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October 31st, 2007

Ruthless For The People Is One Of The Greatest Posts I Have Ever Read

Really short and sweet, I realize it’s Halloween, my girl and kids are yelling at me to get off the computer, but I just came across something that I read and immediately printed out. I can’t go into how awesome this post is, (I will follow up later) but simply head over to Andrew Wee and read Ruthless For The People.

It’s a short post but I can also save you some time:

You can:

Just take a few minutes out of your day and read what Andrew has written. It’s ranks in the top 3 posts I have encountered online. BTW — This ends at midnight tonight, so time is of the essence. Take a few minutes right quick and go have a look at the posts, it will help you in more ways than I can explain. You’ll know what I mean when you read it. Anyway, if you like it give the “Backit” button a click and help support the post and Andrew. Also, if you have not already done so, I would suggest bookmarking Andrew’s blog, it’s a daily visit for me and I love his Friday Podcasts.

After you read it, feel free to come back and discuss it. I am heading out with the kids for a few hours, but will be back later on this evening. Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy HalloweenYep, Happy Halloween to everyone from me to you! So what are you going to do tonight? For me, it’s the first year that I can take my youngest son out so he’s super stoked. With the release of SpiderMan3 yesterday both my sons of course had to be Spiderman. My oldest is more defiant and always wants to stand out from the rest (weird characteristic huh) so he chose to be a villian. (D) is going to be Venom and (A) is going to be Spidey.

On Tuesdays is when the new movies come out, so I have a promise with my sons that I always buy the new movies. BTW — I own over 3,000 DVD’s, it’s a ridiculous obsession. It doesn’t matter if I download them from the Net, I always buy them when I come out. October has been pretty cool though. I got a chance to watch Transformers and SpiderMan3 with the boys. Of course it’s been a struggle for them all year as to whether they wanted to be transformers or Spidermen for Halloween. At last they have decided.

This is my 2nd Halloween that I have celebrated. When I say celebrated, if you know a little about my history, I was never into Holidays. In fact this will only be my third Thanksgiving and Christmas that I have celebrated. Those holidays were costly in the past and I was usually working on the Eve’s of them as Wal MArt is incredibly busy right before and after these types of Holidays. So it’s quite refreshing to not have to worry about costs, and to actually know that I don’t have to rise up at 3 Am the next day to punch a time clock.

I live in a town of about 700 people. So covering the grounds Trick or Treating is usually only a couple hours feat. Or at least it was last year. I am hoping this year will be the same. I ate so much of my kids candy last year walking my oldest around that I nearly puked a couple of times. This year their will be no candy for me, due to the diet I am participating in. (Thank God).

Anyway I ranted about nothing here lol. So everyone have a safe Halloween!

Here’s the little guys:


October 31st, 2007

What Led Me To Believe I Could Work Online Fulltime

November 2006 is a month I will never forget. That month signified a tremendous change in my life. That change was quiting my jobs and working solely online. I had been working part time for almost two priors to that, but it wasn’t until then that I decided that working online was going to be my next career.

What factors played roles in this?

Quite simply, I developed a skill that I could write at astonishing rates. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone from the RJ Forum or BHW when I get on a roll. Simply put, most people piss and moan when it’s time to do a little article writing for promotion or whatever. In the very few minutes that they whine, I can complete an article. I was lucky to develop this skill from companies such as Associated Content, MPAM, SSWUG, and Freelance sites. At first I was horrible. After about a month though, it was not uncommon to pump out at least a dozen articles in a couple of hours. Some sites paid me more, but the most I made in one month was about $2500 writing articles and I never once worked more than a couple of hours every night. I couldn’t, I was holding down two jobs at any one time, and I was also into auto content generation. I developed the skill fast, and I never once grumbled while writing.

Writing can be quite a hard thing. If your always getting stuck on the next cool blackhat tactic or you feel you need to check your stats every hour, check your emails, then yes it can be quite boring and irritating. That’s the discipline though, if you can’t sit your ass down and make yourself do it, (at incredible rates) then I don’t see how it could ever pay off for you. What do I mean by incredible rates? You need to get in a mind set of rewriting from previous content. Article writing is not hard, matter of fact, it’s one of the simplest things you can do. Whether you want to or not is up to you, but I am here to tell you that it was the number 1 reason I knew I could work online.

I knew that with what income I was pulling from the sites I had online, and the fact that I was destroying MySpace :), I knew everything would be fine. Another reason is that I was getting paid for writing, what my fulltime job paid as a salary. So yes, in a sense that made things easier.

