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November 29th, 2007

Make Money And Build Traffic With Video Marketing Using These Methods

I thought I would share my personal method of using videos online to drive traffic to a few sites I own. I also use this simply to drive traffic to domains I redirect to affiliate programs but I much rather send my visitors to a squeeze page. It’s the thing these days you know! Actually, it always has been but it seems the effort it takes to make a squeeze, put in an optin box and write up a well thought out email series is just to much these days for white and blackhat marketers. So since I want to see you succeed I am going to give you the traffic building part of your marketing campaign a FREE massive kickstart in acquiring visitors. Maybe if traffic building was easier (or people were better at it) then maybe making money online wouldn’t be as hard it seems. In any case, I am going to reveal a 4 step strategy to get visitors to your site using online video.

There is nothing really secret about this. I use 4 programs (hence the 4 step process). If I am not mistaken then all of them offer a free trial. Now, on the basis of truly believing in these programs and to give you an unbiased opinion and details of these programs and how to use them to your fullest advantage, I have included ALL outgoing links in this post as NON-AFFILIATE links.

*Disclaimer* — I use very fast and efficient means of getting videos. I do not horse around and make my own videos for these methods. I did at the first and it takes to long and I prefer hundreds of dollars over a few dollar commissions everyday. So if you have a problem with taking other people’s videos then this is probably not for you. You can however make your own videos, but at the sheer speed and volume I can do in less than 30 minutes a day your results will most likely be dramatically stunted. I don’t advise stealing people’s videos, but I do advise that you pull your socks up (so to speak) if you want to use this method to its full potential.

Step 1. – You will need a program that can easily download videos for you in a very fast timeset. For this I use a program called Ultraget. This program is COMPLETELY free. It is a program that will allow you to download any Youtube video. Just go to the site, it is very self-explanatory. I like to do batches of a dozen videos at a time. I quickly go over to Youtube and check out the recent videos. I always go for videos that do not look to personal. I don’t want copyright problems, so wrecks, accidents, sports and pets are great for this.

Step 2. – You need a video converter. The idea is to watermark all your videos with a link to the site you want displayed throughout the video. This is CRITICAL. ALWAYS have the website link displayed nicely within the video. Think about the domain for this, the more catchy the domain is the more likely people will type into their browser. This works great for redirects as you are getting only type in traffic. You could probably use this for domain parking as well. I never have, but I know a friend that does. He may comment on this later. So knowing that you need a video converter, I personally use a program called Total Video Converter. The program is offered on a trial basis. I believe it lasts 15 or 30 days (don’t quote me on that). It will easily pay for itself in just a few days.

When you use Ultraget to download Youtube vids they will download as FLV files. You just add these files in Total Video Converter and I personally found that converting to MPEG is the easiest and smoothest. This works great for all 27 video sites you will be uploading back to later on. So download and convert to MPEG and save those new files in a folder. It is now time to watermark them with a domain.

Step 3. – Watermarking videos could not be any easier than it is with Video Watermark Factory. Again this program has a free trial, but I don’t know how good it is, I just bought it outright. After downloading from Ultraget, and then converting to MPEG with Total Video Converter, you simply import your MPEG files in Watermark Factory and here you can edit them or add your watermark. It’s very simple.

Step 4. – Now that we have downloaded, converted and watermarked, it’s time to take these videos and upload them to the web video sites. I use a program called Video Post Robot. I believe it also has a free trial, but I simply pay my monthly membership. If you do any type of video marketing then you will understand that this payment is peanuts compared to the profit you are pulling. Quite simply, this program uploads your videos to 27 video sharing sites on the web. Google, Youtube, Veoh, Dailymotion, Metacafe. There are tons of them and each site has tons of users.

The program itself is very simple. However when you first get it, you will have to sit down and sign up for an account to each site. I did all 27 in about 30 minutes. I now have multiple accounts on these sites, which is also a very good idea. Heck you could even make niches and and account for each. The sheer amount of traffic you can and will receive is insane. It’s all so simple to do. After you have your accounts, you simply make a project for each video and pick the categories to upload to for each video site. I can do about a dozen videos start to finish in around 30 minutes using these tactics. I hope you find this helpful. Other than the cost of a few programs, you can easily have thousands of visitors to your site in just minutes.

Of course how you market and what niches you target will determine your success, but everyone likes to make more money, people go to video sites for entertainment so games have worked great. Screensavers, wallpapers, layouts, certain niche focused health products (think weight loss, acne) and I have even heard of people doing quite well in the adult niches (obviously). I do not engage in the adult niches with video marketing but it works.

