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December 21st, 2007

PPC And CPA – Thinking Outside The Box

Everyone wants on the PPC to CPA train. There is no doubt that driving thousands of people to CPA offers CHEAPLY is a great way to make a TON of money online. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Trust me on this one, I have experienced nearly every failure a man (women too!) can experience using PPC to drive traffic to CPA offers. However, when I quit screwing around and started putting some actual thought of identifying where my hungry markets were, I started experiencing some success. More importantly, I quit spending my built up bankroll and started experiencing profits. A little profit came in and it was a rollercoaster to where I am at now to get to some serious money. It can be a rough trip but let me throw a few examples of how I have overcome high bid prices and not fighting so much competition.

Last night I was having a conversation with a web designer over IM. However he is not just a web designer. We have been talking a few a nights now and I have come to find out that he’s just a little bit older than me and into almost everything from movies, music and ideas as myself. This was kind of like a blessing as he stayed up till the wee hours each morning with me doing some design when my traffic hours would be at their lowest. I was able to discover that he has experienced some success with the Google Adwords content network. Grinning from ear to ear behind my PC, I decided we would take a break and talk a little in-depth about some of the things I have accomplished on the Content Network. Oh before I forget, you should probably listen to all them dipshits out there that tell you the content network is worthless. :)

Lesson #1

Google has placement targeting now to allow your Adwords to appear on not only sites but PAGES within their content network.

Get a tool that is going to speed up your research process and will retrieve pages/sites that already have Adsense on them. How do I do this? Ruck has you covered and you can get the FREE tool here. Just watch the video and it will save a lot of time for me. Also, you have to optin so there’s always a catch obviously. Who cares really, it’s worth it.

Whatever your promoting (say a free laptop), you would simply travel to the big Googly and type in your main keywords. Look at the top 10 sites listed and discover if they have Adsense. Voila. Also, check the Adwords ads but don’t be a douche and click on them. Another thing, be open minded, that’s the whole point of me telling you this. Go to Yahoo and MSN and repeat the same steps. You will find plenty of webpages that you can target.

Along with this lesson, you better make sure the keywords are getting searched enough to make this worth it. I should have pointed that out first, but it’s plain common sense. You can also use the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool. Use this tool with the site targeted feature and put in your affiliate link and Google will retrieve results they feel are relevant to the url in question.

Lesson #2

Got to break from the mentality of contextual ads and start thinking Image ads. I know it blows, I am absolutely horrible with making graphics. However, it’s in my experience you can still make ALOT of money if the text inside the banner gets the clicks. So go download “the Gimp” for free and start learning how to use it, or you can hire some Indians to make you some for cheap. Some sites and pages only allow image ads and these cannot be neglected. They are an absolute goldmine.

I will give you one even better. If your as horrible as I am with making graphics ( I can make some cool stick people) then you simply log into your affiliate network and download the creative banners they have. Your only screwed into making your own if the offer you want doesn’t have any. In which case you hunt all your networks up to find a really close offer or same product different terms and has a banner. Host them yourself and directly link to the offer in question. I can’t tell you how freaking easy this can be.

If image ads are new to you, please refer to the learning center and read the one page that can and will make a HUGE impact on your PPC to CPA earnings. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 times to get it, because on the 11th your going to feel a great accomplishment. Having that first image ad up getting clicks AND sales/leads, is one of the best feelings in the world. I tend to tingle down south (if you know what I mean), women will have to discover their own happy place.

Lesson #3

There’s a whole new world outside of the US. Yes, this will take some getting used to but I actually prefer to advertise in places such as Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland to name a few. There are goldmines out there! Hook yourself up with some international offers because I am advertising in hundreds of places where there are hardly any TARGETED ads appearing. Rock out with some International offers and count the bills yo.

Lesson #4

Community sites such as forums or niche related blogs and message boards are another hidden gem. Often packed with so much content and social interaction the ads on these spots can be widely untargeted. Why not be the first to get there with something that screams “Come and get me”. A personal example was a UK laptop offer I ran 2 weeks ago on some UK forums. Unfortunately for me the offer expired but not before I walked away with a nice chunk of earnings with relatively low ad spend. I was contextually targeting the forums as I did not see any images around but those youngins went at the email submit like it was a fish out of water going for its last breath. Put your mind to where a lot of traffic is and throw an offer at it. Either they will pick at it like birds, or devour it like a piranha.

