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April 29th, 2008

Successful Affiliate Network Application Tips

Money Rules!This is important. This is vital. Not taking this seriously is the exact same reason why people may gripe about the time it takes getting accepted to programs or not getting accepted at all. Time is money in this business. Treat network applications as if you were applying for another job. Does half-assing your resume increase your chances of banging out that new office with a view? No it dont. The same applies online. Take your business seriously so others will as well.

Personally being a Co-Network owner and not even launching live to public publishers I have deleted over 400 fraudulent applications in the last 24 hours. That’s just one day on a network that is nothing yet. I wonder how people like Market Leverage and Hydra feel? I can only imagine.

The theory that networks only glance at your applications is partly correct. How would you feel looking over 410 applications only to find out that 400 of them were not legitimate? That cuts your production time down and does not allow you to focus more time, energy and dedication to the people who are legitimate.

Here are some tips on getting accepted to Affiliate Networks:

  1. Dont have a website, build one. It’s an instant red flag. Another red flag is if you dont have a website then using something like Google or Yahoo will get you denied pretty quick. Fact of the matter is that silly things like that are seen hundreds of times daily. Your best bet is to ALWAYS utilize the comment box located in applications. You better be telling why you dont have a site and what your intentions are.
  2. Get on the phone – Immediately after filing an application go try to locate a contact number. You take the innitiative not the network. While it’s always nice for the networks to do that, I think I covered an important point of all the bullshit networks deal with.
  3. Dont use the same website 5 times – Automatic deletion in my book. This looks like you used form filling software. I use form filling software but I examine every application I ever submitted so to not allow a silly mistake that looks unprofessional like this. If you dont have 5 websites then dont put anything there.
  4. State your strengths and intentions – Comment boxes are on applications for a reason. Skipping them shows laziness. Filling them out shows professionalism. How serious would you like your online businesses and account to be taken?
  5. Use a reliable email client – If I see or or, I automatically delete it. Use your head because aside from all the bullshit spam some networks send you, the really good ones with good Affiliate Managers are going to send you tips that you dont want to miss.

Short and sweet folks. Nothing complicated here, just a general outline for successful Affiliate Network applications.

April 29th, 2008

Market Leverage Knows Branding

Just another shout out to Market Leverage. If you’re wondering why I keep pimping them, it’s because of the way they treat people, affiliates, bloggers and whoever they generally meet. A perfect example of what a good company is all about.

April 28th, 2008

Ad Tech Miami June 3rd-4th

I realize it is a little soon but we are just over a month away from another great conference. Ad Tech Miami runs June 3rd-4th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. I will be in attendance as well as the rest of the Convert2Media Team. Unfortunately we will not have a booth at this event but you should be able to recognize us pretty easily. :)

You can register for the Exhibit Hall and Keynotes for free. It doesn’t cost you a dime unless you wait to buy registration onsite.  If you are planning on attending this event and would like to meet up and talk shop, feel free to shoot me over an email and we will work out the details throughout May.

April 26th, 2008

Affiliates Aim, Dont Misfire!

The age old question of being new to Affiliate Marketing, what should I set my goal at? The answer is usually around the $50-$100 a day range. That is conservative and generally speaking though. Affiliate Marketing is no different than anything else you may encounter in life. If you still working a job then just consider it a new one. There are going to be things that you have to learn and experience before you become a top dog around the work place. The same applies to sitting in your cozy little office with the coffee pot brewing, it is going to take some adapting and adjusting before you get comfortable.

Aside from the fact that there are a lot of things you will have to go thru and learn from, you also have to deal with learning pace. Everyone is different. Some people will go out and earn $500 in their first month. I’ve personally helped and seen it done. Others may take at least 6 months before making their first dollar. Uhh umm, Hello? That would be me. Some may even take more than a year.

In my opinion you need to start with something you know. I love gaming. More importantly I love gaming on the Xbox 360. Some of the first offers I ever ran were for Xbox 360’s and Xbox 360 games. On top of running CPA offers, I also sold xbox 360’s and equipment thru Amazon. Hell, I did not sell a lot but at least I was selling something. I knew enough about the niche that I could write about it without it being a strain. As a matter of fact, I knew the niche so well and being a member of the Halo Forums, General Gaming Forums and MLG PRO, I could relate and interpret the lingo used among gamers. Knowing this I could adjust my writing style to something that was actually INTERESTING to read for gamers. Knowing what you’re doing is a crucial component in Affiliate Marketing. Without knowing the ins and outs of your market, do you think shooting from the hip is going to be enough in that market to make a comfortable living? Maybe after a year or so when you have printed so much shit that you have so many rankings or ads running that people cant help but to come to your site. Now you have to deal with will they return or not?

Dont shoot from the hip folks. It’s just not worth it. It takes a long time to start seeing results and by then 99% of future entrepreneurs have already given up or are suffering a burnout that discourages productivity. Start out small and slow if necessary but for pete’s sake, start with something you know.

