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August 30th, 2007

Is Marketing To Marketers Your Style?

 Some of my viral reports floating around such as the Yahoo Answers Report I have written are always ending up in people’s hands and then somehow they contact me and ask why I did not sell it. First, I happened to write up this report on a whim. I knew what a goldmine Yahoo Answers was and I knew that most people using it were either spamming it, or not getting results from doing it correctly. I put the report together in about an hour and shelled it out here, The Warrior Forum and the TechCrunch forum. Yea, I did give it out to the TechCrunch forum. Why you ask? Well, if you do a search for the reports title in Google you will see why I used the Techcrunch forum. Just a tip for ya :)

Seriously though I have no clue why I spend so much time in Internet Marketing Forums. Maybe it’s because I have a nice passive income that allows me a lot more free time than most. Maybe it’s because I am actually a rarity and really enjoy the company of other marketers. It could be because I like to go there knowing that there is mountains of knowledge there for the taking to help further my online business.

In all actuality all 3 of those are true. I go to these forums to learn, interact and because I have a lot of free time on my hands. I know that time can be applied elsewhere but if you remember (RJ members) back to April, I had a huge mental breakdown and it made me sick.

So here’s my little piece of the pie on marketing to marketers. Do not do it. I know it sounds weird, just hear me out. I really am not into the IM’ing fad. I vomit in my mouth regularly when I see those hyped up, shitty ebooks launching on Clickbank. I actually have a whitewall with a big red target on it, that includes some really well known Internet Marketers. Sometimes I would really like to put the skills to the test on some of them. All I ever see is the rehashed income shots from there last launch. The question that stirs the fire in my loins is “How good are these people at online marketing”?

Ahh well, everyone has there specialty. I really do not think I would be good at something like that. Don’t get me wrong though, I have JV’ed with many and hyped products but that’s only because I know they work. Let’s see how excited I got about the products that have worked.

Spacepromoter – Joe Tierney – Hardcore myspace tool that appealed to black-hats. I did like 3K in 10 minutes for a small list of people I consider my friends. Joe had sales of like 50K+ in less than a few days.

TrackbackGenerator – Joe Tierney – Hardcore trackbacking tool for blackhats. I did another $2500 with about 5 minutes with a small list of my friends. The program sold out in 2 hours 31 minutes and Joe did like 28K in that time-frame.

 My Secret Tactic – Ruck – A tactic I employed over the last year and put together a small Yahoo IM coaching session. The result was 10K in about 1 hour of coaching and 1 hour of putting together a PDF

I only go for things and recommend things that I have used personally. How people buy from others that have not even used it is beyond me. Is it because of the bonuses? Well shit, I can go to a torrent site or Rapid share and get the same shit for free.

The point I am trying to make is that I personally only JV with 1 guy. The guy is one of the best programmers in the world but also, he uses all these programs and knows they work. Furthermore, I would go so far to say that I would put him up against the best marketers online and see what I happens. Joe is one of the best in the business and his support is nonstop. This is because he is a people person.

I consider myself a people person as well. Those 3 times are the only times I have ever hyped anything up. The rest of the time I made money from other marketers is when I recommended something thru my writing. While I do not know how much I have made from all this, I assure you its more than most. Trying to appease the Internet Marketing crowd is something I never saw that looked like fun. It is so much easier to do when your showing them what your doing for free and giving them the option of purchasing a recommendation.

Anyway this day is screwed. Another day where I have not felt good. I forgot to take the meds when I woke up this morning and it all just went downhill from there. If this post does not make any sense, feel free to email me, and let the proverbial bashing begin.



August 29th, 2007

Key Ingredients To A Recipe Of Internet Marketing Failure

Dont Fail!Far too often and just recently I get the uncomfortable task of watching people go down in a “blaze of glory” so to speak. There is not enough forum posts or coaching in the world to save someone from drowning in the large ocean of Internet Marketing. It is in my experience that if a person is going to fail, there are early signs that indicate that inevitably, a dramatic change is about to occur. Here are some of the things I have seen before someone has completely vanished from the Internet Marketing world.  Use these to your advantage and turn them around if your experiencing a “hard time”. I assure you I have been here before myself, so I am speaking from personal experience. Another thing is that when I say “Internet Marketing” I mean making an income from the computer in general.

