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July 31st, 2008

Starting my Media Buy.

If you haven’t noticed yet… A lot of this Internet Marketing business is about research. This is one of the most critical steps in selecting a site to use for a Media Buy. Remember, a media buy is buying advertising space on someone elses website. Whether it be a blog, forum, or general information filled website.

The blog post at Convert2Media that talks about finding the right site to advertise on with Alexa has brought in some excellent points. We want to find sites with high traffic so that we know our banner impressions will not be put to waste. At the same time. We need to be careful on the sites that we prospect out to so that we don’t find someone that wants $5000 for a month long banner ad placement.

Jump on over to the Alexa Category pages and find yourself a nice little niche to hit up. Three of the top earners online are Health, Wealth, and Relationships. If you can find something to advertise in one of those three niches you are sure to make some money.

I’ve jumped into the “Health” category. From here I browse for an even more specific section or health related niche. Eventually I’ll be lead to a list of websites that I can begin to research even more.

Alexa is just one way to find websites. You can also search through DMOZ, Google, Yahoo, and even MSN. Just type in a keyword and there you will have a huge list of websites HAHA.

Here’s a little tips when selecting a site to buy an advertisement on. There are websites out there with “Unknowledged” webmasters and there are websites with “Knowledged” webmasters. We essentially want to advertise on a website with an unknowledged webmaster. That way we can get the cheapest cost possible. Here’s another tip. Most webmasters that have adsense on their site will be more than happy to drop the adsense for a month and use your banner in its place. Look for these types of websites to advertise on.

July 29th, 2008

Want to make a Media Buy?

When I first heard the words “Media Buy” I thought it referred to buying TV commercials, Magazine ads, or Radio spots.  While in the real world this is true… in the online world a Media Buy just refers to buying an advertising spot on someones website.  Websites are like… virtual magazines… so I guess the term “Media Buy” would be correct.

Ruck has made an excellent post a couple of weeks back on the Convert2Media blog titled “Easy Media Buying Using Alexa“.  Ruck talks about using Alexa to find websites that you can advertise with. Go read his post if your interested in Media Buying.

When we do a Media Buy we pay an upfront fee for advertising on someones website.  This can be a scary thought because we don’t know how the specific advertisement will perform.  Because of this, it is important that we do our research as carefully as we can when we want to do a Media Buy.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to walk you through making a Media Buy.  I’ll also through in other posts for those of you not interested in Media Buying.

July 27th, 2008

Ban these keywords!

When you are running your ad campaigns there are certain keywords and domains that you want to blacklist… or put in the negative keyword section.

The domains that you want to black list will almost always be difficult to find until you start running your campaigns. You can find the domains to block by checking out where your traffic is coming from. This can be done in the report section of your PPC account. One of the first domains that you will want to block is This domain will almost always pop-up for you. The traffic from myspace is GARBAGE. Myspace is full of a bunch of 14 year old girls and dirty old men. So … You might want to save yourself the high cost and just block it from the start. When I started out in this I wanted to see how Myspace would be for placement targeting… I burned through 10 times more money than I set aside for that day because adwords couldn’t shut the impressions off fast enough. BOO FOR LOOSING MONEY!

Now when you are going over your keyword list to ban you want to be careful what words you cut. Obviously if you are advertising for leather wallets you can be sure to not use the keyword ferrari. Now… You may want to use the word leather. However, take a look at what that one little word can bring you… Leather seat covers, leather couch, leather shoes, leather purse, leather jacket, leather pants, leather face, etc. So… I wouldn’t bid on the keyword leather unless my ad copy was good enough that people would know that they are being taken to a leather wallet related site… If that isn’t clear please post here so I can try and clarify more.

Now… Be careful you don’t cut all of your one word keywords… The word wallet would be nice to use in this situation. People that are looking for wallets might find your leather wallet site and like what they see.

If your going to scholarship offers you can’t really go wrong with the single word… SCHOLARSHIP or SCHOLARSHIPS.

Just take a good look at what you actually plan to bid on.  Some keywords can break your bank and will bring you absolutely garbage traffic… Same with some websites.  But what you think would be garbage, and keep what you think will be gold.

