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September 30th, 2008

8 Questions Every Begining Affiliate Should Know

Here are some questions I found from I often get questions from people that follow along these same lines. Here are the questions from that post with my answers.

1. What is the best affiliate network?

There are several networks that I am apart of. It’s like an addiction. When I see that sign up page I sign up. HAHA. You can check out a list of my favorite networks by clicking here. Most of the networks that I am apart of are apart of the “direct track” networks. Direct Track is the company that puts the direct track script out.
The coolest part of direct track is the fact that offers can be published to other direct track networks. This “CrossPublication” allows for the offers to be placed on hundreds of networks. This means that you can essentially ask an affiliate manager from your favorite network to grab the offer and place it on their network.
My favorite of all the networks are these: Convert2media, Market Leverage, and Hydra. Yeah I use other networks. But those are on the top of the list for me.

2. What is a good CTR for PPC?

That really depends. Just like the article mentioned above says you can have a CTR of 70% with poor conversions and a CTR of 2% with an excellent conversion rate. So it’s really just an issue of how well your clicks convert that’s important. Although you should expect no less than 2% and to be on a more realistic don’t expect higher than 15%. Not saying higher isn’t possible. Just don’t expect it right off the bat.

3. Should I start on the Search or the Content network?

Content network is the way you want to go when you start. Content network cost is cheaper, and overall beginner friendly. You just need to be prepared to pay for the search network. That being said, I will only move an offer to the search network after I have made it convert on the content network.

4. How many clicks should I send to a merchant to see if they convert?

You want to place for yourself a limit. Whether that be a specific amount spent or a specific amount clicked. Personally like to see a minimum of 100 clicks to the offer. Not 100 clicks to the landing page/poll, but to the actual offer itself. 20-30 clicks I am not getting clicks to the offer then something is wrong with my landing page.

5. Are there any eBooks I should read to learn about affiliate marketing/PPC/SEO?

NO. Just read this blog and visit the forum. If you really want to be successful on the fast track with the right tools I say sign up with PPC-Coach and buy Poll Factory. PPC-Coach has the tools you need and poll factory is just a kick @$$ poll generator for CPA offers.

6. What is the best niche to promote? What makes the most money?

In my opinion you can make anything successful if you know what your doing. That’s the problem though. So again, PPC-Coach will show you how to make anything successful with PPC. Also read the blog and forum. Asking questions is the way to go.
As a side note. Health, Weath, and Relationships. Those are the top CPA offers across the board. Just find a product related to one of those are you’ll be good to go.

7. I don’t know anything about HTML, PHP, coding, web design, graphic design, datafeeds or anything remotely technical. So how can I build a website and make money?

Poll Factory will create the site for you. You just have to know how to upload the script to your server. If you have questions on how to do that then just goto a forum and ask someone.
If you want a different style of landing page and still don’t know how to code a webpage then ask someone that does. Jump into the forum and post a request. Or you can jump over to and can get you custom LPs if you want them.
Oh and don’t forget about I use that guys templates all the time. Just figure out the route you want to take and you’ll be good to go.

8. Should I pay for a SEO company to optimize my site?

No. Take it from someone that knows SEO. You can do it yourself. Optimizing an LP is good because you WILL get natural traffic. Don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t. Poll factory is SEO optimized so that is a good route to go.

That should be it. I hope those questions have helped you out. If you have a question please feel free to jump over to the forum and ask away!

September 28th, 2008

Thank you!

I just wanted to take some time to thank “T” from for the Cashtactics logo.  Prozines is a webdesign company that started up recently.  They are pretty big into landing page designs.  Infact they have designed pages for Paul Bourque of Uberaffiliate and Ubercamp.

Mention CashTactics and you’ll get a 10% discount on any design style that you want.  They offer landing pages, banners, and some exceptional logos! Check them out at

Oh yeah… “T” also made up a 125×125 banner for CT that looks pretty slick!

I should probably also mention that the theme I am using here is from Unique Blog Designs. They have a couple of free themes that you can choose from.

Thank you Prozines!

September 22nd, 2008

How to make a video work with your Lander

viral video creationVideos on landing pages are great! From my own personal experience and experiments I have seen conversions double when a video was placed on a landing page.  This being said, that is not always the case.  Your videos can distract from the task at hand.  They can confuse visitors so much that they want to leave your site.  So how do you make the video work for the site?

Creating your own video these days is really easy.  There is a lot of different pieces of software out there to use.  Camtasia is one of the most well known out there.  Because I have a Mac I use “Jing“.  Jing is a free piece of software from the creators of Camtasia. I don’t know about Camtasia but Jing only captures your desktop. To capture my head shots I use the built in piece of software for a mac… iMovie. (What is there to use for a windows machine?)

