Friday, December 21st, 2007

PPC And CPA – Thinking Outside The Box

Everyone wants on the PPC to CPA train. There is no doubt that driving thousands of people to CPA offers CHEAPLY is a great way to make a TON of money online. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Trust me on this one, I have experienced nearly every failure a man (women too!) can experience using PPC to drive traffic to CPA offers. However, when I quit screwing around and started putting some actual thought of identifying where my hungry markets were, I started experiencing some success. More importantly, I quit spending my built up bankroll and started experiencing profits. A little profit came in and it was a rollercoaster to where I am at now to get to some serious money. It can be a rough trip but let me throw a few examples of how I have overcome high bid prices and not fighting so much competition.

Last night I was having a conversation with a web designer over IM. However he is not just a web designer. We have been talking a few a nights now and I have come to find out that he’s just a little bit older than me and into almost everything from movies, music and ideas as myself. This was kind of like a blessing as he stayed up till the wee hours each morning with me doing some design when my traffic hours would be at their lowest. I was able to discover that he has experienced some success with the Google Adwords content network. Grinning from ear to ear behind my PC, I decided we would take a break and talk a little in-depth about some of the things I have accomplished on the Content Network. Oh before I forget, you should probably listen to all them dipshits out there that tell you the content network is worthless. :)

Lesson #1

Google has placement targeting now to allow your Adwords to appear on not only sites but PAGES within their content network.

Get a tool that is going to speed up your research process and will retrieve pages/sites that already have Adsense on them. How do I do this? Ruck has you covered and you can get the FREE tool here. Just watch the video and it will save a lot of time for me. Also, you have to optin so there’s always a catch obviously. Who cares really, it’s worth it.

Whatever your promoting (say a free laptop), you would simply travel to the big Googly and type in your main keywords. Look at the top 10 sites listed and discover if they have Adsense. Voila. Also, check the Adwords ads but don’t be a douche and click on them. Another thing, be open minded, that’s the whole point of me telling you this. Go to Yahoo and MSN and repeat the same steps. You will find plenty of webpages that you can target.

Along with this lesson, you better make sure the keywords are getting searched enough to make this worth it. I should have pointed that out first, but it’s plain common sense. You can also use the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool. Use this tool with the site targeted feature and put in your affiliate link and Google will retrieve results they feel are relevant to the url in question.

Lesson #2

Got to break from the mentality of contextual ads and start thinking Image ads. I know it blows, I am absolutely horrible with making graphics. However, it’s in my experience you can still make ALOT of money if the text inside the banner gets the clicks. So go download “the Gimp” for free and start learning how to use it, or you can hire some Indians to make you some for cheap. Some sites and pages only allow image ads and these cannot be neglected. They are an absolute goldmine.

I will give you one even better. If your as horrible as I am with making graphics ( I can make some cool stick people) then you simply log into your affiliate network and download the creative banners they have. Your only screwed into making your own if the offer you want doesn’t have any. In which case you hunt all your networks up to find a really close offer or same product different terms and has a banner. Host them yourself and directly link to the offer in question. I can’t tell you how freaking easy this can be.

If image ads are new to you, please refer to the learning center and read the one page that can and will make a HUGE impact on your PPC to CPA earnings. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 times to get it, because on the 11th your going to feel a great accomplishment. Having that first image ad up getting clicks AND sales/leads, is one of the best feelings in the world. I tend to tingle down south (if you know what I mean), women will have to discover their own happy place.

Lesson #3

There’s a whole new world outside of the US. Yes, this will take some getting used to but I actually prefer to advertise in places such as Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland to name a few. There are goldmines out there! Hook yourself up with some international offers because I am advertising in hundreds of places where there are hardly any TARGETED ads appearing. Rock out with some International offers and count the bills yo.

