Friday, December 7th, 2007

CLOSED – Design Me A Logo – Make Some Money

 I currently have someone working on this.

I have contacted some services on getting an idea for a new blog design. I don’t think my right sidebar can take much more of anything I put on it, and I am going to be opening my own forum for other entrepreneurs to come and share ideas as well. I have a lot of features I want to include on the blog but just no room. I however, would like to get a blog logo designed.

If your designer you can make some extra money, today or thru this weekend. You can email me at –> ruck @ and let me know how experienced you are. After reviewing your emails I would like some automated means to communicate with you so that you don’t waste any time and can make some money in the fastest way possible. We can communicate either by Skype or Yahoo IM. If you have MSN, I could probably install it. I really do not know what I want yet. You will have to be creative with the theme Cash Tactics, the new theme will be green like the header (sort of), or at least that is the idea. I just really would like something that stands out.

Email me and introduce yourself and give me an idea on what you can do, and the price you would like to be paid. Thanks.

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November 1, 2008

Design a logo, make money. I never do this