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January 31st, 2008

End Of January – Small Contest Today

I got to say over the last couple of days I have really been feeling like crap. Must be the weather with snow on the ground here. With that said I thought I would do something that ALWAYS cheers me up—> Hand out some dolla bills yo!Money mouth

So here's the contest which runs until 12 am Central Standard time today January 31st, 2008. I want to hear from you what you have learned that was valuable from this blog and what you have done with it. There are two parts to the contest so you must answer both to qualify. The first month of the new year is over and there's no better time to get cranking than now. In addition I will be picking out the 3 answers I find are the best. For these 3 contestants I will award each $100 via Paypal tomorrow morning.

All you have to do is reply to this post. Comment on what you have learned that was valuable to you and what you did with it to further your business online. Contest runs until 12 am folks so just leave your comment, article, whatever you like beneath this post and tomorrow morning I will announce 3 people who will walk away with $100 each. (That's better than any article directory pays by farCool)

January 31st, 2008

Warrior Forum Keeps Sucking Ass – How Many Morons Can Their Be?

Thanks to That Marketing Chick I caught a comment on what we already discussed about Ringtones of a someone selling the Ringtone methods in a report on The Warrior Forum. I actually used to go there a lot and bust people on their WSO’s. I thought I was supposed to be a good Samaritan and let the Mod’s know of bullshit but after the last few WSO’s I tried to burn went unnoticed, I finally said screw it. You can’t save everyone I guess and the crusade is becoming more and more pointless everyday. Even though it’s only $10, it is things like this that will quickly begin to add up over time and eventually cost you out your ass. I should know, I spent as much on a new car as I have information online.

 Just sad to see that they could have came here for a measly few minutes and saved a month’s worth of hosting or even the domain fee for the method. Sheep never learn though and there is quite an abundance of them over there. I’m seriously contemplating on whether I should travel over there and take them people for about a quarter million dollars this year. I figure if I package every idea or method I use online I can easily make that much this year just screwing around with them. Sad and pathetic that place has become. Ah well, who gives a shit right?

January 30th, 2008

Why Make Money Bloggers Do Not Reveal Their Secrets

I think this really goes hand in hand on this very blog and other blogs I frequent. I see affiliates that are struggling and often disgruntled after a make money blogger goes out of their way to offer important advice, only to get hammered with 50 more questions and often times snarky, maybe even downright mean comments. In case you did not know their is a secret alliance among all of us where we do this secret handshake and then jabber on about how mean your comment was and how at the very sight of it we can tell you dont have what it takes to developing a winning attitude.

……………………………………………………….Just Joking.

There is no secret club, their is no handshake and I for one damn sure do not sit back and laugh when I get something a little offending or even mean written to me. In all actuality I always feel like I should have done more in the post. Had I been blogging here a year ago, I would not have had the same attitude. Back in my heavy spamming and blackhat days I would have most certainly provoked you thru the comments. I would have pissed you off to the point you thought you were going to burst. You know what though? That shit is lame, it makes everyone look completely stupid and damn sure does not help either or all parties reading to further businesses online.

Seeing comments like that leads me to believe that some affiliates and aspiring web entrepreneurs are still living in la la land. Put that f#cking ebook down for 5 minutes and hear me out.

First off there is no magic involved. Damn, I wish there was but their isnt. If you want to refer to at is at magic, then by all means do so but I am here to tell you that the magic is ENTIRELY consisted of work ethic, persistence and most important of all…………..testing.

A lot of the Make Money Bloggers I see out there are trying to make money with their blog. While I am not totally against this, I find it a conflict of interest when reading a make money blog that is only writing to monetize its readers. Another really big pet peeve is the ones that write about tactics or methods that they have no clue about or have not done themselves. This really pisses me off because they are only writing on speculation and not actual testing. We can consider this almost as bad as false information. The biggest of them all though is the make money bloggers who are still working a fulltime job. Granted their might be some bloggers out there that love their job but the majority of them portray online success AND still punch a time clock. *Uggh*

So Why Dont Make Money Bloggers Reveal Their Secrets?

I just covered most of it. Most of them are only blogging for dollars, or have not even performed the methods they are describing. However for the bloggers THAT are doing it big and working online fulltime I will come from a personal perspective and tell you why.

Quite simply it’s because even if I did, what good is it to you? Would you take action right away and copy me? If you did that still does not matter. Do you think if you copy me to a T you can make it a success? Even if you did make it this one thing a success, do you think you can replicate it into everything you go into? Can you replicate success and keep it going?

Even when I throw a great idea out there and or report something that is successful people will always want to know more. They have already perpetuated in their mind that I have left some inside secret out. Most of the time I do, want to know what it is? It’s called TESTING. Dont copy me and try to be successful, take the idea of what I am doing and do it better or at the very least tweak it and see what you come up with.