*Note* One thing I like to do when ripping youtube vids is that if I get the feeling that uploading the same video back to youtube will cause problems, I simply don’t upload it in Video Post Robot. There are 26 other sites you can upload it to. :)

November 28th, 2007

I Am 27 Years Old Today

Yep, my fiance just reminded me yesterday that I am indeed 27 today. It had almost slipped my mind as I never really celebrated my birthday at all thru the years. Of course, I was working :)…Well I think I am going to go against the norm today and not do a single thing. As a matter of fact I woke up at about 9 am yesterday and was waiting around on 3 different phone calls.

My fiance wanted to go to Iola which (is 25 miles away) as it’s the largest town around us and that’s where we do the majority of our shopping. I didn’t even see it coming but she showed back up a couple of hours later and my oldest boy sprinted inside screaming “Daddy, we got you birthday presents”…Right then I was like WTF? Oh yea, it IS my birthday lol…

I love gaming on the Xbox 360. I was sadly disappointed this year when Halo 3 came out. It was nothing like Halo 2 in my opinion. It was the noobiest crap game I have ever seen. So I did spend the $75 on it originally but played it for like 2 weeks and have not played it since. As a matter of fact, I have been online so much I haven’t played ANY game in about 2 months.

Then my fiance comes home, and I have presents….

 Enter Guitar Hero 3. If your not aware of this Xbox 360 game, just stay away from it right now. I swear to you, I have been playing since 11 am yesterday and just now hopped off to write this up real quick. You have to buy the attatchment guitar to play it and there is nothing special about the game really. You play the guitar in accordance to notes with the songs. Being a Classic Rock freak I found myself jamming to songs such as “Mother” by Danzig, “Carry on my wayward son” by Kansas, and “Sweet Child O’mine” by Guns and Roses. Now that I have ragged on it, I can honestly make myself look worse and tell you that I am addicted and cannot stop playing it.

I been in my pajamas since 11 am yesterday and don’t know if I can stop myself. My 2 boys covered my guitar in stickers.

Guitar Hero 3

November 26th, 2007

Tips To Stay Calm When Launching A New Campaign For A CPA Offer

Traffic Brokering is a blast. If you have the capital to jump in balls first to test offer after offer it is one of the best feelings when you find a profitable one. As you can see from my last post about making money with ClickRiver, being different and having the will and ability to test new platforms with no regard as to what can happen, I can almost guarantee that you will find gems from time to time. When you do, it’s like getting the best (safe) high that you can get. Knowing that you just tacked on some passive income (at least for awhile) is a great thing :)


Is it just me, or do a lot of people freak out knowing that they have to test Adwords? I get so fidgety and even agitated knowing that I have to test an offer in the shark waters of Adwords. I have ZERO problems taking my offers to Yahoo, MSN, Goclick, ABC Search or other smaller engines, but we all know the meat of traffic is at Adwords therefore it commands our attention to test the offer there. The moment I find an offer in one of my CPA Accounts I immediately begin asking myself

Can this Be Successful?

Will it convert?

Will Google bitch slap my landing page or even worse, my site?

Have I done enough research on this market to determine it WILL be profitable?

It’s just little things like that, that immediately start flowing thru my head. You have to realize when your traffic brokering, the bulk of your offers are most likely to have anywhere from $0.80-$2.00 payouts. I cannot tell you how critical your market research, demand, landing page AND site optimization are to help determine your cost in Adwords. Obviously the idea is to get the LARGEST gap between Cost Per Click and Earnings Per Click. The larger the gap, the better Return on Investment.

So now that we got that sick feeling in the pit of our stomach, how are we going to muster up the courage to actually stop staring at the payout offer in our CPA Account and wondering “what if”. What if has never really made me any money, and it always makes me feel like crap, so let’s turn the “what if” into “let’s do it”.

Market Research – Gaging Demand — This is the boring part. This is where we run around the Internet like a chicken with it’s head cut off. We have to absolutely be certain that there is a market for what we are going to offer, and even more important, there must be a demand in this market or our conversions are likely to suck. For a lot of this I always take a trip over to Yahoo Buzz. Normally, I look to do survey type landing pages with easy offers with like “iPhones”, “ipods” or something of that nature. This is some of the easiest money I have ever made on the net. I also like to use this in the Google Search Engine  — niche “forums”– Where niche would be your keyword such as “ipod” and them forums in quotes to find a few places where people are talking about the iPod. A lot of people don’t realize but I like to register to these forums and put a nice signature link in my profile. Now some people will ask me why I would even worry about a few signups (if any) from these forums if I am already making thousands of dollars online a month. All I can tell you is that I have a certain system of market research and this has a HUGE determining factor in whether I will pursue an offer any further. If I am participating in a forum with a kinky signature link to a free ipod and I am not getting clicks after 3-4 days, I will hop back into the forum and try observing exactly what people are really looking at. I can say ipod with ease, because their is one forum on the net where I make an easy $30-$45 a week just by having a link in my sig. I have under 50 posts there too.