Motivation and work ethic goes a long way. I apologize if this offends anyone but I got to tell you that unless you ABSOLUTELY hated it, then a previous job flipping burgers is not going to prepare you mentally for Internet Marketing. I’m sorry but as someone who got paid to pretty much lift weights and build houses during his “off” days, their just a whole other connection between fast food and pinching sciatic nerves or dealing with tendinitis every other month. Do you see what I am getting at here? If you’re failing in your marketing efforts and your previous job was wearing a headset and flipping a 4 ounce pound of meat shit then it’s pretty damn easy to say, at least I had an easy job to go back to. Put yourself in the mindset of bad that former job really was. Knowing and realizing what you may have to go back to is a great motivator to push yourself every day.

If you cannot motivate yourself to make $100 a day, then dont bother trying to go out and make $1000 or more a day.

April 25th, 2008

Poll Factory – Create Dozens Of CPA Polls In Just Minutes

Poll FactoryWell the wait is over. Today I get the opportunity to introduce Eric’s (from The $1000 Affiliate Experiment) groovy new tool Poll Factory. Poll Factory is the newly created system that allows you to construct CPA voting polls at lightening speed. As a matter of fact it takes an average of 5-6 minutes per poll! If anyone has followed the CPA Marketing Series then they already know that polls covering celebrities, movies and sports can be some quick profit earners.

So a little math here shows that working hard for two hours a day would yield at least 15 polls a day. Seriously, with all the information that has been covered and the release of this tool, if you cannot make money with this simple tactic, you’re in real bad shape. Eric is an active PPC Marketer so he didnt spend his time and resources creating a tool that he himself would never use. He built it for himself! As a matter of fact you can check out his case study of the easiest $650 he’s ever made online. If that wasn’t enough, he gives you his topic for the poll! You can see the poll that generated the income here.

Here’s where I tell you the price and all that jazz. Luckily it’s not an ebook..Hooray! (Like you would see one here anyway). This is a real tool created by a PPC to CPA Marketer that I am using myself. As a matter of fact, I really dont know if I would still be doing polls if it wasn’t for the ease of use Poll Factory provides. On average my polls will make $30-$50 profit a day with my good ones in the $100 a day range. So with that mindset how much you think Poll Factory is worth? You will have to cruise on over and check it out for yourself at how ridiculously Eric has priced it during his launch. As for support, Eric has setup a forum specifically for Poll Factory.

Eric is also a member of the CashTactics Discussion Forum as well. Thanks Eric for the opportunity to own a copy!

April 23rd, 2008

CDF Networks Offering Open Mentorship

I really dont link out to many bloggers anymore. The amount of disinformation on the net is rising at a sickening level but I wanted to take the time to let everyone here know about a cool little gig going on right now. First off, I have never met Chad from CDF Networks. I visit his blog EVERYDAY and even though I am subscribed, I much rather spend some time on the blogs and people I trust reading their material. I make it a point to visit him whenever he writes a new post because the fact of the matter is, is that he has given out and still continues to give out information that is VERY valuable in regards to my own PPC Business and PPC in general. A couple of quick examples of pure gold include Day Parting Pay Per Click For Higher Profits and Parked Domain Traffic From Google.

With that said Chad is doing something pretty incredible for his readers. He’s running a Mentor For A Week Contest right now. He’s agreed to help the winner for a week for free to get started in PPC and Affiliate Marketing. This is the single most valuable thing you can get from someone like Chad. The contest is simple too:

1. Contest is open to subscribers only, so if you haven’t already – subscribe to the CDF Network feed.

2.  Reply to this post with a comment of 2-3 sentences about why you would like some help getting started in PPC-affiliate marketing. Please don’t write a book, just 2-3 sentences.

Highly recommended to spend a few minutes snagging his feed and giving yourself the opportunity to winning the contest and learning from a Marketer like Chad. You can check out the whole post here.

April 22nd, 2008

Do Not Fear Risk Taking

There’s a large misconception online that only very few people are making money online. This cannot be further from the truth. There are a TON of people making money online but you may only know about a handful of them. Two of the largest net profit producing affiliate marketers that I know are virtually undetectable online. They just assume to keep it that way so we wont go into details but the first with CJ and the other with Linkshare are doing incredible numbers as affiliates. It amazes me that so many people procrastinate and verbally cut down others who are making money online. I really dont know why this is. Jealousy perhaps? Maybe the ebook selling and ripping off? Who knows and who cares. The ones that procrastinate are the ones likely to reach the pot of gold later than most.

With that said there is an important piece of the marketing online puzzle that I feel is very important to marketers. It’s called risk taking. Now if you have ever got scammed in the past then your mind presets itself to calculate risks. In my opinion this is a good and bad thing. While it’s a good thing to calculate risks, it’s a bad thing to over analyze them to a point that you talk yourself out of taking one.