Bloggers who are making money online and doing it exclusively are going to repeat and repeat the basics of everything. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and Traffic ideas all fall into this. They know that for ANYONE to become successful at it they are going to take these basics and test them out. Thinking there is some hidden gem on the Internet is like leading the sheep to slaughter. You know your going to die (fail), you just dont know when. Keeping up with the latest news and reading what make money bloggers is good in every sense that you SHOULD take something away from the information you read, but what you do with it is totally going to rely on the education you have already got and your work ethic.  Thinking their are hidden secrets lying about and that you just have not found them yet is stupid and will keep you in the mindset of negativity until you realize that you already know and learn is only going to be successful if you try it on and test it yourself.

January 30th, 2008

Questions Answered – Q & A Round 1

Deb asks: 1) For the ringtones redirect you discussed jammin do you use a meta refresh redirect or a different one?

Ruck: I have and do use a domain that is setup to redirect from within my hosting cPanel. I go to Addon Domains within hostgator and simply redirect there.

Deb asks:2) For the zip/email cpa offers if you use craigslist would you use an autoresponder vs using a redirect url?

Ruck: First off I dont use Craigslist. I cannot provide an answer but if I was going to I would try everything I could to get the people to email me and have them hit with an autoresponse. Only because I have used similar tactics elsewhere. Craigslist is funky and I dont have the time to try and keep up with finding out whats working and whats not.

Deb asks: 3)Why would people signup for the free weight loss cpa offer if they think you may send them one for free? Is it because they know they have a poor chance of winning?

Ruck:  Well, honestly I am kind of glad someone actually caught on to this because I left this out of the post on purpose. One of the biggest factors in successful marketing is playing on impulses and emotions. Sounds a little creepy right? That’s Marketing. In all honesty the reason why I do this is because that niche I used as an example plays on people hardcore. They already know they are signed up for a 60 day/ 6 month (whatever) contest to get a free bottle but being hit smack in the face with the offer and only paying $5.95 shipping RIGHT NOW can play a big part in targeted prospects emotions. Add the fact that the landing page is designed to do this very thing, emotions and the idea of getting something INSTANTLY for only shipping costs instead of waiting till the contest ends is a very effective weapon to put this method into profit very quickly.

Eric asks:  1. Nobody wants to give our their niches for obvious reasons, but what “high” level niches have you had a lot of success with, or recommend for someone just starting? For example, “online dating” or “Health/Fitness products”.

Ruck: “high level” I assume is competitive. I am involved in the Debt and Life Insurance niches but neither of these niche are used with PPC. I do 75%+ of it offline actually. Of course the service is online I use but it’s ran in offline classifieds, penny savers and hopefully within a couple of months I will have my first informercial put together. For someone just starting out I really dont recommend a competitive niche. That’s not to say you cannot become a success with it, just know that it will take time. Health has always been hit or miss with me. When it’s on though, it’s good. I go for health problems that people are likely to be embarrassed or dont want to be known they are experiencing it. These people tend to look online in their privacy for options, information and solutions.

Eric asks: 2. If there was something big you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would it be? 

Ruck: That 99% of marketers writing ebooks to sell to other marketers are nothing but forum slime who copy other people’s ideas and steal the glory to make a penny. Had I known that when I started I would not have wasted a shitload of money

Carlos asks: About your ppc approach, do you use wordpress sites as landing sites in adwords?

Ruck: Good Question. I try to build everything out of WordPress. Since moving into the email and zip submits though and finding out about tools online I have found that I can actually move a little faster with just HTML mini sites. It really depends on the offer. WordPress can definitely be used as landing sites but if your iFraming many offers I prefer just to do an HTML site right quick.

Yebot asks:  Is it hard to be such a pimp?

 Ruck: I spit water out my nose on that Tongue out….Yes, it’s hard GD work (white men cant jump}


Mike asks: Last week you posted about your Azoogle earnings. You mentioned they were from sites that you do no work for since you designed them and did link building? Can you give me an example of such a site or describe what the site promotes?


Ruck: These are only Azoogle earnings from a website a partner and I own not total earnings. We didnt really do any link building on this site other than having articles written for us. The site promotes survey type offers and can be found on Paydotcom. Search the Money and Employment category and you will see it’s the #1 selling product in Paydotcom. A cheesy site in my opinion and as I have said before I dont really care to promote something like this but it benefited a lot of people at one time for us to do this so Greg and I took it upon ourselves to do the site. Still today after one year it makes over $500 a day on autopilot. Tallying the figures and posting a video last October it had done about $159,000 total. It did a little over $180,000 total profit last year.

