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March 31st, 2008

A Public Thank You To Market Leverage

I know the Market Leverage folks read the blog and just wanted to give a public thank you for the baby care package that Lana and I received today. I went to the post office not expecting something like that at all. I brought it home and Lana was completely blown away at the gifts and gesture.

Market Leverage sent us “A Baby Bunch”. At first I was completely retarded as to what it was.  Lana opened it up and I thought it was flowers. It’s actually a bouquet that looks like flowers but was really baby clothes. Awesome Market Leverage. Lana, me and the kids say THANKS!!!

March 28th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Adcenter Keywords, Targeting And Tips

There really is nothing special or different about Adcenter in terms of using keywords to drive traffic via pay per click. However one of the toughest things I have found is that while I like to soak up some misspelling and typo traffic, aside from using domain variations, it’s quite a ride trying to keep misspelled words and typos active with MSN. The MSN bot is generally sent out to crawl your pages after you get your campaign up and I can tell you from previous experience that this is not always a pleasant experience. I really dont know what the hell is going on over there in terms of bots, indexing and rankings. Generally back in the splogging days all I had to do was put up a blogger blog with a few trackbacks or blog comments and VOILA! The rankings fell from the heaven. Also I had always found that if I actually made more than one post on these blogs I would rank well in MSN for related keywords. Today however, I dont think that it could be any further from that and I actually HARDLY pay attention to the SEO side of things with MSN.

With that said it gives you a little idea of how erratic their crawling bot can be. Seriously, I’ve seen campaigns generated with SpeedPPC targeting one keyword per landing page. I’ve generated hundreds of keywords/landing pages centered around certain industries with offers only to have them ALL go down before. This situation has happened more than once to me and while it was a hassle to call them up, a campaign built with landing pages centered around 1 keyword is the easiest thing to get reinstated. While it’s a bit more work than the norm, this is generally how I like to do things granted I have the times and tools to do it.

Now that’s not to say you can target a landing page with multiple keywords/phrases. I’ve done this too and the only remedy I know of is basically stuffing your pages with keywords. There’s no secret that this probably seems spammy to a lot of people but it’s the plain truth. Just by stuffing your meta keywords you can trick this bot. You have an even better shot to have your keywords in your meta as well as invisibly keywords (same color as your background) or in a hidden div.

When dealing with inactive keywords (and you will) ALWAYS contact their support off the bat. Do not email or any bullshit like that. Get on the phone right then and there. I cannot stress this enough. If you want contact details then here you go:

Telephone: (800) 518-5689  Easy Assist; please do the following:

  1. Phone (866) 783-1045 to receive a Session ID from a Microsoft Support Professional.

Seven days a week, from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time

MSN Targeting Made Easier

The targeting features of MSN have been made easier because MSN allows people to create profiles. The cool thing about this is that during the profile creation process, people are asked about their age and gender. People can sign up for the profiles thru all kinds of things such as MSN Messenger, Hotmail and a ton of other MSN related things. This gives us a huge advantage because we can target genders and age! When you go to set your pricing up on a campaign there is a separate section called SET INCREMENTAL PRICING FOR TARGETING. This is a great way to display your offers to ONLY certain types of demographics such as women or men only. This is also helpful because it allows you to set an age range to further narrow down your targets. This is extremely important if you were in the gaming or college niches (examples).

Tips And Tricks 

So now the $64,000 question. What has worked for me? I cannot express how well 3 Review Styled landing pages have worked for Cost Per Sale products from CPA Networks. Often times a lot of the Cost Per Sale items you find in CPA Networks have very little competition in MSN. On top of that, when your using 3 products on a review page, this is a lot easier for you to target multiple keywords for adgroups.

Another thing is that Entertainment type offers have always done well for me. Just like Yahoo, the MSN homepage is much more sophisticated (news and entertainment wise) than Google’s homepage. I dont know what it is specifically that makes it like this. MSN’s users are typically not as web-savvy as Google either. This probably has a lot to do with the better return on investments with email and zip campaigns. Which brings me to another point.

Iframing, Cloaking Or Landing Page Redirect?