By far the largest factor is checking out who is already running the offers (if there is anyone). If there is nobody running it then go for a more generic term and check out the competition’s landing pages. No reason to go and have our done, if there is already one out there that looks nice. Now I am not here to place “Mr. Niceguy” so I am going to tell you right now that 90% of the time, I take a landing page I see. I will tell you now though that there can be ramifications that come from this. I have not only “stole” landing pages from a Super Affiliate once, but I have dealt with this affiliate 3 times on the net now. The third time he contacted me he was super, duper, uber pissed off. Instead of us going to war, we are now friends and are actually working on a couple of niches together. I can tell you though, it can be a scary feeling when someone with a little bit more money than you starts their shit. So just be careful and you have been forewarned.

Your Affiliate Manager — Unfortunately if your like me, then you hate talking on the phone or even worse over AIM or Yahoo IM or something of that nature. We all have way to much shit to do to even worry about chitty chatty but I can tell you right now, that if it comes down to talking to your buddy from the forum or an Affiliate Manager giving you the heads up on a hot offer, then your buddy gets the big “F Off” and you focus entirely on your Affiliate Manager. With so much talk from unsuccessful Affiliate Marketers and yes (90+%) are unsuccessful, most people look at an affiliate manager as a hassle. I assure you that it’s quite the opposite. I will agree that I do not like logging into my main email account and seeing that 25 CPA networks just mailed me their Thursday recommendations. I would much rather have an affiliate call me or Skype me about a hot new offer.

Part of your affiliate manager’s earnings rely on you. Some people say that if your a powerhouse in the CPA industry that you get royal treatment. Unfortunately for my affiliate managers I am not one for flattery. It’s quite simple really, Do you want to make a ton of money? I sure do. Give me the offers that are converting, don’t bullshit me, and if you really want to save you and I some time, give me some of the data your not supposed to. Huh? Yes, that’s right there are some hidden gems that are given out to people who perform well. When you start getting those, market research is a breeze, and that only leaves us with what? A LANDING PAGE! How easy can that be? As simple as running one already running in Firefox and right clicking, save page as. Some minor edits to the files and VOILA, we are in business.

So see, I really don’t know why I freak out at the first of each offer. It’s an art of simplicity I have down now, and hopefully this will help you speed things up as well. You should know that this is only a primer and keyword research, and all the good stuff that comes later is still right around the corner. Immediately after finding a landing page you will need your keywords, but I just wanted to give you a couple of helpful tips to get out of the initial funk you might suffer when finding an offer.

November 25th, 2007

Best Of The Week – Make Money Blogs

Man, it’s Saturday already. Even worse, it’s Saturday evening. I slept till almost noon today. What? Yea, I went to bed around 2 am last night and woke up around noon. Weird for me yes, that is about 6 more hours than I normally sleep. I believe since the metabolism is slowing down (obvious because of my weight gain) it is having an effect on my insomnia. Extra rest couldn’t hurt I guess. Anyway, here are some interesting things I caught throughout the week.

First thing I saw was the Shoemoney had PRK Laser Eye Surgeryand is recovering. It looks like he is doing well from his video. Shoemoney is definitely a character. There are tons of mixed reviews about the guy throughout all the forums on the net, but the fact remains, I have an enormous amount of respect for him and enjoy stopping by his blog everyday to see what he is up to.

I caught a great post on Courtney Tuttle – Before You Sell Your Blog where Courtney talks in detail about the ramifications and why it would not be a good idea to sell your blogs. I thought the summary “Time is your friend. Starting over is your enemy” was pretty cool. I don’t know much about Courtney but I found the blog via 45n5 and have bookmarked it and added the feed to my reader. So far it looks and feels like a great place to extend my reach and learn some more as I continue my businesses online.

