Thursday, December 6th, 2007

From Zero To Hero Series – 60 Days To List Building Domination – Part 3

From Zero To HeroBefore we get started with Part 3 of the 60 Days to List Building Domination I just received a comment in part 2 of a reader that incorporated an optin form into one of their existing Ebay ads and literally within a few minutes already got a subscriber! That is awesome news! The stuff works, but I would like to touch a few points here.

This method with all the sites involved, your optin form, your autoresponder, your squeeze page, these are all vital aspects of building a residual business. I am not giving you some fly by the night quick cash tactic here. Yes, you will probably recoup any expense within a day or two of using this method, but the whole point is to giveaway a great product that allows you to receive $40 in commission for anyone wanting to do the same which in all actuality will be quite a few considering your audience. The other point is that your building a high quality of opportunity seekers that are eager to make money online and this will establish what I like to refer to as “one touch profits”. The whole idea behind one touch profits is that when you have a large list or multiple lists you have that option of waking up in the morning, logging into your autoresponder and quickly broadcasting an offer to your list. After that, you just sit back and watch the profits come in.

Now when I say this isn’t some quick tactic, I am actually contradicting myself. It is very quick, you make money and gain subscribers VERY quickly at little to no cost. By selling just one copy of the rebranding rights you will be in profit from your ebay ad, and after two copies you will have paid for your Ebay ad, autoresponder, hosting and domain. From there on out is just a matter of consistency and aggressiveness, and that is what we are going to cover in part 3.

I am going to assume that you either are reinvesting your profits or have some money to invest already with Part 3 here. If you do not, then you will need to utilize the free methods I provided in Part 2 until your in the clear with no out of pocket expenses.

Within a week you going to be at a point of at least 4-5 sales. I am going to keep this very conservative when if your are in aggressive mode (covered later on) you will actually probably make a dozen or more sales a week. Let’s say that you have your Ebay ad up and you have your ad up at all the other classified ads sites and you have posted in once or twice in the Backpage forum then you are already well on your way to having a couple of sales. So let’s break down the expenses of starting off.

  • Resell Rights — $40. Not required but my best product to promote and get off to a fast start
  • Ebay Classified Ad –$30 for a feature classified (recommended) or $9.95 for 30 days
  • Usfreeads Premium–$9.99 monthly
  • Autoresponder –As low as $19.95 a month
  • Hosting –Less than $10 a month with Hostgator
  • Domain — $9.29 a year with Namecheap

Now if you can make plenty of money and signups just utilizing Ebay so total cost without the hosting and domain is –>$89.95 and you don’t even have to promote the book I recommended so really you could start at less than $50. Now considering most people already have an autoresponder then your really only looking at the initial advertising of $30. Pretty cool huh.

So let’s start with what to do after those first few sales. Assuming you make 3 sales, you will now have at least enough money to pay expenses and repost another featured Classified ad on Ebay giving you even more exposure for only another $30 a month. Do you see the snowball effect here? It works in your favor. You will want to post as many featured classifieds on Ebay as you can possibly handle. I should also tell you that this works in any niche, but not as well as it does for me in this one, or at least in my own experience. We need to get good here first.

So the consistency will pay off if you can post somewhat like this.

  • 1 Featured Classified Ad for 8 weeks until the 60 days to domination are over
  • 2-3 ads daily to Usfreeads. You could even go all out here and post more. Change up your titles on each ad, and definitely a good idea to change up your ad text every 3-5 ads
  • Gumtree is a good one but will require your own squeeze unless you cloak or redirect a domain and then send that back to them thru your autoresponse thru your Gmail account
  • Adpost and Backpage and Kijiji will follow the same route as Gumtree. Just save your ad templates from one classified ad site and copy/paste them into each site making for less time spent working.
  • Yahoo Answers — You will need to find questions like “work from home” or “make money online” and answer the question. Only then do you link to the source (your domain redirect or squeeze). Do not put the rebranded link in Yahoo Answers. It looks like an affiliate link and you will be canned by users quickly. Provide relevant answers and link to the source. Easy as that.

There’s really nothing more to it than that. The only thing is that you build as fast as you can and whatever budget you can. The quicker you get started, the faster you will have money to burn. Since everything is paid thru your Paypal account and instant, this is what allows us to literally at the drop of a dime to put up more feature ads at Ebay (our honeyhole) because we will have constant flows of $40 payments coming in.