Quite Simply I iFrame. The tool I use is an in-house tool that is not available for sale. However it’s overall purpose is to serve as a link cloaker EXCEPT when I use it in search advertising. It’s damn near the same thing as an iFrame. The only thing you have to worry about framing zip and email submit offers is generally you cannot get a lot of keywords to be relevant. The best way around this is basically to add your keywords again in the meta and then maybe have an article or some text below the frame centered around your keywords. Now you see why I typically generate a landing page per keyword/phrase.

MSN is an incredible source of PPC advertising and it’s generally cheaper than Google. The traffic volume is almost always going to be lower but the quality is almost always better in my experience. There are many other avenues I encourage you to check with MSN as well. I have not used anything personally other than Paid Search with them but I encourage you to check out their overall Advertising Solutions, Content Advertising ( Can someone tell me if this is live?), Ad Programs and Ad Opportunities. One thing I did notice this morning as I was scanning for more related information to shove your way is that MSN has a specific Advertising Category for Xbox. This alone makes me want to check it out even more this afternoon as this could be a potential gem. An an Xbox player and frequent forum member of Halo 3 forums and MLG Pro I know that a ton of gamers are always interested in new games (ding submits!) and webhosting.

I encourage you to engage in your progress with Adcenter over at the forum where there are ongoing discussions about Pay Per Click Marketing and Engines.

March 27th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Making Heads Or Tails With MSN Adcenter

Finally back and ready to go. Fortunately we get to talk about a potentially really cheap source of paid traffic but on the other hand we are going to deal with a company that hires some of the dumbest most unknowledgeable people to help act as their PPC “specialists”. In case you are wondering, here is one of the conversations I have had with a MSN Adcenter Rep awhile back. So to answer a lot of questions that have already been asked, YES, keyword stuffing FTW on Adcenter. Now I am not saying to go stuff thousands of keywords on a landing page and expect the approved keywords to fall from the heaven. Shit dont work that way. It might work here and there but for the most part that is a really lazy to try and do shit and you’re likely to burn a lot of budget. Now having a landing page relevant to say 50 keywords at a time? You bet your ass. Ruckles loves doing this to MSN. Especially at the speed you can spit landing pages out…or at least the speed I can.

Dont abuse the fact that you can game Adcenter with keyword stuffing. Their bot is a sensitive little prick, their staff is normally slow, and their “specialist” whom you will be calling are as fast as snails. Relevancy is still key with MSN with a touch of “we know how to game you easy”. MSN Adcenter is really secretive about their Relevancy Formula. Of course we can figure that your Bids and CTR play important roles in the formula but everything else is very foreign. As a matter of fact, from what I have seen for quite awhile now is that nobody over there really knows anything about it either. I only say this because I get the same ole stuttering “I have sausage in my mouth and cant speak right” type of responses. You should always appeal any keywords that get disapproved. I highly suggest that you call them. You get to experience how bright their specialists are first hand. Sometimes you can literally run circles around them while at other times you may think about putting a loaded gun in your mouth. It’s a crap-shoot but you should appeal anyway.


First off you need to familiarize yourself with Adcenter. With this PPC Engine you would consider the Adcenter Community Blog your bible. Read it back to front. Watch, read and experience all the changes MSN has gone thru over the last year. This is only going to equip you even more in understanding them better. Another thing is that you need to completely familiarize yourself with the Advertising FAQ’s. Another resource that requires you to completely familiarize yourself with. This is not rocket science but understanding EACH PPC source is essential. After-all, it’s your money you’re spending.

Users And Positioning – My Experience And Theories

Of course everyone reading the CPA Marketing series is looking for some type of edge to dabble in the CPA Marketing Industry. Probably because I make it sound so simple. I can assure that this has come from thousands of hours working and researching over the span of almost 3 years now. Even when I do throw gems out there, you still have to test this stuff yourself. Just because it works for me does not mean it will work for you. Why? It’s because I dont give you any clue as to what markets I like. So keep that in mind.

