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May 31st, 2008

Boost your Poll success

By now, we should all know how to run a poll based on recent news. These polls can be profitable. However, they are unfortunately short lived due to new news popping up everyday. I had someone ask me last night on messenger “Why won’t my poll get any hits?” So I jumped in, looked at the guys landing page, and saw that it was about a news event that happened 8 months ago.

Now, setting up a news poll before the topic becomes main stream, and while the topic is main stream is great! However, once the news item goes to the back shelf you’re out of luck. Clicks will die down, and eventually impressions. You’re more than welcome to keep these polls running… However, I promise you conversions will go down as well. It’s just the nature of the beast.

The best way to set up a poll is to… are you ready… this next bit of info is top notch… COMPARE TWO ITEMS… There are 100s of CPA offers for different items. You can nike vs adidascompare brands of shoes, brands of lip gloss, types of candies. You can even compare stores. I know for a fact there is a Target gift card and a Wal-Mart gift card floating around there. Compare Wal-Mart vs. Target. When they vote for their specific brand send them to that offer! Your conversion rate will sky rocket.

“Where would you rather shop?”
“What kind of lip gloss do you like”
“Which Candy is Sweeter?”

When people are taken to the “item” that they vote for then they are naturally going to be inclined to opt-in. How cool would it be to get a chance for some Nike shoes after you just said that they were better than Adidas. Or vice versa…

Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Oh and the cool thing is… These polls won’t need to expire like the recent news polls.

May 29th, 2008

AMS – Your online store in Minutes!

Often times we talk about creating our own online store. I’ll be honest. I have two drop shipping stores. Now we all know what BANS is I hope. If not, thats okay. BANS stands for Build A Niche Store. The basic concept behind BANS is that you get a full “online store” that pulls its product from eBay.

Now, what if I told you there’s a product out there that allows you to build an online store while pulling product from Commission Junction (… The Affiliate Mashup Store does just that. Its a full online store that allows you to have virtually any product from Commission Junction.

Paul Hedger is the UK based programmer that came up with this script. It’s a full on mashup pulling not only from CJ, but you get a feed of eBay products and a page for YouTube videos, all dynamically generated from your keywords or user-submitted search terms.

My favorite part of this script is the “automatic” specials listing. Basically when a Commission Junction vendor has a special running your product will show that there is a special as well. In other words, this really looks like your very own online store.

Check out the FAQ page before you decide to buy Paul’s product. Don’t forget to sign up with his newsletter. He’ll send you a “baby” version of the script that you can install on your server to make sure that everything will work for you.

Now you may be wondering why I’m mentioning a Mashup Script in the middle of all this CPA stuff. Not only am I giving you Mashup people a heads up on a great product that co-insides with Ruck’s Free Affiliate Mashup report, but I’m also giving you a great way to put your new found PPC skills to the test. Build a Mashup store and DRIVE TRAFFIC TO IT WITH PPC.

Paul created just for this purpose. Can you imagine getting commission for a $900 TV?

Test it out, give it a whirl. If anything he has a 60-day money back guarantee.

May 27th, 2008

Ratio of Clicks to Conversions

Clicks vs conversion ratio

Now this can be a hard thing to judge. In fact, I don’t really measure my clicks vs conversions as a standard. Instead, I measure my cost spent vs. my cost earned. The key is to set a goal and to stick to it.

When I test a campaign I try and set my goal to 100 clicks. If, in 100 clicks I get no conversions I will try switching out the offer. (Ideally the offer would be rotating from the beginning). Sometimes polls will run that are complete duds from the beginning, and sometimes a poll will struggle to get 100 clicks let alone 100 impressions!

If you’re having a hard time getting impressions, check out your ad-groups. Are they tightly grouped? What about the keywords your using… Are they outdated? Many times when we run those popular “recent news” polls the topic gets blown through really fast, therefore, yesterday we might have had great keywords and today… yeah they can suck. There is always new “hot” news everyday.

Now, if you’re getting the getting the impressions but not the clicks… yeah that’s an ad copy problem. We’ll go over ad copy later.

Okay back to the topic at hand.

If I’m getting clicks and one or two conversions then things are still going good for us. We may meet our goal of 100 clicks, spend around $15, and make about $4, then that is okay. This is something that we can work with.

We need to make sure we are getting people from our page to our offer. The first thing you want to do to check this out is to load the report from your CPA network and see if they show any clicks to the offer. Remember… Not all networks have real time tracking. AND some offers have to be uploaded by the advertiser.