Ingredient 1. This is the easiest of them all. You are lazy and do not take action. I assure you that working online is not all bells and whistles. It can be, but the path leading there is a very rough one for most. This is one of the things I stress most when trying to help someone. I push them harder than most, because I want to know if they “have it what it takes”. It is very obvious that if a person cannot take a little verbal pushing, then they are going to have an “extremely” tough time coping with the path that leads to “righteousness”.

Ingredient 2.It all seems like it is too much to learn. Well nobody said it was going to be easy did they? Oh wait, I am sorry, yes they did. Stop reading all the bullshit you see online about people making gobs of money from affiliate marketing and CPA. Most of the time they are just showing you proof that they suckered in a bunch of “newbies” in the last launch of their ebook sale. If you want to learn from the “real” people that are making money day in and day out, then get over to some forums like Warrior Forum, Rj Forum and Digital Point. Also, there are tons of blogs out there teaching people how to make money as well. Your on one of the most generous blogs of them all. All that I have learned and used goes into this blog, so make the best of it.

Ingredient 3. It all seems so easy. This is one that I have suffered from and still do from time to time. Luckily, I have been able to discipline myself and with the recent events of two of my content writers going back to college, I have had to take on more of the workload I so generously hired out to have done.

  • Nobody likes writing articles, ok maybe some but not most. It is boring and dull, but it is one of the most vital components to successful online business. Learn to write quickly and to the point.
  • Nobody likes building sites, ok maybe some, but not most. Personally, I hate building them, I simply do not have the time. Luckily with the incorporation of the WordPress blogging platform, I can have a site up and completely running (plugins and all) within an hour. Learn to build them as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • Traffic Generation is by far the hardest. With the recent incorporation’s of Web 2.0 our job has gotten a lot simpler. Learn to use Social Media as a means to interact with people, and people will spread the word for you.

These are just little things, but they are vital to one’s success online. Try to set yourself a schedule of what you are planning on to execute every week. I personally try to do it monthly, but if I were to plan it out weekly, I would get so overwhelmed it’s not even funny. If you think you know everything, I assure you that you do not. I spend at least 10-12 hours a week just reading what others’ have written online. Always be learning is a key to success.

Ingredient 4.Your doing something that you do not like. I cannot stress this enough on how important it is that you need to enjoy your work. If you don’t then how do you ever expect to make a success of this? You just might, but it is obvious that your going to hate every minute of it. Find something that suits you or you have knowledge in and start to expand on the possibilities of becoming an authoritative figure in your niche. Carve your own path, and try not to go down one that has been set before if you do not feel comfortable with it. Trusting your instincts is by far a positive to flow with.

 These are just some ingredients to a recipe of Internet Marketing failure. While there are many more factors to consider, these are huge points and are the easiest ones that can come upon you. If you feel yourself sinking into one of these, try to shift your focus on how you can make it easier on yourself. If there is no way around it, then concentrate on something else. I assure you that while changing might make some undue hardships on you, your going to enjoy what you are doing a whole lot more, and you will probably get a lot more done.


August 29th, 2007

Hundreds Of Niches Delivered To Your Inbox Everyday

SpammolaAre you having trouble finding a niche? Can’t seem to quite find out what is selling? Well, today the answers are spelled out in front of you, that even a 5 year old can spell. S.P.A.M.

That’s right, all your niche needs are delivered to your inbox everyday. Whether your the type of person who simply deletes these type of messages or do not even give them the slightest glance, I can assure you that you are missing out on some valuable niche research.

You can get automatic niches sent to you everyday without ever doing an ounce of research or even wanting to receive the information in the first place. Better make good use of it, because Spammers are telling you bluntly what is profitable.

Here are a few things you can use to get this automated bullshit delivered to your inbox or admin panels.