In my experience, positions 1-3 in MSN work the best. I really hate being in the right side of the results. Why? Ok here is where I may confuse you and it will also look like I am contradicting myself. MSN’s users are much like the people who ride the short bus. Consider a spectrum if you will. At one end you have the “slow” crowd (this is MSN) and at the other end you have “advanced” thinking people (this is Google). The reason I say this is not to put them down but rather to make a very solid point. The MSN Search Engine comes pre-installed on millions of pre-manufactured machines. I worked as a Wal-Mart Distribution Operator for a little over 5 years. Our job was to supply over 50 Wal Mart stores and SuperCenters with the freight they are supposed to unpack and sell. Never once in over 5 years did I EVER see a computer that DID NOT have the default MSN Search Engine pre-installed. Every computer I have ever seen roll thru there had MSN on it and every computer I have ever seen pre-manufactured thru Wal-Mart, Best Buy etc… has MSN has the default engine. Sure there might be others but MSN ALMOST completely owns this market. With that said you have to think about the people that are buying pre-made computers.

Ugghhh…I can tell you right now that I have ALL machines built for me from scratch. I absolutely despise the default Search Engine of MSN. It’s just not relevant. None of them are that great if you really think about it, but MSN is the worst in my opinion. A lot of people buy these premades because they are cheap. As well, a lot of people buying these types of machines are not that web-savvy. Ahh thank you MSN. Just knowing that little bit of knowledge gives us an edge in understanding MSN a little bit better. After your own testing you are going to find that it’s a lot easier to pull a better return on investment in Adcenter than most other engines. Not always but in my experience…most of the time this is true.

So positions 1-3 are better in MSN than Google. In Google you get the more “web-savvy” type crowd. You get tons of “tire kickers” and “freebie clickers”. These are absolute budget killers. In MSN it seems so different. I encourage you to try this yourself and witness the results.

A Word On Dynamic Insertion

This is a really tough decision for you to make. Personally I use SpeedPPC for this. I’m sure there are many other options out there available. I’m not going to cover Adcenter’s Dynamic Keyword Policy or the use of their {param1,2,3} features. You can read about that in their FAQ’s or on the blog. For the most part, I hardly use any of these features in CPA Marketing on MSN. However in the retail side of Affiliate Marketing on MSN, this comes in very handy. The one thing to remember with Dynamic Insertion on MSN is that it takes a lot of research and planning on your part. If for some reason you’re using Dynamic Insertion on MSN and your headline goes past 25 characters then your ad will not show. Keep this in mind because I have experienced brain farts and wondered for about a week why my ads were not showing. Paying close attention would have had my ads running for about 4-5 days instead of being down for a week.

Keyword Matching

It’s no secret that I like exact matching almost everywhere I go. I am a bit more peculiar when it comes to PPC Marketing. Normally I am concentrating on my ROI’s rather than just getting the clicks. However in the testing phases there is nothing wrong with checking out MSN’s broad and phrase matching along with exact. As a matter of fact just for the sole purpose that MSN receives considerably less traffic than Google or Yahoo, I actually encourage this. The cool thing is that you can set different bids for each match type. This is huge because it gives you the ability to test broad keywords at a considerably lower CPC just to see if you can get some clicks that ultimately lead to conversions. Another thing to remember though is that you definitely want to take advantage of the negative keyword option. Another cool thing is that MSN allows you to add or remove negative keywords from INDIVIDUAL keywords.

These are just some real simple basics about Adcenter. Next post we’ll talk about Keywords, Testing and Targeting. After that though I want to share some specific “gaming” tactics I use with MSN. I believe these will give you a better shot at profiting really quick from the start while utilizing Adcenter.

March 26th, 2008

My First Daughter Is Born

Well (L) went a little longer than expected but at 12:40 this afternoon my daughter (Addisyn Paige) arrived into the world. I almost forgot how much pink has been bought until I got home with the two boys to get everything ready for her home arrival tomorrow. (L) has to stay over night and I stayed with her until 4 pm this afternoon but I am now home with the two boys who have decided to be complete mongrels. (Must be the excitement). Anyway I got a few pics but only uploaded one so far. Probably have some more to share soon. Addisyn was 20.5 inches long and 7.1 pounds. Before it’s asked, I have slept very little over the last week so the bags under the eyes make them black.


March 21st, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Extended Tools List

Some people were requesting some more tools to help simplify and speed up their keyword research. Here are a few more free tools that I have used.  After we talk about MSN Adcenter and move into Google Placement Targeting (Site Targeting), I got even more tools to help you out with that as well. Remember to refer back to my previous tools post and you will see what I have already covered.