Ron asks: 1.) If I want to market my sites using SEO on search engines to different countries, is it advisable to use the country’s domain names? (.ca, .fr, .uk)

Ruck: You know I always went with just straight .com’s if I could. I never had registered a .ca .fr or anything like that. I most generally try to do my promotions by direct linking outside of the US or just landing pages on a .com (Have no idea)

Ron asks: 2.) Besides changing a template, what is typically changed to remove the footprints from a script that has been overused?

Ruck: Getting whatever you got to a programmer and having them come up with something a little different and unique and NEVER sell it. I dont waste time trying to delete footprints off others’ scripts. I go and get my own.

Some great questions tonight. A majority of the questions were “what do you think of this” type questions that were specific in niches. I didnt want to reveal them publicly so I responded by email, so hopefully in some way or another everyone got answered.

January 29th, 2008

Questions And Answers

I get a lot of emails everyday. So much more as of this month and since the contest is underway I have had an influx of emails over the last couple of days. Today I thought I would have a Q and A Round. Send me your questions today and I will reply to them by tomorrow. It can be anything you want really. Dont ask me generically how to make money online. I delete those emails right away. If your asking me that, then I can tell you have not read the blog very much. You can ask me a specific idea or method though, I am always game for that.

You can ask me personal questions as well if your a new reader and dont know much about me. I may not tell you what color of underwear I work in (cuz I dont wear any:) ) but I will do my best to give you a straightforward answer. So just shoot me an email with your questions and remember to give me a link to your site/blog so I can anchor back to you.

 Bring it on!

January 27th, 2008

Email Marketing – The Art Of List Bribery

This can apply to almost any niche. It’s not some spectacular secret but since I dont see many people talking about it, let me introduce this concept and follow up with it on some ideas of how and where to implement it. See one of the biggest things about marketing is that most typically if you want to make serious money in a relatively short time you have to surpass all the known efforts that you have already heard and come up with something not so typical but bound to work better, faster and more efficiently. Most of the content I right on tutorials, ideas and tactics pertaining to making money are almost ALL tests. I’m testing you as the reader, opportunist, marketer to surprise me, entice me, hell DEFY me.

However almost every topic I write about I get QUESTIONS instead of SUGGESTIONS. That’s not at all bad, I just try to throw some things out there to see what other people will come up with. With that said let’s try and shift that focus towards BRAINSTORMING instead of THINKING. When you think, you tend to rely on your brain for answers thus if you cannot come up with one, you go and ask for it. However when your brainstorming you tend to find answers first then coming up with the questions pertaining to them. If you dont get that quite yet, no worries because it will come to you.

The Art Of The Bribe

Unethical? Preposterous? Aggressive? Some may consider that, yes.

Profitable? Fast? Easy? You bet your ass.

Let’s put this in perspective and pick out a niche. I feel if we do just one  in particular you will be equipped better to shift that focus into other niches. Besides, we dont want to be vague here, we want to provide the exact answers on how to entice people to optin to our email lists. A step by step tutorial if you will.

First identify a product. I’ll choose the Hoodia (diet pills) program. We’ll say it’s from CPA Empire but you can probably pick it up on other networks. This one pays out $32 per lead and only requires the user to pay $5.99 shipping for a free bottle. This is a good payout and relatively simple for this type of industry. Besides, you have 60 minutes, NBC and Oprah pimping it so it makes it all the sweeter.

Great we have a product so let’s design a webpage. You can use whatever you want here really as we have covered this alot already. You should have a simply graphic of the bottle on it and text. Since we are dealing in the weight loss industry there are bunches of other products to promote so consider that when you get a domain and hosting. Get a generic domain catering to the entire industry as you will probably be catering to each product individually on a new webpage each time. However, you will be funneling everyone into a giant list. This again is up to you. I find it easier to write a year’s worth of newsletter content over an industry than for a product.

Basically you will want to know where the weight loss industry hangs out at. This is dead simple:

  • Weight Loss forums
  • General Health Forums
  • Yahoo/Google Groups
  • Social Networks with Groups

Those are just a few to get you started.  Knowing where they hang out is the most important part of this to keep your cost down. If you were to go into PPC in this industry chances are that if your not a hotshot or really know your stuff, you’ll probably get burned. Besides, with what we are going to offer we expect a viral campaign to take place here. I will show you how to do it.

After getting your webpage up (which is a dead simple squeeze page) it’s time to put it together to entice people to optin. With a nice graphic on it displaying the bottle of Hoodia we would simple say:

5 Free Bottles Of Hoodia Up For Grabs

After filling out your name and email here please click the verify link we sent you in your email and your all set to receive the free bottle of Hoodia. On top of that we are sending you our 5 weight loss tips ebook that you can download instantly and read right now.


