Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Best Of The Week – Make Money Blogs

I like to cruise and read up on what everyone is writing about. While I normally don’t read those general “let’s trade links” or “let’s have a contest every day” type of blogs, I do however respect when people write great, informative posts, or even posts that brighten their personalities. So starting off:

  1. Derek Beau wrote a damn good post on 9 Sure-Fire Tips To Continually Improve Your Blog
  2. Andrew Wee of course with another great Friday Podcast Friday Podcast: Are You A Prisoner Of Your Own Limitations?
  3. Yaro Starak wrote a post that I actually got more from than most people. I read on average at least 10 magazines a week. My girl is always getting pissed at the stores because I am so fixated on the magazine rack. We have this thing where I simply hold up my wallet and she immediately comes back down to earth and realizes one of the major reasons why we live so comfortably now is because I am an information freak. Yaro wrote a post How To Make Millions Selling Ugly Shoes and it goes a long ways to show exactly how something so small in this world can bring you more money than you thought possible. Just the simplicity behind it is amazing.
  4. I love reading CashQuests, for a second there when I first started reading I thought Kumiko might have been as brutal as mean. Maybe so, but I loved this post on WidgetBucks Is Run By Monkeys . I never once liked the looks of the program and found it quite hilarious that the sheeple were pimping it out on their blogs and forum signatures.
  5. Of course Maki from Dosh Dosh always gives priceless information — Social Media Marketing In A Nutshell is an excellent primer post to get you to better understand the world of Social Media
  6. How could I not post Stuart from Earners Blog’s $14M commission? $14M Commission from 1 Transaction
  7. Of course the man Darren Rowse has his new T-shirt shop up — New ProBlogger T-Shirt Shop Design, I think I will probably get my 2 sons a couple for Christmas I guess. I normally am not into this sort of thing, but Darren does something that nobody else online does, and I don’t even know if anyone is capable of it, so I might even get myself one :)

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6 Responses

November 17, 2007

Thanks for the mention and kind words, Ruck.

Your recent post on Yahoo Buzz was excellent. :)

November 17, 2007

WidgetBucks Is Run By Monkeys – nearly made me piss myself.

“Evidence of Monkeyism” is going to be my new catch phrase for a few weeks.

November 17, 2007
Nick Flame

i am going to read everything you recommended tomorrow. I am just tired tonight .And that statement with the wallet, comfortable life and information freak is really really priceless. I will keep it in mind.

Haven’t come to your blog for a while, i have been busy with some great projects, but i am back now.

November 18, 2007


I have enjoyed a couple of posts on your site.



November 21, 2007

Thanks for the mention Ruck, really enjoying some of your posts ;) Perhaps you could write a guest post for Earners Blog, the Yahoo Buzz post would have been perfect.


November 30, 2008

Hey Stuart,

I love your blog but it seems that the frequency of your posts has dropped quite a bit – we want you back buddy!