Keyword Tools:

  • Typo Generator & Keyword Phrase List Generator – Both are super fast tools. They come from SeoBook.
  • Keyword Fusion – If you use domain variations then this tool will be of great use. Normally I type in and it will 8 variations of the domain for me. Experiment with it though and test for the http:// as well so that you dont miss any variations. It’s free and super slick.
  • Adwords Generator – It just goes without saying some times. When I want to shotgun campaigns with a lot of exact matches this tool saves me a ton of time with just one click. This is also another free tool.
  • Good Keywords – Yet another free tool. It also contains another good tool in KeywordPad which helps you to modify and multiply your keyword lists.
  • Another Typo Generator and Misspelled Domains Tool.

These are just some more free tools to help you speed up keyword research. We will be talking about MSN Adcenter (which is incredibly simple IMO) before long. The only thing about Adcenter is that while it’s traffic typically brings me a better return on investment than Google and/or Yahoo, the traffic volume is generally lower. I have a few things to counter this and one of them is the “Shotgun Relations” approach. I’ll probably have it written up late tonight or early tomorrow but this approach is a great way to get a lot more traffic out of MSN to your CPA Offers rather than traditional means of keyword research and optimization. MSN is an engine that is incredibly easy to game and until they get their shit sorted out, (if that ever happens) I will show you how to game their Paid Advertising Model.

March 19th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Determining Your Model

One of the most important things about CPA Marketing is developing your model of how you want to market your offers. There are many avenues of marketing and your only limited in your marketing passion, analytical skill and thinking outside the box. I’ve already stated a couple of ways of how I like to get started with offers including the Google Content Network and Yahoo Search Marketing. With that said you should know that there are a lot of other paid advertising models we can utilize as well. Places such as MSN Adcenter, Adbrite, 7Search and Facebook are just a few that we will discuss in the ongoing series. These are just a few places that tend to have lower traffic volume however, they tend to be generally cheaper in terms of pricing and can produce great ROI’s if used correctly.

The most important thing though, is developing your model of HOW you want to market CPA Offers. Generally CPA Networks allow you to email market, place links or banners on your websites (Called Web Placements) and Search Marketing. All 3 of these do not have to be used by you as a marketer. However, knowing how to PERFORM all 3 are essential to build a long term and reoccurring CPA Marketing business. I’m not talking about half-assing it each month or spamming social networks either. I am talking about making CPA Marketing a business model. It can, has and will be done for a very long time.

So how to determine your model?

I get emails all the time of people saying that they either do not have capital to invest in Pay Per Click or that they do not understand enough about it. These are two small problems in my opinion. Not having the education is simply a matter of reading to acquire it. For that purpose you should really focus on learning the aspects and ways the Big 3 Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) go about their business. There is a mountain of wealth in:

As for not having the capital, I really cannot give tutorials on that but this blog has been dedicated for 8 months on trying to help people make more of it. Just note that PPC to CPA is and can be a business model for many. With that said, PPC does not have to be the “be all, end all” of making money with CPA Offers. Even though we will first cover PPC because that is how I start off to see if offers are worth chasing, that does not mean you have to do it. There are many ways to build websites, blogs even forums focused around the offers in certain Industries and we will get to that soon. There are also many methods of building email lists very quickly and we will cover that as well.

This should answer a lot of questions of people not wanting to do any PPC Marketing. Yes there are a lot of ways to make money with CPA Offers without paying for traffic but I always start out with PPC because it’s the fastest way of determining whether and offer is even worth a serious look.

Originally this series looked to last about a month. I seriously look at it now as lasting a lot longer than that. With the upcoming launch of C2M ( Our own CPA Network) and a baby due in 5 days, I’ve been really hampered on time. Add in the mix that I have been drafting the CashTactics Affiliate Directory and we are talking about serious hours being put into the computer over the last couple of months. Also, if you have any specific questions I would ask that you direct them in the forum or thru the contact page.

So what is your model for CPA Marketing?

Are you primarily an Email Marketer, PPC Marketer or build and optimize pages/sites/blogs?