Lesson #5

Actually tweaking your community site method is a great way to get a ton of traffic. For this next part I am going to reveal the offer I was doing but will not reveal where it was at. Currently the offer is not on the network I was using and I am in negotiations with another network to get the payout I was already receiving. It was that kickass.

Alright I took the offer. It’s a Canadian dating offer that paid out on free signup and pay out it DID! I knew off the bat that the dating sites would probably be targeted on Smart affiliates rule in the power niches, and there are also tons of morons that drive the CPC’s and CPM’s so high it takes a lot of testing, tracking and tweaking to get a profitable campaign even on the placements. I really like to work least as possible for a lots of money. I love my motto, I live by it.

So I sat on my butt and thought for about 30 minutes. Finally I decided to target some divorce forums. Yea this might seem low but dammit, it was free to the users to create a profile. You want to make lots of money, then selling a dream is a must in this business (sometimes). So I had tons of advertisers going buckwild on placements at dating forums but out of all these brainiacs, I competed with just 1 targeted offer where I went. I targeted both divorced men and women and made a lot of money doing it. Think if you could get dating offers going in other countries. Now I would suspect after this post for it to blow up. Ruck doesn’t care though, he’ll just go find another place.

The last part of that Lesson #5 was the one that really got me designer going. I took a really profitable offer to a place where there were hardly any advertisers and I did for $4 per 1000 impressions. I was getting $4.50 per signup. You take this info and put your imagination to work. The method absolutely DESTROYED.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I just thought after talking to him I would share the wealth. There are millions of things that can be on Google still and for really cheap. I thought I would point out a few good tips to remember if you hop into the placement targeting. Get good at thinking outside the box. Your only limited with your imagination.

December 20th, 2007

Thanks Zac!

I got a little goodie package the other day from Zac Johnson. Sorry for the delay, I just been super busy here in December. However, no good deed EVER goes unnoticed. Zac has been a true inspiration and I’m subscribed to his feed, and I visit his blog daily. Zac got to meet Mark Cuban at BlogWorld in Las Vegas. From recent posts it looks like Zac will be attending AffiliateSummit West 2008 at Las Vegas ( Feb 24-26). Unfortunately I won’t be able to make that because of my third child is due really close at the first of March. Zac is going to be on the panel “Super Affiliate Strategies that Work” along with Kris Jones (CEO of Pepperjam), John Chow ( and Amit Mehta ( who is also part of PPC Classroom in which I am currently enrolled and participating in.

Thanks for the package Zac!

Thanks Zac

December 20th, 2007

Link Building Campaigns

I caught a post over at Josh Spaulding‘s titled Link Building Campaigns – Do You Need One?. It really reminded me of all my travels throughout forums and seeing people write about “doing this” “don’t do that” and all that other mumbo jumbo. It seems like almost every-time I seen someone step up to the plate and portray them-self as a “knowitall”, they end up writing something that doesn’t even make sense. Josh was quick to point out that when people tell you that if you make good content, then you don’t need to build links, they are most likely (in my own words) full of shit.

I recommended this post because I have actually read almost everything Josh has put out on his blog and the Warrior Forum. The guy is a real class act ETHICAL marketer. I find myself hanging onto his blog during my time of reform. Whether he knows it or not, or ever finds out, he has written a TON of great content that has made me stop and take a long, hard look at myself. I’m not saying that I will ever stop my aggressive marketing tactics, but I have definitely taken a lot of what he says and does and tried to apply it to myself. I don’t know if I will ever completely stop some of my aggressive (aka blackhat) marketing, but I have definitely slowed down.

Go read his article and he also posted a link to another great ACCURATE post about proper link building.

December 19th, 2007

Contests Are Stupid – How About This One?

I read a lot of blogs and I understand the importance of building a readership…for the most part. It seems that most blogs online dealing in the “make money online” niche are mainly their to use their blog as a cash machine. Sure, I can understand that. I have some programs and post affiliate links as well from time to time, but lately these blogs are starting to become dull and boring. Nobody is innovative anymore. Could it be that they rely on their blogs a little too much?

Personally, if I didn’t have this blog, I guarantee you I would make more than I am making now. That’s not a douche bag, or offending comment either. It’s plain and simple. I make money in other areas online that exceed my living expenses and laid back lifestyle that make blogging is a blast for me. It’s my escape, my getaway if you will. It gets me away from talking on the phone to article writers, it gets me off IM chats with fellow marketers and bloggers, it gets me away from optimizing web sites and blogs, it gets me away from………….everything.