When you are capturing your video you want to do a combination of headshots and screen shots.  People like to see that there is a real person behind the voice on the video and they like to actually see what you are doing. Building trust with people is the key to success.  If no one trusts you why would they take your advice online?

Now, before you actually start your video you should have a plan.  Write down on a piece of paper or a whiteboard what you will do.  Make sure you have step by step so that during the video you aren’t fumbling around or saying “ummm”. You want to give a professional yet personal feel to the video.  If you have to write a script do it.  Just don’t sound like a robot when your filming.

Make sure your videos have a hook.  Why are people going to keep watching your videos?  or why would they pass them along to their friends? With my example on the previous post about my most profitable sales letter, the hook was the simple fact that they were learning how to make money quickly.  Don’t exaggerate your “hook”.  There is a website out there (don’t remember the URL sorry) where bloggers can go on and post a short vid about their blog.  The point of the website was to get exposure to your blog.  One guy on there was going crazy! He kept running back and forth, talking real fast.  The “hook” was soooo exaggerated that I wanted to puke. Not only does an overacted hook make you look unprofessional, but it also turns the users off to what you are offering.

Here’s the all important question.  How long should the video be?  This is from my own personal experiences.  I try and make my videos that I want to be big and go viral 2-3 minutes long.  Just keep this in mind… Too short and you won’t grab the user, too long and you’ll bore the user. It basically comes down to the simple fact that the longer the video is the less viral it becomes.  So the time of 2-3 minutes is what I have found that works best.  Just enough time to give the good and keep them interested. If you have several steps to the process, and the time limit well exceeds 3 mins, then break it up into sections, ad an opt-in list, and tell them that for joining they get the whole video series.  This is great because you get opt-ins to a niche that you can begin to market too.

That’s about it for videos.  If you have any intense video creation questions please jump over to the CashTactics Forum and post your questions there.

September 17th, 2008

My most profitable Sales Letter!

As an affiliate marketer I have had the opportunity to write some pretty junky sales letters.  I have also had the pleasure of writing some pretty profitable ones as well.  Writing a sales letter can be fun at times. This post is going to give a little insite on how I write a profitable sales letter on a page.

When I write a review style landing page for visitors I like to give the visitor a taste of what they will encounter on the actual offer page. I even like to show them how they can benefit.

Lets take for example paid surveys. My paid survey page generates massive sales and here’s how. There are four little parts to make this completely successful.

  1. Make a POP OUT headline
    • Use the words “For FREE”
    • Choose a bold headline color (When in doubt just use Red)
    • Pose a thought provoking question
  2. Add a video above the fold
  3. Add written content below the video
  4. Add several sites you like and several you don’t

Thats it.  Thats what makes a winning landing page. Now here’s the question.  What is so profound about a video and the content.  We all know that those should be on the page. So tihs is what you do.  Yes this will separate you from the rest of the affiliate marketers but you do what you have to do to get sales.  The “secret sauce” is to tell people exactly how they will benefit.  In other words… If I am promoting these paid surveys I will tell people EXACTLY how to fill them out.

Start Example:

Do you want to know what I do to make OVER $700 a week For FREE?

Watch the video below to learn how I make the Internet work for me

 [ Insert your video of the process here]

The above video shows you the exact steps that you need to take in order to make good money online.  Remember, the key is to download the robo form.  You can pick up robo forms from here (insert link). Fill in your basic information like the video shows.  Then log into your survey site and begin allowing robo forms to auto fill the content.  You will have to manually answer questions but robo forms will take care of the generic info such as your name, gender, and all those other questions that surveys ask.

Once you have completed a survey form let it sit in an open window for several minutes.  Most of the surveys online will tell you just how long a survey will take.  You will want to allow for that amount of time to pass before you hit the “submit” button.

Remember, while that survey is cooking in an open window you can begin another survey. Yesterday alone I was able to make $115.00 Just for taking online surveys. The best part about it was the fact that I only took the surveys for a couple of hours.

Below are the sites that I have found online for using this method
Use these sites:

  • aff link

  • aff link

  • aff link

Do not use these sites:

  • aff link

  • aff link

  • aff link

The top three are the sites I use everyday. The bottom three I do not recommend.  They work with this method but can be a little bit more time consuming.

Best of luck! Remember, if you have any questions you can email me at —–


So there you have it.  The secret sauce is to tell and show them how they can benifit. If I was promoting a dating site I would have a video of me logged onto the dating site surfing around and getting resonses to emails.  Of course this method will need some preparation before you can begin filming videos.  But once you set it up, you just drive visitors and BOOM sales all day long!

September 14th, 2008

Crazy way to check out your LP visitors.