March 17th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Winning With Yahoo Search Marketing

First off I should start out by saying that this past week/weekend has been one of the most stressful weeks I have gone thru in a long time. A long story short, it feels really good to be back at the keyboard pounding away on how to make money with CPA Marketing. Today I want to talk about campaigns/offers/Yahoo Search.

I seen a few comments, maybe a forum post or two and definitely quite a few emails of people asking me how and what the “secret” is to getting zip/email submits past Yahoo’s Manual Reviews. Well, I got to tell you right now that their is now “secret” to getting around this. If there is then trust me when I say, “Nobody has given it out”. That’s not to say you cannot do it. I am just telling you that CPA Marketing very well extends PAST email/zip submits. Some of my best offers have been cost per sale items within CPA Networks. As a matter of fact, these are actually easier in Yahoo than email and zip submits. For the spirit of fun though, we are going to stay on course and still talk about email/zips. Just so you know, it most likely will not be easy. It’s not going to be a golden token you throw in the fountain and money appears. It takes work, as does ANY business online or off. If you can stand to sit on your ass, in the coolness of your house, from your computer chair and put forth a little effort then email/zip campaigns on Yahoo can work for you.

So let’s get to it.

The first thing you should know is the Yahoo Quality score. It’s  lame to say the least. You get a cute little bar telling you what your score is. Obviously you want a 5. As lame as it is, it is a lot more refreshing to know that you need to work on your optimization WITHOUT knowing that you need to pay $5-$10 like lamo Googly Search. If your NOT going to work on your campaigns in Yahoo and try to achieve the highest quality score possible as well as a decent Click-Thru, then you might as well be pissing money in the wind.

So before even beginning you already have it in your mind that:

  1. Yahoo hates email/zip submits
  2. You need to achieve a decent CTR and a high quality score

What is the answer to this solution?

It always has and still is to this day that I really group my keywords well EVERYWHERE I go. I know that I got a lot of questions on how I group keywords for the Google Content Network and now you may have a better understanding of why I did/do that. To obtain a high quality score in Yahoo – You have to be relevant. Plain and simple. I have never really had success uploading hundreds of keywords all related to one landing page. As a matter of fact, I have never had success ANYWHERE doing that. If you have read that somewhere then there are two things to cover here:

  1. That information is severely outdated
  2. People are getting away with it by gaming the engines. (keywords stuffing, invisible text, even cloaking).

I’m not really going to teach you how to keyword stuff. Not until we get to MSN Adcenter at least. :)

If I were to tell you how to game the engines and keyword stuff, make invisible text or even cloak then you would probably just blame me for losing campaigns and possibly accounts. I deal with enough shit as it is so I really dont care to take on those types of conversations. If you want to learn tricks and gaming then go to the forum.

So keyword optimization on landing pages and within your keyword groups is crucial to a good quality score on Yahoo. Do not be afraid to create dozens of landing pages for the same offer. As a matter of fact, with automation you could create hundreds of pages. It’s simple to do. If you were to hop into the dating or financial niches, it’s a necessity. Creating a landing page for each city with keywords grouped around it is the way to win. Also know that Yahoo is pretty easy going on landing pages compared to Google. In my experience I have gotten away with murder on Yahoo compared to Google. Google hates “thin” affiliate sites whereas I can generally get away with them on Yahoo GRANTED I am not requiring personal information on my pages.

So what works?

for email and zip submit campaigns I have found that using large creatives for my landing pages are the fastest and easiest ways to cruise into converting them. Unfortunately this means one more click from the user to the conversion. However, if you have the proper mindset it can be INSANELY profitable. Let me try to put you in that mindset. You should know that this type of marketing requires judgement and stereo-typing. If you are the uptight type then this may not be for you. I am only doing this as a general example of the types of email/zip offers I have gotten to work GREAT with Yahoo.

Tip: You should know that recently Yahoo implemented direct linking. I still have not tested this but I do not intend to with email/zip type offers. I’ve tested every iframe, frameset and cloak that I know of and eventually I have every one of those shut down. In my opinion, make a landing page. This still wont guarantee that you will get the campaign shutdown but it damn sure helps.