Shortly after coming online fulltime I was able to hook up a few people. I start participating in forums and networking with a few people who had varying skills. I cannot stress how important it is to develop relationships online. More importantly, on a business level, develop relationships with people who have different skills than you.


This is one where you may find me a little repulsive, or my style of writing on what comes next may offend you a little bit and maybe even make you like me less. But I am going to say it, and after I do, I want you to take and apply it to yourself.


Plain and Simple. You don’t take shit from nobody. You don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done. You do listen to people who have done it. You stop wasting your time on worthless forum threads and start reading from people you know and respect and talk like they might have a f#cking clue. You must develop a sense of judgement. I don’t care what anyone has ever told you. You stop listening to people who ain’t doing it, and you start paying attention to people who are. It doesn’t matter that Johnny posts nicely, is a super nice guy. The dude still works a 9-5, and only contributes when someone else is sharing quality information. Now, Johnny just made $50 last night and he’s posting his success thread. You had better go read it before anyone else so that you can copy his success. Woops, sounds like a great idea and you been working on it for 5 days now non stop. You look in your account and see you made a smooth $15. Wow, congratulations to you, you just been duped and look like a total f#ckin idiot.

Sound harsh? Absolutely, but has this happened to you? Or does this sort of thing happen to you a lot? I bet if you would have looked close, that tactic was explained about a year ago, and Super Smooth Johnny, being the braniac he is dug up, cuz he’s like you, and he lives in the past. I bet Johnny worked for a month for that $50. Awesome.

Just stop doing that for god’s sake. Now, I wasn’t ever that sharp, but I can tell you one thing is for sure. I watch the forums that I frequent like a hawk, and there is probably 85% of those people that either do this shit, or they are searching for it. It’s pathetic and ridiculous and it’s a moral shooter when you finally get off your can and try it out.

Work ethic:

I can’t wait to get the feedback on this one. If your not familiar with my history, let me enlighten you on some of the cool jobs I have done in my life. From age 13-18 I hauled hay (for a living). No I didn’t haul hay so I could have the coolest pair of nike’s in school, or the hippest car. I hauled hay so I had a f#cking pair of shoes, and transportation for me and my sisters to go back and forth to school. Oh, does this sound a little different than your life? Did your parents buy your school clothes in junior high and high school? If they did, then you and I are in two totally different worlds.

When I turned 16 I got a night job after school. I hauled hay in the summers and every night after school, I drove 25 miles in my car that hay hauling bought and I work in a grocery store called “Country Mart” located in Iola, Kansas. I worked from 4:15 pm to 12:00 am Mon-Fri. On Saturday and Sunday, I woke up at 6:00 am and got to work at 7:00 am. Work was long and boring, not really physically demanding but I had no life. I might have had 3-4 weekends in 2 years that I didn’t work 12 hours a day. Not your typical high schooler.

Moving along after I graduated I work at a place called Gates Rubber Company which sucked. I worked 8 hours an evening and this was after JUCO classes everyday. Fast forward to a year later and I am an electrical installer on telecommunications shelters for Andrew Corporation. If your not familiar with them, no worries, they did about 14 billion in sales with over 60% of it coming from our facility in Burlington Kansas. As a gift for 14 billion in company sales, we got a coffee mug. I will be damned, but mine got stolen before I clocked out of work. Shitty.

I then went on to working in a Wal Mart Distribution Center. Ever shop at Wal Mart? It’s nice isn’t it, especially now since they only build SuperCenters. You walk in and a cool breeze hits your face. You walk around and everyone is so friendly, and they just have some of the cheapest and most affordable products on the planet. You can buy everything there, including your groceries.

Ok, let me f#ckin break up this nice thought for one minute if I may. Do you know where all that freight comes from? It comes from a GIGORMOUS warehouse. The average temperature in the winter hovers around 90 degrees in the orderfilling modules. The modules are 3 stories high, and you add 10 degrees per story. When you get on the third level and your carrying freight to the conveyor, it’s 110 degrees and there is f#ckin snow on the ground in January. It’s one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet, and to this day I still get bouts of tendinitis in my elbows and my knees ache when it drops below 50 degrees outside.

While in my stay there I suffered a broken hand, 2 broken fingers, numerous cuts, I knocked myself out twice hitting my head on the overhead racks, I pinched a nerve in my left arm, right calf and I suffered a sciatic nerve tear. Like, I said, it’s a shithole of a job and I did it for 5 years. Not only did I do it, but you can walk into the Distribution Center in Ottawa Kansas and look at the freight records. Look at the orderfilling case count, and receiving case unloaded in days, weeks, month and years. My name covers all of them. I wasn’t good at my job, I was the best, and still am almost after a year of not working there.

