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June 12th, 2008

Contest Part 2!

OH NO… WHAT’S THIS… A second part to the contest. (only one more after this… making 3 parts total).

Now that you are acquainted with your AM we’re going to get your working along side them. Go into your Market Leverage account and look for an offer that you cannot normally see. In other words… find an international offer that is out of your country. Don’t use an offer that is in your same country.

Call up your affiliate manager and ask him/her if they can take a screen shot for you. This is how I view my international offers that I normally cannot see.

Your AM is there to work for and with you. They are the front line to the advertisers. Some of my most profitable campaigns are in other countries. However, I would never run a campaign if I did not know what the advertisers landing page looked like. Unfortunately a lot of advertisers have geo ip targeting which can keep you from seeing the offers landing page. So to combat this problem I like to ask my AM for a screen shot of the landing page.

For this part of the contest… Get a hold of your AM. Ask them to take a screen shot for an internation offer you have found in their database. Then upload the offer to your domain and post it here for us to see. If you don’t want to use your personal domain for this (understandable) then jump over to Media Fire, upload the image there, and send us the link so we can see it. Also, post the country where the off is valid.

Remember, this contest is designed to help get you started in the process of CPA marketing.

Also… If you still want in the contest it isn’t too late to start. Jump over to the first contest post and read up. Then jump over to the second contest post to find out what the first task is.

Good luck!

June 11th, 2008


I love a little competition. This is going to be a two part contest. The first part of the contest will help you get to know your affiliate manager and Market Leverage a little better. The second part will involve some 1-on-1 time with your Market Leverage affiliate manager and some offers that they have available. This contest is to help you break the ice and get involved with an affiliate network.

One of my favorite networks is Market Leverage. I don’t just like them for the offers they run, but for my affiliate manager Kyle.

Kyle is dedicated to my success. He wants me to succeed in this business. He is always telling me about hot offers available. To top it all off he also likes to hold little competitions with the affiliates that he manages.

PART 1a So, in honor of those Market Leverage affiliate managers that want to help you… The first part of this contest is call up your AM and introduce yourself. Reply to this post and let us know who takes care of you over there. I will be calling to make sure you did this, so please be honest. If you are already on speaking terms with your affiliate manager, give them a call just to see how they are doing… Then reply to this post with their name

Part 1b Market Leverage has their own series of videos that give you CPA offer updates, and industry news. The site to visit for this is  Watch the video under the “Market Leverage TV 06/09/08 Your Source For Affiliate News“. That video will flash the Cash Tactics logo several times. How many times does it appear? Don’t post the answer here. Instead email me at or use the contact forum. In the email include the name that you use to post here, the email that you use to post here, and your answer.

Part 2a The second part of this contest will come in the next couple of days. For now, complete the two tasks above. This part (2a) is to give you a jump start. So keep an eye out for the post… It’s not far behind this one.

If you would still like to join the contest, jump over to the “a contest is approaching” post and make a comment that you would like to participate. You will need to sign up with Market Leverage. It doesn’t have to be through a link on this page, but you must join to participate. If you sign up today and need to get approved ASAP, just give them a call.

These are the Cool prizes that are up for grabs.

Market Leverage gifts

June 7th, 2008

Pt.2 of this freakishly cool method.

Okay sorry about the delay. I’ve been a little busy on the home front. Also, jump back into the free ruck reports as there is a new cleaned up version of the CashTactics URL rotator <—- Or just click that. We will be using and talking about that version from here on out. Thank you Yebot from for getting us a better rotator and iframer.

Before we start using this URL rotator let me explain some things. It is important to test multiple offers. Split testing is VERY important in this business. One bad CPA offer can kill your budget. At the same time one good CPA offer can buy you a car! When I use the iframer I like to test out 3 offers at a time.

The offers are place in the $offerstr. Remember to separate your affiliate urls with a comma ( , ). Also, in order to activate that function you will need to delete the backslashes ( // ). You should find two of them there so make sure you delete both of them next to the $offerstr function. If you have a line counter on your html editor it’s on line 31. Or you can do it the old fashion way and just count down 31 lines.

Make sure that the offers you’re rotating are in the same niche. Don’t run a dating offer with an insurance offer through the rotator. Also, I like to rotate an email/zip submit, and two short forms to begin. This is just for testing purposes.

Okay enough about setting the URLs to rotate. If you have questions post in the members forum.

Now, what I like to do is purchase a domain for the specific niche. For example, if I want to run these bingo offers from Conver2Media I’ll go purchase a domain name like “” or “”, something bingo related.