  • Create a wordpress blog and leave every commenting option open so that anyone can comment and trackback, and do not upload any of the spam plugins. Just leave it be.
  • Make sure your able to receive trackbacks. There are gems that lie beneath the spam piles
  • Get a yahoo email account and leave all your preferences on default except the one that tells you to have spam sent to the bulk folder. Get as much of it as you can sent to the bulk folder so that you have a folderized set of niches.

Most of the trackback spammers are focusing on longtail keywords so only a few backlinks is enough to get them listed in Search Engines. As well, “piggybackers” as I like to call them, spammers who use “middle man” sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages will also drop you links and anchor text as to what they are going for.


See you do not even need any niche research tools. I do not know if they even have them (never used them mself), but I imagine someone who sucks at niche research probably invented a niche research tool. That is usually how it works. But seriously, look into the pile of (what you thought) was crap being sent to you, and you will find a mountain of treasures.

 Now if we could get some spammers with morals.

I really do not feel like competing in the Viagra, Penis Enlargement and Porn markets :)


August 28th, 2007

How To Overcome Writers Block

I was cruising around Ezine Articles today and came across an interesting article. Most of the articles in there have recently just gone to hell. I mean honestly, the fact that everyone knows what a powerhouse Ezine is for article marketing has really just brought on an influx of 250-300 words of pure shit. I had to dig for about 10 minutes just to find this article, so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. In case your wondering about this article, I will be honest with you right now. I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed with a splitting headache, I lost one of my article writers due to them going back to school, all 3 houses I own needs their lawns mowed, my kids have been fighting all day, and my fiance is pregnant which puts her not in the best of moods lately (first trimester). So, short and sweet, I am facing some writer’s block myself today but no worries. I got some really great stuff to share with you starting tomorrow :)

5 Steps To Overcoming Writers Block
By James R. Roche

There is a cure for writers block…and it’s probably not what you think. In fact, if you follow these five simple steps you can permanently end writers block forever. This five step technique is as old as paper and pen. (You can also use this technique to get un-stuck in any area of your life.)

When I’m working with my clients, there’s no time to get stuck writing and creating their e-books and workbooks. Maybe you can relate – you’re inbox is full, people are waiting for you to produce results and deadlines are looming over you. On top of all this pressure, you want to write that award winning best seller. There’s no time to waste staring at a blank screen WISHING you had ideas. You have to write this now, time is money! The longer you sit and stare at a blank page the farther away you get from your publisher’s deadline (and your paycheck!)

The Myth about Writers Block One of the greatest myths about writers block is that you have to wait for inspiration to hit you. Nonsense! The production of new ideas is as definite a process as getting up in the morning and preparing for work. The key to stopping writers block is to come up with new ideas and translate them onto the keyboard quickly and easily. And new ideas are created following a proven, time-tested formula.

How to Come Up with New Ideas Quickly Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto defined an idea as “nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements.” The secret to ending writers block is developing the skill to see relationships between old elements so that you can always have fresh ideas flowing in.

This skill is easy to develop because we do it all the time and may not even recognize it.

When you read a book you mix the words on the page with the thoughts in your head and viola! You’ve just created a new picture in your head. That’s a new idea. You took two unrelated things, words on a page and thoughts in your head, to create something completely new and unique – a picture in your mind’s eye.

All you need to do to end writers block is use these 5 easy steps consistently so they becomes a habit. Once you do these five steps a few times you’ll be amazed at how quickly inspiration will come to you.

1. Gather Raw Materials
Do your homework. Start by actively researching what you’re writing about. If you’re writing a novel, go out and gather materials about your characters. Visit places where they would hang out. If you’re writing a non-fiction book, ask your target market what their greatest challenges are.

You also want to study areas outside of your main topic or industry. Always enrich your general knowledge because as you write, you’ll have a greater pallet of colors to draw from. If you’re writing a book about gardening then visit museums. If you are writing a book about marketing then be sure to read the latest Harry Potter book.