So that my little rant is over, let me tie why I wrote that. I wrote it, because we work on a f#cking computer. Plain and simple, how hard is this job. If you can think of ways to NOT write that next article, or setup and track that next landing page, then my friend, your seriously in the wrong place.

This is also in part with the I don’t take shit attitude. You got to train yourself that your going to make this happen. There are going to be costs and consequences. Especially if working from home is a dream of yours, then when you were writing that little dream down in your notepad that one late night, you must have contemplating the consequences right? While some may not ever suffer any, I did. I wanted to get to where I am at on the fastest route possible. Figure your route, remember what you have already done, and factor the consequences of what it’s going to take to get to where you want, and your going to have a damn good idea of what it’s going to take from within yourself to get there.

October 31st, 2007
Comments Off on Blip Tv Rated #1 Video Sharing Site According To PC World

Blip Tv Rated #1 Video Sharing Site According To PC World

PC WorldI caught an interesting article this morning offline in the October 07 issue of PC World. PC World did an extensive case study over what they felt were the top 10 Video Sharing Sites on the web which featured Performance, Quality, Features, and Specifications as their main determining points in their video sharing site ranking system. For all of you video marketers, this may be of interest to you.

Blip TV

BlipTv destroyed everyone. Blip’s Performance was actually quite astonishing. With features such as length limits of 100MB/None for certain types of accounts, User storage is unlimited, A Superior Revenue sharing model and they convert files to flash 8, unlike YouTube unless I am unaware still only converts to Flash 7.

In the performance department of Blip, the Video and Audio quality was rated Superior, ease of uploading videos rated at Very Good, Embedded player design rated very good, and the sharing options rated in at Superior.

PC World when on to quote:

Video Quality: gets the nod here because it permits users to stream and download the original, high-quality file. Stage6’s DivX (which came in second) also got high marks. Besides streaming and downloading high quality videos Blip also let’s you make videos that are ideal for iPods’ and cellphone playback available.

The thing that surprised me was that Youtube came in at #7. Youtube is a little behind because it still uses the lower-quality Flash 7 format, (which relies on the older Sorensen Spark Codec). With this in mind Youtube’s video and audio quality were knocked down as fair/very good. PC World must not be aware of the director accounts as they rated the upload limit as 100MB/10min. With a director’s account the upload is permitted as unlimited. Revenue sharing also took a hit as Youtube only allows selected users at the time of the article.

Here’s How The PC World Video Sharing Sites Rankings Went:

  1. BlipTV
  2. DivX Stage6
  3. BrightCove
  4. Revver
  5. Veoh
  6. Microsoft Soapbox/MSN Video
  7. Youtube
  8. Vimeo
  9. Jumpcut
  10. MySpaceTV
October 29th, 2007

MySpace Tom Lies About His Age

I SuckHaHa,

TechCrunch is widely known for taking huge dumps on breaking stories. Well, here’s one in case you haven’t heard already. Tom’s brithday is coming up and turns out he wasn’t this hip, younger gentleman that wanted to be your friend.

Obviously, who cares now right? They are pulling the cheese but I bet things might have went a little bit differently had people known his true age.

So here’s the poll:


October 29th, 2007

Changes Occuring Overnight

No need to get alarmed :)

I have found little trinkets and all kinds of cool shit today browsing the web that I want to test out on the blog, so at times it may look a little funky. Hopefully, I am done by morning:)

October 28th, 2007

Make Money Blogs Get Re-Ranked And A Little Pissed…Maybe?

I was cruising around my favorite blogs today reading up on the peeps to see if I could find just one post that wasn’t talking about PageRank. This shit over the last few days has really got me on the edge of maybe wanting to overdose a little on my meds. Seriously, if I see another PageRank post, I just may go into a deep, long sleep. As many people that there are out there claiming to make money, it sure does strike me odd that a shitload of them are talking about PageRank. I guess using it to squeeze some dollars is somewhat of a business model, I don’t know because I have NEVER once sold a link on ANY of my sites. Oh, I optimize for Search Engines and have been in some heated debates about PR before, but over the last few days watching the big boys get nuked has never made me laugh so hard.

Anyway, that’s another can of worms…back to the topic.

I’m cruising along my favorites such as Jon’s SEO Blog, Eli’s BlueHatSEO and then Stuart’s PPC and Affiliate Marketing Blog when I came across this post by Stuart. At first I was relieved I finally found something being written about other than PageRank, but as soon as I saw this:

Looking further down the list past 30 you’ll actually find more useful tips about Making Money Online, why? Younger blogs have to give away much more useful information to attract new readers, whereas larger & much more established blogs can get away with writing paid reviews & such but still keep the readership due to their authority status.