Crazyegg.comEver want to know what people are doing on your landing pages? I was recently introduced to by a friend of mine here in the DFW area. After only using it for a day I quickly realized the potential of the program. Basically what happens is you get a nice little piece of javascript to place on your website. After you attach the javascript you can then log into your Crazyegg account and begin to check out the statistics.

So what does Crazyegg track? Visits basically. Infact it tracks the clicks on your page that the visitors make. You get a nice visual look at whats going on. There are two main views that you can see the first is called “heatmap”.  Heatmap places heatspots on your page where visitors have clicked.  So in other words places where no visitors click are left a transparent gray and those where visitors click start from blue (meaning not alot of action) to bright white (lots of click!).

The other view for seeing your visitors is called “confetti”.  I like this method because I can see the EXACT spot that someone clicked and I can see who referred the person to my website.  I like this view a lot better than heatmap because it makes the page all colorful. HAHA.

Anyways, check out these screen shots.  This was after a couple of hours on the CashTatics homepage:

crazyegg heatmap Crazyegg confetti

There you have both the heatmap and the confetti views of the side banners.  Remember that was only after a couple of hours.  The data seems to be real time which is definitely a plus in my book.

So lets analyze this now.  Convert2Media has the most impressions.  That means this is a banner that I am definitely going to want to keep around. Hydranetwork has the second most.  But it is still far behind Convert2Media.  Market leverage and PPC-Coach are in third place, Poll Factory in forth and Hostgator in bum last place.  Now I would obviously want to allow for more visitors to a website before I applied these analysis’ for the page.  However, lets assume we had thousands of visitors.  Obviously the clicks would suck because they aren’t that much, however, I now know that the Hostgator banner is doing terribly.  So, maybe I should put that spot up for grabs…

Applying these to your landing pages is amazing! If you decide to implement this you’ll be amazed at where you find your visitors clicking.  People click on the weirdest text… Implementing a link where you see clicks will greatly bump your click through rate to your offers!

So stop wasting time and jump over to CrazyEgg to sign up!

September 7th, 2008


CashTactics got a make over tonight.  Bare with me as I tweak the look a little.  I’m also going to compile an ebook from posts as well as add my own thoughts.  So keep an eye out for that!

Let me know what you think of the look! (If there are any logo designers reading this and want to make a logo please do.  I’ll be sure to give you props and a plug in the blog!)

So the contest is now over.  I’m going to open up another window here and let you know who I think take the cake.

Okay here you go:

  • John’s Weight Loss Blog – HAHA That made me laugh so you get some dough.
  • Digital Point Noob! – Buying ebooks is a waste of money unless they come with scripts or forum access. HAHA You get some dough :D
  • lordsir31 – Your son is ugly.  You get some dough, not for boxing for your kid, but for plastic surgery.
  • Kris (no not me) – You get some dough because I know how it feels to have to mow your own lawn.  Maybe you can pay lordsir31’s son to do the job?
  • da buck – I’ll give you some dough if you admit to me that crack is bad…
  • Andrew – I’ll give you some dough only if you promise to buy the steaks HAHAHA
  • Justin – Because your wife gave got mad I’ll give you some dough.  I definitely know how that feels LOL
  • Amanda – Okay you can have some :) But you better win!
  • JV – This isn’t Rucks money.  However, I too know how it feels to need gas… You get some dough.
  • Skywatcher – Yeah if you went the legal route you would be better off… But I’ll help you out.

One last one….This guy posted his comment in the forum… But I thought it was worthy.

  •  eazimoney – HA Nigerian scammer asking for money? LOL Just take me off your list

Okay that’s it.  I realize it’s more than $100 worth. That would mean everyone gets less than $10.  So I’ll just give everyone that posted $10.  Even those lame ones.  Participating in contests is good.  Next time more people should participate!

So… Message me in the forum and let me know your paypal..  My username is… Kris.  Money only goes out via paypal so if you don’t have paypal you don’t get the moolah, sorry.

September 5th, 2008

I feel like giving away some money…

It’s my Birthday today… Actually tomorrow Sept 6th.

SO for some reason I feel like giving away some money.

You weekend readers are in for a treat.  Readership always drops off on the weekends because people are at home and not at work. So from now until my next post on Monday you can have a chance to win some cash.  Here is what you have to do…

1. Post here and tell us why you need the cash.  Are you a struggling affiliate that needs to pay the bills? Maybe you need to pay your child support because adsense isn’t shelling out the cash like the good old days. Tell us why.  Be creative.

2. Join the forum (click here) and post your forum name in your comment for #1.

Your post should start like this…

“Forum name: ————–

I need the cash because…”

I mean it… creativity will win.  I’m not looking for an honest answer… Just a fun one.

How much am I going to give? Probably around $100.  It could all goto one or it can goto several.

Happy commenting!