I wont go into specifics and cutting my own throat but I have found that Entertainment type offers have always done the best for me. Why this is, I dont have a concrete answer. I have stated before that Yahoo does have a lot going on with their services and even their homepage. It’s 100 times more interesting to land on than it is to land on Another reason is that Yahoo Buzz is almost always dominated for entertainment type searches. From games to musicians to celebrities they usually outweigh the more serious terms HEAVILY.

So now my judgemental and stereo-typing as a marketer comes into play. I start stalking my market and thinking about entertainment offers that may do well in Yahoo. I have a few things come to mind such as downloads, games even digital type offers. When I think of that I immediately think of Neverblue and there entertainment, gaming and downloads offers. You can use any network you want. I just thought of Neverblue because we chose the college offer earlier on the content network. I scan them and come up with a couple of ideas. More specifically I see Xbox 360 and Funcard offers. I quickly scan for large creatives and see a fee I can use.

Xbox 360 elite

St. Patricks Day Funcards

Normally these graphics are 720×300. I have resized them just as general guides. Now the funcard offer is not an email/zip type campaign. The Xbox 360 elite offer is. I added this St. Patricks Day eCard offer in here as a general way to open your mind to the type of offers I like to run in Yahoo. Like I said, email and zips are a tough ride in Yahoo no matter what you do. With that said, I would simply take the Xbox 360 large graphic and add it to a simple template. Normally I like having a black background with a white space inside. I generally make the whitespace as wide as the graphic so it fills the page. Now I can simply put my own title in there as well as my own text. This serves as my bridge into the offer.

Stalking your market and ad copy are of the utmost importance here. Generally speaking and playing Halo 1, 2 and 3 for many years going on now, when I see that graphic it instantly makes me think how cool it would be to get a 360 Elite. add the bonus of grabbing a copy of Halo 3 and I’m SOLD! Now you should have a really enticing headline and some text underneath the graphic. It is in your best interest NOT to use the word FREE. Try using something else such as “Giveaway” “Claim Yours” or “Get One”. Using the word free generally triggers Yahoo’s Editorial team in reviewing what is on the other side of that landing page. When they do that, your usually done. Not all the time, but most of the time.

This is a really simple way of getting around the hate Yahoo shows for zip/email campaigns. This is not a long term solution but when your running email/zips you are already in the mindset that nothing is longterm anyway.

Cost Per Sale On Yahoo

This in my mind is a bit easier because I generally dont try to capture personal information from clickers to my pages on Yahoo. I have not done any type of specific pre-selling or list building on Yahoo Search. I normally make simple review style pages featuring 3 products. I have found that 3 is a lot better than 1 or 5. With reviewing one product it’s just 50/50. It’s still 50/50 in a sense for conversions on a 3 product review but this allows options for people and generally my conversions are higher depending on my niche/offer. I have tried a 5 style review and never once got one profitable. I believe that there is just too much going on. Besides it takes longer to do.

With cost per sale CPA Offers on Yahoo I still dont really forget about the entertainment industry. Call me crazy but even when I am selling products on there, I have the entertainment industry in mind. For that matter I have generally leaned towards things making the body prettier or healthier. Most of the celebrity searches that own Yahoo are generally providing gossip related stories. What comes with gossip related celebrity stories? I’ll give you a hint…pictures.

Everyone reading these types of stories are ALWAYS interested in SEEING pictures of the celebrities. I never really got into Celebrity Gossip. Frankly, I think it’s stupid. I’ve read some celebrity gossip blogs and just from reading the comments I know that what I do for a living in life is secure. I know this because stupid people outweigh smart people online from about 99 to 1. I have NEVER gone to a celebrity website to catch a pic of Britneys new snatch photo. Nor do I care about Paris Hilton filming herself in the bedroom. Now you want to know why I go to celebrity sites? It’s to learn.

Just by paying attention to media you can see that tons of people want to be like Britney, look like Britney, even have the same things as Britney. Even though you will probably not find specific offers related to this in the Industry there have been gems that have been personally endorsed by celebrities. I cannot really just come out and say the few offers I have found but every now and then you can make bank by grabbing one of these personally endorsed celebrity offers.

 Yahoo is not overly complex, so dont make it out to be. I like large graphical thin pages with a good headling and relevant text underneath it for my zip/email campaigns. I have found that review style pages have worked the best for me in Yahoo. Try picking out 3 offers/products from 3 seperate networks and test them. Also you should provide a graphical rating system as well. I personally like yellow stars showcasing which products are the best.