Privacy Policy

Dead simple right? Here’s the kicker though. You will definitely want close contact with your list members. This is the most important part of list building. I would simply go to the Hoodia website myself and actually purchase the 5 bottles. My whole intent is to ACTUALLY give away 5 free bottles. I could do this later on and state it on a blog or website later on to get people interactive. I could also set this up many times over for each weight loss product I pushed and here’s how.

In my newsletters people will be getting you will want to mention to your list members that they should forward this to their friends so they can get in on the free bottles as well. You can even get sneaky and say something like this:

Hey even if your not interested in the free bottles your friends might be. If they are not interested they could at least signup and you will have even more of a chance of receiving a free bottle.

There’s a whole ton of things you can do here. The whole idea is that once you get one signup to optin, you want this list and the members who signup for it to do a lot of the work themselves. They just dont know it. :)

So in a nutshell let’s recap.

  • Optin page – Explains the contest and calls to action the user wanting the free bottles YOU will reward
  • After opting in and confirmation we can simply redirect them to the actual affiliate link as well. This is sneaky and kind of underhanded since your already going to give away 5 bottles someone might get two. It doesn’t matter though because this is how to pull profits from the front end and to fund other things later on. (Umm, like buying the rewards maybe?)
  • After redirection they’ll automatically be receiving that free weight loss 5 tips ebook. If your smart you will have affiliate links in it right?
  • Followup Newsletter of content – Calls to action to forward this to their friends and get them to signup to the free 5 bottles, ebook and newsletter your putting out. This is what we refer to as *making your list work for you*
  • Rinse and repeat to every product in the industry but keeping your newsletter generic and not specific so it looks like it’s going to each niche product individually and catering to them.

Simple as that. It takes a little cash yes to fund the products. However at $32 per lead and you redirecting after the optin, buying 5 bottles at $5.99 a piece sets you at $29.95. 1 lead and its profit from there on out. Using all the free traffic methods out there and tons of them written on this blog you should have no problem implementing a simple marketing method such as this one.

January 27th, 2008

Best Of The Week – Money Blogs

I had been neglecting this part of the blog for awhile now but I thought I would get back into the swing of things as I had more time this past week to make some daily rounds and catch what people are writing about.

First off my congrats to Jonathan Volk for hitting his first $3,000 day. If you will remember, Jonathan is the author/owner of Affiliate Unleashed from whom I got a tshirt from. Jonathan has become a daily blog that provides kickass content mostly aimed at Affiliate Marketing. Jonathan recently did a guest post on John Chow providing helpful tips on Evading The Google Adwords Slap – Guide To A Great Quality Score.

Zac Johnson recently added another category titled CPA Spotlight to his blog. Zac is reviewing affiliate programs and offers to give people the heads up on what could be hot to promote. So far I have caught posts over offers and programs such as Boca Java, eHarmony, and Forex Currency Trading. Zac is also the author of the infamous free Super Affiliates Guide To PPC Marketing. It goes without saying that Zac’s blog is a daily read.

Maki over at Dosh Dosh blogged about reaching 10,000 RSS Subscribers and why people subscribe to a blog. A very informative post that actually goes against the grain a little bit. Instead of showing what he DID do for the blog, he explains what he DIDNT do. Dosh Dosh is a regular favorite and another daily read for me.

Paul from UberAffiliate goes against the grain a little bit too. Unlike me, Paul does not really reveal too much of exactly what he does. With that said he did open up and do a little Case Study over Diet Pills and how he ran it. Even though it looks like he didnt stick with the campaign he does go in depth explaining everything he did and the revenue he made indicating that the niche could be profitable. UberAffiliate is yet another daily feed that I scan over daily.

Mark over at 45n5 did a pretty cool post over winning your blog’s popularity contest. 45n5 is yet another daily read and Mark seems to come up with good thought provoking and sometimes argumentative posts. 45n5 also sports their version of the Top 100 Make Money Online blogs, which (IMO) needs an overhaul. I believe Mark will be Affiliate Summit West in February.

Just some great content from some great folks I visit daily!

January 26th, 2008

Thank-You Market Leverage

Tickled pink is all I can say. Market Leverage hooked me up with a gift card over at Amazon so I thought I would give a shout back in appreciation of the gesture. I got a couple of toys :)

Market Leverage Rules

A SaiTeK Eclipse (red illuminated) keyboard and a sweet Digital Mp4 Player (comes in handy to block out distractions).  If you have not already joined Market Leverage, I seriously dont know WTF is wrong with you. There’s no referral link here but they will soon have a rewards and referral program in place. I dont want you to wait though, I want you to get over there and experience it yourself. Thanks Again!