Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Best Of The Week – Make Money Blogs

Yea I am pushing over 100 hours this week if you couldn’t tell already, but I manage to find 5 outstanding posts. Enjoy!

Best of the Week – Make Money Blogs

First off I am going to rag on Paul from UberAffiliate before I thank him. BTW — You should really check him out. The name says it all, the dude is an affiliate powerhouse. It was the post titled The Secret To Beating Yahoo’s Quality Score that really caught my eye this evening. Paul mentions a very effective (I personally thought secretive) way of getting around Yahoo’s retarded quality score when it comes to utilizing their Pay Per Click services. Now that it is out of the bag, I would expect some type of change as word starts to spread. Let’s hope not, but we can’t neglect the fact that Paul is quite known for not holding anything back, which I can totally respect and I thought the post would be of great use to anyone that is tired of Yahoo slimming your profit margins down to ridiculous levels.

I caught another interesting post on Courtney Tuttle about the 3 Reasons You Desperately Need RSS Subscribers. I found the title very intriguing as I find myself in this very situation. The commenting and social interaction here has picked up lately but the traffic statistics are a lot higher than I thought when I checked and figured I would have more subscribers. Court took the time to outline some very important points on the benefits of extending my RSS count and you should read it as well.

Tim over at eMonetized is starting his Build A Niche Store Case Study. There are quite a few Build A Niche Store Case Studies floating around the net but I thought Tim’s was great because he is starting from scratch. He looks to be outlining the entire process and this is great news for anyone wanting to build their own Ebay type sites. I personally have 4 of them but they are all used for PPC campaigns in other countries :). If your looking on a play by play it looks like Tim is going to provide your free hookup. Tim doesn’t know it, but he is responsible for me setting up an Emigrant Direct High Yield Savings Account after he made a stunning post about Where To STASH Your Affiliate Cash back in November.

Lynn Terry is a great woman. Her Self Starter Weekly Tips Discussion Forum was one of the first forums I happened to come across when I came online. Unfortunately I haven’t visited it much in the last year due to time constraints but it’s a great place filled with great people and you should definitely get super involved over there! On top of her being cool as heck, she had a post on her blog Passion vs Profit: How To Monetize A Niche You Know Absolutely Nothing About. We have all been here as some time or another and if you haven’t you most likely will be at some point and time. Lynn provides a detailed post and great tips on where to get started when you have no clue about the niche.

 Here’s another sharp dude with another great post. Mark over at Digerati Marketing titles a post Will It Make Money? Top 3 Considerations. He goes in great detail about he goes to:

try and outline my thought process and some of the tools I use to judge whether ideas make it to the web or to the recycle bin

It’s a long, detailed and info packed post and I thank Mark for refreshing that it requires a some thought before jumping into sites too quickly.

Five great posts from five great bloggers providing but nothing info packed and highly useful information to make our lives as marketers and entrepreneurs a lot easier than it could be. Check them out, they all have great info throughout every one of their blogs.

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December 9, 2007

Nice one. I found good logo design service from courtney blog. Have been hunting for a good web 2.0 designer for a while now. web 2.0 rules!

December 10, 2007

Thanks for posting those blogs, I’ve never seen them before. Good stuff. Can you post some other blogs that you read? Maybe less well known

December 10, 2007

Sure thing man. Each week I try to find some great posts. I posted some normal blogs I read yesterday because with all my daily activities and putting together the Zero To Hero Series, I had already pushed over 100 hours online this week.

It was a haste but I am always on the prowl looking for new bloggers.

November 30, 2008

In fact some new bloggers publish great content but they leave blogging at the brink of getting famous – losing hope fast is so rampant in this industry…

January 16, 2009

Thank you very much for providing those links. I’ve looking almost everyday just to find links that can help me in my blog marketing. Keep up the good work! :)

March 15, 2009

Thanks for those very useful links. Good job.

Nice list of blog postings. Thank you for sharing.