Monday, November 26th, 2007

Tips To Stay Calm When Launching A New Campaign For A CPA Offer

Traffic Brokering is a blast. If you have the capital to jump in balls first to test offer after offer it is one of the best feelings when you find a profitable one. As you can see from my last post about making money with ClickRiver, being different and having the will and ability to test new platforms with no regard as to what can happen, I can almost guarantee that you will find gems from time to time. When you do, it’s like getting the best (safe) high that you can get. Knowing that you just tacked on some passive income (at least for awhile) is a great thing :)


Is it just me, or do a lot of people freak out knowing that they have to test Adwords? I get so fidgety and even agitated knowing that I have to test an offer in the shark waters of Adwords. I have ZERO problems taking my offers to Yahoo, MSN, Goclick, ABC Search or other smaller engines, but we all know the meat of traffic is at Adwords therefore it commands our attention to test the offer there. The moment I find an offer in one of my CPA Accounts I immediately begin asking myself

Can this Be Successful?

Will it convert?

Will Google bitch slap my landing page or even worse, my site?

Have I done enough research on this market to determine it WILL be profitable?

It’s just little things like that, that immediately start flowing thru my head. You have to realize when your traffic brokering, the bulk of your offers are most likely to have anywhere from $0.80-$2.00 payouts. I cannot tell you how critical your market research, demand, landing page AND site optimization are to help determine your cost in Adwords. Obviously the idea is to get the LARGEST gap between Cost Per Click and Earnings Per Click. The larger the gap, the better Return on Investment.

So now that we got that sick feeling in the pit of our stomach, how are we going to muster up the courage to actually stop staring at the payout offer in our CPA Account and wondering “what if”. What if has never really made me any money, and it always makes me feel like crap, so let’s turn the “what if” into “let’s do it”.

Market Research – Gaging Demand — This is the boring part. This is where we run around the Internet like a chicken with it’s head cut off. We have to absolutely be certain that there is a market for what we are going to offer, and even more important, there must be a demand in this market or our conversions are likely to suck. For a lot of this I always take a trip over to Yahoo Buzz. Normally, I look to do survey type landing pages with easy offers with like “iPhones”, “ipods” or something of that nature. This is some of the easiest money I have ever made on the net. I also like to use this in the Google Search Engine  — niche “forums”– Where niche would be your keyword such as “ipod” and them forums in quotes to find a few places where people are talking about the iPod. A lot of people don’t realize but I like to register to these forums and put a nice signature link in my profile. Now some people will ask me why I would even worry about a few signups (if any) from these forums if I am already making thousands of dollars online a month. All I can tell you is that I have a certain system of market research and this has a HUGE determining factor in whether I will pursue an offer any further. If I am participating in a forum with a kinky signature link to a free ipod and I am not getting clicks after 3-4 days, I will hop back into the forum and try observing exactly what people are really looking at. I can say ipod with ease, because their is one forum on the net where I make an easy $30-$45 a week just by having a link in my sig. I have under 50 posts there too.

By far the largest factor is checking out who is already running the offers (if there is anyone). If there is nobody running it then go for a more generic term and check out the competition’s landing pages. No reason to go and have our done, if there is already one out there that looks nice. Now I am not here to place “Mr. Niceguy” so I am going to tell you right now that 90% of the time, I take a landing page I see. I will tell you now though that there can be ramifications that come from this. I have not only “stole” landing pages from a Super Affiliate once, but I have dealt with this affiliate 3 times on the net now. The third time he contacted me he was super, duper, uber pissed off. Instead of us going to war, we are now friends and are actually working on a couple of niches together. I can tell you though, it can be a scary feeling when someone with a little bit more money than you starts their shit. So just be careful and you have been forewarned.

Your Affiliate Manager — Unfortunately if your like me, then you hate talking on the phone or even worse over AIM or Yahoo IM or something of that nature. We all have way to much shit to do to even worry about chitty chatty but I can tell you right now, that if it comes down to talking to your buddy from the forum or an Affiliate Manager giving you the heads up on a hot offer, then your buddy gets the big “F Off” and you focus entirely on your Affiliate Manager. With so much talk from unsuccessful Affiliate Marketers and yes (90+%) are unsuccessful, most people look at an affiliate manager as a hassle. I assure you that it’s quite the opposite. I will agree that I do not like logging into my main email account and seeing that 25 CPA networks just mailed me their Thursday recommendations. I would much rather have an affiliate call me or Skype me about a hot new offer.

Part of your affiliate manager’s earnings rely on you. Some people say that if your a powerhouse in the CPA industry that you get royal treatment. Unfortunately for my affiliate managers I am not one for flattery. It’s quite simple really, Do you want to make a ton of money? I sure do. Give me the offers that are converting, don’t bullshit me, and if you really want to save you and I some time, give me some of the data your not supposed to. Huh? Yes, that’s right there are some hidden gems that are given out to people who perform well. When you start getting those, market research is a breeze, and that only leaves us with what? A LANDING PAGE! How easy can that be? As simple as running one already running in Firefox and right clicking, save page as. Some minor edits to the files and VOILA, we are in business.

So see, I really don’t know why I freak out at the first of each offer. It’s an art of simplicity I have down now, and hopefully this will help you speed things up as well. You should know that this is only a primer and keyword research, and all the good stuff that comes later is still right around the corner. Immediately after finding a landing page you will need your keywords, but I just wanted to give you a couple of helpful tips to get out of the initial funk you might suffer when finding an offer.

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November 26, 2007


I’m glad you posted this, I thought I was the only one who got that “anxiety” when running a new offer.

Great post.


November 26, 2007

I honestly do not worry until I hit I hit my Adwords panel. As low as what I pay on the 2nd tier engines and the fact that I always do fine with MSN (when my ads run), I normally only have to worry about Yahoo converting and then of course Adwords with a slew of BS they throw at me :)

November 28, 2007

I know that for me I always worry when putting up a new campaign. It is always scary putting up advertising money and not knowing what, if any, your return will be. Even after doing the research for the campaign and being confident in the methods I still get butterflies. When you are looking at laying out thousands on ads it is always scary.

Also do you mainly do CPA campaigns?

November 28, 2007


I currently invest about 60% in advertising in foreign countries. Currently I do zero affiliate marketing for the US consumer base. It’s just so competitive. I do however do all of my CPA and PPC campaigns for the US but am in the process of going international with that is well.

March 9, 2008

Great post, Ruck. I’m very impressed with your blog… it’s rare to find so much GOOD information from other Affiliates, these days. Glad I found this one through BHW ;-)

March 9, 2008

Hey Clint,

Thanks for stopping by man. Bookmarked your blog to get some deeper reader later this evening :)