Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Off To Orlando Florida

I am just getting ready to walk out the door for the hour and a half drive to the airport and then it’s check in time. I’m really looking forward to my second trip to Florida this year. The climate is going to be so refreshing and the gang I run around with are some pretty cool guys. All of them have different skills in the Internet Marketing and Offline Marketing world and it’s always refreshing to get face to face with them and start picking each other’s brain.

I was able to book a nonstop flight on Midwest which was pretty cool. Last time I had to stop in Memphis, Tennesse and board a second flight just to get down there. I always hate stopping and boarding another because I tend to freak out when I don’t get a layover. It’s cool to get off a plane and hop right back on one, but in environments I am not very familiar with, I tend to start freaking like addict with a shortage in crack-rocks. Unfortunately, I have to pitstop in Charlotte on the way home on Saturday but since I never been there, I guess we can chalk that one up as a plus and I get to experience my roll as super duper weirdo searching for my flight.

So, I don’t know if I will do any blogging down there. I plan on it but since the trip will only last until Saturday I know we are all going to be pushed for time in our brainstorming sessions. However, most of these sessions usually lead to hijacks (much like forum posts) so hopefully I can break away for a post or two. CashTactics will shortly be undergoing some server changes but it should stay up as long as the bandwidth does:). I’m hoping that it stays up until I at least get back. Last time I switched, I lost 2 sites during file exchange and no, being the idiot I am, I did not have these sites backed up. They were simple little affiliate sites but I nearly passed out 2 days later when I remembered I had PPC Campaigns running for them. Lost sites and money down the drain. Shit happens.

Anyway, catch everyone later!

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3 Responses

December 26, 2007

safe trip bro. have a great time and looking forward to a huge year coming up for all of us here at CT

December 26, 2007

Look forward to seeing your punk ass when you get here stranger!

You tell Joe?

I’m sure you did!

November 30, 2008

Always helps to keep backups of your sites on your hard disks.

Then burn them to DVD.

And for the important ones, keeping them on a memory stick helps.

Best not to mess around when income’s on the line.