2. Think Hard
After you’ve done your research spend time digesting all you’ve seen and learned. If you’re working on a novel, what are all the possible ways two characters can interact? Make up ridiculous scenarios and think hard about what could happen between them. If you’re writing non-fiction, look at your topic from all angles like you would a jigsaw puzzle.

As you’re thinking hard, little ideas will start to pop up. Write them down!

Keep processing in your head and keep taking notes until you’re exhausted. You’ll reach a hopeless stage where everything is jumbled in your mind. That’s good! You’re ready for the next step.

3. Stop Thinking!
Drop the issue as completely as possible from your mind. Let the problem work itself out in your subconscious. Literally, sleep on it.

4. Let the Idea Pop In
If you did the last three steps correctly, the forth step should happen automatically. A surprising thing will happen. Maybe you’ll be putting away groceries or washing your hair then all of a sudden, “POP!” A brilliant idea and a blaze of clarity will flash in your mind. Go write it down!

5. Put the Idea to Work
The trick to ending writers block is going through steps 1 – 4 on a regular basis. Be consistent in your research, push yourself and then take time off from writing so that your subconscious mind can process the information. Once you get the flash from a new idea write it all out – it’ll be easy because the idea will be crystal clear with all the elements falling into place.

The habit of producing new ideas can end writers block forever because you’re brain gets used to being inspired instead of being stuck. Start to use this 5 step technique today so you can produce more work in less time.

James Roche, “The Info Product Guy”, helps entrepreneurs create a marketing strategy and information products so they get more clients and generate passive revenue. He is the creator of the Info Marketing Action Plan (iMap) Program that shows you how to create a simple marketing plan for your business. To learn more about his simple, step-by-step programs and receive a free Special Report, go to:

Article Source:

August 27th, 2007

Take Your Old Articles Off The Shelf And Make Some Money

AcI was taking a look around this morning on all the blog posts I have floating around the net, not just here but on my niche blogs as well. I suddenly remembered a company called Associated Content who I used to write for when I first started out online. They are a very reputable company, and considering the amount of promotional articles I have had laying around for quite awhile, I decided to start submitting them and get something back. Boy are they in for a treat, as I have about 430 articles currently that I have geared up for submission.

Ghostwriting is where I first started making a consistent income online. Associated Content was by far the easiest company to get along with. Most companies have a flat rate of what they will pay you for articles, but at AC they give you an upfront bid on what they will pay. At least there you get options right?

Anyway, if you got articles just sitting around or some that you have submitted to directories, you can still submit them to AC and make a little back with them. I only decided to do it because lately I have been so caught up on things that I am actually getting bored. The pay is expected around $3-$40 per article. It will really just depend on what is in demand and what you want to write about. One thing is for sure, and that it is a surefire way to making some money if your just starting out or are bored like me.

Ac also allows audio and video submissions as well. I would suggest reading up on that before trying it though. Some of the other things that are covered are:

  • What type of content should you submit? Submit your unique and compelling video, text, audio and images on the topics of your choice.
  • Where is it published? Your content is included in the AC library, displayed on your profile page, and may even be distributed to partner sites.
  • How do you gain exposure? AC attracts millions of information seekers each month, and now they can discover your content, too!
  • And what’s this about earning cash? AC offers upfront payments for some content submissions as well as a monthly Performance Bonus payment for all of your original content.

Signup is really easy. you can join on the submit content tab on the homepage.

August 27th, 2007

Making Money With Torrents And P2P Networks – Some General Tips

Just some general tips on torrents and P2P networks.

August 26th, 2007

Niche Marketing – Ultimate Traffic Plan – Laugh All The Way To Bank

DominationThis is going to be a really long post, and it is going to contain a lot of information. I am going to give you a surefire way to dominate small niche markets. The niche can really be anything you want, but I am a fan of specific sub niches of much broader ones. I can assure you though, that putting this traffic plan in motion, your almost guaranteed not to fail. I am going to assume that you can do your own keyword research. If your not up on it, please review the profitable keywords post. I am also going to assume that you can research niches on your own. With that said, I am going to hand over a surefire traffic plan that some lame-wad will probably steal and make a best selling ebook out of.

