Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Yahoo And Adobe Partner Up – US Content Publishers Get New Advertising Opportunity

Yahoo Adobe PartnershipAlright I realize I am a little late on this one, but I have been swamped to no end. Unfortunately, I am about a week late on this announcement but I felt compelled to let US Content Publishers as well as advertisers know that Yahoo and Adobe have indeed partnered up and will be serving content ads within Adobe PDF.

Great news for all that can participate. I am curious to know what type of results to see as an advertiser with Yahoo. I much rather have the option of picking the documents I would like to advertise in but unfortunately knowing the nature of Yahoo moving as fast as a fart stink in the Antarctic this feature is probably light years away. I guess it is something to get excited about as a content publisher.

Maybe now all those damn resell rights book that aren’t earning anything could pull a little cheese. My biggest concern now as a I start publishing more and more¬†of my content is that the focus of the PDF itself has it’s own purposes. Most of the time I would have a chance for an upsell or at least something to entice people to sign up for a list I might have. I am wondering what type of distractions this may cause.

Thinking about Yahoo’s side of the fence, they desperately need this in their arsenal (IMO). According to the source:

Content now available as paid downloads or on a subscription basis could be opened up to a mass online audience using the Adobe-Yahoo ad service. Some publishers haven’t been taking advantage of ad opportunities for their content. That’s the case with many hobbyist and enthusiast newsletters.

Publishers pay nothing to participate. They’ll first upload their Adobe PDF content to Adobe, so the content can be ad-enabled. The content then is distributed however the publishers distribute the content, be it on Web sites, via e-mail or whatever.

Viewers will see the usual content, along with some ads targeted to that content.

Advertisers will pay for the ads per click, which is the conventional online ad model.

I would like to know your thoughts on this. From a publisher and/or ¬†advertiser’s standpoint what do you think?

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December 9, 2007

Thanks the post is funny.
I like your site..
Thank you

December 9, 2007
Nick Flame

Hm, so it is not open to the wide public yet, i guess. I am waiting to see how is it going. I wonder whether the ads would be displayed as ppc ads or affiliate links. Will see.

December 9, 2007

I know man, when I was reading this I immediately thought of you dude cuz I knew you lived outside the US.

I tell you what though, probably the middle of next week I will do some heavy research on it and see if I can’t provide some pics or videos so people can check the stuff out, if it’s out there and available and I can find it.

November 1, 2008

Someone talk to me. Someday, you can see a lot ads in PDF Files. Oh my god, i dont believe it.