September 3rd, 2008

Over Coming the DKI Headache

 Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is a nice little feature that the PPC networks provide.  However, it can also be a huge headache. So how do you get this great little feature to work to your benefit.  Easy… Read this post and then emulate it… For sanities sake we are only going to talk about the Adwords DKI token so as not to confuse anyone.

DKI is basically inserting the searched term into your ad copy and ultimately into your website. This makes your ad copy relevant to your website.  AND it makes it look like you have a lot of dynamic ads on the Internet. The downside to using the DKI with Adwords is that your QS will go down initially.  However, because your CTR will… or should… go up your QS should be fine in the end.

How do you  do this?

Google has a place holder that you can insert anywhere into your ad.  That insert looks like this:  {keyword:default}
Now lets break this down into the individual parts. The word “keyword” can be written several ways in Google. Here is a little chart from Google to help you remember this!

Keyword Capitalization




google ads



Google ads

Sentence (first letter of first word)


Google Ads

Initial (first letter of each word)



  • Entire first word and
  • First letter of each remaining word


Google ADS

  • First letter of first word and
  • All letters of each remaining word



All letters of all words*

This list was taken from Google.  The link to their DKI page can be found below

So now we have all the possible ways that Google allows us to spell the word “keyword”. We now also know the different outcomes of the spelling. I only use “KeyWord”. That is a capital “K” and a capital “W”.   This means that the first letter of all my keywords will end up with capital letters.  This looks good because it helps the keyword stand out to people as they are reading the sponsored listings. I don’t like to do all capital letters because to me it just looks ugly.

Moving on we come to a colon.  Do not put a space before or after the colon. Remember as well.  JUST ONE!

Next we have the default keyword.  Now this can be tricky.  Basically what happens is if we have a keyphrase that is supposed to be in the ad, but it is to long for the space given, then the default word will be used. Keep your default word to one word.  This will insure that you can at least have a default word in otherwise it will be left blank. Examples can be like this:{KeyWord:Phones}, {KeyWord:Clubs}(as in Golf Clubs), {KeyWord:Cars}, or {KeyWord:Honda}, etc, etc, etc You get the point.

So here is the biggest problem.  You want the keyword to show up and you want the default keyword to be really relevant to the rest of the keywords you have just in case. This is how you set it up.

1.  While long tailed keywords are great, try to stay away from them if you want to use the DKI.  Your better off writing special ads in seperate campaigns for long tail keywords.

2. Tightly group your keywords.  Here’s what I mean… Group your keywords by brand.  Break the brand down into models, then brake the models into makes. The make should be your adgroup. If you are running a campaign for cars then you should have adgroups surrounding the different cars. ie.   Civic, Jetta, 350z, Mustang, etc. The smaller the grouping the better. You can go as far as breaking those cars down even further.

I thought I was going to have more steps for that… but really two steps is all that requires for setting up your adgroups.

 Now the fun part.  Writing ad copy to fit the DKI

I don’t know why but this is the part I enjoy.  Writing ad copy for DKI can be a challenge.  I’m going to list some generic keywords for a VW Jetta.

Adgroup: Jetta

2 Door Jetta
4 Door Jetta
Jetta TDI
Wolfsburg Jetta
Jetta TDI 2009
Red Jetta

Okay good enough.  Those are pretty corny and will serve their purpose for this section. Your ad copy has to be able to work with the default word and it has to work with each of those words individually.  So you need bridging words.  Words like “Looking for a…” “Buy a…” “Want a…” Are perfect.  You can say those three terms and any one of the keywords in this adgroup and it will make sense.

Now the difficult part comes in when I tell you how many characters you can have in your ad.

First Line=35
Second Line=35
Display URL=35

Now, Most likely it will be hard to fit the keyword into the title.  So that’s why we have a nice default word that matches everything in the adgroup. I like to start my titles with something like “Looking for a —-DKI—-“. Then for the first line a good line to use would be “We have a —-DKI—-“. Second line, “Volkswagen —-DKI—- Discounts!”.

So essentially your ad with the DKI inserted would look like this:

Looking for a {KeyWord:Jetta}
We have a {KeyWord:Jetta} instock
Volkswagen {KeyWord:Jetta} Discounts!

Re read that with the keywords inserted…
Looking for a Jetta
We have a 2 Door Jetta instock
Volkswagen 2 Door Jetta Discounts!

Looking for a Red Jetta
We have a Red Jetta instock
Volkswagen Red Jetta Discounts!

Okay kool you get the point I hope.  Dynamic keywords have to be tightly grouped in order for them to work properly. Now The example I used was extreme in the keywords and the adcopy. Read up on Google by clicking here for their DKI tutorial.  They use a better example with phones.  But this should give you a running start when creating ads with DKI.  Remember as well… DKI is for the search network only!

Any questions on DKI?