If you have clicks to the offer but no conversions, take it out of your rotation. Place another offer that you think will match the demographic a little better. If you NEED to switch out the offer two great tools to use are and Both of these sites allow you to search for offers based on keywords and allow you to compare payouts. Great for getting the highest payout for an offer!

If you have no clicks to the offer but your getting clicks to your poll then something is wrong with either your poll or the people coming into it. Change up your poll. Ask a different question, change the images, or make the poll a different color. It’s important to test variation of your poll in order to maximize clicks to your offer.

Okay now ask me again. How do I measure my clicks to conversions? I don’t! I measure my money out vs. my money in. And if my money out is greater then my money in I change the offer, or the poll. And to be honest… If my money out is less than my money in I still change the offer, or the poll to see if I can get a greater return.

If I was measuring my clicks to conversions on my polls it would range from 100:4 for some of my lower end polls to 100:25 for some of my high end polls (polls I’ve worked on for a while).

Its all about test and tweak, test and tweak.

May 26th, 2008

The Good… The Bad… and The Conversion

Picking a landing page is very important. If you pick something that is cluttered chances of a lead being generated is pretty slim. On the other hand… When the site looks nice and is easy to navigate, then a lead can be pretty easy to gather.

Chad at CDF Networks wrote a quick post about “Good and Bad Landing Pages”. Here are some tips you want to look for when you’re choosing an offer.

Tip #1 – Is the page cluttered?
You need to make sure the page doesn’t have a lot of “fancy smancy” images or patter (words). Take a look at the page and make sure that the user will be able to EASILY see all of the text fields that they will need to fill out.

Tip#2 – Make sure there are no other links.
That’s it… Just browse the page and make sure you can see clearly that there are no links that will take the user away from making you money. The “Bad Landing Page” example clearly has a line of links at the top of the page. All of these links can take the user away from where you want them, which is that little section of text boxes on the lower right… Remember, the least amount of distraction for the user the better.

Tip#3 – The least amount of actions possible
While Short Forms pay out higher then Zip/Email submits, they are also a little harder to convert. ESPECIALLY if your trying to run them as a backend offer to a poll. So, that being said, try and stick with the least amount of fields possible. The least amount of work possible for your users the better! The “Bad Landing Page” has 9 fields (one is lower on the page) and the “Good Landing Page” has only 1. This can help your conversions skyrocket. Often times because of the ease for the user you will get more conversions!

Tip#4 – Is there a clear call to action?
What is the first thing you notice about the “Good Landing Page”? How about the big blue box with the words “START HERE” and a big fatty arrow pointing to the text box… Yeah… enough said.

SO… Now that you know what a “Good Landing Page” should have and a “Bad Landing Page” has, you should start looking at the landing pages that you’re currently using. You might find an offer or two that you thought would be good because of the high payout… But because of the confusion and mess for the user… Yeah… no conversions for you… Sorry


A Good Landing Page


A Bad Landing Page

(click images to enlarge)

May 23rd, 2008

Can you foresee the future?

This morning I was thinking about you guys and gals and I thought to myself.  I should give them an example of something they can use.   So this is what I did.  I jumped over to some of those sources I mentioned to you.  Eventually I found this headline… “Birthdays: Can Mr. T still pity the fool at 56?“. Now… I only found this on one site… BUT, I’m foreseeing the future.

You have to think of news articles in terms of a rollercoaster.  Often times you will see a headline in one place BUT in a week or so many places will be sproating similar headlines.  I imagine that in the next couple of days Google Trends will have something related to Mr. T on it.  Now I could  be wrong.  But playing the guessing game is sometimes part of the job. 

Creating a poll around this headline wouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish.  You can even pose the question “Is Mr. “T” Retired?” Do you know the answer?  Ask questions that get people thinking. “Mr. “T” is 56, do YOU pity the fool?” Weird questions can often be thought provoking as well.

Throw out some ideas in a post comment to the headline  “Birthdays: Can Mr. T still pity the fool at 56?“.

What do you think a good backend offer would be?
What do you think a good Poll question would be?

May 23rd, 2008

Another way to choose your offers!

How to choose your CPA offer by demographic.