Lesson #4

Community sites such as forums or niche related blogs and message boards are another hidden gem. Often packed with so much content and social interaction the ads on these spots can be widely untargeted. Why not be the first to get there with something that screams “Come and get me”. A personal example was a UK laptop offer I ran 2 weeks ago on some UK forums. Unfortunately for me the offer expired but not before I walked away with a nice chunk of earnings with relatively low ad spend. I was contextually targeting the forums as I did not see any images around but those youngins went at the email submit like it was a fish out of water going for its last breath. Put your mind to where a lot of traffic is and throw an offer at it. Either they will pick at it like birds, or devour it like a piranha.

Lesson #5

Actually tweaking your community site method is a great way to get a ton of traffic. For this next part I am going to reveal the offer I was doing but will not reveal where it was at. Currently the offer is not on the network I was using and I am in negotiations with another network to get the payout I was already receiving. It was that kickass.

Alright I took the offer. It’s a Canadian dating offer that paid out on free signup and pay out it DID! I knew off the bat that the dating sites would probably be targeted on Smart affiliates rule in the power niches, and there are also tons of morons that drive the CPC’s and CPM’s so high it takes a lot of testing, tracking and tweaking to get a profitable campaign even on the placements. I really like to work least as possible for a lots of money. I love my motto, I live by it.

So I sat on my butt and thought for about 30 minutes. Finally I decided to target some divorce forums. Yea this might seem low but dammit, it was free to the users to create a profile. You want to make lots of money, then selling a dream is a must in this business (sometimes). So I had tons of advertisers going buckwild on placements at dating forums but out of all these brainiacs, I competed with just 1 targeted offer where I went. I targeted both divorced men and women and made a lot of money doing it. Think if you could get dating offers going in other countries. Now I would suspect after this post for it to blow up. Ruck doesn’t care though, he’ll just go find another place.

The last part of that Lesson #5 was the one that really got me designer going. I took a really profitable offer to a place where there were hardly any advertisers and I did for $4 per 1000 impressions. I was getting $4.50 per signup. You take this info and put your imagination to work. The method absolutely DESTROYED.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I just thought after talking to him I would share the wealth. There are millions of things that can be on Google still and for really cheap. I thought I would point out a few good tips to remember if you hop into the placement targeting. Get good at thinking outside the box. Your only limited with your imagination.

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December 21, 2007

great post! Ruck can now read minds!

December 21, 2007

Another exellecent post. I had no idea you can create google ads with pics

December 21, 2007

hey I was wondering, do you send your site placement traffic directly to the CPA offer or do you have a landing page? Im trying to set up some site placement offers to promote an email submit CPA and Im just wondering how to go about this, I dont think google likes the redirect affiliate link am I wrong?

December 22, 2007

thats it! because of this post, i LAUNCHED my first campaign! lol, I will report back on how it goes.

lets do it!

December 24, 2007

@ ashley — Both. Generally I make Landing pages for Search but if I get a good that converts then I will run it on Content as well and see how it does.

Google has slapped recently and email/zips are hard to get by with them. If you try on search, you’ll probably face $5-$10 bids.

Nah, they don’t really care for the redirects:)

December 28, 2007

so, you actually make your own image ads?
I’m with neverblueads right now , and they already offer banners for use

December 28, 2007

Do either way. Only make them if I can’t get one

December 29, 2007

Information goldmine here.

The worst thing is that 99% of the people who read it will do nothing about it…

January 19, 2008

Ruck, thanks for using this example with image ads. This is probablyl a silly question, but when you have singled out web sites/forums/etc where your image ad would do well is there a way in Adwords to restrict your ad to only particular sites on the content network or will it show up on all sites for your keywords?

January 19, 2008

That would be a placement targeting campaign. If you make a keyword targeted campaign with an option for the content network on it can get quite wiry.

Just setup a placement campaign and start sniping sites/pages.

November 18, 2008

nice, found this article thru search, hadn’t been on your blog in months, you’re doing awesome!

November 30, 2008

I’ve been using Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool for a while and very please with it. As usual, every tools come from Google is awesome!

November 30, 2008

@andrew wee: Actually, reading and understanding these information are easy but practicing it not

November 30, 2008

@themelib – a wiseman once said ‘to know and not to do, is not to know’.

I doubt it’s easy. And knowledge that isn’t applied, isn’t useful.

Need to take action, if it’s to be useful.