Remember that Yahoo in my opinion is kind of unstable. You should be in contact with Yahoo Support with any issues that may arise. I have found they are more receptive to feedback and questions as opposed to Google. You should also know that I have not advertised on the Yahoo Content Network. I think Google has really cleaned up their content network side of the advertising industry but I believe that Yahoo is far lacking from accomplishing this. Again I could be wrong and this is only my opinion. Do not be afraid to test it.

March 13th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Understanding Yahoo, Development And Tips

At the request of a TON of emails I will extend this series to include the following about Yahoo. It would seem that many are not familiar with their Search Service. Right now you should GET FAMILIAR with it. When you get it working for you, it can be your biggest earner.

With the recent change in Yahoo making their bid prices no longer at a $0.10 minimum the way the Yahoo Search Game is currently changing. You need to pay attention to changes. Changes in the industry can make you or break you overnight. Dabbling in Yahoo Search you would consider their blog to be your bible. On a side note: ( If Yahoo treated their Search blog as well as their Search Services, no doubt in my mind they would be #1). In some cases, they still are for search. Now you should also have taken advantage that Yahoo provides a free workbook for Advertisers. I’ve uploaded this book for you to download right quick. Just Right Click and Save As this link.


A lot of people want to know or dont understand completely how Yahoo charges you.  It is a little different than the standard Adwords payments so you need to get familiar with it. You can read more about how they charge and how you can pay here. You also need to understand the basics of daily spending limits, budgets and billing. Note you can add Paypal as your funding option.

TIP: Generally I only tend to promote CPA Networks that have Paypal as a payment option. This is crucial for me in Yahoo Search. Yahoo has a really skewed system for payment replenishing. Learn and understand it. For this matter (and pretty much this matter alone), I have included a Paypal account exclusively for Yahoo Search. With my CPA Networks being able to have the ability to quickly add funds to my Paypal account I never run into any problems on the financial side of Yahoo Search. If you were to pay with credit card or bank account often times it may take a few days for the funds to clear. Generally I work with large credit cards that have NO preset or ANY limits for that matter. However for Paypal and Yahoo, I like doing it this way. You will NEED to have a general idea of how PayPal works and you better have a business account. I am not kidding when I say Business Account. Should you suffer one of the dumb “Paypal freezes” you can be up shit creek quick. Maintaining good relationships everywhere you go is vital to your PPC success no matter what scale your on. My advice to you is to call Paypal support right now and tell them what you do. Otherwise a freeze will most likely occur after consistent account activity. By taking the innitiative and calling them, the Paypal reps assign notes to your account. It does not matter if I know a bill is coming, or I got money coming in. If it is in large quantity, I call them.

Yahoo Types

Yahoo has a search and content network. Currently I dont and never have advertised on their content network. I cant give you a full explanation to my reasoning in a blog post but I can tell you that the types of sites I’ve seen Yahoo Ads on, I dont want to advertise on really. However, this works in retrospect and here’s why. I’ve always looked at Yahoo as more of a entertainment search engine and here’s my logic behind the thought:

Yahoo Homepage

Compared to Google’s boring homepage, Yahoo has it going on with entertainment, news and easily navigable information. By identifying this and understanding it you get the sense that Yahoo’s users are much different than Google’s and you are right. Typically IMO and experience Google’s users are more web savvy. Good for them but from an advertising standpoint and more specifically for CPA Marketing this is not necessarily a good thing. I’m not saying to go dupe people but a clear understanding in the users preferences and demographics is vital when your paying for traffic. I would most likely advertise towards entertainment type offers with Yahoo’s content network.

With that said and thinking about Yahoo’s content network and the fact that they really are not up-to-par on completely understanding their Search services (Just my opinion again), your ads could literally end up in some very untargeted areas. Most likely when you use Yahoo this is going to happen anyway. No search engine is perfect and I think we pointed that out with the largest one already by manually adding the 50 states to a US campaign to cut down on foreign traffic from Google. The same goes with Yahoo. I’ve taken the initiative to try and help as much as I can to get you the best results from using them. In doing so, I have to ask that you try to get as much education as you can about their engine and services. I dont use Yahoo’s content network currently but you can test it out for yourself.