So without going off on a rant here, I traveled the blogosphere today after responding to all the posts in the new Cash Tactics Discussion Forum. What I saw was pretty pathetic to say the least. Most bloggers hold these contests where they give away shirts, (their brands woopie doo). Although I have nothing against this, the contests are really something that takes away your focus online. Focus is important, it’s critical. Your here to read up and gain the advantage of getting yourself on the quick track to better wealth and well-being and these damn “make money online” bloggers are trying to get you to take a few minutes out of your day and participate in their contest for a measly gift that is no way going to further the effort you already have and are putting forward.

Here’s My Contest

Yea, I am gonna do a contest as well. However, I refuse to make you do something that is going to shift your focus away from trying to make money online, or at least get yourself a starting point. Instead, I am going to GIVE you a starting point. That’s right!

I am under the gun as of late, trying to get a new PDF published that may prove to be one of the coolest things to getting a site online and making money that you will ever see. You only have to wait till Christmas to see it. However, I have been putting a ton of effort into the book and you will soon know what I mean when you read the comprehensive guide.

So I am not going to allow yourself to be held back. Simply put, I am going to give 10 people that read this blog and DO NOT HAVE a hosting account the opportunity to get setup and have their first month paid for. That’s right, their are no gimmicks and to show you that I am 100% genuine, it won’t even be thru an affiliate link. If you are feeling courteous then by all means if you request my link I will send it to you. However, I don’t really care if your a courteous individual or not. I just want you to get started.

So here’s the dealio:

  • First month of Hosting at Hostgator – 100% free. I will personally prepay you with Paypal to get you going.
  • To keep each month at a very reasonable price, I have chosen to prepay the Baby Package for you at $7.95 a month
  • I will pay the first month and get you started and then it will be up to you for the reoccuring $7.95 a month

Sounds pretty gnarly right? Well, I am not one for lollygagging so for these 10 lucky people WITHOUT hosting already, I am personally compiling a PDF for you to read. Inside this PDF is a method I used when I first started online. If you cannot pay for your hosting within two hours a month with this method, I may have to slap you with a stick. I put this method in there because it is perfect for beginners. It is not the most glamorous work in the world, but for 2 hours a month, you will have money left over after paying your hosting expenses. As a matter of fact, at two hours a month you should have more than enough money to pay for your hosting account and a new domain each month (should you choose).

 A little information on your monthly hosting package can be found here. I have kept it really simple for you if you don’t have a hosting account. Now I do not provide Cpanel support or anything like that, but it’s pretty easy once you get inside. Besides, I have a whole forum now dedicated to answering any questions that you may have. You’ll probably find someone that will help you right quick one-on-one if you need it.

So that’s it. You will need a measly $9.29 to register a domain, or you can register one with Hostgator on signup. I personally do not recommend this. I use Namecheap and have experienced ZERO problems with over 500 owned domains. If you have problems setting up your nameservers, then ask in the forum and someone will help you straight away.

All you have to do is be one of 10 of the first people to post in reaction to my Announcement thread that will be posted in the Announcement section of the forum. All you need to say in your reply is “Ruck, I don’t have hosting, hook me up”. I will be getting with each and every one of you personally between tomorrow and Friday. So by the weekend, your going to have your first ever hosting package, but of course you will need a domain name. I suggest you start brainstorming. The posting will be going up in the forum within 3 hours of this blog posting. That means that on Wednesday, December 19th 2007, at 8:00 pm Central Standard time US, the first 10 people to reply in the Announcement section of the forum under my Hosting thread will get their first full month of hosting funded.

Now see what I have done here? There is absolutely no way for you to not get motivated and going by the weekend. I have personally lent out my hand to get your first month of hosting paid for. Furthermore, I am going to give you a method online that takes just 2 hours a month and your keyboard to fund your reoccuring hosting payment and possibly a new domain each month. You may not like it, but I really don’t care. If you cannot sacrifice 2 hours a month to avoid out of pocket expenses with your domains and hosting, then this road is probably going to be a bumpy one. Another part I have added is that I have a forum filling up with acquaintances, friends, and readers of this blog who are more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have. Think of it as your own online support, for FREE.

Take the plunge, or stay on the pot. Choice is Yours,


December 19th, 2007

Viva La Forum Is Open!

