Saturday, November 17th, 2007

A Detailed Look Into PayDotCom

PayDotComWhat is PayDotCom?

PayDotCom is much like the Clickbank marketplace. Some have even deemed it an “alternative”. A lot of the products on Clickbank that have been canned or just don’t like them have resorted to becoming part of the PayDotCom network. It doesn’t have to be a digital product either. You can easily sell physical goods and memberships within the PayDotCom network. My partner and I currently have the #1 best selling product in the Paydotcom marketplace. It is located in the Money and Employment section (obviously). It’s nothing spectacular, just a basic survey membership site geared towards people wanting to make money online. I was normally only going to review Paydotcom in a nonchalant manner but having been a vendor with a partner of mine since February and an affiliate for even longer, I thought I would give an overview from both sides.

As a vendor it is incredibly simple to be allowed to sign your product up with them. All you really need is a Paypal account. As a vendor you are responsible for paying out your affiliates each month. It is easily done as PayDotCom has a “mass pay” button that allows you to payout all your affiliates with a click of your mouse. It also has it advantages in regards to refunds as well. Since you are the vendor and Paypal is the payment processor you can challenge any disputes that arise. I can’t tell you how many times my partner has won these disputes. It’s another way to keep jerkoffs from ripping you off. It’s free to join up and there is no fee to list your products. There are fees that Paydotcom charges on successful transactions ($3). That is basically it though.

In a nutshell, here’s the vendor advantages:

  • Purchases pay instantly to your PayPal account.
  • Sell physical products and Digital Goods
  • Collect Subscriptions for your service or membership sites
  • Get Paid Instantly
  • No Pre Approval
  • Stats Tracking
  • Promotional tools for your affiliates
  • Create a new product line in 60 seconds.
    • Provide real-time access to your custom “Thank-You” page.
    • Enable our affiliates to promote your products.
    • Enable you to recruit an army of affiliates to promote your products.
    • Provide you and all affiliates with real-time sales reporting.
    • Provide you and all affiliates tools and stats to track all your campaigns.
    • Provide you with a MASS pay file to pay your affiliates using PayPal account. PayPal now allows any of their members to use Mass Pay regardless of their country.

    Being an affiliate is really simple as well. You can view their marketplace and email vendors, visit the salespages, and one click promote programs. One thing to note is that your relying on the vendor to pay you each and every month, so what I like to do is email each vendor before I start promoting them. Try developing a relationship with them and gage how responsible and straight forward they are. I have never been screwed over there, but we all know what can happen online.

    The Vendor will pay you your commissions each month by mass pay to your PayPal account or by check.. The Vendor chooses how to pay you. You must have an account with one of those programs to get paid if the Vendor does not choose to send checks. Please note the Vendors preferred payment settings when joining an affiliate program.

    PayDotCom’s fee to the Affiliate is $0.50 to $1.50 for each transaction (Based on the sale price of the product/service sold.) The Vendor’s account will automatically deduct this amount from your commissions each month. This fee will then be paid to us by the Vendor, on your behalf, at month close (at not cost to the Vendor.)

    In summary it is a lot like Clickbank except you as a vendor payout and handle refunds or as an affiliate you get paid directly to your Paypal account from the vendor. The affiliate base is growing quite large. It is not a replacement (just yet) for Clickbank, but it does offer you a great alternative. Even better, if you have a successful site on Clickbank, a good way to increase your profits is to *clone* your site/ebook/whatever, and add it to the PayDotCom marketplace and take advantage of their affiliate base as well.

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    November 17, 2007
    Nick Flame

    Very interesting, there were some things here that were not very clear to me. Thanks for clearing that out. So what is the standard payout time at PDC? Net 15, Net 30, or it depends on every vendor?
    Is there a way to find out just by browsing through the paydotcom marketplace products what is the payout standard for a certain product? For instance i do not like promoting products which have more than a net 30 days payout limit. Is there a way for me to find such vendors, without emailing each of them?

    November 17, 2007


    Paydotcom Vendors are required to payout by the 15th of the following month. So anything you earned in November would be payed out by Dec 15th.

    Every vendor I have promoted and even my partner and I’s site, we payout around the 6th-10th. This gives us an extra week into the new month to process any refund requests.

    To see what type of commission % a vendor will pay an affiliate, you simply scan PDC Marketplace for products by category, much like Clickbank. Each program is listed in order and their will be a paragraph of text below it. Generally this says:

    Pays 60.00% on Level1
    Seller Accepts PAYPAL

    I’m glad you brought this up, as I totally missed it didn’t I.

    Vendors are reminded in their accounts from PDC from the 1st-15th of fees they need to pay and that their affiliates are due payments.

    November 18, 2007

    “Since you are the vendor and Paypal is the payment processor you can challenge any disputes that arise. I can’t tell you how many times my partner has won these disputes. It’s another way to keep jerkoffs from ripping you off.”


    Can you explain how this is different from CB?

    I’m not familiar with the dispute process for PDC. It seems to me that CB will allow anyone to buy your product, then they can turn around and immediately ask for a refund and you lose your commission.


    November 18, 2007


    With clickbank they handle all refund requests. If someone buys a CB product and requests a refund, it’s obvious that CB processes these without remorse or even dispute.

    With Paypal though and you being a vendor, if someone requests a refund or disputes (chargeback) you have the option to at least dispute this. I have always suggested to get a Paypal Rep that you can contact for these sort of things.

    I actually just got froze again and within hours all I did was call my Rep and got the whole thing cleared immediately. At least with Paypal, if someone disputes you, you get the chance to respond back and even dispute it yourself whereas with Clickbank you never even know about it, until it’s showing in your account.

    November 18, 2007

    Thanks, Ruck!

    November 18, 2007

    I looked into PayDotCom but decided with e-junkie. It only costs me $5 a month and thats it.

    November 18, 2007
    Michael Sturgis

    My only issue with PAYDOTCOM is even though they say the vender is required to pay by the 15th of the next month. I have had to constantly e-mail some venders to get paid,some times net 60+.

    November 29, 2007
    Joseph Williams

    Ruck what would you suggest to secure your download page?

    August 3, 2008

    “My only issue with PAYDOTCOM is even though they say the vender is required to pay by the 15th of the next month. I have had to constantly e-mail some venders to get paid,some times net 60+.”

    Yes that’s a big issue to think about. If you are promoting the product of your vendor and that vendor is making some excuses to process the payments on time, then it becomes a big issue for the affiliates like us. My question is there any role of paydotcom itself to clear the payments on time for affiliates or affiliates will be on their own to send repeated requests to their vendors? If that so then affiliates will have hard time selling on paydotcom network….

    November 1, 2008

    I never really liked PAYDOTCOM.

    February 9, 2009

    Hi there, I am new to paydotcom and affiliate marketing and about to launch a new site. My question is, did anyone answer joseph williams question above “Ruck what would you suggest to secure your download page?”. This is one question I really need answering also. I’ve had a quick look at, but was wondering what else you can do to secure your thank you page.

    February 9, 2009

    There are many different scripts that you can use. One of the most widely used scripts is I believe that also has a plugin that will work with paydotcom.

    July 21, 2009

    I’m with both, and find both a bit difficult. Found an expert at – answers questions for both PDC and CB on the phone.