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November 30th, 2008 T-Shirt Design!

Hey guys and gals.

I just started a new contest on 99 Designs.  Please check it out! I decided that it was time that CashTactics had T-Shirts to give away.  We all like SWAG so why not get some CT shirts made up to give away.

Let me tell you a little bit about 99 designs.

99 Designs uses something called “Crowd Sourcing”.  Basically they are like an oDesk, Getafreelancer, type site but for design only.  So why go for 99 designs instead of oDesk or Getafreelancer?  Because you know without a doubt that you will get a designer giving your offer a shot.  PLUS you get to see many different options before you make your choice. You don’t get stuck with one person.

This is great because you can eliminate options as the “contest” goes on.  That means that if I don’t like a design I can eliminate it and tell what I didn’t like.  Plus I get to rate designs as the contest goes on so that the different designers have an idea of what I like to see.

Awesome idea!  I definitely give the guys at 99 Designs two thumbs up. It’s one of those things where you see it and then think to your self… “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS!”

I definitely recommend anyone looking for a designer to start looking at 99 designs.  You will end up with something you love, you will get lots of ideas, and you will be able to communicate with the designers for more work afterwords.  Its definitely a great source for any beginner that needs a little help!

Join the CT Swag contest at

November 30th, 2008

5 hours left!

5 hours till the contest ends.  Make sure you get your entries in before then! Remember.  This ends at 12 am Central Standard time.  Right now it is 7 pm.

November 26th, 2008

I had a WP blog hacked :( so sad…

I have had a terrible last couple of days… Not only did I just shatter a tooth about 3 hours ago but I had one of my large sites hacked two days ago. So I just wanted to give a little word of caution on server security.

Most bloggers/affiliates use WordPress as a standard website platform. Whether it’s for a general blog creation or for our landing pages. However, because WP is so widely used many people (both bad and good) have easy access to the code. This can be a HUGE issue. Many plugins even have exploits to SQL injections.

“SQL injection is a method that exploits the vulnerable layer of an application that relies on SQL, and is performed by injecting SQL commands into an input field that SQL unknowingly executes as a result of programming errors. Trusting user-input without validation is a cause of this.”


Not all plugin developers are professionals. This leads to mistakes that in turn lead to opening a giant security hole leading access to the WordPress administrator console, your database, and even worse your server as a whole. Many of us, if not all usually just keep our website content in one place. Many of you probably make landing pages and think to yourself “What’s the big deal? They’re just simply landing pages.

The problem is that although using simple HTML and CSS for a landing page, you may still be vulnerable if those landing pages are hosted on the same server your core websites are existing on. Websites like allow people to see all other websites hosted on your IP. If you have 100 landing pages setup on a single server and one of your primary websites are hosted in the same environment and that main website is exploitable to any web attack, then your entire network can be compromised.

November 20th, 2008

CS1 – Questions and Answers Video

Here are the answers to the questions that have been asked concerning specifics of the case study and other various questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

If you would like to get the Free PPC Bully report, simply sign up by clicking here: > PPC Bully <. Then email Kris so he has your name and email address to verify that you signed up, then he will email you the special report. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Congrats to all those who are having success and good luck in the contest!

November 20th, 2008

EPC… Eat Pizza Cold?… That’s not right…

So I have been thinking for a few weeks now… Actually like 3 months… I’ve wanted to talk a little bit about EPC so you can better understand it.  Now I have re-written this post several times so I can explain it the best possible way. However, after getting frustrated with how it was sounding I got in touch with my awesome AM over at Market Leverage and asked her if she could do a little post about EPC for me.  So this is a “Guest” post from my rockin’ AM Chelsea.


Earnings per Click – An Accurate Outlook on the Right Campaigns

Wondering if the time you are spending promoting ad campaigns will pay off in the end?

Ultimately, Earnings per Click, or EPC, is the key factor in determining which campaign a publisher will promote.

And with good reason, an investment in advertising dollars is usually tracked by how much ROI is received on the click. However, since EPC’s don’t always tell the entire story upfront, you need to consider a few other EPC factors when setting up an ad campaign.

First things First! – Know the Equation!
EPC = CPA x Conversion Rate

A Low EPC doesn’t mean it’s a bad offer!
An offer can generate lots of clicks but receive a low conversion, which results in a low EPC. This can be seen in general interest campaigns that have mass appeal such as an email submit or a survey offer.
These types of offers are still worth promoting because the high clicks make up for the low EPC.

