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September 18th, 2007

New Look Coming And Some Thoughts

Ok, I realize I haven’t posted in awhile here and for that I apologize. I have seriously debated the whole J O B idea and it finally came to my fiance’s decision.  November marks the first FULL year that I have been a FULLTIME Internet Marketer. While I got almost another 2 years in front of that, I still feel like almost 3 years isn’t nearly long enough to give this a true go.

Upon the declination of the offer I discovered exactly what I was going to be writing about. BTW — For some reason some people thought that this was a corporate job offer or something like that. First, most of you know I live in a town of 700 people so a Corporation around here is at least an hour’s drive away and that is something that will NEVER happen. Second, I was really secretive about the offer and information because I was really skeptical. I have made it a point to be as blunt as possible with everything I have done online and with the blackhat marketing reputation, I thought for sure these people would question that and take back the offer. I don’t know why I thought that, but I did.  I let it go until this morning when I asked about it. They really did not care, they basically wanted me to write and be part of their network and what I have done didn’t seem to bother them. Cool, I like people who are not judgemental.

That is over now though, and I accomplished what I initially sought out to do. I was able to figure out what I was going to be writing and documenting and these niches never really did occur to me. I mean, I knew about them but in the way I was going to (attack) them was something I had not thought about doing. Oh, I am doing it now, and the word is that there is some pissed off people. Oh well.

September 12th, 2007

Arrested For Googlebombing (And Insulting The President Of Poland)

I won’t duplicate TechDirt’s content but if you want a good story on what can happen when you think Googlebombing isn’t that bad then go have a read. Try to remember if you have ever engaged in this type of activity or not, but more importantly this dude was tracked down. Scary stuff, but obviously he was an idiot who didn’t cover the prints to well.


September 12th, 2007

Product Launch On A Network Or Do We Dominate And Destroy?

There was a thread in a forum just yesterday that I wanted to publicly address. I have already posted a response there but would like to give the information away here as well. This is no big secret or anything, it’s just a fundamental packet of information you can use when you are preparing a product for an affiliate network.

With all the talk of Clickbank not allowing OTO’s anymore there has been a lot of controversy. They clearly state that the OTO must be on the salespage and what we thought once were brilliant upsell methods after a product purchase have now fallen into “sneaky marketing ploys” Clickbank considers. With this a man asked :

Once they buy the product they get taken to the OTO page to buy another product? Do they have to go through the checkout process over again?

He was followed up with some informative responses but I was waiting to see whether or not he was going to have his product on the Clickbank network. Before launching he made the product available to me to have a read and offer him a review. If I would have had to pay for the information, I would have been more than happy. Imagine that, the guy who hates them dumbass ebooks would have been happy paying for that one. Why? Because he did not make any crappy claims, he gave a step by step method of what he has done and still does. I found the information deeply informative and furthermore, I would to jump in and try it as soon as I read it. Anyway….

September 11th, 2007

Achieving The Dream Or Taking It

I know when I first started online I was only narrowly focused on making big money and living my days out in happiness and financial independence. Oddly enough when your making good or money (or at least its this way for me) there are some things that do not seem so important as other things. Take paid advertising and affiliate marketing for example. I stopped this awhile ago as I got into lead generation pretty heavily. I stopped building lists and selling front end/backend products from my autoresponder altogether. Why? I really do not know, but I can tell you that my level of interest in doing that was just not there.

Is there some cause for this? Absolutely! I was watching at times 35-40 campaings a day on Google. While I could let MSN and Yahoo run, it seems that Google had to change their tampons at least 2-3 times a day. I would find inactive keywords, jacked bids and just overall dumb shit like that. It is a retarded problem to have especially when you have spent two years studying paid advertising, SEO and PPC techniques. On top of that your researching keywords/phrases and engaging in social encounters to get a feel of the market. While I was making money and often REALLY good money, it was just something that caught up to me and I got tired of it.

September 8th, 2007

Using Forum Posts As Unsolicited Reviews In Niche Blogging

As the title reads I said “used in niche blogging”, and I said this for a purpose. While it might be alright to take forum posts and use them as unsolicited reviews on websites, sales-letters..whatever, I personally have never done it. The reason for this is that bloggers quote whatever other people say, it’s plain and simple. So let’s put the pieces of this puzzle together.