I’ll then upload the URL rotator to the domain with the information filled out. I’ll make sure its working (hit re-load on the page several times so you see all of your offers). It is important to check the rotator once it has uploaded as sometimes your offers will break the frame. If that happens, just go find another.

Do your keyword research and drive people to the site with PPC.

Keep an eye out for the next post. I’ll go more into this little system.

Here’s a contest update

Only a few people have signed up. You don’t need to sign up with MarketLeverage under my affiliate URL. Just sign up so you can get a chance to win. Remember, the contest starts June 11th… That’s coming up fast! Make sure you reply to the contest thread in order to be entered in.

June 4th, 2008

The ultimate PPC-CPA method (not a poll) pt.1

Okay, so this CPA Poll monster is pretty much beat to pieces. I have one last thing I want to share with all of you before I move onto other subjects.

Framing an offer is more powerful than giving them a poll. However, there are certain items that work better with a poll than they do with a frame. Zip and Email submits that are “chances to win” something should be kept on a poll. What about those other offers that the CPA companies have that are about insurance, or dating? You can’t really run them off of a poll. They just wont convert that well. But you can drive traffic to them directly. In an indirect way. Let me explain that better…

Now Googles actual policy states this:

“…we monitor and don’t allow the following:

  • Redirect URLs: Ads that contain URLs that automatically redirect to the parent company.
  • Bridge Pages: Ads for web pages that act as an intermediary, whose sole purpose is to link or redirect traffic to the parent company.
  • Framing: Ads for web pages that replicate the look and feel of a parent site. Your site should not mirror (be similar or nearly identical in appearance to) your parent company’s or any other advertiser’s site.”

You can read Googles full Affiliate URL policy by going into Adwords help and performing a search.

Okay now. I know what Googles policy is. However, by building a Poll we are already violating it. A Poll is a “bridge page. It’s a intermediary page whose sole purpose is to link and redirect traffic to the “parent company”.

Redirect URLs are a bad choice to use because Google will recognize these pretty fast and shut you down. The ultimate method for delivering CPA offers on the PPC networks is by framing them. I know what you’re thinking, “But thats a violation”. Your right it is. But technically so is your Poll. Framing a page is a little bit harder for Google to detect. Infact I have never had a framed page taken down at all. Jump over to the Free Ruck Reports page and you will find a download for the exact framer that I use. Included in the download are two files. The actual .php file and a count.txt file.

The count.txt file is for the built in rotator. Thats right, the .php file has a url rotator built right in for split testing purposes. Stay tuned for the next post and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to test your offers with that page. For now, go download it and prepare yourself for my ultimate weapon for success. Now that you have the ammunition you just need to know how to aim and fire.

June 2nd, 2008

A Contest is approaching!

All righty… Contest time is upon us. CashTactics will be hosting 2 contests very shortly. The first one will begin June 11 and end June 18th. Winners will be announced June 19th. If you aren’t currently a member of Market Leverage please join them by clicking on the banner, as being a member of ML is required for participation in this contest.




My good friend Debbie with ML has informed me that the gifts to be given away will include:

  • Flip video camera
  • $200 ML Amex Rewards card
  • USB Pen
  • iPod Nano

The iPod Nano will also be engraved with Market Leverage and

Coverage for this contest will not only be on this site but will also be covered on

Check out the contest page often for more updates as the big day approaches!

ALSO, If you would like to be entered in please include a comment to this post.

June 1st, 2008

Ad-Tech Miami kicks off this week

Ad-Tech Miami Ad-Tech Miami kicks off June 3rd and 4th. Our favorite blogger Ruck will be there with the Convert2Media team. If you’re going to be there make sure you find the guys with the C2M shirts on. They will be giving some away to a lucky few, so make sure if you’re going, that you FIND THEM!

So why goto a convention? Because that is where you will find out the latest in industry news, hear about techniques you have never heard of before, and network with some of the best!

There are many speakers at conventions. You’ll learn all sorts of good stuff. Ad-Tech Miami has around 100 different speakers from different niches within the internet marketing world. Some of the more well known companies include “Fox Interactive Media”, “Yahoo”, “MSN”, “Terra”, and more!

Now Ad-Tech Miami is a conference that is more focused on the Hispanic end of marketing. Many of the speakers are from the Hispanic or Spanish division of the companies they represent. Miami was definitely a good choice for a location as Miami is definitely a hub for South America transport.

Take a look at their sponsors for an idea on how “spanish” influenced this conference will be.

Also, don’t forget to jump into your CPA networks and look for offers to run in Spanish speaking countries. Knowing that this conference is “Spanish” oriented definitely lets me know that there is something good to be had from marketing in Central and South America… Oh and don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of North Americans that speak Spanish.