The new forum is now open. You can visit and join up here if you like. It’s up and running but will continue to improve over time. It’s 5:00 am here and I think I slept some yesterday but I am not for sure. However, I am off to get 2 hrs and 30 minutes of sleep and then I have to head to town and get a machine worked on. Feel free to hop in there and fire away and will be getting back in there around 10:00 am. (I hope).

Want to thank everyone right now for the encouragement for this idea. I know it’s been a long time coming and have met a ton of great people but I look forward to communicating with you more exclusively on the blog and throughout the forum.

Another heads up. It was spur of the moment but I booked a flight to Orlando on the 26th – 29th of this month. What, one day after Christmas? Yep, absolutely. No rest for the wicked. In all seriousness, I guess we are celebrating our Christmas on Sunday and at the urgency of getting down there, I got to hurry my ass up.

Anyway, catching a nap and then going to town, and then we going to get right to it. See ya there!

December 18th, 2007

From Zero To Hero Series – How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site

I thought about this a little bit last night and decided I would try to do something different. I am opening my own forum later this week and it will cover a variety of topics but the main thing is that it will contain sub-sections for every Zero To Hero Series concept I roll out between the 60 Days To List Building and whenever I decide to finish. Currently their is a total of 4 concepts to be released. However, I think I will just write a PDF for the “How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site” and take all the questions in the sub-section.

This I think will prove to be more efficient. Of course, if you do not want to join the forum, I will be happy to answer any questions as well. With a dedicated sub-section to each concept, I will be able to help out more with questions and even a little hands on support to get you going. A few people asked how much this was going to cost, and that hurt my feelings. This is not some Internet Marketing Membership Site. It will be an open forum to anyone that wants to discuss Internet Marketing and Making Money Online with me. I have found myself getting stretched pretty thin lately, so this is my most efficient option.

When is it due?

I have decided to release the “How To Rock Out With An Affiliate Site” on Christmas Day. I am doing my Christmas on Sunday so anytime after Christmas Day you can come download the PDF here and then hop over into the forum and ask any questions that you need. I have a lot going on right now and this will give you plenty of time to prepare for what we have already covered.

Hosting, a domain name and of course something you want to promote. I preferably have expressed that in order to utilize your time efficiently and to have a money making product that you need to test to make sure it’s profitable. However you can still this if you want, just to get that first site out there or run thru the entire process so that when you do get into a profitable niche with a good selling product, you will already know the steps you will need to take to properly optimize your site, get the initial power indexing for your many pages, and then of course the ultimate traffic plan.

December 18th, 2007

A Collision Course For Failure

I took the weekend off from blogging even though I am neck deep in delivering some (IMO) great posts of how to utilize Parasite SEO the RIGHT way and not the wrong. However, I think before I begin I got to address something I seen entirely too much of in the forums I frequent this past weekend. Here’s a pretty good recipe for failure trying to make a buck online. Remember though, failure does not have to be a long term thing, I fail at something almost every week but when your repeating failure without ANY success it’s like quicksand. The more you try to move, the deeper go. Look over these and if your having a rough time, try to figure out what you can cut out to make you more efficient in your daily routines and schedule.

1. You have absolutely no idea what your doing or where to start so you read 15 forums looking for a break. This in a way is a tough choice to keep yourself from doing. However, you don’t need to know everything to gain some success online. Check Andrew’s Podcast To Be Smart Or Rich? The Internet Marketing Truth. Andrew goes over almost exactly what I want to put into this paragraph, but it’s just as easy to hear it straight from him.

2. You have a general plan of what you want to do, but lack the motivation to do it. I actually love this one. It’s sad to see that their are hundreds if not thousands of way to make money online yet you do not want to do it. You think writing articles is boring, or long term income plans are just not enough for you to bank on. This is a serious lack of motivation (I like to call it laziness). Even when a great new method comes out you still don’t have what it takes to follow thru with it. You got two choices. You can either work your tail off and experience what everyone else is that is putting forth the effort and experiencing success, or you can simply say “that’s too much”, “this can’t work” or “this is something I want to do”. You obviously are not motivated enough to even get started with something easy, where are you going to be when it gets tough? Grow a pair and work at it or join the rest of the crew sitting at the back of the bus. Careful, it’s crowded back there.