I am going to use a generic health topic as an example here. While I hate entering niches for which I have absolutely no clue about, my marketing prowess seems to sometimes take over and I jump in ballzonies first. Case in point, I am getting my tail kicked in the anime niche. So many uniques and so little money coming in. I am working on trying to monetise better but so far, it’s been a rough ride. The easy part is traffic, how retarded is that? (Rant over)

Now we have us a blog on a general health niche. I used this ALOT back in the heavy blogging days. I say “back then” but it was just last year. I am gearing up to start it up again if I can hire some damn writers. The deal is really to just hang out in forums over the niche. No big secret but the trick is to find thread or post specific examples of products that have helped others. Utilizing the search function for thread topics and posts is one of the best weapons you can use in early research of entering a niche.

September 8th, 2007

When In Doubt – Be Mysterious!

Alright a lot of you already know that I live in a town with less than 700 people in it. It’s an extremely rural community in the Southeast part of Kansas. It has its up and downs, as I have considered moving away a lot over the last year. Having 2 sons and a third child on the way the though, me and (L) really do not want to have to go and stake out other places to live. There is always the idea that if we did move it could be a huge mistake for the children. I mean seriously, we have been here most of our lives so moving would actually be a tremendous change. I think with everything I have accomplished this past year and all that her and I have gone thru, staying put is the best option right now.

Anyway, living in a small town people always have their assumptions. For the most part I was a good kid in high school so a lot of that translates into people and keeps most of their judgements at bay. Which is good because after some of the things I am going to reveal to you here, your going to know exactly what it means by people “are always watching you”.

Alright here’s the first question I will go over.      Do you sell drugs online?

Yea sure I run all my needles, spoons and pipes thru my Multi Circuit T1 Line. LMAO…As stupid as that sounds if I had replied back with that statement, people would have went for it. Yes to us that is some of the dumbest crap to hear of, but to people not “net savvy” that’s as open minded as their brains allow them to get. So no I do not sell drugs, but sometimes I think about what it would be like, I hear it’s profitable :)

September 6th, 2007

General Categories Or Niche Specific Blogs

I got this question in a forum this evening. People sometimes stretch their niche blogs so wide that they don’t know where it begins and ends. A little example would be something like this.

Instead of having a blog on a topic with 10-20 categories, try to dig a little a deeper. The deeper you dig, the easier it is to get ranked for the keywords. What I try to do is take a domain and for this example I will use DVD Players as my example.

So we would have –> (probably someone’s domain :) )

Then we would setup folders and yes I say folder. I am not a big subdomain type of guy. We could argue all day on the aspects of folders and subdomain in terms of SEO but if your using WordPress difference then WTF is the point? Anyway…. would be our “mama” site. This is the site that needs updated the most actually. While all your niche specific blogs will need constant updating, generally speaking those would be like review type blogs. In essence, I have found that getting product reviews in mass quantities is a lot easier for writers than having someone working on your mama blog. You can actually just work on the mama blog and have the niche specific blog reviews outsourced, and this will cut yor time tremendously, it’s almost AUTOMATIC :)

Ok now and then we have folders like this:    

Don’t even know if those are DVD brands, I just use an Xbox 360 :) Anyway, the point is to keep these blogs topic related. You don’t really want a blog where you have reviewing every single category of DVD players because it’s quite possible to get overwhelmed. Besides if your outsourcing the reviews, then you can have a writer work on one blog a piece. It gets much easier when you get into it yourself, I promise.

September 5th, 2007

Introduction To StumbleUpon Advertising For Your Blog

StumbleUponI was checking out StumbleUpon’s Ad Campaign Service today and was actually starting to take quite an interest in it. There are many benefits to a service like this, and if you have a blog that is extremely popular you have the potential to pull some really good traffic numbers. I would say that your blog topic and writing style are going to have huge effects on the nature of such a campaign. Is it worth or not? I really do not know as I am just gearing up to run a campaign on one of my Video Blogs (Vlogs).

Here are a few site testimonials from a couple of large sites:

“By advertising on StumbleUpon, Farecast has been able to reach an audience that is actively looking to find new and innovative websites like ours. An added bonus is the ability to target based on a user’s geographic location or interest in a specific category. This has allowed us to land users on highly targeted and relevant landing pages, resulting in positive Stumbles.”


“StumbleUpon proved to be a wonderful channel to drive targeted, cost effective traffic to our website. Furthermore, their vocal community helped us to further understand how to better position our product.”


“We are a new site that needed some promotion and found Stumbleupon to give us almost instantaneous results.”

Pretty lame testimonials if you ask me, but it is an ad service intended on bringing blogs traffic. I don’t know for sure but it is in my opinion that StumbleUpon users are very finicky and particular as to what they like in a blog. I have always found that the “bizarre” tag when submitting a page to StumbleUpon always seems to bring the most traffic. I guess trying to cater to that would be an effective weapon, but if your blog is not catered to that, then I guess your only going to get a fraction of the StumbleUpon traffic. At least that traffic will be better targeted right?