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June 30th, 2008

Know your traffic source

I had this HUGE long post on tracking your offers… I didn’t save it at all… Then the power went out… Sorry guys.

Let me tell you the gist of it all.

Tracking your offers is ESSENTIAL. It is the only way you will really become profitable. Remember, we are trying to set up a business. Something long term. If we aren’t tracking our offers then we wont know how to fix them and make them work for us when money is down.

Let me give you a quick example. I had a campaign that was pretty profitable. I was pretty retarded with PPC when I first started so I didn’t track a thing. I didn’t care where people where coming from as long as I was making money. If you think like I did… You need to think again. When I started tracking my campaigns I turned my break even campaigns into winners, my winners into bigger winners. And my losers… Well I just dropped those.

It is not too late to start. Infact, if you don’t have any tracking set up right now, I urge you to at least go into your Adwords account… create a report from the “create report” link, make sure you create a “Placement / Keyword Performance” report.

When I finally did this to first profitable campaign… I realized I was receiving traffic from countries I had blocked… Traffic from sites related to cars when my campaign was about something on the opposite end of the spectrum. I realized I was also receiving traffic from Myspace… Thats a killer right there. Most of Myspace traffic is crap because those are little kids just looking for Myspace layouts.

Google has a tracking pixel that you can place on your offers. The tracking pixel will track with Google so that in those reports you can see which one of those sites generated a lead for you. If you aren’t using that… You better start… Tracking where your clicks and conversions come from is ESSENTIAL!

Now, when you find a site that is generating a good amount of clicks and conversions for you… you can place a site targeted ad. Do you see the importance of tracking now?

June 27th, 2008

Last bit of info for the Rotator

When you are using this rotator and you have found a profitable campaign you can’t let people get away without gathering their information for yourself. When I find a profitable campaign… something that is generating money everyday… I throw in my personal squeeze page into the rotator.

That means that I can gather their name and email address for my aweber account. Having your own mailing list is invaluable. For every four times the offer pops up I like to have my squeeze page pop up once. Now we should know the conversion rate for our actual offer. Placing our own page on there is obviously going to change the conversion rate, however, if we are creating our squeeze page to mimic the offer page then who really cares if our conversions on the offer go down. We now have conversions to our own aweber account!

Often times an offer will get paused or will stop on the advertisers end. That’s okay, we can continue running with our landing page until we find offers to test. I like to find 3-5 new offers to run through the rotator all at once just as if we were starting from scratch. The good thing though, is the fact that we already have our keywords that are getting us traffic. The only thing we need to do is find an offer that converts to the traffic.

Once we find that converting offer we can create a landing page to mimic the offer or we can throw up that old landing page that we used for the previous offer. Either works. The best thing to do is to split test the two pages against eachother… Place both into the rotator by themself for a couple of days to see which converts better, then take out the non-converting aweber landing page, and throw the offer back into the mix.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. If you have questions… just ask.

June 24th, 2008

If you’re new to PPC…

Then you want to read this post! If your not new to PPC scroll down to the bold writing that says UBERCAMP.

Everyday I get asked the question over AIM and MSN Messenger “Can you help me with my campaign?” While for the most part I don’t mind… I do want to recommend 2 websites to check out.

The first site I want to recommend is If you have an extra $50 a month then you NEED to make the investment. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. If you have liked the whole PPC series on this blog then you will LOVE what Coach has to say.

Not only will you get some excellent training in PPC-CPA you will also be able to ask more in-depth questions that can better be answered by a full time, PPC-CPA marketer. But what is really cool about PPC-Coach is the fact that there are SEVERAL success stories inside that will simply blow you away. One guy turned his first profit on January 12th, 2008 and has since turned a profit of over $35,000 ALL from the PPC-Coach training.

I like the coaches system because it really is a learning ground for people. It is a training center where each month you get more and more information to help you turn a profit online. If I was given the opportunity to start with this program when I started online I would have.

PPC-Coach even gives you over 10 PPC related tools for you to use. My 3 favorite tools that he has are the Landing Page Generator, Big 3 Campaign Generator and the Keyword Tracking System. These three tools alone justify the $50/month payment.

Why stop at the tools? Coach has even provided videos that show you how to use the tools and how to better your PPC campaigns.

Lastly… The forum. It is absolutely a necessary item. There you have the opportunity to ask whatever question you need answered. I’ll be honest… I’m no guru at PPC-CPA. Even I have asked a question in there to get clarification.

It’s worth a look. And if you are serious about building PPC-CPA as a profitable business… it is a necessity!

Ubercamp is a relatively new site. So far the majority of the content in there is PPC-CPA related. It is seriously one of the best websites I have found for advanced marketers to learn! If you are new to the IM game then I don’t suggest signing up with them. In fact the owner Paul Bourque even states right on the site not to sign up if you aren’t already making money!

Jonathan Volk from made this statement about Ubercamp, “Ubercamp is more for affiliates who are already a bit established but can’t seem to push past into that next level.” He couldn’t have put that any better. And while I have been marketing online for a while now, I have definitely learned a thing or two inside Ubercamp that I know will help grow my business.

The main difference between ubercamp and PPC-Coach is the simple fact that PPC-Coach is for beginners and Ubercamp is for experienced marketers. Also, while Ubercamp doesn’t have any tools right now, the information available is priceless!

June 20th, 2008

Back to the iframer/rotator Pt. 4

Okay, sorry it has been a week or so since writing about the iframer. I’ve been pretty busy with my personal marketing, and I now have a house full of Italians. My wife’s sisters are visiting for a month so this should be interesting.

I have uploaded a new version of the iframer/rotator thanks to Yebot. He has included a section to add for your tracking and a section for dynamic keywords. So you can either jump over to the Free Ruck Reports or you can click here to download the new iframer/rotator.