3. Holy cow, you do have what it takes to motivate yourself to pick a niche and put a website. You have done everything you wanted to in getting that site up and now you want to market it. You start to get backlinks, maybe run some PPC ads, get some articles submitted, but all your work seems futile because your not making sales. Oops, you rushed way too fast. Somewhere along the line you forgot that in order to make money online you need to have something that sells. I like how alot of people encourage others to start with a niche they know. While this is not entirely incorrect, you need to make sure that something sells in that niche. I personally have the capital to simply throw up campaigns like they are going out of style and bid on every single keyword I can on Adwords, Yahoo and Adcenter. For some people this is not possible, so the idea of researching your market comes to mind.

A great way to do that is to visit forums relating to your niche. We can discuss researching your market later, but their is already information published on this very blog on how to do that. You have to have something that sells, or ads people are interested in in correlation with your site. You simply cannot go out and make a keyword list of things you think you can rank for. Don’t be this marketer. This is inexperience at it’s best. It’s people like these that make my life so much more enjoyable. Most likely when your testing an offer or product your going to find some great HIGH DEMAND selling keywords on phrases you can easily optimize for search engine traffic.

There are tons more reasons and things that can be holding you back, but these are very important to identify and correct now. I am going to start in my series of your product selling website and Parasite SEO for initial indexing but it’s CRITICAL that you have a niche that you know you can compete in and make sales.

December 14th, 2007

Parasite SEO And Initial Sites To Target

BullseyeParasite SEO is basically the methods of piggybacking high authority sites thru gain of links, branding and traffic. You could come up with a hundred different variations of Parasite SEO but it all comes down to “If your utilizing high authority sites specifically for your own gain…your a parasite”. Sounds rough right? Who really gives a shit. This game is cutthroat and if you don’t have the twinkies to suck it up and utilize some of these services you can rest assured that others are. When your crying about why your site is not ranking in the Search Engines you can count on that your little whitehat is bearing WAY too much wait for you to even have a chance against people like me. I would consider myself moderate though, there are thousands of webmasters that are more into than I am.

Leeching off high authority sites has been around forever and will continue to be around. Sure Google may bitch-slap these sites from time to time but all they are really doing is weeding out the gnats. See in Parasite SEO you also have gnats. These are people that sit there and make one paragraph posts to their Squidoo lense or a blogger post and hope the world of high rankings and money fall into their laps. Good thing for us that we are Parasites. We have two distinct advantages here.

1. We eat the gnats. Basically we are using the same principles as they are, but we do it better to keep us out of the “shit runs downhill” effect.

2. Since we are parasites we may not be as smart as Google but we don’t have to be. We MASSIVELY outweigh Google in terms of algorithmic changes and learning how to keep gaming their search engine after each new change. How many employees they got? How many webmasters are there gaming the SERP’s? Exactly.

For a lot of people they focus on this type of leeching as a way for the quick buck. I don’t know about you but my time is worth a lot more than creating Squidoo lenses, blogger blogs or hubpages around an affiliate program. As I have said before that I like to build much more larger sites such as a Shopping Comparison site or a mashup. Utilizing the services of high authority is INITIALLY very important to me. When building a new site I have always found that an influx of new links is a good way to get a flag from Big G. Initially the establishment of high authority sites linking into your large site takes a little time. I would say that working on an average of one hour per day on these sites and getting everything to go, I can be done in 1 week. So with 7 hours of work I can have an establishment of auto fed links from trusted sites feeding into my money site. Sounds like a little bit of work right? It is but you are ensuring deep indexing and the juice for rankings off the get-go.

This is just an introduction. I will eventually get to the initial keyword research needed to get started with this. It is imperative that you have a site you want to promote already built. Going off the theme of the site we will establish a large keyword base that doesn’t have a lot of competition in the search engines so that we can build our parasitic sites off of these. For now, here’s a list of some great sites to use:

Squidoo – BloggerYahoo 360 BlogsHubpagesGeocitiesGoogle PagesWeeblyWikiPediaTwitter – Live Spaces – Tumblr

*Note* Affiliate Marketing on these sites might bring you sales, but there is a whole new world out there when you realize that building these pages for REAL and linking to your big shopping or whatever site is where you will get the longevity value from. Anyone that is using these sites just to market products is working WAY to hard. I have made sales on them myself and at one point even consider doing it on a large scale. Not when you can make an easy 1,000-100,000 page site though. The value is in the links back to get deep indexing on the huge site.