One of the hardest questions I get is “how do I make money without any money to invest”? This question is so hard to answer because while you CAN make money without investing any it takes a tremendous amount of willpower and work ethic. It takes so much, that I normally ignore this question altogether because I will tell you right now that I normally will not waste my time replying to a stranger of whom I know nothing about. If I had an idea of what you have accomplished so far and what your plans are going forward then I might be inclined to reply.

The truth is, in my opinion that you really should not start out online UNLESS you have money saved up to begin with. That’s not to say I wont work with you or do my best to answer any questions but if you have willpower to save some money before you even get started then I see motivation. With having money saved up, you should also be planning on the idea that you are more than likely going to lose it. Yes, you are going to spend that money in some way or another so planning and saving is essential.

You can read all the blogs and forums and talk to everyone you know over Instant Messaging and none of that is going to REALLY help you. Sure you will pick up some advice and suggestions to run with but I am telling you right now that the best education for marketing is EXPERIENCE.

Do not fear taking risks. You probably should fear any information that costs you money but do not fear to invest some Paid Advertising, Directory Submissions, Link building packages and anything else that is going to increase your web presence and monetization methods. If your afraid to take risks then quite simply this is not for you. Everyone takes risks everyday online and off. The only difference is that online everything seems more expensive and that if you are just starting out you will probably be recouping online expenses by working offline. It’s the way of the land people, so dont get to worked up about it. Save your money, design your plan, implement and learn.

April 21st, 2008

Thoughts On High And Low Competitive Niches

If there is one thing that is important about a competitive niche it’s that it HAS GOT TO BE profitable. Now you’re probably saying well if it’s competitive then it’s profitable right? Not necessarily. A lot can go on in a niche, especially with large companies coming to play for branding purposes. Sure in the end it’s probably profitable for them but if you’re at the top of the chain promoting with/against them then you could stand to lose a substantial amount of capital. The reason is because a lot of these companies have millions to spend to brand themselves and we as affiliate marketers do not or will not engage in spending that much of our capital.

It comes down to two things ultimately here folks. There is no need to over-analyze things because you can sit around and think about this for years and you’re still going to come out with the exact same equations.

  1. Lots of competition most likely means profitable markets
  2. Low competition means it’s 50/50 with no guarantee

Simple as that.

The more competition you’re facing, the harder you have to work. I really hate hearing about PPC Marketers who tell people they spend 1-2 hours monitoring their campaigns and the rest of the day stroking their meat. Honestly, I’ve met markets where I could do this and while it is nice, that’s a surefire way of getting a big case of the lazy ass. It’s not real hard with someone who is NOT dominating the market to come along and knock you off your high horse. The reason it’s so easy for them is because you have more motivation when your NOT making money than you do when you ARE making money. I know this first hand and that’s why it’s important to always be moving forward. Stationary and reverse are two speeds in which you basically just give your place up for grabs. It’s not their fault for whooping your ass, it’s yours.

Your plan to put into action has got to be more diverse than theirs. Survey your market, then survey your competition. Pay close attention to what the market wants, pay even closer attention to what your competition is giving, then go 10X above them in terms of what you have to offer. With MOST big name companies, it’s actually easier than you think OTHER THAN beating their brand name.

No matter how much effort and work you put forth, a brand is hard to beat. That’s not to say that you cannot carve yourself out a real lucrative spot in that industry though. The fact is people, in my opinion, it’s getting easier everyday as the Internet gets larger. The most important fact though is that you have to work harder than ever to attain it.

It takes, time, money and resources but just one niche alone can make your life better than you can possibly imagine. Nobody SMART says it’s going to be easy. The ones that do, got no fucking clue what they are talking about. Work hard, get paid, that’s the goal. Worker harder, make more, is the dream. Which do you want?

Low competition can be a godsend or a demon. This is where most marketers are taught to attack and apply everything they learned. While I dont suggest shying away from low competition markets, you should understand one very crucial concept here. While working low competitive niches you’re still going to put forth a lot of time, money and effort. The only difference here is that WITHOUT proper market research you are entering a crap-shoot where nothing is certain. The worst thing to happen to an affiliate marketer is spending all this dedication only to find out that there is no payoff. Maybe, you get lucky and dominate the next big thing but let’s face it, this rarely happens. It does happen though. It’s a game of chance, one that in my opinion takes a load of skills, intuition and MOTIVATION.

With low competition though you have many options at your disposal. You dont have to work quite as hard to establishing profitability, hopefully. You may not be pulling in the thousand dollar days but testing these low competitive markets gives you an advantage to testing markets that can yield hundreds a day. I dont have to tell you how fast finding just a few of those can quickly increase your bank account, moral and hopefully your desire to work even harder.