Without further babbling, here’s a traffic plan sure to make you happy in pants.

Step 1. Your site is all setup and your ready to receive traffic. The obvious thing to do is market and push traffic to it by submitting articles. There are many great places to submit to, but you only need to concentrate on a few things. First, your going to have to separate the articles you want to submit to Ezine Articles and then also set aside the articles you want to set aside for mass distribution. For mass distribution, I personally use Article Marketer as they will submit to over 800 sites and places on the net. Article Marketing is pretty basic, so I will assume you will know what to do.

Step 2.  Social Bookmarking is a huge way to get a fast influx of traffic. Personally I use Web2Submitter as it saves loads of time. I could go on and on about where to submit to but I won’t. You need an automated tool for this to save time or you can use the free and popular There is a strategy to this and I may regret giving this away but I am going to anyway.

First all the articles that you submit to Ezine Articles should have a great chance of getting first page results in Google on their own. When in doubt you will need 2 accounts for NetScape and Digg. You will be submitting all the articles that you mass submit as “stories” to these two sites. Do not submit the Ezine Article submissions, as I have other plans for those.

So recap so far:

  • Submit half articles for traffic building to Ezine Articles and other half to Article Marketer
  • Get an automated Social BookMarking tool such as Web2Submitter
  • Setup 2 accounts each at Digg and Netscape
  • All articles submitted to Article Marketer will be submitted as stories to both Netscape and Digg on one of our accounts.

I will not go into a long discussion about high pagerank and authority interlinking and all of that jive. All of you that know me, will understand that I would never waste your time and as said before, this will probably be someone else’s freaking best selling ebook because of the power it harnesses. Your just going to have to trust me :)

Alright now that we have that out of the way, we are going to concentrate on our Ezine Articles. There are automated softwares that can build massive backlinks to your articles, but for the purpose that I want you to do this “legitly” I am not going to give you any of that. I am providing you the most “aggressive” whitehat means of filling your site with traffic during its initial growth period.

With Ezine Articles we are going to setup an interlinking farm of “middle man” sites that link to our article. Yet again, we are going to do this in a manner that we are linking to the article from other high pagerank sites. The first part is to setup a properly optimized ad USFreeAds. I am assuming you know who they are and you know how to post a classified ad there. You will want to link to your article from Usfreeads as well.

Next we head to Squidoo where we will setup a Squidoo lense. Here we will properly optimize a lense for some keywords in our niche and link to our ad on Usfreeads and to our articles on Ezine Articles. I cannot stress enough how important it is when creating a lense to make the text human friendly. Your going to be making a lense in your niche and giving people “anchor text” links to your articles. Using proper anchor text on Squidoo and Usfreeads is a must. All the articles you submitted to Ezine Articles that have the keywords you optimized for must be the keywords you use to link from Usfreeads and Squidoo.

Now we head over to Hubpagesand setup our page. Hubpages is just another medium where you can publish information to the web. We use them though because of the link juice and love Google shows them. Again we are going to link to our Usfreeads, our Squidoo lense and our articles from hubpages. Make your page flow naturally to humans and use anchor text to link out.

Now that all 3 “middle man” sites are setup, it is time to scan them and edit them. We want all of them linking to our articles on Ezine articles but we also want to interlink them as well. So a simple scenario would be our ad on Usfreeads links to our Ezine articles, our lense, and our hubpage. Our Squidoo lense links to our articles, our ad and our hubpage. Then it is the same thing from hubpages.

I want you to notice that we are not selling here. This is not our purpose. I strongly urge you to setup little sites around your niches. I personally use WordPress for all my sites because Google seems to favor them in the Search Engine and they have hundreds of plugins you can use to make your site go viral, build traffic within itself and on its own, and a lot of SEO plugins if your not familiar with onpage SEO optimization.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is basically just our high pagerank linking strategy. We have great chances of our Usfree ad, our squidoo lense and our hubpage making 1st page of Google for its keywords. On top of that, we have Ezine Articles to count on to pull in another first page listing. To make the pot sweeter, we will have first pages results from Netscape and Digg from our mass submission articles, and then we have all those articles floating the web from 800 places that could be republished and put onto other websites for an awesome backlinking campaign.