Chris Jacobson has a cool post where he outlines his secret Internet Marketing resource. It’s no secret that I have been a member of the Rich Jerk Forum for awhile. I have never read the book completely but have found the forum as one of the most valuable resources on the web. The forum is where the gold is. Chris went so far as to even post a video I recorded for Youtube about why you should join and some benefits and the type of people your likely to meet. Now I should say that I have indeed left the forum, (personal reasons) as I launch my two companies at the first of the year I am in need of utilizing my time a little more towards building the foundations of the two companies I am about to start, but this should not take away the fact that the forum rocks and the people over there are some of the most successful and down to earth people you will ever meet.

I happened to catch Andrew Wee with another Friday Podcast The Social Marketing Identity Crisis. Andrew always provides useful podcasts and this one is just another great reason why I look forward to every post he puts out there. I have made it a point to start showing my face at some of the Internet Marketing events this year and he don’t know it yet, but I am going to try and meet the guy.

I also happened to bounce over to the CPA Affiliates blog as well. I got a post titled What it takes to make it BIG in online marketing. As I read thru it I found myself harping on the things I do right according to the post and things I do wrong. I find that I don’t network enough. I am very private in who I look to work with on my projects, but I need to open up a bit more I feel like. I think the biggest problem for me is that people are asking me questions and I never have enough time to go and seek people who might have answers to MY questions. Instead of putting it off or spending time researching it myself, I should probably go introduce myself and see what comes about.

Well, that’s it for this week. With the holidays everyone seem to take a break and that’s good. I did happen to catch some good reading around the web anyway so hope you enjoy.

November 23rd, 2007

A ClickRiver PPC Review

ClickRiverClickRiveris a new PPC service I have been testing out this past week. I haven’t got to test a lot of it, but the very odd thing about ClickRiver is I half-assed a quickly put together campaign and the son of a gun is making money. I kid you not, I literally put this campaign together in less than 10 minutes. From finding an offer, grabbing my affiliate link, coming up with 22 keywords I thought would go with this offer, writing my ad and submitting. Normally if I were on Adwords, Yahoo, or MSN I am very selective with what offers I will try. The wife is yelling at me for the last two days to get off the computer (holidays), so I had to put the hustle on it.

First if your not familiar with Clickriver it is basically a Pay Per Click service (much like Adwords) but the ads are shown on Amazon. Unfortunately for a lot of people they won’t be able to use this service. It only accepts US right now. The service sort of intrigued me as I read about it. I mean seriously, your going to be showing ads on a shopping site? People have cash in hand and are in the buying mood already, so I said let’s do it.

The bad part…Take a look at where the ClickRiver ads are shown:

CR AmzThis really sucks obviously. They are shown at the bottom of the Amazon pages. Of course, Amazon doesn’t want anyone to take their cheese so it’s only logical to do this but we still get ads on there and that was enough for this money shark to jump in balls first.

I was originally going to give you a full blown case study, because seriously I didn’t think my profit and ROI were going to be very good. To tell you the truth, I expected to lose money because I was in such a rush and really newbified the whole process. I had 10 minutes to spare, so I did what I could.

I will tell you that it was a Pay Per Lead offer. When you get over there you will see the possibilities are endless with what you can promote. You only pay when your ads are clicked on and I can tell you right now that the prices are EXTREMELY lower than Google, Yahoo and MSN. Unfortunately, since the ad placement is at the bottom CTR is almost something you do not even think about. From what I have seen CTR is almost not an issue whatsoever. I have a disgusting horrible CTR and still made money. So here are the stats:

My ClickRiver stats:

Clickriver statsOk let’s study this a bit. I was promoting a Pay per lead offer that is in a brutally competitive market. So brutal that I would not even dare to try my hand on Adwords, Yahoo or MSN. Frankly, this market is something I probably will never go after in the SEO world either. You can see that my AVG CPC was $0.63. I can tell you right now that if you wanted to advertise on Adwords first page for most of these keywords, it would cost anywhere from $1.00-$5.00. Here’s the kicker though. Look at the amount of impressions. That’s quite a few impressions for one and two word keywords/phrases on a shopping site. I of course only got 22 clicks (again ads are at the bottom), and only spent $13.76 total. I used completely generic keywords that were either one or two words and no more.

Here’s what I made:

LeadermarketsSee not a lot right? $48.35 was my total minus $13.76 spend and we get $34.59. To some people they may not understand this but this is a damn good ROI and Profit for traffic brokering. When your promoting CPA offers that only payout from $1-$4 it is of the utmost importance to bring a huge positive return on your EPC (earnings per click) as opposed to your cost per click.