July 23rd, 2008

Some Do’s and Don’ts

dos and dontsStarting out in this business can be a scary thought Here are some quick tips for you to remember as your start out. And for you experienced marketers… Here are some things you want to make sure you are doing… or not doing…


Invest in a domain name and hosting. You can’t run your offers if you have no place to host them! If this is your first domain name get a general name. Don’t get too specific. Pick something like…,, Don’t pick something like…, You get my point. Invest in something that you can expand on.


Don’t waste your money on get rich quick ebooks. That is not to say that every ebook out there is bad. Some are very good and unique. I wrote an ebook a while back and I know for a fact that it’s one of a kind. However, these ebooks that you can find online about “HOW TO GET RICH ONLINE” are all the same… Don’t waste your money.


Learn all you can about this business. Join forums like the CashTactics Forum. Many online communities can be full of information. Read up and learn all you can. But remember… Don’t get caught up in the information. In other words… Don’t read forums and blogs for hours on end. You will only end up …. in the same spot… That is not making any money. Set a time limit and stick too it.


Don’t be afraid… People message me everyday and ask me questions about this business. 99% of the time they struggle because they are afraid to invest the money. Yes this does take money. You are starting a business and unfortunately that does take money. There are certain things that don’t have to take money to start. In fact I made my first $700 online with ZERO investment… But you cannot be afraid to make the jump in putting your money into a campaign.


Take the time to make your page look professional. If you don’t know how to go about that there are many templates that you can purchase online. I happen to be fond of the templates at “Clean Templates”. A professional look builds confidence in the eyes of your sites visitors. Now, that being said… I have seen some pretty ugly pages convert. Just look as professional as you can.


Don’t forget to utilize free stuff… Whether its traffic sources or adwords vouchers… USE THEM! Infact… If you don’t have a hosting account. Join the hosting companies affiliate program before you buy their service… I know I will take some guff for saying that… But do it… It will save you money as you start out and money when your starting… is important…


Optimize your page from the beginning for SEO! You never know… Your site can get some freakishly crazy traffic for a keyword or phrase that is on your page. And you would never have known it if you didn’t at least try to perform some sort of on page optimization. Don’t leave this step out. Don’t overlook the power of SEO.


Don’t start something that is will either cost you too much money or be too competitive. That will only discourage you. Want to go for Ringtones right off the bat? DON’T… Go for a niche that isn’t saturated with marketers. And don’t forget to go for other countries. A niche that is saturated in the US might be great to run with in Australia.


Work hard… and never give up. This is hard work. This isn’t a get rich quick type of business. Not when you start out at least. Until you get your portfolio built up… you should be working ALL the time!

July 20th, 2008

The Famous Question

It’s been about a week since I last wrote and I do apologize for that. This was also the last week that my wife and I had family in town. We’ve kept pretty busy with six flags, the zoo, several museums, and other various activities. I did however get online several times to check my email and see who else was wandering around online.

This week I was posed this question several times… “What is the best thing I can do to help me make money online?” or “What can I do to make money the quickest?”

My answer is simple. Set a goal. Then break that goal down to several smaller goals. Break those smaller goals down even more until you have an easily obtainable goal.

Goal setting is important. If you don’t know where your going or if you don’t have direction in this business you will waste a lot of time and a lot of money. Also, if you set unobtainable goals you will get easily discouraged. Don’t jump in and say “My goal is to make $1000 as fast as possible.” Most people will start… realize this takes work… and quit. However, if you set a more obtainable goal like $5 a day for 1 week straight. WOW… That’s an obtainable goal. That’s something you can work with. Then you break that down.

What can I do to make $5 a day? I need traffic… What can I do to get traffic? Everyday I will build “x” amount of PPC campaigns, rip “x” amounts of vids, make “x” amount of yahoo answer posts, make “x” amounts of posts in forums… whatever it takes. By breaking down your main goal to smaller goals this job doesn’t seem too difficult.