Going International FTW (for the win)

Ahh yes. Advertising Internationally with Yahoo. Originally, I would never have blogged this nor would you ever see me publicly talk about it. It’s just that damn valuable. However this is the CPA Marketing series and nothing gets held back. Now I have already pissed off some PPC’ers and more specifically some CPA Marketers with tips about the content network. In spirit of that, the mail has died down over the last couple of days. Let me see if I can revive the hate a bit by giving out these gems.

Other than the tips I may give out further in the series, this page that you NEED to bookmark should get the hate mail rolling from people who dont want more competition. I would like to apologize right now if this has a direct impact on your profits for marketers who read the blog but also already know how to exploit Yahoo. Sorry, but on the other hand, I really couldn’t give two shits. The CPA Marketing Series is designed to help others GET into this business FIRST before helping out others who have already established profit…. MORE. Damn, that should be the motto I think.

Ok just to back up a bit so I can tie some loose ends.

At times on this blog you may feel that I am leaving something out, may not understand something completely or just think I am some loose cannon blabbing about non-chalant shit. I assure you that I am indeed, a loose cannon, however what I am about to say just may turn on the light bulb in your head.

Do you remember me giving a shout-out to CPA Empire? Now to the nay-sayers who are not familiar with me or this blog I would imagine they thought I did it for the referrals. Of course I did. However in doing so, did I refer you and NOT try to help you get accepted? No, I gave personal recommendations, and currently only know of one of my referrals that has not been accepted. (still working on that bro). Before you even went to signup I stressed something very important at the time you had no idea would be so important. It certainly is now. Here’s an unaltered piece of text I wrote in that post. At the time it may have meant NOTHING or very little to you. Now in this paragraph I bet it punches you in the gut and says DUH! Here’s what I said that meant nothing at the time to most readers but played an increasingly SMART role leading up to now:

 Currently their are over 540 offers and campaigns you can work with. One notable thing about them is the sheer size of their email and zip submit offers. Another cool thing is that their International campaigns are no slouch either. This is good for Ruckles because he does not really care to promote in the US in respect to email/zip campaigns. As a matter of fact his International volume VS. US volume for these types of offers sits at around 80% to 20%. While you cant really get a zip code Internationally, those Brits, Canadians and Australians tend to dish out their email like they could care less.

Yes I know. Sometimes I can be a really methodical and twisted Ahole. For the most part, it’s good though. As you can obviously tell in this crucial part of Yahoo Search Marketing.

 Now that your signed up, I am revealing to you a VERY GOOD opportunity to make use of their vast assortment of CPA Offers. You dont even have to use them actually, you can use any network you like. Just know that there is MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR opportunities for you as a CPA Marketer utilizing Yahoo’s International Services. I really hope this paragraph sinks into your brain. Maybe I could incentivize you to think outside the box a little bit ehh?

Buzzworthy, Trends And Markets

For the most part when you work outside of the US markets you will at some point and time feel that you have left a comfort zone. Do not fret, it happens to me a lot… even now. In case you missed this or not a deep reader I have discussed this briefly. Now, I am going to do another 180 on you yet again where we flash back and you realize that everything I talk about does tie into your success online. Quite simply, I gave you some tips to use to try and stay calm when launching a new offer. Now in regards to launching International Campaigns you need to know sources to get information on your markets, demand and analysis right? Remember in that post I mention a little thing called Yahoo Buzz? This is a great research tool to be applied to Yahoo Search Marketing. Furthermore, from what Ruckles has heard from the grapevine Yahoo should be updating their UK and Ireland buzz soon. When this happens your going to be the first to know about it. for right now, it’s a bit outdated but can be used to further research more links. For right now, Ruckles generally pays REALLY close attention to the UK and Ireland Yahoo Services.

The world is vast, the internet never ends people and neither should your marketing efforts. There will NEVER be TOO MUCH room for marketers like you and I. All it takes is some creative thinking. Ok so, that’s my second intro to Yahoo Search Marketing. Hopefully since I led you to the payments resources and understanding Yahoo a little bit we can commence on what types of offers, how to run these offers and more specifically -> complying AND gaming Yahoo Search later on this evening.