PS — (Sorry, for the dupe here Stuart)

To the untrained eye that may seem like a normal paragraph. NAYYYYYYY!    That paragraph right there contains words that are like gasoline to fire. If you don’t understand WTF I am talking about, it’s very obvious over in the comment section of that post.

Everyone is so damn touchy, feely these days and Stuart tackled alot of what people have been thinking for a long time but have not really said out loud. Well, it’s out there now. The even better part of this is that while the paragraph is highly debatable and you can tell from some of the comments it struck a few nerves, most of the responses were weak. It reminds me of the bully in school. He wants your lunch money everyday at 10 minutes till lunch. Even though you talk shit all the way to the cafeteria, you still give the dollars up each and every day. On the way back to class, you still continue to curse that SOB but you’ll give the tomorrow too:)

Now, I had mixed feelings on the subject and I responded to Stuart. While it may look like he took it as criticism, I assure you and even replied back that it was not. I don’t think the post was complete. I think the post was just enough to drive some of these bloggers over there and comment. If it’s linkbait then whatever ya know. Stu can do whatever he likes, I just thought that such a minuscule topic would not ignite a few fires like it did. I guess I am the first to post a reply, as I don’t see anyone on the list that will. I am not even their but I am a part of damn near every one of those blogs readership, so it’s kind of sad to see that so many put so much into their image and not into their feelings.

Maybe I am just being crazy or too hypocritical. Maybe that’s what the blogosphere needs. Do I care what people think of me? No, of course not. What people think of me is irrevelant. I’m a marketer, sometimes blackhat, sometimes REALLY blackhat so I have been called everything in the world from spammer, scammer, phisher, hacker. You name it and it’s been said. Do I try to hide this? No of course not, because what people think of me, is not going to slow me down.

Shit, I was told that I was nothing, would be nothing and would never become nothing. 2 Years later and I am making a full time income from the Internet. You can’t hate, a hater. You can’t undistinguish someone who tells it like it is. The more you try, the harder they work.

That’s the thing about Stuart. I don’t believe he did that to have a go at some of the bloggers (or all of them) on that list. He did it by doing his own testing. What’s the point of being defensive about it? All publicity good or bad, still boils down to publicity. So take at it what you will, but I thought it was a damn good post and also to Stu for having the ballzonies to put it out there because in all honesty some of those authorities write like they have their heads up their ass.

October 27th, 2007

Digital Disgrace

I imagine that this post will bring some hate down on me, then again when I go to ranting about the people that are posting this type of shit, I seriously question their ability to navigate the web thru a –B.R.O.W.S.E.R.

Now I am not calling anyone stupid, no I would never say that out loud and in this case I don’t have to. I am cruising forums today trying to engage in whatever conversations I can find. Talk is pretty scarce usually on Saturday and Sundays. Most people unlike me have lives outside of work, so I tend to get bored and start snooping in other forums from which I normally don’t associate in heavily.

Enter DigitalPoint

I have lurked there for god knows how long. Over a month ago I engaged in a thread or two, but honestly since then, I have yet to find a thread where someone was asking for help or where a good conversation was sitting. No, it is very apparent when you login and look at the “New Posts” that there ain’t nothing but a bunch of newbs peddling for a dumbass Digg or Stumble.


It’s totally turned into the Ebay of StumbleUpon and Digg Exchanges. I know they have a large section for Buy, Sell, and Trade but dammit that is just one section. Isn’t this one of the largest discussion forums online? The only thing I see being discussed is how much wang someone will fit in their mouth to reach one more Digg. Shit, I would go bust that party in an instant but it seems that the Mods over there are sucking as much pee pee as it’s members. You can’t even sneeze wrong and they will ban you without an explanation.

Anyway, it’s “I don’t give a shit Saturday” and I don’t so there yea you have it. For a measly virtual deepthroat, you can go to DP (HAHAHA) and get as many Diggs and Stumbles and even buy some stupid shit you don’t need. Don’t worry about trying to help other people out over there, it’s not necessary, actually that option isn’t even available anymore.

Man, I wish I sold those scammy ass ebooks. I could walk right in there and make a freakin killin. Sad thing is, I kind of feel sorry for all those hardworking (maybe one day webmasters and marketers), as they spend so much time wasting with bullshit that is going to carry no significant value in furthering their online business. But that’s theirs and none of mine.