We have to remember that this was setup on the fly. Literally in ten minutes and this campaign was up and running. I am now going back into the campaign to do my market research and looking at which keywords brought me clicks, impressions and so forth. I think this is a very positive experience for a new source of traffic with CPA offers though. I will definitely do a more detailed case study after I re-optimize the campaign and get rolling.

Clickriver’s interface (IMO) is the easiest interface I have come across in all the Pay Per Click services I have used. I have used approx. 30 Pay Per Click services on the net and not faced a smoother transition in the setup process. With a little more research I am positive that I could make quite a bit of money advertising on amazon. I was doing a test this morning and the word “ipod” had over 10,000 impressions the last time I checked it. Utilizing “what’s hot” in Amazon and watching the statistics on there will give better ideas on what to try and sell there.

I realize that these are very low numbers but I hardly come across something that took so little work and produced such great results. I thought I would just put this out there for anyone that might want to give it a shot. Always remember to do your research as you are paying for this traffic, so make it worth your while and always keep a close eye on your campaigns. The cool thing about Clickriver is the stats are in real time. I can literally refresh every few minutes and watch my impressions and clicks go up. This gives a huge added advantage to determine if something is going to be worth testing out or not.

November 19th, 2007

CashQuests Sells For $15K


Ahh Dammit. Another good blog down. I was over at Sitepointand saw CashQuests sold for $15,000.00. I guess a “congrats” are in order for Kumiko. I have always enjoyed her posts and unique writing style. I believed she kind of wrote like I did, with nothing held back and always expressing herself in truest form. She is also quite brilliant. I figured a lot of blogs to sale since the Pagerank bitch slap. Kumiko also did an outstanding job establishing the CashQuests brand instead of her name.

If her name would have been the brand then it probably would have been a tough sale. Now the new owner can swoop right in and take over the money making posts that makes up Cashquests. While I am happy for, as it truly is “all about making money” I guess, I am a little pissed. I am looking forward to the new posts of the owner. I am all about people proving themselves. I have saved myself a ton of money, (and hopefully others) by staying away from fakes and posers and letting people know about them as well. If this owner doesn’t introduce themselves and provide a little background, well I guess that’s one reader lost.

I do not see how this new owner is going to adapt to the writing style of Kumiko. How could they? She’s one of a kind. Will CashQuests turn into a censored “I don’t have the stuff to say that” type of blog? I hope not.

November 19th, 2007

5 Questions For Ruck

I logged in this morning and saw Chris over Money Making Scoop tagged me with a 5 Questions post. If you haven’t visited Chris, you really should. He writes everyday and is an active member over a number of forums online. I personally have got to interact with a lot over the RJ Forum where I consider him one of the most trusted members there. I saw Chris has his book out “Discover How I Make $500 a Day!”, which is located on the top far right sidebar on his blog. Check it out :)

So here we go…

How long have you been blogging?
I think it’s been close to two years now. I have only been blogging here for about 4 months. Some of the people that know me a little more closely can remember a time when I was blogging with blogger. Actually, I would refer to this as “splogging”. Those blogs were only meant for one thing and it wasn’t social interaction. Anyway, most of the people know the tragic end to that story but if you don’t, I am not allowed the priviliedge of utilizing the blogger services anymore or ever again. I guess 3 million+ splogs is enough to get you in trouble.

What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?
Hmm, that’s kind of a tough one. As far what inspired me to start my blog was because I am a regular in a number of forums around the net. I found myself repeating methods, tactics, and ideas everyday which was cutting into my time to explore new posts and ideas, so I figured I could cover a lot of ground by only stating it once here. As far as mentors, I don’t feel that I have any. I am not looking for a “successful blog”, I’m just looking to cover some of the things I have done or am doing online and if you like it and can use it, then it will save me a ton of time without repeating it in a dozen other places.

Are you trying to make money online, or just doing it for fun?
I am not trying. I am doing it. I make a comfortable fulltime living working online. I also like to have fun though. A lot of people consider me insensitive and often times I get called an A-Hole. It’s pretty damn easy to see who is making a lot of money and who isn’t by the attitude they show. If they can’t take a joke, chances are they might be having a rough time. Most of it is in good spirits, but if you can’t even take a joke (or a bunch of them), your going to have a helleva time dealing with the pressures and things that can happen when working online.

Tell me 3 things you LOVE about being online

I love the fact that it doesn’t matter how big a company is, or how deep their budget is, I always have the chance (and love doing it) to knock them out of the SERP’s or Paid Listings.

I like the fact I don’t punch a time clock. (or 3 of them, 7 days a week)

I love meeting new people, finding out new information and just the freedom working online brings.