When and What to mail our prospects

Everybody has their differences here but I prefer to mail CPA offers in HTML creative format to my list members. I generally mail out in 250 list member increments. This means everytime I hit 250 list members, 500 members, 750 members I will mail them a CPA offer. I normally mail out offers such as the Casey Soft Lead, Project Payday, and The Beach Bum System. These offers are free to the users and they only have to optin to these lists for you to get paid. It’s very simple, and with a large subscriber base, you can literally make a few hundred a day. You cna promote whatever you like, but I normally keep this mindset.

If I acquired this lead because I was offering something free, normally I can repeat this success by offering them more free offers to them that will in turn pay me. The user gets their info at no cost to them and we get paid. It’s that simple.

Now with your Ebay offer running for 30 days on end, the only work required here is that you renew the ad or add more. The only work involved revolves around the consistency of posting up new ads and answers each morning. You will be able to easily accomplish this with about 1 hours work granted you have copied your templates and can quickly login to the sites and paste them up. Keep rotating your headlines to avoid any spam problems and you will be fine. Also, make sure to have your Gmail autoresponder working with vacation status on and automatically sending your messages whenever someone emails you. You can even go as far as making an MSN messenger account and providing your contact details there. You can then set the messenger to away status and have an automatic message sending the same message as your Gmail autoresponder.

The only work involved here is answering questions on Yahoo which if you feel like you can provide your contact details there as well adding even more credibility. Have it set to your autoresponder and then it works on auto. The other work involved is as simple as posting your ad templates to the other sites. For about an hours work each day you can build a residual income while adding subscribers and front end payments of $40 paid instantly to you.

*Note* I will be holding the Skype conference tonight  Thursday December 6th 7:00 PM Central Standard Time US this evening to walk anyone thru how to correctly setup their autoresponder with this method. I will probably have a little Q & A there as well for any general questions. I guarantee you at the end of 60 days your going to be in a whole position with your business, will have made a hefty chunk of change, and now have at least one large email list you can email offers to for residual income.

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December 6, 2007

fantastic final post there. I’m saving the webpages from part 1- 3 into a folder right now

December 6, 2007

instead of just cpas, would you recommend writing day by day followup tips, or newsletters before you get people buying the product you are promting.

December 6, 2007

You can do whatever you want. The sky is the limit here. Maybe later I will do a play by play of general emarketing to such a niche, but for right now I am concentrating on how to show people how to build them.

December 6, 2007


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an informative series.

I truly hope that you will consider more of them in the near future.

Once finals are done next week, I’m going to immediately get started on this.

December 7, 2007

I hadn’t really ever though about the ebay classifieds. Thanks for the tips, and the walkthrough. It’s much appreciated :)


December 7, 2007

I just wanted to personally Thank-you for the help and guidance you offered to Us that were on the call .

Looking forward to implementing this tactic as it is a solid one ,and to the future of what you have in store for us.

Thanks Jason

December 7, 2007

Ruck. I started building a list using classifieds on Ebay about 2 months ago. I appreciate the extra sources of leads you provided.

Could you elaborate a little more on you followup broadcasts.

I was pretty much sending my leads, cpa offers from max bounty. free gift cards etc. Do you think this is a good method, or should I focus on more information products.

Lastly, i noticed even when I have a valid optin etc. it doesn’t take long before my email is picked up on the spam filters. Do you find yourself changing your from email often? And do your emails get put in the spam folder because they are html.. I seem to have a better conversion with text emails.



December 8, 2007

Hi Derek,

I went over this on the call but I will tell you exactly what I told the indivduals on call. I have never once paid attention to that man. At the very least I send broadcast 3-4 times a month across multiple lists that are well over 225,000 list members total. This does not even include my list members for my sites that I have a partner with.

These are personal lists that I have built. I always make it a point on the optin form or later in an autoresponse to whitelist me.

January 14, 2008

Ruck Rocks!!!! This is great stuff. Thanks for helping all of us achieve success.

February 2, 2008


I know this is an old thread but I see in azoogle they have seem to all say suppression list download required for email mailings. Do you know if this is necessary (it may not be hard, just never did it!).


February 2, 2008


You need to download the suppression lists and apply them.