November 16th, 2008

Contest update and Leader board

I’m going to give a little update to the contest.  I’m also going to give more information on the blog post for the contest.  There is only one person that has told me they made a blog post for the contest so maybe I wasn’t too clear.  Also there isn’t really anyone participating in the forum so that prize may just go unclaimed.

Here are the leaderboards!

CD2851 is taking the lead right now.  However, in the last couple of days CD2874 has begun to catch up.  These are the only participators right now so not much of a competition.  On well though.  I’m most excited about CD837.  I have had the opportunity to talk to this guy a few times.  He also goes by cablekid in the forum.  This is his first attempt at CPA offers.  Not bad if you ask me!.  He has begin to make about $50+ profit a day for just a few hours of work.  Maybe when this is over with he can jump in the forum and share with us his secret ;)

These are all of the participators so far.  Sillybilly has sent the most visitors to the blog so far, however, xyberthebizbum has sent the most unique amount of visitors.  Whats really kool is I get to see all of your methods for sending visitors.  Cablekid once again pops on the board here.  His method is the funniest to me because he is basically diverting traffic from his website via a popup.  AMagz is a forum poster and blog commentor galor! Xyberthebizbum is a traffic exchange junkie! And sillybilly is a little of everything from what I can tell.   Great work guys! Keep it up!

November 11th, 2008

$1 email submits VS $30 health offers

Who would win that fight?  I often get asked the question of what kind of offers do I run.  Here are some of my personal thoughts on the types of offers you want to run.

Lets take the example I received from a friend of mine.  If someone came to you and asked you to sell $1,000 worth of pens and gave you a few choices of pens which “pen” would you choose to sell?

Type “A” Pen = $0.30

Type “B” Pen = $15.00

Type “C” Pen = $500.00

If I sold “A” I would have to sell 3,334 pens.  If I sold “B” I would have to sell 67 pens. And lastly if I sold “C” I would have to sell 2 pens.

This is my approach to the problem.

Type “C” is a high quality, high end pen. Because it is so expensive you can’t really make a sales pitch for it.  Instead people already know they want to spend the $500 to buy the pen, especially when other pens can cost around… 30 cents…  People have done their own research. Type “C” pens sell themselves.  All I need to do is make a page for people to find the pens. I can put as much effort as possible in PPC but chances are… I won’t do too well… Now if I did do PPC again Super targeted because of the type of offer AND lots of spend!

Type “B” is still a really good pen.  It will be one of those “metal” pens that you find.  Not the plastic pens school students use.  These are made for adults! Now type “B” are easy to get sales from just like type “A”. The difference is… More spend.  If you buy in to PPC for type “B” pens don’t expect to pay $0.30. You might even have a hard time paying $1. However, your return on investment will come alot quicker as in the end you spend less to make more.

November 8th, 2008

CS1.6 – Pay Per Click Case Study Part 6 – Stats Recap and Going Forward

Make sure you guys sign up to those sites via the link here NOT by the banners(unless its Convert2Media or PPC Bully).

Market Leverage
PPC Bully

Ok, so I forgot to talk about a very important piece that I wanted to talk about. It’s been a crazy week/weekend. I wanted to talk about how to know when to get rid of keywords that aren’t being profitable. The answer is pretty simple, when a keyword has cost twice as much as the offer payout and hasn’t converted, that’s when its time to remove that keyword as a non converting keyword. Example: On a $10 payout, and keyword 1 has cost $21 and no conversions, its time for that keyword to be paused or deleted. That will give you a foundation of knowing when to remove keywords. So the process of keyword, landing page and campaign optimizing is simply:

1. Split test ads and landing pages at all times.

2. After a sufficient amount of data has accumulated, remove not performing keywords or keywords that do not produce conversions at double the offer payout or less. So remove keywords that spend 2x(Offer Payout) = No Conversion or Only 1 conversion. As long as your cost/conv is less that 2x the payout, the keyword most probably can become profitable after optimizing. As you continue to weed out not performing keywords, keep testing new keywords. So start with a few hundred keywords, run them for a while and then make changed and repeat the process. Expand on your profitable keywords and the ones that are making conversions. You are able to identify all keywords performance by using the google pixel and Tracking202.