You see the smart way to build website traffic is to do it from the start. Most people try to build traffic all thru their days of having the site. With these methods dominating the search results you can build one heck of a subscriber list in a short amount of time.

Oh, but we are not done yet.

Now that we see that we have the search engines dominated let us shift our focus on bringing residual traffic from years to come. Eventually if you do not keep up with everything in the Search Engines you are liable to be overrun with competitors. That is sometimes fine though, as you have already built thru your initial growth period and should have a built a list of subscribers.

Let’s go viral now.

I cannot stress the importance of viral reports. You already have the content probably to write 3-5 reports that you can give away for free. Now in these reports you could include a few affiliate links if you want to. The purpose of the SEO was to build traffic, but the purpose of the viral reports is to build residual traffic and profits at the same time. just take all of the articles you wrote and break them up into mini reports. Always at the end of the book, recommend people to your site to get a complete dose of the niche information given.

You can submit your viral reports anywhere on the net. I personally would submit them to the Warrior Forum, and use filesharing as a ways to get a lot of people visiting. You can use P2P networks such as LimeWire and Kazaa. All you need to do is setup a folder on your desktop with all of your reports in it. I suggest converting them to PDF though, as this seems more professional. Make the title of the folder include keywords from your niche and for what people are searching for. When they run across these, they will download and read them. You can get a ton of word of mouth referrals, and they will also share these with their friends. It is called viral for a reason because, once it stops there is no stopping it. You could even go another step further (and I suggest you do) and upload your reports to torrent sites. You can use sites such as PirateBay and Mininova and literally get hundreds of visitors each day. These are the two largest torrent sites on the net, and really the only two places you need to upload. There are hundreds of other torrents sites that serve as torrent search engines and they all scrape these two sites. So basically just by uploading to the two sites, you could potentially have your reports available for download on hundreds of torrent sites.

We have a new site, lets submit a Press Release

Wow, we already have hordes of traffic coming in from our viral reports and we have automated traffic from the Search Engines coming, so what’s next? Well, I always love to submit a Press Release to PRWeb. As a general rule of thumb, you need to make the release and announcement of your new site “news worthy”. Here are some tips to help you do it:

  1. Optimize your headline for starters. Make it appealing and something you think people will click on to read.

  2. You have to give a basic look into why your site is unique and stands out

  3. Use a picture in your press release as well.

  4. Make sure to include anchor text within the release link to where you want people to go. VERY IMPORTANT.

  5. Include all your contact details and act like a professional

  6. Social Bookmark the Press Release. I cannot stress this enough.

Letting the world know via press release is a great way to gain national exposure. There are free listings and paid listings. I always paid $40 and could not be any happier. You can look up “ways to write a press release” if your unfamiliar with this type of method and website promotion.

Look for niche specific questions and answers

This is truly a goldmine opportunity to get high quality, niche specific visitors. Just go over to Yahoo Answers and type in some keywords for your niche. Answer as many as your allowed (See their guidelines, new accounts is 20 answers daily), and provide a link to your site in the source box. There are literally hundreds of questions being asked everyday over there, and you will be providing information from your site to help them. You can take it even further, and display a link to all your free viral reports as well.

You can also join forums in your niche as well. Just go to Google and type in–> niche keyword “forums”. This will return you a nice list of forums you can join. Hopefully your up to date on forum marketing. I would read their guidelines and join every forum that allows you to have a Signature link. In your signature have a link to your website, and if your crafty, you could have your free reports for download link as well. Participate and help, and it will come back to you 10 fold.

This is just an overview of how to completely obliterate your new website’s initial traffic growth period. There are tons of other things you can do as well, but I have just given you my personal surefire way of getting a lot of traffic right out of the gate.

