a chance for a life time membership to PPC Coach.

At the end of the 15 days I will place everyones CD# in a hat and draw for the winner while recording on my webcam so you all can see. Maybe we’ll fire up uStream.TV for the fun of it.  Anyways, Also at the end I will present a coupon code for PPC Coach.

Thanks for playing guys!

December 14th, 2008

Irresistable offers to BOOST response rate!

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
-The Godfather

This is mainly for those of us that have our own products out there. If you don’t have your own product I suggest getting one. There isn’t anything better than making 100% profit on a product your selling AND having hundreds, even thousands of affiliates promoting a product for you!

So lets jump right in and begin talking about boosting up your response rate for email marketing or your own little lander.

The best thing that you can do is to offer free samples.  So what are some things that you can do? Giving a 3 day trial run or even a demo version of your product is the best way to accomplish this.  Now I know most of you probably don’t have your own product.  This demo version is often given on CPA offers as well.  Have you see the $2.95 sample pack of acai berry!? These guys know what they are doing.  They are getting people to buy into their product with a sample pack.

They can’t necessarily give away free samples of acai berry.  That would be suicide for them.  So what they do is they get a credit card number for a sample pack of acai berry and then in 7 days they hit them with the actual cost.  The sample pack is what drew them into the offer to begin with (that and Oprah).

Now, what are some other things that you can give away to help make your offer more irresistible?  A series of training videos, user manual, members forum or chat, unlimited support, unlimited updates for the life of the product.  There are all kinds of things you can add to make your product look outstanding to people.

I have often seen people give away other private label right (PLR) products.  It is my opinion that these are retarded… The problem with PLR products is that you should be grouping them up in their respective niches or function.  If you are selling a product on how to do SEO better WHY would you give away a PLR product for making money with adsense? If however, you gave away 5 other SEO PLR products with each purchase people will look at that in a better light. People will begin to say to themselves “Oh great… I’m not getting 1 SEO product.  I’m actually getting 6 SEO products PLUS training!”

My favorite booster is to offer a DEEP discount for a 3 day trial.  I’ve seen several sites out there that cost $97+ and offer a $1 trial.  Once the trial is up BOOM they get hit for $97.  Most people will forget about this.  They just think “Okay great $1 and I get this product for 3 days” then 3 days later when they forget about it they get hit with a paypal receipt saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE. hmmm kinda slimy and sneaky… But look at the acai berry offers.  This is exactly what they are doing.  Any time you have to pay $x for a trial offer you can bet that you will be billed in 3-7 days for the full amount.

December 11th, 2008

Christmas Came Early – Not 1 but 2 Free Affiliate Summit West Silver Passes – Hurry and Get Yours ($700 Value)

CashTactics is proud to hold a drawing on behalf of Direct Agents for not 1 but 2 FREE Affiliate Summit West Silver Passes to the conference event taking place on January 11-13, 2009. If I was to talk about one of the biggest turning points in my business, the first thing I would think of is the contacts I’ve made and the networking I’ve done. Making friends within the industry you are trying to build a business within is a very vital aspect in becoming successful and you should start immediately, it will put you way ahead of the learning curve! If you would like the exciting chance to win one of the FREE passes, please read ALL the details that are written below.

First, let me briefly talk about the company that is providing the 2 Free ASW passes. To be completely honest with you, I’ve never personally used them, at least yet. Their name is Direct Agents, they have been in operation for over 5 strong years and are continuing to grow rapidly. Just this year they doubled their office and client base, which says a lot! What I’ve noticed about Direct Agents, are the many exclusive offers they carry and each person I’ve talked to whether on the phone or through the internet has had an amazing attitude and focus heavily on one on one interaction with publishers, that’s a HUGE help especially for new affiliates. The biggest thing that has impressed me with them has been their selfless generosity, they didn’t ask me to write this, I actually offered because a company with characteristics like this is who you want to work with. Just an insider tip, some of their hottest offers right now is DirecTV, Fandango and USO. Each of these offers are goldmines!

So How Do You Win a Free Silver Pass to ASW in Las Vegas?

This is going to be the easiest drawing in the world, all you have to do is sign up for a new account with Direct Agents and your name will be automatically entered into the drawing. If you make a comment below this post or make a video comment telling me why you would like to go to ASW (drawing is open to those who have never been and those who have), your name will be entered in twice, giving you 2x the chances to win and that will greatly increase your odds of getting 1 of the 2 free tickets being given away. Time is short because the conference begins January 11-13, 2009, the winners of the 2 free passes will be selected on Tuesday December 16th (announced on Wed), to allow enough time (approximately 3 ½ weeks) to prepare for the trip to Las Vegas. Please do not enter the drawing if you know for sure you’re not able to go. If you still want to sign up with Direct Agents you can but please notify me that you want out of the drawing. To save on travel expenses, I recommend going to Priceline and buying your plane and hotel together in an area close to the conference hotel, which will save you money. You must sign up for Direct Agents through this post and we will confirm that the chosen winners have opened an account with Direct Agents. Like I said, this is the easiest drawing in the world, you can easily win and I’m guessing many people aren’t able to go or have already bought their ticket, that’s better for you, so sign up now!

To Win 1 of 2 Free Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas Silver Passes – Sign Up Below

Direct Agents

December 9th, 2008

Cross browser compatibility for your LPs

One of the most frustrating thing in the world is working on a website (or LP for that matter) and not knowing enough CSS or HTML to make it work for IE, FF and all those other browsers out there.

One of my biggest mistakes is creating an LP, viewing it in FF, then showing my LP to family a few weeks later only to find out it looks like junk in their browser.  We all have IE coding issues.  It is the most retarded browser out there.  Why can’t microsoft conform to what we want their browser to do…

Anyways, there isn’t really a need anymore to ask you friends to check out your designs in their browser.  Instead you can jump over to and cross check your work over 70 different browsers.

Yeah it’s pretty kool how the tool works.  Basically somewhere a virtual machine boots up the browser and loads your webpage. Then screen shots are taken in three segments, put together, and presented to you like a little prize or something.  If your site is really long (like a blog) then it won’t fit the whole thing in.  But you will get a good look at your header… And you will see… that IE8 sucks.

December 7th, 2008

I need your help PLEASE!

Since you all will be wearing the t-shirt, I would like to know which designs you all liked the best.  The contest is being held at 99designs. Here are the two main designs that I am deliberating against right now.

If you can please jump over to the contest and then return back here and voice your opinions that would be much appreciated.  I’m really tied right now and don’t know what to do.  The contest is over in about 9 hours.

Here is the direct link:

Thanks guys and gals!