Here’s your homework… Grab a piece of paper and pencil. Write down your immediate goal. Make sure it is a realistic goal. When I started out I just wanted $1 a day. That was easily accomplished when I figured out what I needed to do everyday to accomplish that goal. You should do the same. What do you need to do to reach that goal? Figure that out and write it down as well. Maybe you want to start out like I did and get $1/day. That’s a piece of cake. That means that you just need one person a day to enter their email address, or zip code into a CPA offer.

Goal setting will help to keep you accountable for your actions. You have to remember though, there are many factors that can and will impede you from completing your goals. If you have to stop reading this blog so that you take action I hope that you do. As much as I would like for you to keep reading here, if you have to cut this blog off because it is taking too much of your time then I encourage you to do so. The same goes for any blog or forum that you frequent. When I started online I would visit the RichJerk forum for HOURS. I wasted DAYS reading the forum. Once I stopped… I was able to focus on my work. Now… Reward yourself for completing a task. When you get “x” amount of work done go read your blogs and forums for 30 mins. It can’t be all work. Just give yourself some working room.

I hope this post helps you understand the importance of setting a goal so that you can build a successful business. You shouldn’t be out for the quick buck. You should want the long term success that I know you can have. Please set your goals and act on them! You can’t find success if you don’t know where your going.

July 14th, 2008

The Landing Page Example!

Landing page exampleOkay, it’s taken me a bit to get this too you. I do apologize. I still have family in town and we have kept pretty busy doing the site seeing thing.

Anyways, as I promised… Here is an example of a clean looking landing page for a dating site. The offer that I designed this after can be found Convert2Media. The offer is the “Over 30 Dating”.

Here is the page that I created to show you: Landing Page Example
Remember, that is JUST an example that I made this evening. I didn’t add the title or the meta tags to that, but you would want to for real offers you want to run. This will help with your QS and it will help in getting you ranked in the search engines.

You can jump over to the Free Reports section to download that template. Just click on “Landing Page Template” under Misc. Files.

I hope that example give you a better idea of what your plain landing pages for CPA offers should look like. Remember they should be clean looking and direct. If you notice on the page I have 3 images. Each can be clicked to direct people to the offer. I didn’t get the animated gif. But you should use an animated button to draw attention.

Your written sections can be gathered from some PLR content or from an article that you find. Try and change it up so that you don’t sound like everyone else.

I normally suggest adding your own bullet points. But in this case the image I used had the bullet points for me.

Now… Where can you get the images to use? When you’re browsing your CPA offers to choose from, you can almost always find an HTML ad version of the offer. Click the “View HTML” link under the text box. Right click the images to save them to your desk top and edit them as needed. These images are for you to use in advertising so feel free to take when you need. Just remember to keep your images straight… In other words… Don’t throw up a image on your landing page.

If you have questions on your landing page or would like your page reviewed just post it in the CashTactics discussion forum so that others can participate as well!

July 10th, 2008

Your Landing Page

A landing page or squeeze page is where visitors get sent to for clicking on your ads or your search engine results. Because this is your front lineman it is important that this page looks good. When you have a nice looking landing page your chances of getting the visitor to take the action you want will increase.

Take a look at these two sites: and
Which site would you buy from if you wanted pet supplies? Now I’m not trying to be mean to the owner of Doo Little’s Pet Products… But if I was surfing the net for pet products that is probably one of the last places I would shop.

Let’s take a look and compare the two sites.

The Look
Your site needs to have a professional look and feel. You need to be an “authority” online. The better your site looks the more people are going to trust you. Color, layout, authority badges, images, and wording all play an important factor in this.

The Feel
How does your site feel. I mean… when you goto the site do you want to puke or purchase. I’ve seen websites online that look good and were professionally done, but they just make me feel sick to my stomach to browse through them. Some sites are cluttered and that doesn’t feel good surfing through a cluttered mess. Your site should have a good clean flow. Your wording on the front page shouldn’t be to much, your images shouldn’t be too many, your navigation tabs shouldn’t overpower the content or be more than the content. You get what I’m trying to say… I hope… Your website should be clean and inviting.