Okay here’s another way to choose your offer. Pick the demographic first… It’s actually fairly easy. There are a lot of different ways to choose your demographic. The most common is to visit, Make sure you select “more hot trends” in Google Trends. Also, surf through the first few pages of Yahoo Buzz. Don’t just look at the “Top Searches” on the left. I’ve often found gems hidden around the 10th page.

Write down a list topics that you see on Google Trends. If those same items can be found in Yahoo Buzz then chances are it’s a pretty hot topic to create a campaign around. Visit the site “hot” site and look at what’s being advertised.

Another thing you can do is visit… news websites.,, These news sites will give you topics you can choose from. Click over to a news article. Scroll around the page until you see advertisements. I’m on one right now that has an advertisement for a Hyundai car. Now I doubt I will find a CPA offer for a Hyundai… BUT… I know I can find an offer for car insurance and to make it simpler for you there is zips submits out there for Gas Station gift certificates..

The article I went to is called “Clinton, Obama converge on Florida”. So I ask you… what’s the demographic? Voters! Most likely in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. The people that are advertising on news sites have got money to spend on there. They aren’t going to place an ad that won’t convert so you now know what you can advertise to that demographic.

I hope you’re paying attention. You should also now know what keywords to target, and if you’re setting up a poll… you should know the poll topic.

Here’s another awesome site to help you find an offer… That site has 100s of blogs. You can see what everyone is talking about. If you find something that is talked about on multiple blogs you can bet it’s a…hot topic. That means you should be looking for the other advertisements on that site. What are they advertising? Duplicate it! The blog should also tell you the demographic of the visitors, which will help determine keywords, and poll topics.

Now not all blogs are created equal… So, if you’re searching blogs and can’t find one with advertisements, but you found a topic you like then just search one of the news sites. OR plug the topic into Google and see what others are advertising.

CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES… Okay now do you get the image above?

May 22nd, 2008

2 ways to choose your offer

There has already been a post in regards to choosing your CPA offers. However, I have had several requests to start from the beginning and break everything down a little further.

The most common types off offers you will see are as follows:

  • Zip/email submits (One field)
  • Short forms (3-4 fields)
  • Long forms (More than 4 fields)
  • 2 page (2 pages of fields)
  • Sales based (Surf the site, make a purchase)
  • etc, etc

If you’re starting out and your trying to run a sales based offer, I promise you will be discouraged with PPC-CPA. We often hear about Polls and creating polls for CPA offers. Great! Do it! But don’t run a sales based offer on your backend. A beginner’s key to converting an offer is to allow for the least amount of clicks possible. That means we want to start with zip submits or email submits.

Method 1

Well great… Out of the hundreds of possible offers which should I choose? That depends on you. When your starting out pick an offer that appeals to you. Don’t try and pick an offer that would appeal to a crowd that you don’t know and understand yet.

If you pick something that you know and understand then you have knocked your research down quite a bit. If you’re a fan of fishing choose a fishing offer. If you like video games choose a gaming offer. I promise you, if you start with something you are familiar with you’re way ahead of the game.

Method 2

Watch TV, Listen to the Radio, and read a Magazine. Chances are if its being advertised on the Tube, the Radio, or in a Magazine then someone is buying. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. I saw an ad for Wal-Mart “Rolling Back Prices Everyday!” First thing I did was surfed the CPA networks for available Wal-Mart related offers. There’s a gift card out there. Go find it, advertise it. I often sit in front of the TV with my laptop for this specific reason.

When I’m in my car and I hear the radio playing I make sure to jot down specific advertisements that I hear so I know what is selling.

Make it as simple as possible for yourself. Someone has already done the work and knows what converts. Your goal is to then find the converting audience (we’ll discuss that soon).

May 21st, 2008

My first CT blog post!

Hey everyone,

I would like to thank you for your support. I have received a lot of great emails within the last 24 hours.

My name is Kris Trujillo and I currently live in Dallas, Texas. Originally I’m from Oregon. I love marketing online, there’s just something about it that gets me going. It’s an addiction. Sometimes it’s too much of an addiction as my wife gets neglected over the CPA offers I run.

I’m really here to teach some of what I do. Tell you my successes and failures. I look forward to sharing with all of you.

Later today I’m going to post about tracking CPA offers and doing your research. So fire up your RSS Readers and get ready.

Cashtactics will be holding a contest shortly. In just a couple of short days, details will be released on that. If you would like to sponsor a prize please feel free to contact me.

To your success!


OH HEY… what else do you want to hear about? If you have a topic suggestion post it here or you can use the contact forum to message me.