Friday, November 23rd, 2007

A ClickRiver PPC Review

ClickRiverClickRiveris a new PPC service I have been testing out this past week. I haven’t got to test a lot of it, but the very odd thing about ClickRiver is I half-assed a quickly put together campaign and the son of a gun is making money. I kid you not, I literally put this campaign together in less than 10 minutes. From finding an offer, grabbing my affiliate link, coming up with 22 keywords I thought would go with this offer, writing my ad and submitting. Normally if I were on Adwords, Yahoo, or MSN I am very selective with what offers I will try. The wife is yelling at me for the last two days to get off the computer (holidays), so I had to put the hustle on it.

First if your not familiar with Clickriver it is basically a Pay Per Click service (much like Adwords) but the ads are shown on Amazon. Unfortunately for a lot of people they won’t be able to use this service. It only accepts US right now. The service sort of intrigued me as I read about it. I mean seriously, your going to be showing ads on a shopping site? People have cash in hand and are in the buying mood already, so I said let’s do it.

The bad part…Take a look at where the ClickRiver ads are shown:

CR AmzThis really sucks obviously. They are shown at the bottom of the Amazon pages. Of course, Amazon doesn’t want anyone to take their cheese so it’s only logical to do this but we still get ads on there and that was enough for this money shark to jump in balls first.

I was originally going to give you a full blown case study, because seriously I didn’t think my profit and ROI were going to be very good. To tell you the truth, I expected to lose money because I was in such a rush and really newbified the whole process. I had 10 minutes to spare, so I did what I could.

I will tell you that it was a Pay Per Lead offer. When you get over there you will see the possibilities are endless with what you can promote. You only pay when your ads are clicked on and I can tell you right now that the prices are EXTREMELY lower than Google, Yahoo and MSN. Unfortunately, since the ad placement is at the bottom CTR is almost something you do not even think about. From what I have seen CTR is almost not an issue whatsoever. I have a disgusting horrible CTR and still made money. So here are the stats:

My ClickRiver stats:

Clickriver statsOk let’s study this a bit. I was promoting a Pay per lead offer that is in a brutally competitive market. So brutal that I would not even dare to try my hand on Adwords, Yahoo or MSN. Frankly, this market is something I probably will never go after in the SEO world either. You can see that my AVG CPC was $0.63. I can tell you right now that if you wanted to advertise on Adwords first page for most of these keywords, it would cost anywhere from $1.00-$5.00. Here’s the kicker though. Look at the amount of impressions. That’s quite a few impressions for one and two word keywords/phrases on a shopping site. I of course only got 22 clicks (again ads are at the bottom), and only spent $13.76 total. I used completely generic keywords that were either one or two words and no more.

Here’s what I made:

LeadermarketsSee not a lot right? $48.35 was my total minus $13.76 spend and we get $34.59. To some people they may not understand this but this is a damn good ROI and Profit for traffic brokering. When your promoting CPA offers that only payout from $1-$4 it is of the utmost importance to bring a huge positive return on your EPC (earnings per click) as opposed to your cost per click.

We have to remember that this was setup on the fly. Literally in ten minutes and this campaign was up and running. I am now going back into the campaign to do my market research and looking at which keywords brought me clicks, impressions and so forth. I think this is a very positive experience for a new source of traffic with CPA offers though. I will definitely do a more detailed case study after I re-optimize the campaign and get rolling.

Clickriver’s interface (IMO) is the easiest interface I have come across in all the Pay Per Click services I have used. I have used approx. 30 Pay Per Click services on the net and not faced a smoother transition in the setup process. With a little more research I am positive that I could make quite a bit of money advertising on amazon. I was doing a test this morning and the word “ipod” had over 10,000 impressions the last time I checked it. Utilizing “what’s hot” in Amazon and watching the statistics on there will give better ideas on what to try and sell there.

I realize that these are very low numbers but I hardly come across something that took so little work and produced such great results. I thought I would just put this out there for anyone that might want to give it a shot. Always remember to do your research as you are paying for this traffic, so make it worth your while and always keep a close eye on your campaigns. The cool thing about Clickriver is the stats are in real time. I can literally refresh every few minutes and watch my impressions and clicks go up. This gives a huge added advantage to determine if something is going to be worth testing out or not.

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November 24, 2007
Nick Flame

Ruck, do you know any good ppc program open to world wide advertisers that accepts payment through paypal?

November 24, 2007


You know off the top of my head, I really don’t Nick. I don’t want to speculate but I believe some of these smaller 2Tier Search Engines have this feature.

That site is been the #1 resource for kickstarting some PPC Engine research. Give it a whirl.

November 24, 2007

nice post ruck very useful info there thanks!