The tracking feature is pretty easy to use. Around line 65 you will find a comment about inserting your tracking script. Just place it between the two comments and you will be good to go.

The dynamic keyword tracking will be a little different. The script can now pass a keyword to your CPA network via the URL. In order for this to work your URLs will need to look like this:
If you are adding the script to a folder then your URL will look like this
It is not necessary to use the keyword passing function, but if you wanted to, it is there for the taking.

The tricky part of this will be gathering the correct URL from the CPA network. Because this is PPC, you will want to use the Search Creative URL that they give you. However sometimes they don’t always give you this URL yet they say it is for search. For example on Convert2Media I have chosen the “Debt Avenger – Lead Gen (46)”. It says that it is promotable by Search, however, no search creative can be found. So I will be using the text ad creative at the bottom.

The generic URL for this offer looks like this:
This URL by itself will not let us pass the keyword through to them. We need to use the subid function for keyword tracking purposes. Some CPA networks only allow for 1 subid, some allow for up to 5. When the network asks you for a subid just put “keyword”. This is going to be a space filler for right now. In the case of the debt avenger offer the URL with subid “keyword” would look like this:
Unfortunately we aren’t done yet. In order for the keyword to properly be passed we need to now delete the word “keyword” from the URL with the subid inserted. This will leave our URL to look like this:
This is the proper format for the URLs that we want to use in the rotator IF we want to pass the keyword to the CPA network. Do you see the difference? The URL has appended &subid1= to the end. This is what the CPA network needs in order to pass a keyword from your site to theirs.

Make sure you copy and paste the proper URL into the script.

Now it’s just a matter of sending visitors to your site via the ?kw=keyword function. Remember, your URL should now look like:

Pretty kool eh?

Remember, when using this URL you will want to add several offers. I try and rotate between 3 and 5 offers at a time. This helps to ensure quick split testing. If you try and work one offer at a time you will most likely burn through money trying to find a converting offer. Remember, this is not for offers like free iPhones or free iPods. This is for dating offers, insurance offers, and other big ticket items.

If you have any questions about this PLEASE ASK. Remember, no question is a stupid question, and we are all here to learn.

June 19th, 2008

YEAH! Contest Winners!!

Okay the contest has officially ended. I would like to thank everyone that has participated to this point. I hope that you didn’t come out of this feeling useless. The whole point of this contest was to get you motivated to work. Now I know work in and of itself isn’t really motivation, but sometimes a push start is all we really need.

Part 1 participants:

tushar dhoot

Part 2a and 2b participants:

dotdriven (only 2a)

Part 3 participants:

Yebot (That’s cutting it close…)

Those that competed all tasks:


I have placed these four names in a drawing for the prizes. The outcome is below:

agraiders – $200 AMEX Gift Card
skylar – USB Pen
yebot – Flip video camera
rgh – iPod Nano

Congratulations! Please email me at with your First/Last name, mailing address, Phone number, or use the contact forum to send me the information.

dotdriven and skywatcher… YOU WERE SO CLOSE. Email me and we will figure something out for you two.

June 16th, 2008

Last Leg of the Contest! Pt 3.

Okay, to widen the prize gap even more… I just want to hear from you. Why do you want to get into affiliate marketing? What motivates you? Just write a comment here to let me and all of the other readers know why you decided to join the Internet marketing game. You can make the post as long or as short as you like.

There are just a couple more days left. The contest ends on Wednesday! Thank You and Good luck to those of you who have been participating!

June 15th, 2008

Thank You

c2m shirtThe other day I was out traveling across Texas. My wife called me up to let me know I had received a package in the mail. Man was I excited. I love mail.

Thank you Convert2Media for the T-Shirt! For those of you who don’t know C2M was started by a group of like minded marketers. C2M is a CPA network that was created BY Internet Marketers FOR Internet Marketers. Because of this, they are giving out success left and right. If you’ve been with this blog for a long time then you would know that C2M is headed by our very own Ruck.

What sets Convert2Media apart from the rest is the simple fact that they will tell you what you need to do to succeed in marketing CPA offers. They WANT you to succeed online.

Tuesday at C2M is known as “Tip Tuesday”. Visit the Convert2Media blog for CPA marketing tips and tricks!


June 14th, 2008

iFrame and Rotate Pt. 3

So a few comments and emails have been made in regards to the iframe/rotator script and quality score. To be honest with you, you don’t get a good quality score for an iframe. The reason for this is because the site inside of the frame is not actually on your page. It displays on your page, but it isn’t your page. Your QS comes from the information that is contained in your source code.

Enter URL to Spider

If you don’t believe me, give it a shot. Just enter the URL you want to test. If you enter a page that is just an iframe no data will appear. If you enter an actual webpage, you will see plenty of information.So, how do you combat this little problem? Add the meta tags. In the script you will see the following:

// TITLE TAG <title>...</title>
$pgtitle = "";
// META KEYWORDS (comma-separated) - optional
$metakeywords = "";
// META DESCRIPTION - optional
$metadescription = "";

Where you see $pgtitle =” “ you need to insert the title of the page. What I like to do is find the title of one of the CPA offers that I am running that will work with all three sites. Sometimes an adjustment to the name of the title needs to be made. This isn’t a problem. I also like to include the domain name. For example: – Top quality car insurance at an affordable price.

My title tag would then look like this: $pgtitle =” – Top quality car insurance at an affordable price”

You’ll then want to do the same thing with the meta keywords and meta description tags.

On the next post I’m going to show you how to add dynamic keywords. This will really help out your quality score. Go give it a try, see if you are able to get the script up and running with the title, keyword, and description tags. If you have any questions please ask. Remember, there are no stupid questions.