Dominating Google with the methods outlined is a great way for automated search traffic but, you must follow what I said to a “T”. Anything else and I do not know what your results would be like. I can tell you from past experience, that using the method as suggested has dominated the first page results before. It is not uncommon for me to take one article and have first page listing with an article on Ezine Articles, a Squidoo Lense, a UsFreeAd, a Netscape submitted story and a story on Digg. Getting half of the search results on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords by funneling searchers thru “middle man” sites is the fastest way to get a lot of traffic fast from the search engines. You could spend literally weeks on a keyword from your site to get ranked, and still have to worry about the Google Sandbox, and it would never happen. With the suggested SEO methods, its not a question of “will it happen”, because I assure you it is going to, provided that you do not target keywords with heavy competition.

Hope you enjoyed this,


August 25th, 2007

Getting Paid To Blog – A Review Of PayPerPost

PayPerPostI was checking out PayPerPost this morning as it could possibly be a way to combine another income stream with some of my niche blogs. Now I have not joined up just yet, as I wanted to give an unbiased review and talk about PayPerPost from a “civilian” (LOL) stand point. Then if it sounds like something good for you, you can make the choice on your own accord. I just wanted to tell you that there are no affiliate links in this review, just a straight forward look into them.

First thing I did this morning was rush off to find out what all the hype is. According to the PayPerPost Marketplace they contain the world’s largest sponsored content marketplace. Basically you get paid as a blogger to create and publish advertiser sponsored content. Almost anyone in the world can do it too. Here’s a little quote as I do not want to rehash their info from their site:

 The PayPerPost marketplace is self-serve and easy to use. You create an account in our system by providing some basic information and your blog URL. You are here to make money so a valid TAX ID (either social security number for individuals or an EIN for companies) is required for US citizens.

Advertisers create “Opportunities” for bloggers to write about their products, services and websites. They range from $5 to several thousands of dollars, depending on the criteria set by the advertiser. Bloggers with high amounts of traffic can expect to earn a significant amount of money for each post they create on behalf of an advertiser.

It sounds like a really neat idea especially, if you have had trouble with contextual advertising and affiliate marketing. You can make specific blogs to review for PayPerPost and at least generate a solid income to fund your further online efforts.

They have a HUGE amount of testimonial from the people that have posted for them Here.

They also contain a program labeled PayPerPost Direct which is basically a widget that extends their marketplace to allow bloggers to work with advertisers within PayPerPost.

The system is designed to facilitate the marketing, negotiation, payment processing and tax reporting required in order to successfully complete a sponsored post transaction.

Now what I found that was really nice was that they have a PayPerPost Directory which allows advertisers to surf various blogs and bloggers to pick up and hire them to review their products and/or services. Here’s a snapshot of it:

PPP Directory

As you can see this makes it really simple for advertisers to browse the directory and gather a little information on what type of blog the blogger owns. Furthermore, there is a price listed on the right that allows the advertiser to get a basic assumption of what it will cost them to hire this blogger.

 The blog name and description would be crucial in getting advertisers to hire you. Make sure you provide a detailed description of your blog. Do not get much room to do this, which I feel is a drawback, because then advertisers really have to surf over to your blog in order to make a decision. I think if the descriptions were longer this would allow advertisers to “almost” have their picks narrowed down and more inclined to hire on the spot.

The rating button allows the advertiser to click on it and it will change from highest rated blogs to lowest. It is just a basic function that allows advertisers to sort blogs a little faster.

 Of course they have price buttons which would be how much it would cost for advertisers to hire you. If your a fast writer and very intuitive then a low price would probably yield much more options. It is all up to you on how much you want paid to review.

There is a little more to it, but they  are hiring almost anyone to review their products. They have really taken off over the last year and I see them continue to grow. There are also other places like this springing up as well, so seeing them continue to grow like this will only open them even more in the future.

I do not suggest making a business out of this, but I have heard that their top 4 bloggers have already made over $10,000. That is a really nice supplemental income to go along with whatever you might be doing online. On top of getting paid to review their products you will probably pick up valuable marketplace research and you will definitely enhance your skills as both a writer and a blogger.

Give it a go,