Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

A Collision Course For Failure

I took the weekend off from blogging even though I am neck deep in delivering some (IMO) great posts of how to utilize Parasite SEO the RIGHT way and not the wrong. However, I think before I begin I got to address something I seen entirely too much of in the forums I frequent this past weekend. Here’s a pretty good recipe for failure trying to make a buck online. Remember though, failure does not have to be a long term thing, I fail at something almost every week but when your repeating failure without ANY success it’s like quicksand. The more you try to move, the deeper go. Look over these and if your having a rough time, try to figure out what you can cut out to make you more efficient in your daily routines and schedule.

1. You have absolutely no idea what your doing or where to start so you read 15 forums looking for a break. This in a way is a tough choice to keep yourself from doing. However, you don’t need to know everything to gain some success online. Check Andrew’s Podcast To Be Smart Or Rich? The Internet Marketing Truth. Andrew goes over almost exactly what I want to put into this paragraph, but it’s just as easy to hear it straight from him.

2. You have a general plan of what you want to do, but lack the motivation to do it. I actually love this one. It’s sad to see that their are hundreds if not thousands of way to make money online yet you do not want to do it. You think writing articles is boring, or long term income plans are just not enough for you to bank on. This is a serious lack of motivation (I like to call it laziness). Even when a great new method comes out you still don’t have what it takes to follow thru with it. You got two choices. You can either work your tail off and experience what everyone else is that is putting forth the effort and experiencing success, or you can simply say “that’s too much”, “this can’t work” or “this is something I want to do”. You obviously are not motivated enough to even get started with something easy, where are you going to be when it gets tough? Grow a pair and work at it or join the rest of the crew sitting at the back of the bus. Careful, it’s crowded back there.

3. Holy cow, you do have what it takes to motivate yourself to pick a niche and put a website. You have done everything you wanted to in getting that site up and now you want to market it. You start to get backlinks, maybe run some PPC ads, get some articles submitted, but all your work seems futile because your not making sales. Oops, you rushed way too fast. Somewhere along the line you forgot that in order to make money online you need to have something that sells. I like how alot of people encourage others to start with a niche they know. While this is not entirely incorrect, you need to make sure that something sells in that niche. I personally have the capital to simply throw up campaigns like they are going out of style and bid on every single keyword I can on Adwords, Yahoo and Adcenter. For some people this is not possible, so the idea of researching your market comes to mind.

A great way to do that is to visit forums relating to your niche. We can discuss researching your market later, but their is already information published on this very blog on how to do that. You have to have something that sells, or ads people are interested in in correlation with your site. You simply cannot go out and make a keyword list of things you think you can rank for. Don’t be this marketer. This is inexperience at it’s best. It’s people like these that make my life so much more enjoyable. Most likely when your testing an offer or product your going to find some great HIGH DEMAND selling keywords on phrases you can easily optimize for search engine traffic.

There are tons more reasons and things that can be holding you back, but these are very important to identify and correct now. I am going to start in my series of your product selling website and Parasite SEO for initial indexing but it’s CRITICAL that you have a niche that you know you can compete in and make sales.

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December 18, 2007

Hey Ruck.

Thanks for the post.

I understand what you are saying about failure.

My situation is “Number 3”: I have sites set up, but I am struggling with finding the right mix of keywords on Adwords.

Some questions that run through my mind:

1) Should I scale up and have a list of 10,000 keywords? Should I just focus on “fringe” keywords that aren’t getting too many impressions but are cheaper to bid on?

2) Which keywords do I take from Adwords to use on Yahoo or MSN?

I started out in the Payday niche, and have been able to get 3K in lead gen. but would like to take my game to the next level.

Your blog is the best. Very good reading and full of good information!


December 18, 2007

Yep, I definitely seem to be a #3. Back to the drawing board.

Nice post.

December 18, 2007

@ emilian — Well, did you test these keywords in the first place? I mean I understand your already past that point so right now you can definitely try to scale up those keywords. Don’t necessarily take away the higher priced keywords IF YOUR IN PROFIT, but definitely get some more keywords and track, track, track.

Congrats on the 3K in that niche. That in itself is a great accomplishement. If your pulling that money and are in the net profit, defintitely scale that thing and see what you come up with.
Very Impressive!

@ Monty — No worries. I did the exact thing starting out. It’s so much better and quite a moral boost knowing that your products or ads can bring revenue, than thinking they can.

December 18, 2007

Ruck, in your particular case, did you have to do something seedy like gambling, pr0n, energy bars or pills in order to get traffic? Sure, it might generate traffic, but then I could also get hauled off by the police or be required to keep an inventory of products, which leads me to the next question.

You speak of “products”. Do you keep an inventory of something tangible and market that online, in your case? Managing inventories and keeping up with that cost seems tough.

Volomike aka Supermike

December 18, 2007

@ Mike — I do dabble in the gambling industry but that is completely by banner advertising in the UK and and a certain undisclosed method I use on Ebay. I have also dabbled in the adult industry and it aint for me. I have never promoted any type of energy bars, but I do sell a few CPA offers with pills in the weight loss industry.

I specifically deal with affiliate products so in my case no, I don’t have to keep and inventory. I become an affiliate with a network and go thru the process of reviewing the companies and products listed within that network. I am given a an affiliate link, often times the links will be seperated to use as contextual, search, a banner creative or email txt or HTML creative.

The only cost I have is buying advertising and outsourcing work I feel will take up too much time when I can have someone else doing it for me. Of course, I also have hosting and domain costs and certain tools and subscriptions. But utilizing a service such as blogger, you can sign up to networks for free and often times get started promoting right away.

Everything I sell is completely digital or handled by a network.

December 18, 2007

You know what Ruck.
You were the first one to come straight at me to help try to guide me..wow its been over a year ago now.
Maybe that is why I almost literally looked at this post in your blog as a slight a$$ chewin at me.
Any how, I followed the link to Andrews Video and watched it..
And realize I have been scratching my a$$ for the last year..
Deffinently a well laid out New years resolution of hard core work is in order for me.
Though this post wasnt meant directly for me,
Thanks for the a$$ chewin.

December 18, 2007

Hey someone got it :),

No probs Greazy!

December 18, 2007

Thanks for the reply Ruck.

Yes, I am testing keywords with higher bids etc.

The problem is that this testing (by testing I mean tracking keywords for conversions) is eating away at my profits, and there is a gap between when I have to pay Adwords and when I get paid myself.

I guess you could call it my very own “liquidity crunch”. Ha ha.

Have you tried LeadPile to further monetise your lead generation sites?

You can throw the form pretty much anywhere and get some additional revenue.

December 18, 2007

My situation is very similar to #2. I have lots of plans, read loads of ebooks but still lack motivation when I discover something great. The reason is I spend my time on forums trying to look for something even better