Tell me 3 things you STRUGGLE with in the online world
Actually getting off the computer and leaving the house. It’s a constant struggle for my Fiance to get me to go out and do something “fun” for a change. When you enjoy your “job” as much as I do, there really isn’t anything else you want to do :)

Prioritizing my big projects. Right now is my best two affiliate marketing months of the year, and I have 3 large projects I had scheduled to be done before the New Year. I already have 3 people helping me, and we still won’t make it. Prioritize.

This last one was something I wasn’t going to say but I guess I will. I struggle on a social level in my town. Since I am a hermit and I work online, this is very different in the place I am from. There are less than 700 people in my town and every time I go to the bank, it’s like a mob asking “What do you do”, “Can you teach me” type of questions. Most of the time I find myself changing conversation and such, but I can’t even have a normal conversation without the “you work from home” coming up. I realize most people are curious, but it annoys me a lot. Nevermind the fact I went to school with most of these people, let’s just find out what he’s doing. That’s a small town for ya.

November 17th, 2007

A Detailed Look Into PayDotCom

PayDotComWhat is PayDotCom?

PayDotCom is much like the Clickbank marketplace. Some have even deemed it an “alternative”. A lot of the products on Clickbank that have been canned or just don’t like them have resorted to becoming part of the PayDotCom network. It doesn’t have to be a digital product either. You can easily sell physical goods and memberships within the PayDotCom network. My partner and I currently have the #1 best selling product in the Paydotcom marketplace. It is located in the Money and Employment section (obviously). It’s nothing spectacular, just a basic survey membership site geared towards people wanting to make money online. I was normally only going to review Paydotcom in a nonchalant manner but having been a vendor with a partner of mine since February and an affiliate for even longer, I thought I would give an overview from both sides.

As a vendor it is incredibly simple to be allowed to sign your product up with them. All you really need is a Paypal account. As a vendor you are responsible for paying out your affiliates each month. It is easily done as PayDotCom has a “mass pay” button that allows you to payout all your affiliates with a click of your mouse. It also has it advantages in regards to refunds as well. Since you are the vendor and Paypal is the payment processor you can challenge any disputes that arise. I can’t tell you how many times my partner has won these disputes. It’s another way to keep jerkoffs from ripping you off. It’s free to join up and there is no fee to list your products. There are fees that Paydotcom charges on successful transactions ($3). That is basically it though.

In a nutshell, here’s the vendor advantages:

  • Purchases pay instantly to your PayPal account.
  • Sell physical products and Digital Goods
  • Collect Subscriptions for your service or membership sites
  • Get Paid Instantly
  • No Pre Approval
  • Stats Tracking
  • Promotional tools for your affiliates
  • Create a new product line in 60 seconds.
    • Provide real-time access to your custom “Thank-You” page.
    • Enable our affiliates to promote your products.
    • Enable you to recruit an army of affiliates to promote your products.
    • Provide you and all affiliates with real-time sales reporting.
    • Provide you and all affiliates tools and stats to track all your campaigns.
    • Provide you with a MASS pay file to pay your affiliates using PayPal account. PayPal now allows any of their members to use Mass Pay regardless of their country.

    Being an affiliate is really simple as well. You can view their marketplace and email vendors, visit the salespages, and one click promote programs. One thing to note is that your relying on the vendor to pay you each and every month, so what I like to do is email each vendor before I start promoting them. Try developing a relationship with them and gage how responsible and straight forward they are. I have never been screwed over there, but we all know what can happen online.

    The Vendor will pay you your commissions each month by mass pay to your PayPal account or by check.. The Vendor chooses how to pay you. You must have an account with one of those programs to get paid if the Vendor does not choose to send checks. Please note the Vendors preferred payment settings when joining an affiliate program.

    PayDotCom’s fee to the Affiliate is $0.50 to $1.50 for each transaction (Based on the sale price of the product/service sold.) The Vendor’s account will automatically deduct this amount from your commissions each month. This fee will then be paid to us by the Vendor, on your behalf, at month close (at not cost to the Vendor.)

    In summary it is a lot like Clickbank except you as a vendor payout and handle refunds or as an affiliate you get paid directly to your Paypal account from the vendor. The affiliate base is growing quite large. It is not a replacement (just yet) for Clickbank, but it does offer you a great alternative. Even better, if you have a successful site on Clickbank, a good way to increase your profits is to *clone* your site/ebook/whatever, and add it to the PayDotCom marketplace and take advantage of their affiliate base as well.