The What
What do you want people to do? To be honest with you when I saw the Do Littles site I thought it was an information portal. It took me a bit to figure out that it was an eCommerce site. However, when I was on the Pet Street Mall I realized right away that it was an eCommerce site. What is the purpose for your site? Do you want to pass people to another site? Do you want sign ups? If people don’t know what you want then they wont take actions.

Everyone says to make your “Call of Action” clear. Thats a must!


Flashing images with pointing arrows WORK! I’ve tested my own landing pages and I’ve seen my CTR on pages increase as much as 30%.

The Headline
Your headline should grab your users attention. It should be compelling. It should give them a brief 1 line overview of whats to come!

FREE XBOX360 for participation. Offer Expires 07/10/2008!
Enter your zip code to see if you qualify. Offer Expires 07/10/2008!
Do you want to know what I do everyday to win FREE STUFF? Join My Mailing List!

Setting the date causes a sense of urgency. You can use this code to set the date to the current date.

<script language=”JavaScript1.2″>
<!– Begin
var months=new Array(13);
var time=new Date();
var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1];
var date=time.getDate();
var year=time.getYear();
if (year < 2000) // Y2K Fix, Isaac Powell
year = year + 1900; //
document.write(“<b>” + lmonth + ” “);
document.write(date + “, ” + year + “</b>”);
// End –>

Thats the code you need to create the date. Just insert that where you need it. I like to have an offer expiration date in the headline so that it is one of the first things people read. And because it’s a different color, they will mostly likely read it first.

The Content
Under your headline you should have 50-75 words that explains a little about your offer. What it is, why its there. Tell people that your offer is for a promotion and that it will be ending soon. The scare factor is HUGE! The scare factor gets people moving!

After your first little paragraph you should create a call to action button. Something that says click here to continue, or join our mailing list today. Something that gets people moving.

Then… include some more information. 75-100 words here is good. Enough to give people more of a push. This is an imporant part because people have already passed by your call to action button… This is where you can stop them and send them right back to the button. You can look at it as your last line of defense.

I hope this post has been able to help you in some way or another. This is the method I use for creating my personal landing pages. Sometimes a poll just wont do it. Sometimes you will find offers that require a landing page before the offer page. Now you should know how to get a good one rolling. If all else fails. Look at what others are doing. Now, you don’t want to copy them, but you do want to get ideas from them!

I’ll create one from scratch and post it here for you to tomorrow. But for now… Take a look at your landing pages… Are you a Doo Little or a Pet Street?

July 8th, 2008

A quick word on SEO

SEO is hands down… The best thing you can do for your website! There are so many different factors that come into play with SEO… Its un-real!

Don’t forget to incorporate SEO into your landing pages. Even if you use the iFramer/Rotator that I have given you, USE SEO! You can’t afford to have your CPA offers NOT be in the search engines. I’m posting about this because I recently started getting a few conversions off of one of my CPA offers. The only thing I can think of is that it is coming in via the Search Engines.

Now, I haven’t looked into the keywords that the site is indexed for. BUT you can bet I will look into it. Chances are, the keyword will be long tailed. I know it won’t be a one word deal (unless it’s a miss spelling), and the way this specific site is designed it shouldn’t be a two or three word phrase.

You can guide your site to be in a specific keyword or phrase depending on how you create the page. If I’m creating a poll from scratch and not using a template like Poll Factory or PPC-Coaches tool then I will ALWAYS create a title tag, meta tags (keyword and description), H1, h2 and Bold tags to include the keyword I want to target. I ‘ll place all these tags within the bulk content of the page itself.

Now you may think that your H1 tag is going to be the poll question… But it doesn’t have to be. You can create your polls question with the H3 tag, You will need to change the CSS so that it looks as if it is the H1 tag. This will help you “Manipulate” the Search Engines later on.

If you know PHP well enough you can create a page that is dynamic so that you can have a url like

And if you know how to code an htaccess page well enough you can create the page to look like

Then you can create a page like that has a bunch of keywords that takes people to different dynamic pages. Thats the best way I have found to get your landing page or squeeze page index for MULTIPLE keywords. You just have to build some links to the main page so that it gets indexed and crawled.

In my specific case… The conversions are coming straight to the index.php page…